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Movies Death Island spoilers. Credit goes to cvxfreak!

There's a forum I have sporadically posted on since 2019. JoyFreak.

A lot of users are clearly bots. I do occasionally notice members submitting normal replies, but I cannot be sure of it anymore. 🫥

I think forums, giving another several years, will probably be replaced by Discord. It's getting that way already. I do think that could be somewhat safer for guys like me who have to consider privacy to be of much importance. Particularly with some of the screwballs I've ran into. If you get into trouble, it can be nigh impossible to get everything deleted.

RIP, classic message board threads. 😇


I wonder if wesker's physical return in a new story would also be that way. Basically the events of re5 would be glossed over quick and he will be portrayed as an antagonist only to be killed in that same story or the next one.
I wish more users would post here, even if they do mistakingly add to the wrong threads. It is commonplace today to find that forums are always quiet. :p

There's really not much going on, so who knows?
Finally watched it and Death Island was certainly a more coherent movie than Vendetta. The former had some of the most questionable set pieces like zooming out at Arias’ wedding when the bomb hits like it’s Looney Tunes, Leon literally killing civilians on a highway with grenades, Rebecca being a twin of the villains wife LOL, and the BSAA shooting a rail gun through multiple skyscrapers.

This movie felt more personal and had more fan service. Some parts were a bit iffy like Jill running away after the flashbang and Maria’s arc amounting up to nothing. She also died in a lame way like her dad which made my eyes roll but whatever.

Overall it was serviceable and not offensive like Vendetta and Infinite Darkness. Watching the behind the scenes left me with hope that the legacy characters will return again. If not… we’ll this was a decent send off instead of nothing at all.
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I'll miss Maria. And I like how they're actually giving you villains that aren't so one-dimensional. Dylan had a very logical reason for snapping, I guess you could say.

I think he's the best bad guy in the CG movies to date.
I got a chance to see the movie last night and I need to watch again to get a better feel on the movie and also read some of your guys thoughts on this.

For me it was alright.

Nicole Tompkins I felt did a good job acting wise, but Capcom really dared to not even acknowledge why Jill looks the way she does in the movie. No flashback, no exposition, not a fucking word 🤦🏻‍♂️

And to that, I wouldn't be surprised if Chris, Leon, and Claire all get the same treatment. No spoilers from me, but you'll see what I mean.

The villain of the movie I felt was less one dimensional than the usual villains we get in this series, but still meh to me.

The best thing for me was the character interactions and the overall action in the film. Jill and Leon's interactions were among my favorites even though I wish we got a better idea on how they've met or knew of each other.

Not the best of the CGI movies, but still decent.
Also what’s the point of calling the virus in Degeneration “Perfected-T”when there are STILL more strains coming out after that need new vaccines? Capcom is going in circles with all these different T strains and they seem to be getting less and less unique from one another.
I think it doesn't instantly matter about the names of the viruses. It's just Capcom making up more baloney as they plod things along.

Expect B, K and Y type pathogens any day now. :D

And they may as well throw in moss from underwater rocks. Just for good measure. ;)


I think the virus in this movie is the same one from vendetta? It's modified to be carried at those chips where chris, claire and even leon get infected from it. I still cant say ı like seeing them being infected by those.


I wonder if the truth about the raccoon will ever be tried to be announced again. Benford wanted to reveal it in regards to us' dealings with umbrella but simmons utilizing his influence from his family shut him down and at the end, he still got what he wanted despite getting killed in the process. I said this before but ı still wished they showed the family's dissolution. If the family would be wiped out from the world completely, then ı'm assuming the new president would be able to announce the truth as a way to approach with honesty to the public?


I dont think chris or leon will retire after the events of this movie. They were seen being infected with a virus here and ı'm assuming that's capcom's explanation in regards to their desire to use chris and leon in the future stories forever since their aging would be slowed down due to the dormant virus inside their bodies.
That could have made for a great reason as to why Chris looks younger in RE7. But it was just a poor casting decision in terms of who they hired.

He still looks way older in RE8. Like, he's way older than even when he looked old in 5 and 6. That's of course probably just because of the actor. Rosemary does mention him in 2035, so he would be super old by then.
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