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General Resident Evil Villains

I wonder if morpheus knew of stairway to the sun area and considered that for his motivations. It could be one of his biggest benefits in terms of wealth. He mentions africa and with re5, they go to that continent so it wouldnt surprise me if he acquired spencer's secret riches too.

I also think about his plans and ı dont think he would easily that stopped if he managed to launch the missiles loaded with t-virus. I mean he threatened 2 nations with those and compared to c-virus missiles in re6 which allow its user to create more controlled outbreaks; ı'm guessing with t-virus; the chaotic result would be much more bigger, especially since compared to c; t-virus is less weakened.

Now that ı think about it more; it makes me wonder if it's possible for gas version of enhanced c-virus to exist and what would be the results for it.
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I believe somewhere it was stated enhanced C was so volatile it could only be injected. Forgot what file it was from or if I am misremembering.
I checked this file and it doesnt say that it cant exist in different forms:

" Refinement of this virus is extremely difficult and there is no one who knows the manufacturing method other than Carla Radames. Therefore, it could be said that there is an extremely small possibility that this virus could be mass-produced in the future. "

With that statement; ı still think the enhanced variant can exist in different forms. Now the part where it mentions about carla being the only one who knows how to do it is pretty interesting cause it makes me imagine about a new researcher who's a follower of carla and can study her research results while improving from her work. After all; she was the one who improved from both birkin's and alexia's research, especially from the latter who ,despite being an artificially created clone with an insane amount of intelligence, wasted 15 years to slowly adapt to the virus to enact her plans in secret instead of finding a quick solution in order to solve the problems of t-veronica due to her ego. Compared to carla who was a normal human researcher when she developed c-virus for the 1st time, including solving t-veronica's problems.

Speaking of alexia; ı might as well mention that she made a mistake by grabbing claire in og game. She didnt need to do that, it's not like claire could go anywhere else, the door was locked and chris wasnt even nearby. It caused steve to cut her pod and break free from her control at the cost of his life. If he can break free from alexia's control due to having feelings for someone he recently met; ( X version of the game takes place in the same day, this is something that was changed from the previous version. ) then her plan could have high chances of failure. If she got out from antarctic base and unleashed t-veronica all over the world, then what about the possibilities of victims breaking from her control? Like family members who would care for each other deeply? Did you even consider that?

But anyway ı think that could be a seen as a criticism for alexia's plans but ı still wanted to do that. Alexia's ego due to her extremely high iq caused her downfall.
So ı want to talk about the family in re6.

I want to say that ı dont think the family is illuminati in any capacity.

I used to think they are for a short while; ı even described it as " fake illuminati narrative " . But apparently they arent.

They also dont seem to control us or the world. They are just a secret organization who keep us on top of the pyramid of power and use that to stay rich while maintaining order and staying hidden.

Honestly treating the family simply as a secret manipulating organization hidden in us rather than illuminati makes more sense imo. I still dont understand why people think it's illuminati.

I mean really? The politics in re series is extremely streamlined compared to convoluted real life politics which ı prefer to not talk about in the slightest. Basically the whole premise is countries and governments making dealings with umbrella and other pharmaceutical companies. That's it really. The family's existence is the reason why us made dealings with umbrella in the past. I doubt capcom really intended to give some kind of a real life message or something.

I think this is a reason why ı would prefer resident evil's take on politics compared to convoluted one in real life. It's extremely streamlined and the context is overall muted really. Makes it more enjoyable to go through.
I feel like the series has too many branching storylines. I do understand that a lot goes on in the franchise. But when they just abandon a storyline and replace it with a new one, that also makes everything confusing, it gets to be quite obvious that they don't know what they're doing.

At least with the original games, you had an idea that 2 followed 1, and CV followed 2. And 3 followed 2, but it was not a direct follow up. But these new games have different storylines each time, or ones that make zero sense. If you stick with it, things do get better. But unless that's on purpose.
A question about antagonists / villains in general.

Which ones would you consider as sympathetic?

The ones that ı would consider as sympathetic are:

Lisa trevor, annette in darkside chronicles, alfred in darkside chronicles, norman, carla, bindi, nanan, alex wesker and jack baker.

I would like to include a few more but these are the ones that come to my mind right now.

Wesker: Your lack of creativity disappoints me. I expected more from you.

That line is so good and albert describes sergei very well with that imo.

Umbrella chronicles has my favourite take on wesker and is the only time when ı find him interesting really.
A question about antagonists / villains in general.

Which ones would you consider as sympathetic?

The ones that ı would consider as sympathetic are:

Lisa trevor, annette in darkside chronicles, alfred in darkside chronicles, norman, carla, bindi, nanan, alex wesker and jack baker.

I would like to include a few more but these are the ones that come to my mind right now.
The only one that I really find sympathy for would be Sasha from Damnation. He lost his friends and family due to the war, and is trying to end the war to create peace for his people, though through the wrong methods.
Hunk doesnt seem to be discussed here so ı'll ask a question about him.

What's your favourite take on hunk? I personally like his portrayal in umbrella chronicles the most. It was pretty good imo. A cold and ruthless operative who's loyal to umbrella as well as its orders no matter what.

My least favourite portrayal of him is without a doubt re engine 2. He's out of character there and they try to portray him as a good guy for some reason. The " This is war. Survival is your responsibility. " line that's brought back from umbrella chronicles isnt used well imo since he says it to nighthawk so that he would leave without hunk but if that happened; the mission would be a failure, something hunk's meant to be loyal to at all costs. In umbrella chronicles; he said it to one of the dying operatives who asked for help instead and it was a defining character moment at there.

I also like that they brought back his neck breaker move from re4 to umbrella chronicles. In re engine 2; he doesnt have it. I always found it weird how carlos could punch as a counter but neither ada nor hunk in re engine 2 have access to melee attacks like in umbrella chronicles.
I want to talk about umbrella founders. I dislike them as characters but the one that ı find the most interesting is marcus. It's ironic how his best creation revived him while taking the younger form of himself. In the end; his revived form still got what he wanted, that being revenge against umbrella and spencer while the world would burn in an inferno of hate.

Umbrella received its exposure along with wesker leaking t-virus into the black market which caused an age of bioterror while spencer got his pathetic end in re5.
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About villains in general; ı dont think they are as developed as heroes ( And ı'm including ada at heroes group since ı dont consider her as a villain or even as an anti-hero at all. ) nor they are very well developed characters in the 1st place. I dont think there's anything badly written about this; it's more that they get blinded by their arrogance as well as their cruel and selfish personalities. So they serve the stories in a way to be defeated by heroes. My favourite types from the villains are the more sympathetic ones with tragic fates, especially the ones who fight against the corruption with the wrong methods. Carla is my favourite antagonist from this type as well as my favourite villain in general and ı also really like bindi and nanan from marhawa desire as well as norman from rerev.

Might as well mention that ı also dont like wesker coming back from the dead, especially with the way it's done after re1 starting with recv where it feels out of nowhere. I dont think it's executed well and ı only find him that interesting in umbrella chronicles. The other appearances of him have a few aspects ı find interesting but overall ı still think wesker is a boring stereotype. This also makes me prefer that ı think other villains should be kept to their introduced games without any revival. Though ı still cant help but think about the possibilities of carla coming back, if the devs would get the interest to do so anyway. I dont think it will happen though.
I prefer marcus' take in re0 more than umbrella chronicles retelling. During the retelling; he's boring and it doesnt take his younger form of himself. He doesnt get much screentime either.

I find re0 retelling the least interesting one from umbrella chronicles retelling as well as all chronicles retellings in general.
I find wesker boring overall except in umbrella chronicles.

If kenichi iwao had stayed with capcom; then ı think ı would have found him much more interesting. They seem to follow from his ideas by bringing him back from the death but it still doesnt feel the same without him and the execution in recv is irritating. I dislike his new scenes in x version even more.

This also applies to umbrella revival plot in re4 which also feels out of nowhere just like him coming from the dead in recv as well as the new umbrella direction starting with umbrella corps. I cant say ı like project w that much either.

I wonder if wesker could have been a mainstay villain without him faking his death using a virus. That made him much more arrogant than ever before.

I used to enjoy him more in the past but over time he became a joke to me for the most part. I think he's one of my least favourite antagonists in the series.

I would prefer him to not come back again but umbrella's back so wesker coming back wouldnt be that surprising.
Favourite villain from each type of entry:

Mainline: Carla ( Followed closely by simmons. )

Spinoff: Norman

Cgi movie: Svetlana

Manga: Bindi ( Followed closely by nanan. )
Since they took out the chopper in the ending for the remake of RE3 for the PS5 patch, Nicholai definitely dies. But for the original game, I don't mind seeing him return somehow. He and Jill have legitimate beef. But it's unlikely to ever happen, since Capcom is inclined to just ignore things like this.
This might be an questionable thing to say but ı would have preferred jill to get captured by alex instead of claire. Barry's family wouldnt be put into danger and later on; chris with barry together would arrive there to save her. Idk who ı would partner jill with but ı would make it a female character.

Basically a happy birthday party happening at bsaa and the mole there would work for alex. Instead of fbc revival; ı would make it tricell revival as a way to tie it up to re5 as well as degeneration. It would happen like recv's intro as well as rerev2's one. Some bsaa members would get captured and they would be taken as test subjects for alex.

Jill would get infected with t-phobos and she would conquer her fear eventually. You could even add ptsd storyline like chris in re6 as well as add flashbacks to past events and even to her childhood.

This storyline would have made the game an actual sequel to re5. Claire would still appear in re6 while jill would be concluded in rerev2 basically.

I still cant believe they introduced another wesker researcher only to kill her in the same game... Except she takes over a child at the end.

I dont understand how this file works. When was this message ever made? In 2009? I'm surprised jill acts so happy despite her extremely cruel fate in re5. I cant stand what wesker did to her.

They gloss over the effects of p30. I would have preferred this to be expanded in re5 before this would be followed in rerev2 with jill's trauma and ptsd horror effects. I dont understand how that control device works.

“Obtained from the e-mail server of the BSAA North America Branch. Reprinted below for reference.”

It says that they hacked bsaa com here. Did alex have her men implanted into bsaa? Like how ada's men were? As well as tricell?

Due to this; the thing ı've said previously could have happened.
Hunk could have benefited from having his own game. He was very mysterious, and we never got to know much about why he was going on these missions. That's because Capcom has only added him to battle modes, and he never developed outside of his only canon appearance in RE2, and the document in CV about expressing appreciation for his training on Rockfort Island.
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