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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

Caffeine Addict

Aye. We all miss Jill so much. And to think we may receive three games about Ethan and his family. Three entire games! Meanwhile, where is Jill these days!? Talk about a disservice to your most loyal fans, Capcom. And I know people will say, "But she was in the RE3 remake".

OK. It's called a remake for a reason. It's not an original storyline. Outside of that bland Wii shooter and Revelations, Jill has been absent since she left Africa.

You know? Jill must be getting old, like Chris is old now. Unless her Nemesis virus slows down her age. Any excuse to keep the characters looking young, eh? Well, at least have them featured in more games, or failing that, bring her back in a new animated movie or series, so fans that want her presence aren't left in the dark, Edward Carnby style. ;)

But yeah. Any game with Jill has got to have a much better story overall than RE8 has. Like, if you watch this guy's rant, he clearly wasn't keen on RE8's plot whatsoever. 😂

Count how many times he mumbles, "Oh my God!"

The game was like a love letter to RE4 mostly, in my opinion. You go back to survival horror and then do another U-turn and claim the fans found RE7 made them wet the bed, or something... 🤔

I discussed this with a friend of mine and after thinking about it; ı want to say that ı think re6 feels more re3 than the actual game.

As much as ı like re3 and recv, they feel more like dlcs for re2 rather than proper improvements, they seem to limit themselves in terms of improvement when compared to re2 and re6.

As for re4 and re5, they also limit themselves too. Re4 uses too much past assets from remake ( For both games, capcom got into trouble in terms of lawsuit too. ) and re5 uses too much assets from re4. Not to mention those 2 games are overall very similar to each other and play similar.

Re4 is basically " remake recycling the game " and re5 is " re3,5 recycling the game " . And they are still too dated imo when it comes to their escalated action levels.

Re6 seriously feels the most unique mainline entry along with re2.

I used to think recv feels more numbered than re4 which ı still do but at the same time, it still feels more like a dlc for re2 due to using a lot of assets from past entries. Mikami thinks it feels more re2 than the actual game which ı cant agree with.

With re2; ı cant bring myself to like leon a and claire b scenario these days unlike other scenario pair but it still feels like a massive improvement when compared to re1. Story, scenarios, characters, gameplay feel like improvements when compared to re1. And no parallel scenarios or mo disc business to save a character from jail. Thank god.

Imo the most revolutionary entries are re2, outbreak games, darkside chronicles and re6. These entries feel like the ones that come closest to realizing their full potential.

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I agree with your points, and feel that RE6 is just a game that fans unfairly piss on. It actually has better controls than 4 and 5. Better graphics too. The story about a virus turning citizens into zombies for one scenario, meant it was more RE than 4 and 5, which truth be told, don't feel like RE games in some awkward manner, because the Las Plagas and so on, don't have many direct ties to the other games, even if Capcom does occasionally shoehorn in certain lore to cheaply connect it. Because I honestly laughed when they had that link in RE8 with Miranda apparently being the former mentor of Spencer, when that game is so hilariously withdrawn from RE, and nothing like the classics from yesteryear. Meh!

But yeah. RE6 goes unappreciated by many. It's not one of my top games or anything, but I've learned to like it more these days, since RE7 and 8 are just not as interesting as the really early games. But I suppose they ain't bad. :(
I think with re6, they sacrificed the graphical quality when compared to re5 which has slightly better graphics but ı think this is a worthy sacrifice. The graphics still look fine for what they are and the game has a lot of value in terms of pretty much everything. The variety is improved compared to re5 and the game feels much more unique imo.

Re7 has beautiful graphics due to re engine but they had to sacrifice a lot of value from re6 for it. The art style of the game is really boring imo. The other re engine games arent much better in terms of art style either. Oh and they have unnecessary microtransactions. Re6 gives 4 campaigns that have a lot of playable characters along with mercenaries with a reasonable price. Re engine games meanwhile feel overpriced imo. They dont utilize re net well unlike re6 either.

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I'm curious to know when the RE8 DLC will be coming, as they announced it over 5 months ago. Of course, they took ages to release the RE7 DLC, so this isn't so surprising. 🎮

So ı recently found this. From what ı understand, with re engine games; capcom seems to rely on wikipedia rather than making more proper research when it comes to creating their stories. It all makes more sense now, especially with reimaginings, they feel so disconnected to past.

There's also this.
I want to believe that is a joke, but I'm honestly not that surprised.
I wish it was a joke too but it is what it is. I honestly dont know why capcom relies a lot on wiki sites to create re engine games' stories, those sites can be edited by anyone and they arent official. No wonder the storyline received a big damage after shotaro suga's death. Re engine games' stories feel like " greatest hits " stories. Idk if someone like suga can come but ı lost hope at this point. They could have tried to allow vendetta's ( or infinite darkness' ) writer to work more on story scripts to fix their mistakes just like how they allowed suga after degeneration rather than hiring new non-japanese people all the time. Revillage especially has really no separate director, it's re7's writer being the director and he helps the new writer at the same time.

I voiced my disdain against new direction a lot in the past so ı would rather not repeat it again and keep this reply too long.

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I like Wikipedia, as it has a somewhat neat interface, making it comfortable to read, because the background is white. But in terms of the content overall, they usually condense everything, so it's nothing like the more informative pages you can look up on the official RE wiki at Fandom.
I like Wikipedia, as it has a somewhat neat interface, making it comfortable to read, because the background is white. But in terms of the content overall, they usually condense everything, so it's nothing like the more informative pages you can look up on the official RE wiki at Fandom.
Idk much about wikipedia but it's not official and it can be edited by anyone. But re wiki, despite relying on it, is quite unpolished mess. The admins, rather than talking behind fans much on its discord server, they should do more effort into improving the site. Project umbrella is much better than re wiki.

The devs arent fans, they are the creators. They should do more research when creating entries rather than just reading fan articles to create their stories. It's quite obvious to me that re engine games are lacking storywise compared to past entries, especially re6.

Caffeine Addict

Another problem with Wikipedia and perhaps just wikis in general, is that the people running the wiki in question may be incredibly fussy about what content gets added anyway. That could be down to them just being picky. But in general, any content one dumps on a wiki usually has to have citations included, to verify that the info they're contributing, is factual and not some biased person's perspective. That's basically the numbers that show up in the brackets.
So ı was browsing through twitter and ı saw someone expressing their love for re6 on a tweet.

The person seems to receive replies by some people who doesnt like the game and bashes it. Like really? Why are they negative on a positive post about the game? I swear this happens with re6 every single time and it pisses me off.

Replies like:

" People love re6? "

" It's shitty. "

" Good game but not good re game. "

" It's fun in a bad way. "

" It's not survival horror. "

I still dont understand. Why do some people waste their time expressing negativity on a positive post about a game they dont like? What the hell?

Should ı really go after some strangers and voice my negativity for remake and re engine games on posts where they are praised? Wouldnt that be rude? Like what if ı did that on those games' steam discussion forums? I would probably be seen as a clown just cause ı can form my own opinions rather than generic beliefs that ı've seen on internet billion times.

I dont want to say this cause ı said this again and again but ı need a place to express it and this feels like the best place to say it. Ugh, the fanbase is a joke.

Anyway going back to playing re6 and try to forget what ı've seen there.

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Earlier this year, I recall posting a thread to GameFAQs under the name of "YouMayDieToday" (which I have since had terminated). And what a bad idea that was to begin with. We both posted in that topic, but many of the respondents were being pretty arrogant. :D

One user replied with a snide comment. I recall it sounded something like this...

"You just want zombies in cities forever!"

Says it all, really.

With their mentality on that site, they act as if people are supposed to just accept that it is Capcom's IP, and that there's no set rules for what the franchise represents, and blah, blah, blah. It's possibly how they feel because they don't like the slower paced early games, and prefer the Dead Space type games of the era. But whatever their reason is, there ain't no pleasing some folk on the Internet. But to act as if fans that have played the games for decades aren't supposed to talk ill of Capcom, is just dumb.

Of course, that's their opinions. But after we posted ours too, they were implying we were just haters for being critical of everything Capcom did to screw up the series. And of course, maybe these are the same people who allegedly told Capcom that RE8 had to have more RE4 style gameplay, as RE7 had them wetting the bed, when we know it's really because RE4 is the golden boy of the series, so Capcom just wanted to rip off their own game (when they don't copy other games by different developers). Or Capcom has a tendency to select read their feedback. :p

5000 fans: We love RE7, as it's true horror again.
100 users: RE8 should be like RE4.

Capcom: We hear ya, 100 users. ;)
Yeah ı remember that thread. I posted to that as well. I also created 2 of them on revillage's boards however one of them is deleted for some reason. The other isnt but ı would rather not bother with that site that much. Though ı actually have some friends there who like re6; ı've told them biohaze and it's possible that they may come here at some point.

Speaking of re4, ı've seen a very long video of sphere hunter where she talks about the game. I havent watched that and ı dont think ı will cause it will probably be the same things ı heard about re4 billion times.

However ı've seen some tweets. One of them is sphere hunter's where she shows a comment of a " true " re fan that says something like; " Re4 isnt a true re game due to not being survival horror. It destroyed the series. You arent a true re fan. " . That comment is made fun of on twitter.

With re4, ı've never liked that when the game is praised, chances are it's followed by re5 and especially re6 bashing. Many of that game's fans seem to hate those games for their generic reasons. The people that post to her also make awkward comments, especially about re6. The fanbase is a joke and likes to repeat the same boring statements over and over.

I've also seen another tweet of her where she says that she's not looking forward to re5 and re6. And you can pretty much guess the tweets and how people agree with her.

That tells me everything ı need to know why ı shouldnt bother and just mind my own business really. No need to waste time.

Caffeine Addict

Yeah. GameFAQs is full of snobby brats. As is many messages boards online.

At least you don't get stalked 24/7 like I do. I've had this rather annoying guy called James Berich from Australia bothering me every week for well over 4 years. But I have actually known him since 2004. My grandmother died in 2004, so yeah. Just goes to show me how long ago that was now. Rest in peace, Nan.

But anyway, this 35 year old guy (I will let that sink in) signs up countless accounts on forums, and has a creepy YouTube channel where he uploads videos to mock me.

I only know him because he used to be known as "Nemesis556" on multiple Capcom forums. Even some of the official ones like Capcom Europe. But this was a very long time ago. Constantly claims I am a shitty extra in films, yet he obsesses over what goes on my IMDb page regardless. Make sense? Nope!

Granted, he easily finds me because he knows what pseudonyms I use. If I had registered under different names and didn't connect the dots, he would've been unable to find me. But I found out who he was when he posted on Biohaze in 2017, and included a single picture of himself. Uses all of these dumb names like "Gimpy" and has giving people my address. I'm in Scotland, so my local police don't do shit about him. Fortunately, he isn't on Biohaze anymore.

But yeah. Imagine still stalking a stranger online in 2021, that you first engaged with way back in 2004. It's madness. The guy even edits the same pages I do on this horror films wiki on Fandom, so he receives those, "Person X just edited the article" type notifications. The man is a screwball...

To get the jist of how much of a weirdo he truly is, you need only watch a few of his videos here...

Now he is posing as me under my user name "thesaunderschild" - no less. But he had the alias "Alfred Gimpy" before.


I think CAPCOM losing the Juracek and Raaphorst lawsuits could very well result in a better bio4. I was never much of a fan of the retail game they've released over a dozen times, besides its portrayal of one of my favorite duos in Separate Ways and Assignment Ada. Wesker always was better as a sort of G-Man character operating mostly behind the scenes, he and Ada deserve much more screentime developing that unique honor among thieves. Having to forfeit the use of assets they stole could force them to make a better game than either bio4 or CV from scratch.

I doubt they would abandon the use of Las Plagas, sorry, I mean their rip off of Parasyte completely. But having to change up the environments could encourage them to actually get creative with other details.
I dont think ı said this before but ı decided to check my rankings of re5.

I just realized that that for normal and veteran difficulties, ı actually finished all chapters and their parts on s rank. Amateur has one a rank at the 2nd last chapter but other than that, it's all s ranks.

Pro is somewhat mixed. I have one b rank and 5 a ranks but other than that; it's all s ranks.

I wonder if anyone out there beat the game on all s ranks like how ı did for re6...
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