Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

I'm not particularly excited about a RE4 or CVX remake, because they're nothing new. Seems silly of Capcom to proceed to remake RE4 first when CVX was released 5 years before RE4 came out on the GameCube. However, I would take anything Dusk Golem says with a smidge of salt.

Who really wants a RE4 remake? The original is very long. If they remake it, they're likely going to axe a lot of areas and boss fights. And RE4 is already everywhere. So remaking it just feels relatively pointless.

To me, it's just nonsensical garble started by a fan so people start getting agitated over nothing. It's crazy to remake a game like RE4 ahead of another game that is a primary entry. Although he did say it was in early development, so we could still be seeing a half-baked CVX remake beforehand.

And oh yes. I have no doubt in my mind that it will be a disaster, considering the RE3 remake was absolutely trash. Brett Hicks on YouTube praised the game's glories for some reason.

Um... I noticed YouTubers that used to say it like it is, always do a swerve and say the okay games are the bad ones, but the trash ones are suddenly amazing. To me, they just act like that so they don't fall in line with the popular opinion. After all, how many fans ranted on RE3 already? So I suspect they just want to be seen as being different, somehow.

I forgot that there was a special ending credits for 1996 classic Resident Evil, according to this video about the censored stuff from the game (i am not sure if its included for the vanilla playstation release) but they confirm one of the pc versions of the game has a different version of the end credits with several shots of the characters being attacked and some shots of the more detailed character deaths, and its kinda of funny with the soundtrack playing with upbeat tones while there is lots of "fatalities" during all that ending credits.
I wish the new games had credits such as these, imagine Village getting a different ending credits in that same vein, to me it would be definetly a worthwhile addition. :geek:
Maybe the more die hard fans already saw that ending credits but i´m sharing here the video for anyone else that had not seen it, check it out jump to 7 minutes and 40 seconds to watch it:
The Darkside Chronicles is a ****ing stupid on-rails adventure game. I mean, you fight Alfred on a carousel. That was not even in the original CVX. The carousel, yes. The zany boss fight, no. Hell, he's dressed up like Alexia. Ha-ha. Oh my God.

Also, there's this hilarious part where you have to do a 'shooting puzzle' with a musical box thing to open a door. And Alexia betrays Alfred.

The whole thing was just LOL. Especially when Steve spots the bats and goes crazy. And Chris never even met Steve.

I know. It's a retelling. But still. ?
I’m not a fan of how they treated Alex so far, this series desperately needed a new iconic villain and she could of filled Alberts shoes easily. Instead, we have to wait like 10+ more years in the timeline to see anything from Natalia and even then it won’t be the same. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was a great voice actor for her and seeing her younger self in Resistance is very frustrating since it’s non-canon.

Huge wasted opportunity.
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I really want to know the release date for Resident Evil Village, as I want to save up for a PS5 early next year. ?

But don't rush things, Capcom. Take your time. Give fans a quality game!
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I understand that there may be different reasons, but does this mean that I have found something?
There are a lot of these Resident Evil fanboys who live in denial to the truth.

And you are screwed if one of them becomes a moderator.
That was kind of what I experienced in Capcom Unity.
They would lock threads that are "spreading rumors" but the mods themselves will spread misconceptions that they believe in.
I'm not sure if this is the best place to say this but am ı the only one who doesnt like awesome games wiki and crappy games wiki sites?

I used to like them actually; they allowed me to create a page for re6 at agw in the past but they decided to delete the page for unknown reasons and create one at cgw instead. I asked this to them multiple times but unfortunately ı was banned from the site for having an opinion. The admins there are rude as hell. One of the admins never even played the game ( According to his own words; " I never played any re games. " ) and he's basically riding the hate bandwagon for the game. I dont think it deserves to be at cgw but whatever; ı dont care for those 2 garbage sites anymore.

This is the page:

" Just like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, it focuses too much on action (even more than Resident Evil 4 and 5) and not on horror. "

What's wrong with action? Every re game focuses on action. Plus each mainline entry ( excluding remake, re0 and rerev entries. ) focuses on action more than the previous one. ( Re2 focuses on action more than re1, re3 and recv more than re2. ) I agree that the horror aspect could have been done better but it still has its moments. ( Though ı dont think any re game in the series is scary. )

" Some pretty dumb moments like when Helena saves a dead pilot, doing a QTE when looking for car keys, or when Leon and Helena take an infected girl with them. "

I agree about the pilot and the qte. As for liz though; why wouldnt they take her with them? If they shot her and her dad instantly, that would be out of character for them.

" For whatever reason, the game has limited resources, which doesn't work since the game is more action packed then any other Resident Evil game. This is especially egregious when you consider that the previous games that were more action focused (Resident Evil 4 and Revelations) don't have this problem. "

What's wrong with limited resources? They add to the challenge aspect of the game. Besides re4 and re5 also focus on action more than horror and they have limited resources. Rerev games are middle ground; ı wouldnt call them action focused.

" Way too many QTEs. Much to their merit though, some of them can be disabled through options menu and a skill can be equipped to make them execute easier. "

I agree with this.

" Too many vehicle, turret, and running segments for a Resident Evil game. "

Again, agree with this.

" While the game having high variety is a good thing, it makes the game seem like it has an identity crisis seeing as how it has elements of stealth, horror, third person shooting, driving, puzzles, and ect. "

Re4 and re5 also have multiple gameplay elements and yet they dont suffer from identity crisis for a reason?

" The skill system while itself isn't a bad idea, a lot of skills seemingly do nothing aside from the most obvious like how you can get more bars for stamina. There's also limitations. You can't equip more than 3 skills at a time unless you change the skill set which disables the previous equipped set. "

They improve your stats, how is that " seemingly do nothing " ? I agree that the limitations are lame but on pc; you can change between sets quickly with f1-8 buttons. They also work in all 4 campaign unlike re5 jill dlcs.

" The camera sometimes can't be controlled and is locked instead. "

Agree with this.

" A lot of the slower scenes of the game, despite having good atmosphere, are very bland and boring especially at the first level of Leon's campaign since you mostly just walk slowly through hallways. "

Well you can at least skip some chapter sections in re6 unlike in re4 and re5. ( For example; you cant skip del lego or cant skip straight into wesker boss fights. )

" The 6 logo design isn't liked by some fans. A common joke made about it is "A person sucking a giraffe's penis". "

Never understood this joke. I think it looks like a 6 made from webs. It's supposede to represent the campaign connecting aspect of the game.

" The prologue level doesn't teach some of the gameplay mechanics to the player. "

Agree with this.

" While the game does look good, there are many areas that have low quality textures. Some are so bad they look like .jpg images, which the game attempts to cover up by hiding them in very dark places. "

Agree with this.

" It's too over the top for a Resident Evil game with a lot of action movie clichés and "jumping the shark" moments like explosions and characters surviving attacks that would normally kill someone due to plot armor. "

Re was always campy and over the top; it adds to the charm.

" NPC animations (mainly the BSAA soldiers in Chris' campaign) are bad. "

Agree with this.

" Agent, who is the coop partner for Ada and doesn't exist in the plot, is badly designed in Ada's campaign. He can't open doors, interact with most items and automatically teleports to Ada's side when a key event happens. "

At least he's optional. Still agree with this.

" Even though campaigns connecting to each other is a good thing; in some cases, it causes the player to fight the same boss again. "

Still better designed than re2 2019. ( The scenarios dont connect to each other in that game and yet it's on agw. )

" You can't drop items from your inventory like in Resident Evil 0 and there's no item box or storage system from Resident Evil 5, so the only way to free space in your inventory is to discard items. "

Agree with this.

" The stealth is flawed as enemies can't hear characters' footsteps, for the most part, and the "silent" takedowns make more noise than they should. "

At least gunfire alerts enemies unlike certain section in re5. Plus crossbow is a silent weapon. ( Normal arrows. )

" Some of the enemies are scripted in some parts. During these parts, the enemies don't react to getting shot. "

Agree with this.

" The puzzles are very easy. "

Ada's campaign has good puzzles; it took me some time to figure them out.

" The player can't share items with their partner. (Unless the game is being played on split-screen.) "

Never played split-screen but fine.

" There are no unlockable weapons nor costumes unlike other main Resident Evil games. "

Well there's infinite ammo unlockables and there are costumes though the variety could have been done better. Still better than re7's unlockables.

" Siege, Onslaught, Predator and Survivors modes are still sold by money. "

Dont care about these modes except onslaught.

" The two new characters Jake and Helena are two dimensional at best and are forgettable. "

How are they forgettable? I think they are more interesting than re4 and re5's new characters. I can understand some hate for helena though since she " replaces " claire but what's wrong with jake? I think he has good character development throught the game.

" The vehicle controls feel slippery, especially when driving, as it feels like the car is driving on ice. "

I dont get it; they are better designed than re4 and re5's vehicle sections. Controls are fantastic.

" Most of the bosses are forgettable. "

How so?

" A lot of combat can get pretty repetitive after a while and its even worse when fighting enemies with weapons as it plays more like a generic third-person shooter (this is especially apparent in Chris' campaign). "

It doesnt play generic ever since it combines melee and gunplay very well and it has the best and most complex combat in the series. If it's getting repetitive; play something else.

" The game's tone is inconsistent since it constantly switches back and forth between solemn and serious to balls-to-the-wall action. This also affects the pacing of the game. "

Every re game is like that. I dont get the problem about pacing; it's fine most of the time.

" The inventory system is very clunky due to the horizontal and vertical layout, which makes switching between weapons tedious since the inventory is done in real time. "

I agree that weapon shortcuts can help but you can switch between weapons fast ( You can even switch places. ) so it's not tedious.

" There are sections in each campaign that require to search for three objects, which feels more like busy work. "

Re4 and re5 also have sections like these and yet it's only a problem for re6 for some reason? I like these sections personally; it's better designed than reorc.

" The game doesn't have much in terms of replay value because of how long most of the levels are. "

It has more replay value than other re games; ı've spent thousands of hours on the game.

" Derek Simmons is a forgettable antagonist. "

How is he forgettable exactly? He has nice backstory within files. Plus his mutations are insane. I think he's more interesting than re4's and re5's villains. ( Except wesker obviously. )

" While of the concept of the plot is interesting, it's bland and forgettable. It's also really dumb when you realize that all this started because Derek was rejected by Ada and tried to recreate Ada. "

" Interesting " and " Bland / forgettable " contradict themselves; which one? As for the backstory between simmons and ada; ı personally found it tragic for carla. ( The game is a dramatic horror experience. ) I think re6 has better story than other re games. I think re4 and re7 have dumb stories as well as reimaginings.

" There are certain mechanics that are crucial when playing the game that aren't told to the player at any point, like being able to quick mix herbs, paint targets for partners, quick recovery, and more. "

Well re4 and re5 dont tell every gameplay mechanic either; it's part of the fun to discover things by yourself. It feels rewarding.

What ı dont understand is dead aim is recently put to agw ( The only good thing about that game is the controls. It has better controls than re4. Everything else isnt good plus stupid gender changing morpheus ruins the game . ) but the fact is it has worse reception than re6.

I also dont like how re7 is on agw.

But anyways; just wanted to say this, thanks for reading.
I like the levels personally despite having barely any exploration; especially compared to re5's levels. I think re5 is more disappointing than re6 which imo improves a lot from re4 and re5 and is extremely underrated.
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I'm not sure if this is the best place to say this but am ı the only one who doesnt like awesome games wiki and crappy games wiki sites?
Don't even bother with it.
It's just someone's opinion and isn't someone with authority.

Any one of us can make our own "wiki", "encyclopedia" or even some YouTube channel full of rant videos of games we hate.

Especially the implementation of levels and the balance of pace.
I actually prefer if levels aren't visible, so the game feels longer.
Even in classic RE games, all the progress can be segmented into levels or chapters, it's just you don't see them.

However, segmenting into levels and having a chapter select feature makes it easier to enjoy the co-op gameplay.

Resident Evil 6 wasn't good enough even in 2013. I believe it's because of the direction.
That's something I noticed as well.
For some reason, the graphics of RE5 looks better than RE6 to me.
Something to do with a certain filter or texture details in RE5.
Theoretically, I think it may have something to do with accommodating the 4-player campaign intersections and lowering the graphic quality to make it all work but I have no confirmation.
I think the graphics in re6 look good but ı agree that the low textures are lame. Re4 and re5 also had them though.

Honestly umbrella corps' graphics are worse. The graphics of that game arent as good as re5, rerev, re6 and rerev2.
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