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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

Was continuing to play re5 more but ı still find myself frustrated by the way its melee system is executed. I'm trying to execute finishers through arm stun attacks but most of the time, majinis die to a single arm stun attack or at most 2 attacks with the 2nd coming from sheva. I still managed to perform finishers on majinis rarely but it's quite rare and there were also instances where partner aı ruined the stun to execute finisher. Even though ı dont mind partner aı in re5 for what it is, regarding melee aspect, ı cant find them as much helpful as partner aı does in re6. No wonder most developers from re5 return to re engine games, especially since it's still the best selling title ever since 2009. While ı can see myself calling re4 overrated, it can also make re5 overrated at the same time if not more. Ugh and ı'm just tired from being reminded by umbrella and wesker over and over. Personally ı miss kobayashi as well his preference towards leon. Ever since he stopped working at the games, ı cant find myself enjoying leon as much anymore. He also worked in remake as a producer before re4 and re6 which to me is still the best remake of all time.
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More translated japanese sub images from BIO6. I realized that the small conversation between helena and leon seems to go differently than localization. She mentions about ada being killed rather than asking leon about chris and leon mentions his trust on chris without saying " He's been in this as long as ı have " like how localization states. I saw that line of leon getting hated by chris fans before due to chris appearing in the 1st game before leon does in re2 but it seems to be a localization alteration.
I played dead aim again after a long while on pcsx2 emulator. I played europe version by downloading it from somewhere rather than us version and ı enjoyed it much more than ı previously ever did. Personally ı find it to be a good game now like how ı warmed more to re4 after playing more versions from europe regions rather than just playing the version on steam which to me feels more crippled than any of re4's ports except ps4 one, the parts that gave me trouble didnt come that way like how they used to be and more importantly, ı didnt die to morpheus' final form but ı still took save states just in case. I recorded my session so ı'm gonna upload that, wasnt expecting to enjoy dead aim that much after a long break from it.


Sad. 😦

The Evil Within was great while it lasted. But Shinji Mikami's legacy will live on.

It's honestly sickening what is happening to the industry. Big companies buying out all of these studios was never a good thing and we all knew it would come to this. So much unique talent gone or unemployed, it's a shame.

Even Sony with Japan Studio, while their latest epics are great in their own right, where are those quirky and creative games that were just that... games. Gravity Rush, Hot Shots, Shadow of the Colossus, Loco Roco, ICO, etc.
Sounds like bullshit, imo. It's not impossible to send Leon to Asia, he's just an American agent who represents the interests of the American establishment, so the plot needs a good excuse to send such an agent outside the jurisdiction of the United States. And no current storyline predisposes to such a situation. I can't think of any. Kennedy won't investigate The Connections, for example, because it's none of his business. Jill can join Chris instead, and we know that Capcom has been preparing something with her for some time.
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