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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

Honestly ı'm quite not sure why people say " Leon is overused . " . I mean his last mainline appearance was re6. He appeared in vendetta and infinite darkness but those arent games. After rerev2; claire also appeared in heavenly island and infinite darkness which arent games either. Somehow claire isnt overused but leon is?

I also dont get another thing. Why do people have so much problem with kobayashi? Why blame EVERYTHING on him? And why dislike leon for that? He's a producer, not a director or writer. He doesnt have as much control and effect on the entries as much as directors or writers. Vendetta and infinite darkness arent directed by makoto kamiya and written by shotaro suga unlike degeneration and damnation which are better imo due to this.

By disliking kobayashi, people are pretty much bashing on re4, degeneration, re6 and damnation too. Not just vendetta and infinite darkness. I guess people are having fun bashing those 4 entries though ı dont like their attitude at all.

I still dont care much for re4 but that's more of mikami's fault rather than kobayashi's. Cause no writer is hired for the game, he basically repeated the same situation as remake where he was the director there as well.

I didnt even know mikami didnt hire a writer for remake; ı learned it from news bot so thanks for that. That game is overpraised as a masterpiece even though it's messy as hell. It's still better than re1 but at the same time; ı started to dislike more than re1.
I don't get the hate for Leon either.

RE2 is the best survival horror game of all time. Every major franchise needs strong characters, and RE has some that are overlooked.
RE2 is the best survival horror game of all time.

Interestingly, Kamiya is not a horror fan, so he intentionally made the game more cinematic and easier to open the door for new players. This in general was the reason why BIO2 became a departure for some fans, and the developers expected this.
At some point, I just start to think that the true survival horror game is the very first BIO, because survival horror is not even a genre, but just a motto for this game, which hardly anyone uses in Japan.

Dino Crisis is not a survival horror, but a panic horror, for example.
Yeah re2 is my favourite one from pre-re4 mainline entries. I think it's a better improvement for re1 when compared to remake. The game seems to be underestimated nowadays, especially after the release of re2 2019.

I dont care much for " survival horror " though. It never had any meaning to begin with, it was just a marketing term for re1 back in the day.

Regardless re2 and re6 are the best improvements for mainline entries.
I love how people praise re7 just cause re1 was apparently supposed to be in 1st person camera before this idea was discarded. And yet the same thing isnt done for re5 and re6 due to them featuring coop. Instead this aspect is disliked for those games due to ruining so called " horror " even though re1 was supposed to feature 2 player coop before this was discarded too.

Now that ı think about it; re5 being designed around online more than singleplayer makes sense due to this since it's supposed to be a re1 reunion.



Gonna drop these 3 images here. Want to comment on something.

Why are re4's letters lowercased? This was done previously in remake and re0 too but it made sense for those 2 games cause they returned to past after recv. Re4 takes place 6 years after 1998, it's an actionized / escalated sequel after a long time. The lowercase letters dont make sense at all. It's like the game is ashamed of its changes. Re5 and re6 arent ashamed of their changes at all so that's why they have uppercase letters. And somehow ı'm supposed to believe that re4 is a " true re game " but re5 and re6 arent?

Re4 doesnt even feel like a numbered entry and this is one of the reasons. Re5 and re6 are fine as numbered entries but re4 should have been called " Re code plagas " or something. Recv feels more like a numbered entry, more than re4 does.
I wonder what happened to leon and sherry after the events of re6? With the death of simmons; ( Who didnt allow leon to visit her unlike claire and when sherry became an agent in 2009 after wesker's death; he was pulling the strings so that the only members of his family organization knew that she became an agent at 1st ( That's why sherry knew of neo umbrella before leon according to her comments in edonia since simmons shares secret info to her and sherry reports only to simmons who's her guardian. ) and leon most likely heard of her being an agent through claire who learned this info from sherry. ) ı'm guessing sherry got more freedom now? Not to mention their teamwork in re6. I think leon would also be allowed to visit sherry along with claire due to this.

I also wished they delved more into us government and the family organization. They selected a new leader after simmons' death and they got ignored in re7. Vendetta isnt really enough. Plus what about the relationship between bsaa and us government?
Reposting this...
So gonna post this reply, ı remember seeing something like this while browsing through other resident evil forum:

" Re5 and re6 suck cause they are action! They are not true re and they dont have zombies! "

" Ok ı'm assuming your favourite game in the series is remake then. "

" No, it's re4! It's the best re game! "

" Sometimes ı feel like ı'm going crazy... "

I remember seeing something like this; it may not be fully accurate but a similar thing was posted.
Pretty much everyone: We want more content for re2 and re3! We want cut stuff to be added back!

Me: Still wonders and misses the planned canon story additions for re6 which got wasted in another game...
I was never a fan of " too serious " criticisms re5 and re6 get, especially the latter. I mean the timeline progressed and there've been a lot of bioterrorism events happening after wesker leaked perfected t-virus into black market. Of course they would have more serious tones.

Besides the entries always had both serious and humorous moments, it was a mix of these. Just like how the games have been always a mix of action and horror elements, not just one.

Those obnoxious re4 fans also praise their favourite game in an obnoxious way. They say that they like how the game doesnt take itself seriously all the time while dismissing the previous storyline. Was anyone really laughing when leon was showing reaction to his infected arms during his nightmare? Or what about when leon attacks ada due to losing control of himself at the end?

0:21 I always found this cutscene interesting. During the time ı showcased; it looks like ada thought leon was about to kiss her. She even closes her eyes. Honestly if it wasnt for leon and ada interactions, ı would have completely considered re4 a trainwreck cause ı cant bring myself to like los illuminados or ashley no matter what. The whole game is still a giant filler due to mikami not hiring a writer for the game but it has its moments. I also dont like how leon loses contact with hunnigan when he reaches the castle, ı know it has an explanation but it still bothered me.

So looking back at this scene; ı think people are not understanding some things.

Ada lost on purpose so that she can have easy access to special plaga sample.

Also ı dont think she was planning to kill svetlana with a knife since that would get her in trouble, she was just toying with her target. If she really wanted to kill svetlana, ada could definitely do it, she's a skilled spy after all. Plus she might not be able to have access to plaga if she actually killed svetlana.
A statement that ı've seen being said for re6 and rerev2 which ı never liked.

" Rerev2 should had been the real re6 and the actual game should had been different. "

I dont think so, ı dont like rerev2 as much nowadays, the entire story script is one giant mistake due to being extremely butchered in terms of localization.

I also dont know why those people want re6 to be more of a sequel to re5 when re5 followed from re4 separate ways at best while not being a complete sequel to re4 either. Re6 follows from re5 enough. I'm glad they went with new villains for re6 rather than alex wesker who ı dont like as much as ı used to.

Not to mention none of the mainline entries are direct sequel to previous ones storywise.

Re2 isnt that much of a sequel to re1 plus the new main characters.

Re3 is more of a sequel to re1 than it is to re2.

Recv is more of a sequel to re1, re2 than it is to re3.

Re4 at best follows from some of re3 epilogue files rather than recv. Sure wesker returns but it has nothing to do with what recv left off.

Re5 is more of a sequel to re1, re3, recv, umbrella chronicles than it is to re4.

Re6 is more of a sequel to re2, re3, recv, darkside chronicles than it is to re5.

" As a result, the "Tyrant T-001 Type" was successfully developed. "

Interesting; it mentions proto tyrant t-001 model way before the release of re0.
Toxic re6 haters: Dislike helena just cause laura bailey who voiced angela in degeneration came back to voice her in the game. While calling helena " lazy angela expy " even though she had a sister while angela had a brother.

Also toxic re6 haters: Dont realize that curtis was voiced by roger craig smith who later came back to voice chris in re5, rerev and re6.
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