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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition


I take it you need matching colors to get a trophy.
There isnt any trophy for it however ı was still bothered at not being able to get the 2nd blue eye to combine it with the 2nd butterfly lamp. I started playing re4's gamecube version on dolphin emulator and ı found myself quite enjoying it. The controls particularly are quite enjoyable and ı even like the controls on gamecube unlike other versions except the smoother version with tweaks patch on steam.
I see. I wonder why that happened...

The HD PS4 port has bad controls. I agree. I thought they did a good job restoring it otherwise, because the PS2 copy I had with half a walkthrough in a steelbook was too dark on my TV.


I see. I wonder why that happened...

The HD PS4 port has bad controls. I agree. I thought they did a good job restoring it otherwise, because the PS2 copy I had with half a walkthrough in a steelbook was too dark on my TV.
Idk why it happened but it left a very bad impression on me so as a result, ı'm not planning to return to that version. I'm still playing the game's og release on dolphin emulator and ı'm quite enjoying it, more than the other ports in fact. I still wont discard ps3 and steam versions, ps3 particularly has the 2nd best port for the game just like recvx where it's also remastered quite well there. Wii version ı feel is overrated since it replaces laser with an annoying crosshair but ı also downloaded that to play separate ways through it. The cutscenes of separate ways look good there unlike steam where the cutscene direction doesnt fit compared to the game's remastered cutscenes of leon's scenario.
What did the tweet say? I'm not able to see posts on X any more without having to sign in. 🥲

Granted, seeing what I did on the former Twitter used to make me want to cut out my eyeballs anyway. 🖥

What did they say in the Bible?

And if thy eye offend thee, pluck it out. 👁 😅

Never mind. It loaded up.


Playing re4's gamecube version on dolphin emulator and this really feels like the best way to play the game. The other ports have separate ways included and while ı like ps3 version the best from all of them, ı still dont like the controls that much unlike gamecube version where the controls feel really smooth. Maybe it's just the button mapping and what not but the controls for an ots game released in 2005 through a specific console still hold up for me. They hold up better than re engine games do, particularly re4r. They dont have laser aiming save for a few weapons in certain games and the movement is too slow along with cqc options being little to none. Still didnt play revillage but playing gamecube version on a dolphin emulator, ı just dont see why capcom needed to reimagine the game on re engine. It has some of the most comfortable controls ı've ever played in an ots game, they work really well. It makes me wish more that re4r was a new game story set after re6, the storyline is stuck in the past to please the nostalgia naysayers who want the same thing over and over. The same repetitive " Too much action, not enough horror, too fantasy, not realistic etc. " type of complaints that ı particularly see for 4-5-6 but recv also get in the bunch at times. Many from the fandom seem to forget re2's existence save for its pathetic demake that's just a downgraded re4 demo compared to the game released in 2005 and re3r still gets repetitive criticism unlike re2r where ı dont see that getting criticism as much. Along with the still same " Saved the series! " statement that ı see keep getting said for re7 over and over but to me; remake, re4, darkside chronicles and re6 are the games that work more like saviours for me than any re engine games that feels downgraded compared to those 4 examples.


I also miss kobayashi just like iwao, sugimura, mikami and suga. Playing evil within made mikami grow on me and playing re4's gamecube version is feeling the same way. I feel like ı like re4's gamecube version even more than re5 in some ways but ı still prefer re6 over both games. It had sasaki and suga returning to it along with kobayashi and hirabayashi team up. I wished they worked on new game stories but kobayashi doesnt work at capcom anymore and hirabayashi still didnt work at a new game story after re6 either.
People are too fixated on RE4 and even RE2, that they'll constantly feel the need to shit on the remake of RE3 and claim 5 and 6 are awful, even though these games play exactly the same. Really, I don't see any difference with 4 and 5 besides having Sheva as your sidekick. Even the remake of RE3 is just like RE2.

Every enemy from 4 returns in 5, more or less, with the gameplay being practically identical in my book. And Wesker is in 5 fighting Chris, so unlike 4, the events of 5 feel more conclusive. Wesker probably didn't even know about Leon before, but 5 feels like it properly picks up the arc after CV, with their fight by the submarine ending a little short. So why people act like 4 is a masterpiece and disregard its sequel, is strange to me.

It's also sad and lame how people hate CV and say it's actually meant to be a spin off. CV was in fact the real RE3. I guess if you want to label RE3 as being RE3, then CV is the real RE4 in a way. The actual RE4 is a new start for RE as a whole, so it barely feels correlated with the lore in any case. Yet CV feels like a sequel.

It's just that the RE fans are an odd crowd.
My RE9 Plot Summary;

They could pull an Evangelion where two different alien species planted the Megamycete and Progenitor Flower which would cause friction between the alien races as they both want to influence the evolution of life in their own visions. So an all out war breaks out causing World War III.

Meanwhile, Mecha-Wesker comes crawling out of the volcano because he secretly injected himself with nanomachines that helped regenerate his body. A more mature Natalia takes over the BSAA with one of the alien races and combines the C-Virus and Uroboros viruses to create a new strain that acts like The Thing as seen in 4D Executor. Rose infects all our heroes with her mold powers and they gain X-Men powers to fight off these new threats.

This is a hot take but at this point in the timeline I really don’t care which direction they take it.
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Finally have my marathon document finished, added some fancy art to it to make it more appealing. I almost considered cutting out The Struggle, Little Miss, and Shadows of Rose along with RE1/4 OG but naaaah, I will suffer through it ALL again.

Once a major title is announced that actually advances the story I will do another 100-ish hour marathon. I used to do them once a year but life’s been quite the hassle lately and the world wars going on has me spooked that our species is coming to an end soon. Hopefully it ends on a higher note with RE9 but we’ll see..
So i've been replaying RE 5... can all Uroboros mutants dissipate and reform? Is wesker alive and basically cameron now?
We see Wesker as an adapter of the Uroboros Virus in TEPPEN and Dead by Daylight. There he can reshape his tissues into cysts and vice versa. Basically how Jack Baker did it with his mold in End of Zoe.

However, we don't know the extent of this ability, as well as exactly how the PG67A/W serum works, which is why I'm not ruling out the possibility that the legendary executive from Umbrella Corps may be a true Wesker.

The funny thing is, when I write about the possibility that Wesker is alive, some people go nuts and start accusing me of some kind of wishful thinking. But I really don't care if Wesker is alive or has been replaced: I just don't want to jump on the conclusion without confirmation. The truth doesn't depend on anyone's opinion about the quality and suspension of disbelief.
So Capcom probably ain't ever gonna include those retro RE assets ever again. However, there's still games that occasionally come out, with that style from the 90s.

It just takes you back.

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