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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

Another RE fan I cannot be arsed with any more is Nemesis, because he just talked a big talk, then became the very thing he hated.

He used to be an absolutely cracking guy for Capcom related rants on YouTube. Then he started being a shill after befriending guys who hated his content at first, and he got several interviews uploaded with the cast of the RE remakes.

The dude no longer has a YouTube channel. He just uses X now. I tried to do YouTube videos just like him, but not one person was interested, or Google probably rigged the set-up.

I swear. I hate mobiles. 🤨
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Once I move to another flat, I intend to play the old games again as a celebration. Although likely just RE2 and 3, since they are the two retro entries that I enjoy the most.
I still havent played re3 in a while. I played re1 and re2 with chris, claire, leon and ada and ı also played recv / x and remake with claire and chris but ı need to play re3 for another session to upload at least one playlist into my channel. Other than the epilogue files, particularly leon, sherry and ada's, re3 doesnt feel that relevant storywise compared to those other examples. So far ı only recorded playing as jill with re5 regarding her dlcs, ı also played re6 mercenaries with jill mods but other than those, ı havent recorded playing as jill yet. I've been also playing rerev2 on my ps3 while recording footage from that as well as rerev on 3ds emulator where the experience feels more organically enjoyable.
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