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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

I like how the characters in 4 / 5 / 6 speak other languages.

Leon says " Hasta luego. " in re4 which means " Bye. " .

Jake and ada also speak other languages in re6. Jake can say " Gratzi. " which means " Thanks. " and ada can say " Merci. " which means " Thank you. " .

Sheva also speaks her native language during one of her comments after arm melee attacks. Though ı dont know the pronunciation for that.


I dont know what sheva means with that but it's still cool to hear regardless.

Personally ı would have liked jill to speak other languages too. This could have happened in re5 but it didnt happen. I would have liked jill to speak french or japanese with patricia ja lee's voice, especially since her father is french and her mother is of japanese descent, a " nikkei " .
All right so ı decided to ask what sheva meant with that to project umbrella re:digest server.

She says " Kupendeza. " which means " Beautiful. " . Thanks russident for this.
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I believe plaga's connection to progenitor virus is confirmed. It's cause of damnation. Since it features licker betas being affected by plaga type 4 used by rebels like buddy. I'm pretty sure that isnt cause of lickers being sensitive to sound alone but cause beta variants are enhanced by progenitor virus injection as well. Without plaga being confirmed to have a progenitor connection, lickers wouldnt be controlled.

Shotaro suga is surely a legend, it's a shame he passed away...
Just want to say that ı dont like armadura in re4 that much. I find it weird that a parasite can control a suit of armor which isnt organic. I know damnation confirms plaga's connection to progenitor but that was released in the same year as re6.

At least ubistvo's chainsaw can be excused by the fact that c-virus is confirmed to have a progenitor connection unlike plaga in re4 which wasnt confirmed to have a progenitor connection in any way by the time the game released.
I feel like re1 is more impressive to me as a product than remake. It has like many different versions when compared to its remake where its rereleases arent as impressive as og game's. I only played 2 versions of director's cut through emulation though, ı didnt play the other versions.

Original, director's cut, director's cut dualshock version that has garbage soundtrack, pc that has infinite unlockable automatic weapons, saturn that has battle mode and deadly silence. Not sure if ı missed any version that has exclusive stuff.

I enjoyed remake more than re1 during my marathon but ı still dislike it more than re1 nowadays for the previously explained reasons. Re1 didnt come that outdated to me during my marathon however. If ı remember correctly, ı had a close call with one of the neptunes during chris' run. I played as him 1st like ı always did cause he's the character that's shown 1st rather than jill and ı didnt fully remember everything. I forgot to get the control room key ( Cause my inventory was full. ) to unlock the door and the monster bit chris' leg. Thankfully it wasnt an instant kill move like ı was expecting and ı went back to obtain that key.

Also re1's voice acting is so adorable, ı love it. I dont think it's " terrible " ; it's just... Well adorable. It's the 1st game in the series after all, it started the franchise.

" I have THIS! " Man ı love barry.

7:54 Gotta love the delivery of courtenay taylor here. She makes ada sound very emotional after saving leon.
27:50 I came across this part and ı didnt know this line of simmons before. Interesting, ı played the game for more than 6000 hours and still learned something new today.
I like how sherry's standard light stun melee attack is the same roundhouse kick as leon's in re6. This is important cause leon is one of her heroes along with claire and she's inspired by him a lot. That's a great touch that ı dont see anyone mentioning it before.
Personally ı'm not interested in wesker's umbrella plot point from re4. The reason for this is due to the fact that re4 decides to scrap umbrella in favor of los illuminados which ı'm not a big fan of. Umbrella chronicles gave a conclusion to umbrella but it felt anti-climactic not to mention the conclusion was given in a spinoff instead of a mainline entry. If they cant give umbrella a proper conclusion, then how can ı be interested in wesker's umbrella?

I liked that carla called her organization " neo-umbrella " since that way it can be a better rivalry to the family due to the fact that us government made dealings with umbrella. Plus it has nothing to do with original company unlike wesker's umbrella. So that's why ı find it more creative than wesker's umbrella.
I like how re6 has 3 assault rifles. They are my favourite weapons category in that game since they fire fast and can do insane damage in short amount of time.

Bear commander is my favourite and ı like how it has a grenade launcher attachment. It's the only weapon in the entire franchise that has a grenade launcher attachment which can be used separately. Assault rifle rn is also cool since it has a bayonet attached to it which can be used for better melee attacks. Chris' arfst is alright but isnt as interesting as the other 2 but the better thing for him is he starts with that weapon that feels like a proper assault rifle, especially when compared to re5 and rerev where he can use assault rifles but in those games they use the same ammunition pool from smgs despite outbreak games having proper assault rifle along with smg that use different ammo from each other.
In some regard, I think Capcom got lazy with some aspects of the post CVX games, and really just wanted you to have every gun and grenade for the hell of it. But it makes sense, in the context of the missions. I do see 4, 5 and 6 as the "Mission RE Games", where you just unload everything without any guilt.

LOL. I think that's an appropriate title...
You mean post outbreak games? They are the last ones in fixed / dynamic camera angle style. After recv; capcom released remake, re0 and outbreak games which are in fixed camera angle style as well. I know they released survivor spinoffs as well as gaiden but they arent in fixed camera angle style.

I dont think they got lazy starting with re4, it's just that with re4 and re5; the changes couldnt be executed as properly cause the devs still wanted unnecessary limitations despite those 2 games featuring extremely skilled cast. Re6 was a massive improvement imo, it even takes outbreak games into account.

With " Mission RE Games " ; you mean they focus on action / combat more than horror / adventure right? That made sense from a story / character perspective, especially in re6's case.
I think all franchises in the horror genre lose their scare factor once they become too commercial. One exception to the rule may be the third entry in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series, which was the true sequel to 1 and not 2, which is the "gay one". But after that, they became funny horror films with silly jokes. But practically all horror franchises go the same way. Or they don't necessarily become funny, but often just boring, and very Hollywood.
I like how sherry's standard light stun melee attack is the same roundhouse kick as leon's in re6. This is important cause leon is one of her heroes along with claire and she's inspired by him a lot. That's a great touch that ı dont see anyone mentioning it before.
Also ı forgot to say that sherry's standard counter attack is the same as leon's. This is so heartwarming if one thinks about it.
I want to talk about ada and carla.

About ada; one detail ı liked about her outfit is her wearing a cross necklace. I liked how they show her beliefs this way, ı found that detail pretty interesting. This makes sense since they wanted to humanize characters in re6 and this is one of the things that humanizes ada.

As for carla; ı liked her dress as well as the red scarf. She looks so stylish with that. I also liked the earrings that she's wearing, that makes her even more sinister.

I also like this fanart:


But anyway; ı like how they show characters' personalities and their preferences in re6 with things like that.
I like how re6 storywise is the 1st main numbered sequel that has nothing to do with umbrella while not having wesker. It's not the 1st mainline entry to do this since rerev also has nothing to do with umbrella while not having wesker. However in re6's case; it's much more effective cause it's a numbered sequel released after re5 while rerev is a prequel. This makes the game's story much more fresh and interesting imo.

I said this elsewhere before but ı dont like how rerev doesnt take wesker into account one bit, he's not mentioned at all despite the epilogue at the end showing chris and jill raiding to spencer's estate in 2006. I would have liked to know wesker's thoughts on lansdale / fbc and norman / ıı veltro.
The more ı think about p30 in re5; the more it makes less sense. I just dont know why they came up with that and used jill as its subject.

Re5 establishes that plaga from re4 is improved and its effects are instant compared to parasite in re4; where it needed to grow inside the body some time before fully taking control.

If the fully grown plaga would be removed from the body, then the person who would become a ganado would die. In re5; the parasite is improved so that the people who are infected with that cannot be saved due to its effects being instant.

They improved that parasite in re5 and they still needed to use jill as a test subject for p30. She was controlled with that for 3 years and when chris / sheva brutally ripped off that thing from her body, she is still alive. I'm really surprised she didnt die from that since she was mind controlled despite making plaga's effects instant in re5. This doesnt feel like a consistent decision making to me.

I think about this thing and try to understand how it's a deep story aspect but ı cant find any answer no matter what ı do. Jill getting captured by wesker in 2006 seems to be a reference to re1 / remake where she would be captured by wesker in chris' run while being put into jail in an absurdly short amount of time in a " madhouse " with locked things as well as crazy puzzles. Seriously how does wesker even capture and transfer the 2nd character to jail in a short amount of time like that?

I find re5's decision for handling jill awkward cause apparently in terms of canon, none of the characters get captured. All of them including barry and rebecca were at that " madhouse " , mo disc business isnt even canon. It's just a waste of time and an awkward filler. I'm forced to do that just to save the 2nd character even though ı would have liked the 2nd character as well as his / her partner to be at that " madhouse " at the same time as the character you're playing as well as his / her partner being in the same place too.

With re5; it feels like a lazy reusing of re3,5 in some aspects. Some are fine like ndipaya which seems to be the answer to a tribe that was supposed to be featured in that version of re4. But ı dont like some of them.

As for jill; that reminds me of the possibility that could have happened to sherry which was hinted at wesker's report with wesker's last lines. With re3,5, ı believe they wanted sherry to be somehow get captured by wesker and his men as well as writing a story where leon would try to save her. Leon would get infected by progenitor virus and possibly get kia, ı've seen people stating that this would completely end the series and even some people preferring this outcome for no real reason.

With re5; they wanted to bring this back that was planned for sherry and apply this to jill. I've even seen people saying that they thought the person in that test tube was sherry. Thank god chris isnt infected in re5 during his operation but did jill REALLY have to get captured and become a slave for wesker?

I really dislike this decision cause ı like patricia ja lee as jill's va for re5 and ı just wished she and roger craig smith would interact even more with each other.

" Dont you trust your partner? " Lines like that between chris and jill should have happened more in re5. The game also sets a tone that jill is dead despite chris not believing this which ı'm also not a big fan of. They depressed chris in an awkward way. Sure he's still depressed due to bioterrorism but jill's capture should NOT had been the reason for his depression.

I'm also not a big fan of another thing. Why didnt josh arrive there and why did jill want chris and sheva to move on? I find it weird that people try to excuse that with " She's tired, she received insane damage. She cant go with chris and sheva. " . Well if we are gonna with " realism " ; then ı would say that jill would be dead after that thing was brutally ripped off from her body. Realistically, she would die cause that thing was controlling her mind just like how plaga was controlling majinis. I dont think it's a good idea to take realism that much into account, resident evil isnt a realistic series and it's not meant to be %100 accurate to real life. Some is fine sure but at the same time; some isnt. It's a fictional franchise with unique takes on things.

What ı would prefer is josh arriving there while chris and sheva were talking with jill. After that; chris and jill would team up. Sheva's inventory would transfer to jill's and the game would give you the option to play as jill. Sheva would team up with josh, ı dont see anything wrong with josh arriving there earlier.

At least that should have happened but it didnt unfortunately. I would have liked that to happen.

I will also drop this:


This image as well as its text is provided by bsaarklay. I brought this from progenitor virus analysis article at project umbrella re:digest.

It just makes me more disgusted what happened to jill in re5. I mean ı like re5's story more than re4's but between umbrella getting mishandled and jill getting mishandled; ı have to say that ı dislike jill's mishandling in re5 more than umbrella getting discarded in favor of los illuminados in re4. Cause she's a main character while umbrella is a background antagonist.








Really wished these cool extra costumes came back in remake, re5 and rerev. I'm not gonna bother remake and rerev that much cause they have extra costumes for jill. But ı really dont like how jill doesnt get any extra outfits in re5. Once again, ı dont think they did her justice in that game.

I want to comment on these outfits:

1st one is a nice take on her original outfit in re3. It looks like she's wearing a necklace which is cool or that's just an error on textures.

I really like the 2nd one. It fits very well to jill imo. Honestly ı wouldnt have mind if it became her original outfit and her actual original outfit became an unlockable. Either way ı really like it.

The others are nice but ı dont want to comment on them that much. I want to talk about her cop outfit as well as her stars outfit.

I really like the cop outfit jill has in re3. In re6; helena's ex1 / ex2 costumes remind me of it.


I like this outfit of helena, she looks like a supercop. The tie is also a nice touch. I wished something like this was also added for jill in re5. It would be a great reference to re3 like how re6 does.

As for stars; ı liked that one as well. They should have brought back her stars outfit for jill in re5, she doesnt have it. Others get stars uniforms but jill doesnt, seriously?
Capcom could have added in the polygonal versions of Jill and Carlos as additional costumes, but what a shame. They did this for Leon and Claire in the second remake.
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