Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

I actually like heisenberg for what he is. Idk ı found him interesting and ı found his boss fight nice. Never played the game so cant say much about the mechanics and how it plays but ı watched the cutscenes and ı liked heisenberg as a character, his factory as well as his boss fight. Guess ı still want to like things from games that ı'm not a fan of.

Cant care much for other things of revillage though.
But anyways; ı forgot to say this but ı dont have a problem with people not liking stuff. It's ok, everyone is different.

It's just that in re6's case; the way the criticism is executed to the game is extremely childish and immature. It doesnt make sense.

Just cause people dont like it doesnt make it bad. After all; re6 is objectively the best re game in the series. I still have no idea how people can say " Re6 is the worst mainline entry, it's a bad game. " with a straight face.

I'm saying these again cause ı finished my marathon couple days ago and re6 was the last re game ı finished with all characters. After finishing it; ı decided to replay it again 2 times with all characters cause the game is so much fun and addicting. I really, really and really love this game and will continue to play it.

Thanks for saying re6 is a " quality video game " cause it really is. I just think people need to articulate their opinions more carefully and focused.
I said this elsewhere before and ı'm gonna say it here too:

I just dont like how they put barry's family into danger again in rerev2. I mean he was fooled by wesker who threatened him about this and he did his bidding. His re3 epilogue file also shows him greatly caring for them. I dont like how we are supposed to believe that someone like barry who would care for his guns as well as his " THIS! " would leave them open in a place with 2 kids nearby. He got into huge arguments with moira which caused her to join terrasave just to piss off her father. They didnt need to do this. They didnt need to make alex take over natalia either despite being blown to bits with a rocket. I'm just worried about barry right now. What's gonna happen to him as well as his family?

Barry should have appeared in re5's story ( With his family being safe of course. I mean he was in gaiden which is not canon and his family wasnt put into danger there unlike rerev2. It's been a while since ı played that but ı even remember barry wanting to introduce lucia to his family. ) along with rebecca instead of capcom wasting them in another entries without chris and jill together. Re5 really missed its chance to bring back all ex-stars members in a game together. Jill doesnt even get her re1 or re3 outfits as an unlockable. Why? Others get their stars uniforms but jill doesnt?

I also dont like claire that much in rerev2. Idk stuff like her not being voiced by alyson court, her " It's more reliable than any person. " line, bombing a small kid with questions, caring about finding a man more than a small child, love triangle with claire and neil doesnt fit to her. Some of these dont happen in original japanese script for the game but rerev2 is really butchered in terms of official localization. I just wished she was in re6 instead of rerev2.

I cant care much for rerev2 nowadays. I'm more interested at re6.
Also ı want to express more things regarding remake.

I just wished barry's " THIS! " was an unlockable weapon for both characters. It's really absurd that ı have to sacrifice him to lisa just to get his gun and obtain his file. As for his family photo; ı wished barry could show that to jill temporarily during the story so that he can know her opinion on it. One of the endings has her commenting on this but it's not the best ending where everyone survives. I believe you have to get the ending where chris stays in jail. I have to sacrifice chris just to know this for a weird reason. I would have liked to play as barry during jill's story too since you can play as rebecca during chris' story depending on how you play.

I mean re0 has a freaking magnum revolver as an unlockable which is really powerful, especially against living things. You can even unlock infinite ammo for all weapons as well. Remake doesnt have that. It doesnt even have 4 shot rocket launcher as an unlockable infinite weapon, it's a different weapon instead. For some reason, the zombies also dont burn when you fire that thing at them and yet they burn to jill's grenade launcher loaded with flame rounds if they are killed by them.

I also want to say another thing. I didnt beat the game with both characters in the same save file. Cause it unlocks one dangerous zombie mode which cant be disabled.

Re wiki also says this:

" In the modern HD remasters, this feature is unlocked after beating both Chris and Jill's games on Normal or Hard, while for the GCN and Wii versions the player had to beat Chris and Jill with "Once Again..." (thereby beating the game four times). "

Apparently the unlocking method for it is much better in og versions compared to remaster. Personally ı dont like that mode at all. It's just obnoxious.

Remake is still very faithful to re1 but in some aspects; that " faithfulness " smells more like a laziness rather than a creativity. I mean mikami didnt think about hiring another writer after iwao left the company. That pretty much tells me everything ı need to know about the game.

I have no idea how people can consider remake as the best re game in the series. I dont even see anyone mentioning these things.

This is a very good video.

The name of the video is also a reference to ada's " China too now... look at this mess. The whole world's gone mad. " line as well. She said that 9 years ago while predicting what would happen in real life.

A friend of mine shared this image to me recently on discord. This pretty much sums up agent's status in the game.

Poor guy. He couldnt get his own campaign in the game thanks to the toxic haters...
Billy Coen was supposed to be in the Netflix series. That is, until Capcom changed their minds.

There is still hope yet! :p

Although its anyone's guess I can't help but feel that Billy might be relegated to an Easter egg or brief reference for a future game or movie and nothing beyond that...
But my itchy tasty sense is just as good as any other fan so... Keep your fingers crossed and he could actually show up.
Imo jake and sherry make a very interesting dynamic, much more interesting than chris and jill as well as billy and rebecca.

One of the reasons for that is due to the fact that both of them can play piano well. Meanwhile chris still cant play piano in 2006, he still needs someone else's help this time just like in re1 and remake where he needed rebecca's help. And in re0, rebecca cant play piano, only billy can.

This was just a small example btw.



Found this yesterday while browsing through twitter.
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