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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

So they tried to be smooth, eh? Not happening! ?

I think they are inspired by Fortnite now. Before that, it was Call of Duty, and no doubt P.T. as well. I think the series was at its best when games like Alone in the Dark were still a thing.
Except even Fortnite has done cosmetics justice.. what has RE3 done again? Has like 2 costumes lol ;p
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The Last of Us Part II, got announced in December of 2016, and is due out in 2020, maybe. :unsure:

Resident Evil 3, was announced in December of 2019, and came out in April 2020. :cautious:

Yep! More work comes from Naughty Dog. Every crumb in that game boasts of realism. :alien:


A little analogy I made up on the fly.

RE’s lore started out as a simple smoothie. As the years went by, they kept adding different fruits and blended them together. It got to the point where they added so much to their beloved smoothie, that no one knew what flavor it was anymore. It had no distinct taste and lost its appeal.

So now they are playing it safe and starting a brand new smoothie, with a different blender, and so far they haven’t added anything.
I wouldnt say re's lore started out as a simple smoothie. The main reason for that is for the 1st 2 games; it's impossible to fully play them in a canon way. ( You cant get the full canon ending. For the 1st game; it's a mix of both scenarios. For the 2nd game; claire a and leon b is the main canon but some aspects from leon a and claire b are canon too. For the 3rd game; there are 2 different endings though thankfully future entries say that barry arrived at raccoon to save jill and carlos. ) So things were always complicated. This is one of the reasons why ı prefer some of the future entries' stories over the early ones mainly cause they are more straightforward.

Another thing is some of the games' stories were written by the same writers and ı kinda like that. The canon storyline feels more consistent that way. Noboru sugimara wrote re2 and recv, shotaro suga wrote re6, darkside chronicles and the 1st 2 cgi films for example. ( They both passed away unfortunately. )

I agree with the " playing it safe " part though. Storywise re7 and newest " remakes " dont connect to canon re lore well. Not to mention blue umbrella is so stupid. Some of the history behind it is interesting but ı really dont like the 2007 part. What were they doing in re5, rerev2 and re6? The world was getting destroyed in 2012-2013 ( Haos bow ) while an organization that uses umbrella's name to spread fear was causing chaos and yet blue umbrella isnt seen anywhere. Apparently they needed to prove themselves to un but 7 years feels unnecessarily long. They dont need that long amount of time for approval, they were backed up by rival org after all. Plus not a hero and end of zoe dont explore it that much either. I also dont understand why those articles arent unlockable files / reports similar to separate ways ada's reports, re5 library and re6's cabinets. Making them unlockable through re. net site would also work.

I talked about re2 remake and its messy scenario system before so ı'm not gonna talk again.
There's a lot of people who feel like the blue Umbrella thing was tacked on. I'd like to see this explored in depth in the next game. Unfortunately, the hearsay concerning RE8 already makes the game sound like it's going to be another 'in name only' sequel. Here's hoping they address what's going on. Giving that the game actually started off as a spin off, it just gives me the vibes that maybe that's what it will actually be like.


There's a lot of people who feel like the blue Umbrella thing was tacked on. I'd like to see this explored in depth in the next game. Unfortunately, the hearsay concerning RE8 already makes the game sound like it's going to be another 'in name only' sequel. Here's hoping they address what's going on. Giving that the game actually started off as a spin off, it just gives me the vibes that maybe that's what it will actually be like.
Yeah; ı wouldnt be surprised if re8 ended up like not connecting to canon re lore well similar to how re7 doesnt feel connected to canon storyline. Not sure if they would explain some of the plot threads like they did in re5 and re6 either.

I wished they also made a sequel to re6's story somehow but ı'm not sure if capcom's considering that. Plus ı would like to see jake again.
They probably wouldn't continue the story from RE6 as I don't believe that title was very well received by fans. Not even Piers got mentioned in Vendetta or RE7, so it's like Capcom just moved on after his death, and acted like it's not a part of history anymore.

I agree that Capcom does a bad job of picking up the pieces of where the current story concludes. Every game is inclined to just loosely connect to things that occurred throughout the prior games, so that fans feel like it's important, when Capcom knows this isn't yet another game that is a true sequel. Even RE7, which felt like a spin off, tried to be slick by adding in newspaper articles and pictures on the wall, reminding you of the original game's location, etc. But really, it's also mostly a sequel that has the name on it to sell it. Think of how the Silent Hill games have different stories and new characters, but they didn't really link to each other, besides the third one being a proper continuation of part 1. But the rest felt like they were unrelated.


You know; now that re3 remake is released, ı'm convinced that for re7; capcom was actually planning to add jill and carlos as characters instead of chris. The reason why ı think that way is there are 2 images for the re6,5 version of the game. One of them shows 2 operatives, one female and one male. The female operative looks like jill in her re5 bsaa outfit. ( She doesnt wear her baseball cap though. ) I wasnt sure about the male operative but after seeing re3 remake; ı imagine he is carlos not to mention carlos being part of blue umbrella actually make sense, bsaa hates mercenaries after all as shown in re6 with jake. The 2nd image is a small girl in a white outfit, laying down on a bed. Pre-eveline ı guess. I dont remember where ı saw this so ı dont remember the source but ı wished capcom didnt scrap this in favor of the half baked survival horror experience they released.
Yeah. That's what people meant when they said they can reuse assets. The franchise has pretty much been wrecked at this point. The plot makes zero sense and they will just go with mostly first person from now on, which is not something I'm sold on.

It clearly saves Capcom time, if they want to churn out a new game every year. I think now that we're aware of that, we have to make a tough decision. Do we keep going, or do we turn back?
I think Revelations 2 used scrapped assets for a more action packed RE7, based on those leaked artworks. I am personally not invested in the lore past Revelations 2, except maybe the backstory of Heavenly Island. They need to stop killing off villains and actually have a roadmap planned out for the story going forward. Something that Flagship came closest to achieving.

RE has always been tossed around with no clear vision for the future. Despite numerous cliffhangers in almost every game, the next installment undermines the last title and does it’s own thing, it’s really frustrating and one of the biggest flaws of this franchise as a whole.
Revelations 2 is my favourite game of the last decade. I think it's underrated. It was actually quite creepy and the story is great. However, I do think it ripped off The Last of Us somewhat.

Playing as Barry was an awesome experience. I enjoyed his throwback to the first game and Capcom even remembered to give him his famous gun. You know? It was like that was a bigger passion project than these so-called remakes.


About villains, the family is still active and they selected a new leader after simmons' death ( While obtaining his corpse to obtain enhanced c-virus. ) plus according to vendetta novel; dso is after them trying to find out the traitors. I wished vendetta was connected better to re6 and some of the novel info was in the movie but what's done is done unfortunately.

And alex succeeded her plan after dying and managed to merge with natalia. It would be interesting if jake met with natalex.

From numbered entries plus recv, ı think re4 and re7 are the ones that have the issue of not following the past events well. ( Though compared to re7; re4 still feels connected and the released games after that also help. ) The others are alright; ı dont have any issues with them when it comes to this aspect.
Of course, man. Michael Does Life and I had a long chat last night about how bland the story is in these games. It was entertaining. :)

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Critical nobody: Imo remaking re2 without the scenario stuff would be like remaking re3 without the nemesis choices.

Re3 remake: ...


I wonder what happened to leon and sherry after the events of re6? With the death of simmons; ( Who didnt allow leon to visit her unlike claire and when sherry became an agent in 2009 after wesker's death; he was pulling the strings so that the only members of his family organization knew that she became an agent at 1st ( That's why sherry knew of neo umbrella before leon according to her comments in edonia since simmons shares secret info to her and sherry reports only to simmons who's her guardian. ) and leon most likely heard of her being an agent through claire who learned this info from sherry. ) ı'm guessing sherry got more freedom now? Not to mention their teamwork in re6. I think leon would also be allowed to visit sherry along with claire due to this.

I also wished they delved more into us government and the family organization. They selected a new leader after simmons' death and they got ignored in re7. Vendetta isnt really enough. Plus what about the relationship between bsaa and us government?

Dont like how re7 doesnt follow re6 at all; ugh...


I think jill should have been in heavenly island manga. It takes place after place after re6 ( She was in rehab during that time. ) and ı feel like there could have been a claire-jill team up. Not sure why parker appears but not jill who's the main character of rerev just like how claire is the main character of rerev2.


Re7: A " realistic " survival horror re game.

Also re7: Has ethan lose his limbs, survive the injuries like nothing, meanwhile the lame mold is barely explained in the files for what it does.

Re2 remake: A " realistic " remake of a survival horror re game.

Also re2 remake: Has usbs which isnt even fitting to time period ( 1998 ) , ada's gadget which also isnt fitting to time period ( 1998 ) , as well as the messy scenario system where they dont connect to each other.

Re3 remake: A " realistic " remake of a survival horror re game.

Also re3 remake: Jill gets blown up multiple times and survives like nothing, lifts a goddamn rail gun ( Which looks futuristic and doesnt feel fitting to 1998. ) and fires that thing without perishing as well as nemesis growing extremely huge in an instant without consuming something 1st. ( Meanwhile t-103 in re2 remake cant even fully mutate into its super form which is yet another inconsistent decision. On another note; why doesnt its power limiter activate when ada crushed that van to save leon and explode that thing later on? )

The newest 3 mainline entries, due to capcom's obsession with realism and weird decisions of the games, feel like inconsistent mess that dont know what they want to be. Capcom's obsession with " realism " for resident evil is so annoying. Resident evil isnt " realistic " and when you get obsessed with realism; the games became more boring and edgy.

On another note; ı remember the " inconsistent mess that dont know what they want to be " statement being used for re6. Never understood that tbh. Imo all of the campaigns are action horror experiences that focuses on action more than horror. ( Which is a good thing since the games already started to become that way with re2 and by the time of re4; the mainline entries became action horror. I like how things are extremely crazy and action packed in re6. ) They have different themes and feel unique in some ways along with campaigns connecting to each other but ı never really felt they were mess. Plus unlike the last 3 mainline entries; re6 doesnt have " realism " excuses and gives that crazy / over the top japanese theme like the previous mainline entries before it. It knows it's campy and over the top and it goes full on that and ı like the game so much for that unlike the last 3 mainline entries that cant decide what they want to be.

Not to mention; ı'm starting to get more and more annoyed by the reception of re6 as well as the amount of hate it got and still gets nowadays. It deserved much more attention from the fanbase. I'm glad the game is getting more love from more people nowadays but it's a damn shame that it's considered the black sheep of the series and one of the worst from many people.

I still miss the good old times when ı was a noob and had barely any experience with the franchise. I was spending so much time on the game and having so much fun with the amount of content; it's insane. I wasnt even aware the game started a war in the fanbase when it comes to the divisiveness aspect of it.

I wished they continued the action horror trilogy with spinoffs or something though ı really wished capcom started to hire japanese writers for their games and bring back that campy japanese style theme back.
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