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Well, RE8 is rumoured to be very "gruesome". But sadly, it's another first person game also involving Ethan and Chris. That kind of sucks.
I dont like the news for re8 either. It seems the game's gonna be similar to re7 and have the same issues re7 and newest " remakes " have. ( With things like; cutting things, unnecessary changes, stories that cant even connect well to canon re lore, unnecessarily extreme focus on realism, realism excuses etc. I dont like re7's direction for the series due to this. )

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Over the last 7 years at least, I think they've gotten incredibly lazy and cash-grabby to boot. They outsource these BS spin off games that nobody with a real taste ought to care about, and the remakes kind of feel like satire titles now, that give a big f*ck you to the fans that started with the franchise, with either the first or second game. As I did (I actually started with RE2 around 2000 or so).

I never got any big RE2 vibes from the RE2 remake, although it was passable as a general horror game. The issue is that I think the only way to really gain any enjoyment from these recent entries is to pretend they are not actually RE games as such, otherwise they fail as entertainment as well. Even RE3 felt like an action game with little vibes of the original, with all its lame dialogue, scripted segments, and Michael Bay like explosions. The rocket launcher scene with Carlos for example, felt out of place. It didn't feel right to me. Now I know it's a different take on things, but they just strayed too much off course.

And I suspect that they're only doing RE8 because they have assets they can have recycled across from RE7. Even the rumoured witch like boss sounds way too much like Mrs. Baker in RE7. I cannot remember the spelling of her first name, so I just call her Mrs. Baker for my own reference.

I'd like to see Chris redesigned to at least resemble the RE5/6/and so on version of Chris, because again, he looked terrible in RE7. I didn't get any vibes of Chris in that game at all. There was really none whatsoever, except that he acts tough and punches the Molded, as a nod to him punching rocks in RE5. But other than that, he just felt like a generic guy that showed up to save the day. Even him just being in the game anyway, felt so forced. I'm gonna hazard a guess that the blue Umbrella nonsense they threw in will be added back in rather gradually. In fact, RE7 and 8 being numbered titles is just to keep the mainline series feeling new and fresh, but quite frankly, even RE7 felt more like a spin off, or a new IP. There! I'm calling it.

RE7 in my opinion was a soft reboot, in that it loosely linked to the other games. How ironic that they have a group of baddies called the Connections too. It barely even felt "connected" to the rest of the franchise either. The game resembled some VOD movie, or an indie horror game with a bigger budget than normal cheapies. But it honestly didn't feel like a RE game at all. The same with RE4. The series is just a mess at this point. Why call it RE by this point?!

I disagree about re4; ı'm honestly glad it turned out the way it did. I prefer it over re 3,5 every single time. I think they were planning to kill leon in that version. Not to mention the weird supernatural elements it has along with hookman. ( Which came back in re7 for a weird reason. )

It's awesome and one of the best games ever. Plus the re games started to become more action oriented with re2 anyways. 4 / 5 / 6 being the way they are made sense; both from gameplay and story perspective.

Though ı have to agree that the game is a bit overrated, just a bit. I dont like when people say it's a flawless masterpiece. ( Overpraising re4 to heavens while overbashing re6 to death for example which is extremely annoying. ) I love re games; they are awesome but none of them are flawless masterpiece imo. All of them have at least one small aspect that annoys me, especially after replaying the games multiple times.

One thing that bothers me about re4 for example is mikami not hiring a writer for a weird reason. Plus killing umbrella in the intro is a weird decision mainly cause re2 / re3 / recv's endings heavily hinted at characters taking down umbrella. The main cast is still memorable though. ( Excluding re7 and the newest " remakes " ; all main re games have good story imo and have memorable main cast with the exception of rerev. While the story is good and ı found the backstory of bsaa interesting, characters feel boring. I think it's due to voice acting. I remember seeing somewhere; a interview or something, the devs told / forced the voice actors to sound dull or something. It's not as bad as re1 obviously but still pretty weird. Plus no patricia ja lee for jill... )

But anyways; ı also like plaga, the backstory is interesting unlike the lame mold in re7. Plus after t-virus and zombies; it feels like a nice change to keep things fresh. In terms of plaga monsters; ı prefer the ones in re4 over the ones in re5 even though re5 has a better story than re4 imo. I wished c-virus also appeared in another mainline entry tbh similar to how plaga appeared in re5 as well as the last 2 cgi movies.

I wouldnt call it a " reboot " unlike re7. Not even gameplaywise, mainly cause like ı said; the games started to become more action oriented with re2 and they continued this process in re3 and recv as well. The change in re4 ( And later on in re5 and re6. ) make sense. Storywise; it still follows previous re games, especially when it comes to leon and ada. ( Meanwhile for re7; they decided to call the main character " Ethan Winters " in an attempt to reference re5 but this doesnt work and comes off lame mainly cause " Ethan W. " died after 1998. )

Another thing ı want to say is ı dont think capcom knows to follow the storyline after re6. That's why they are remaking the games in a half baked way for quick nostalgia cause they are out of ideas. I mean remaking re4 literally says that.
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Generally, I like the story in every game. I even like Survivor. LOL. There's nothing bad about the plot in any of the games (Umbrella Corps being a rare exception, because that's the absolute worst game in the entire franchise). But some of it does feel a bit tacked on nonetheless. I'd really like to know what some of the characters are doing right now outside of remakes. Like, what's up with Jill or Billy Coen?

I'm happy that Chris' design is supposedly being altered again. I don't care if he doesn't 100% look like his RE5 or 6 self anymore. Just... change him in a way to where he does at least not fully look like that boring shemp in 7. Uh!

I like the scene in Vendetta where Rebecca brings up Leon's prior dealings with the parasites, and Leon brushes her off by saying, "That was a long time ago, that I barely remember it". Well, I don't recall exactly what he said to her, although I really like that scene. Chris should have also mentioned that he had alcohol problems himself following the loss of his men, and Capcom wasted that opportunity. Leon was really great in that movie, though, and I kind of tire of people saying he's overrated. However, I will admit that games and movies that feature him tend to be too action heavy, and lack the scares of the right old games. But if Capcom heard that line now, they'd be like, "Leon is right. We need a RE4 remake, as it has been forever!" But we really don't. :D
Yeah; every re game in the series has missed potential unfortunately so sometimes it can feel " a bit tacked on " .

About vendetta; ı personally think it should have been more connected to re6 storywise. The novel has some nice re6 references not included in the movie for a weird reason. And like you said; chris should had mentioned his experiences in re6 to leon who's also having the same problems in the movie.

Not a big fan of how they lazily ripped out plot points from re6 without knowing how it works in that game.
Man; ı really dont feel like posting to twitter anymore. Sometimes ı check it to see what's happening but that's it.

I also wanted to post on discord but eventually gave up on that idea.

I think ı'll stick to biohaze, youtube comments and re6's steam forums when it comes to sharing opinions tbh.

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Last night, I tuned into Michael Does Life's latest live stream. I know he has a bit of a reputation for behaving like a troll, but he does have entertaining videos, and he's sometimes on form. But I had connection issues due to the weather, and I went for a walk in the rain as my flat was very clammy, and I've had vomiting spells really badly lately, so yeah. It's been a bad last while. After I tried to take shelter though, I had issues because the dampness began affecting my phone, making it hard to type out messages with the super chat feature. He put up a good video about Resident Evil 8: Village prior to that, so I was looking forward to his stream beginning at 6 PM Eastern Time, hoping we'd get a lot of good banter going about the upcoming game. Turned out to be nothing but a load of nonsense this time with nothing remotely about the series except for what he's already said in past streams, unfortunately. Plus, some troll kept abusing me in the chat section, copying and pasting the same insults.

I only post on about 3 forums now, including Biohaze. I think forums are a dying medium in this day and age, quite frankly. When I first came across forums in the early 2000s, you used to get around 50 users signed in at once, and when you refreshed the page, it would astonish me how many new replies there would be. That was the heyday of message boards. Now everybody is on Facebook, YouTube, instant messaging programs, and all that. YouTube sadly, is starting to suck as well. That's sad how you need 1000 subscribers to live stream from your phone. By far one of the site's ultimate features, primarily axed because of this COPPA shit. You're NEVER going to get that many followers unless you have the most amazing of content to offer people, and a lot of free time to run a channel. It would basically have to be your life, to some degree.

I don't know. Maybe the Internet has ran its course in many ways. I couldn't even sign up to ResetEra, which has a lot of interesting chit-chat going on right now. They only allow registration with a domain email address, which I don't have. So I was declined. But anyway, this is his newest stream. It doesn't help that a lot of viewers go way off topic, so the flow of the conversation becomes so disengaged. And yeah, I do agree that the YouTuber called Nemesis wants to get in bed with Capcom. That guy used to be a really sound bloke, who said it like it needed to be said. But not anymore. It's kind of sad to see that man acting like a shill today, like he has finally sold out.

Other than survival horror; the main aspects that made re games, resident evil imo are storyline and its progression, characters, monsters and bows, viruses / parasites and other infectious material, replayability, extra game modes and campy / over the top nature.

This is one of the reasons why ı dont like re7 and its weird tone, plus the aspects that ı previously mentioned feel removed in re7 when compared to other mainline entries for a half baked survival horror experience.

The issues ı have with re7 are also apparent in the newest " remakes " . With things like; cutting things, unnecessary changes, stories that cant even connect well to canon re lore, unnecessarily extreme focus on realism, realism excuses etc. I dont like re7's direction for the series due to this.

Also speaking of survival horror;

For me; the main reason why pre-re4 main entries ( plus outbreak games ) are survival horror is due to exploration being more of a focus over combat. ( They arent very linear most of the time and exploration requires a good amount of effort when compared to action horror trilogy. ) Re7's 1st half and re2 remake are also similar to those games when it comes to this.

As for 4 / 5 / 6; the main reason why they are action horror is due to combat being more of a focus over exploration. ( They are very linear most of the time and exploration feels streamlined and less impactful when compared to pre-re4 mainline entries plus outbreak games. ) I personally dont mind them being very linear; ı think their combat system works better that way.

Rerev games are survival horror that balance action and horror well. They are middle ground and focus on exploration and combat equally. They feel like better entries in the franchise than re7 ( which is a half baked survival horror entry. ) and re2 remake ( which is a half baked remake. ) while connecting to canon re storyline better than those games.

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Hell, I would love to, but A, nobody watches me and B, well, Google disallows anybody with under 1000 subs to record on their mobile now.

I read up about Nemesis today, being linked to the Las Plagas. Seems like it's a giving that RE4 will happen, and possibly destroy more greatness. 🧟

Also, I joined my first forum in May of 2003. Here's to 16 rocky years. 👊

I called in around the 47 minutes mark, but the connection was not too great. 🙃

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