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General Resident Evil Villains

I like how carla calls wesker " colossal imbecile " mainly cause his failed plan in re5 was kinda anti-climactic since they didnt make that much use of uroboros in re5.

It's a reference to this too:

Carla also appeared in marhawa desire, after wesker who appeared in prelude to the fall manga, she's the next villain that appears in a manga.

She surely succeeded some of her plans too like infecting simmons and causing chaos in china as well as some other parts around the world.

I also love this fan art:

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I wonder about ada's reaction if this happened.
So ı want to talk about more things. One of the reasons why carla is my favourite antagonist in the series is due to fixing the problems of t-veronica. I found this a very satisfying accomplishment of her.

I've seen some calling carla's actions silly but ı have to disagree. I find it more silly that alexia, who had an insanely high iq due to being an artificially created clone while seeing her superior than others due to being a spoiled brat, couldnt solve the problems of her virus and instead had to spent literally 15 years faking her death while being frozen so that she could adapt to virus. I know she was blinded by anger due to learning the truth of her and alfred's creation but it's still quite silly.

Darkside chronicles seems to lampshade this a bit by making alexia act much more like a spoiled brat rather than calm and collected that she did in og game and honestly ı've been finding myself preferring darkside chronicles' version more than og game. It just makes more sense along with her killing pitiful alfred which fits to her character better than her comforting his corpse.

I'm actually glad carla solved the problems of t-veronica when she was a normal human researcher before she was a cms clone, this to me makes it much more like a satisfying accomplishment. The storyline of re6 seems to be carefully created due to details like this. Suga was surely fixing the problems of past games with his clever writing.

Now that being said, ı wished she developed enhanced strain when she was a normal human before becoming a cms queen. I dont mind it that she developed enhanced strain while she was a clone but still ı like thinking about what if scenarios.

Speaking of enhanced, ı wished there were even more strains. From my understanding, that seems to be a reason why jake and sherry were captured by j'avos at the end of chapter 4. Cause carla needed their blood to develop more enhanced c-virus strains. I wished that happened personally. As of now, there are only 3 enhanced strains. One was dedicated to infecting simmons, one was for carla herself so that she could survive for a long time in her new chaotic world that's cleaned from corruption while the last one seems to be for carla's greatest creation ( Which is implied to be a simmons clone. ) encountered by ada at the end of her campaign.

I got the impression that when carla become a superpowered cms, she would be able to birth new species ( Similar to alexia's 2nd form. ) and inject enhanced c-virus strains into them so that they would be equally powered and loyal to her. And these special species would continue to produce so that they could birth these powered species as well.

I wished c-virus was continued to be used. I wished they expanded more on the family by introducing neo umbrella spies inside it who want to obtain enhanced strain inside simmons' corpse and bring it to revived carla who could have survived ada's attack.

I said it before but she was simply frozen from ada's attack. I dont think she's dead, she's faking it just like alexia did who also froze herself to adapt to t-veronica. Since albert could be alive and alex took over natalia, why is it not possible to bring carla back in 2027 ( 2028 in resident evil's timeline. ) , 15 years after the release of the game? If that happened, it would be really symbolic. It wouldnt be out of place either, if anything it would be really satisfying.

Now that ı think about it, ı wonder if ı should wait up to that year so that something interesting will come up...
I have to disagree with Alexia killing Alfred, it ruins the dynamic they had in the original. The series is full of enough psychopathic one-note villains. Storytelling in video games has come a long way and I feel villains need more depth to their characters and relationships.

That’s what I liked about CV’s story was the parallel between Chris/Claire and Alfred/Alexia; it was a sibling rivalry story. When she found Alfred dying at her feet it caused her to take revenge on Claire and Steve, which in DC ruins that iconic moment by having her kill Alfred off. She was protective of him while feeling sympathy towards her little servant of a brother, so it comes off as distasteful to me. She still loved him. Her demeanor as a giggling child was kind of whatever but I personally think it comes off as annoying and was an unnecessary change.
I have to disagree with Alexia killing Alfred, it ruins the dynamic they had in the original. The series is full of enough psychopathic one-note villains. Storytelling in video games has come a long way and I feel villains need more depth to their characters and relationships.

That’s what I liked about CV’s story was the parallel between Chris/Claire and Alfred/Alexia; it was a sibling rivalry story. When she found Alfred dying at her feet it caused her to take revenge on Claire and Steve, which in DC ruins that iconic moment by having her kill Alfred off. She was protective of him while feeling sympathy towards her little servant of a brother, so it comes off as distasteful to me. She still loved him. Her demeanor as a giggling child was kind of whatever but I personally think it comes off as annoying and was an unnecessary change.
I understand and it took me a while to like this decision as well but these days ı've been finding myself preferring darkside chronicles' recv retelling over og game in a lot of ways.

I dont think she loved alfred, it was one sided from his side. She calls him " incompetent " in one of the files and she never expresses any love towards alfred either. She acts much more quiet and calm which ı dont think fits to her character, darkside chronicles improves it by making her act much more like a spoiled brat. I also got the impression that she was comforting his corpse as a way to thank him due to alfred awakening her up, it wasnt her taking revenge from claire and steve with that. They were simply nearby and she wanted to use them as her 1st test subjects, that's it really. Darkside chronicles put a new spin on it by making alfred being late to wake her up and he paid for his mistake.

Speaking of alfred, ı also like him more in darkside chronicles as well. He acts much more focused rather than acting a parody that he did in og game. The personalities of the twins seem to switch up and ı would say darkside chronicles' take on them fits better. I also loved that tanya audio file where alfred made up a name where he thought alexia was revived early on. He made up a persona of her by himself and called it " tanya " . That felt like he loved his sister even more than he did in og game while expanding his crazy mind state.
I do not believe there is evidence of Alexia ever having loved Alfred. She loves herself. She sees Alfred as an incompetent but loyal servant and strokes the head of his corpse like a pet. Having her kill him for "failing to wake her up on time" was a strange addition but it understandably was an attempt to further drive home the point of how selfish and insane she is. A woman desiring to mutate everyone in the world to control them like an anthill doesn't seem to leave much room for her to genuinely love him.
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Nemesis is one of the best villains, even if his vocabulary is limited.

Think about it. He is like a Terminator. He just wants to kill Jill, and not let anybody get in his way of doing his mission.

STARS! Oh shoot. Run. Just... RUN!
To each their own but the way that cutscene played out made it seem like Alexia took revenge on Claire and Steve for murdering Alfred. I don't remember Darkside that well, but Alfred did not activate Alexia in the OG, she just so happened to awaken right when Alfred was about to die. The music that played evoked that sense of emotion to me and showed that a greater evil has arisen during that tense moment. Also, the fact that Rodriguez and Wesker fights were not present in Darkside either makes me dismiss it altogether. Only change I honestly liked was Steve.
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I agree about rodrigo but wesker fights being cut is a good thing imo. They feel very pointless while being waste of time. In the end, wesker obtains t-veronica from steve's corpse rather than alexia who's blown up. Not to mention, it simply makes more sense for wesker to act more in shadows at that time rather than exposing himself that much. I personally like the way darkside chronicles utilizes him more than recv and its updated x version. Recv doesnt utilize him properly and his laugh gets on my nerves. ( Cant stand his laugh on assignment ada either but at least that's not canon. ) He's the worst character in the game ı feel like.

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RE6 is about as much of a RE game as any. Except it ramped up the action. And Carla was a very interesting villain, and Ada I guess, is considered a tweener too.

Yeah ı've seen that video before. I remember that he enjoys the game but re6 is a proper re game regardless of anyone says. The whole " It's bad! " meme that wanders around the fanbase is still really cringeworthy.

But anyway carla is my favourite villain as said previously. ( not to mention ı really like the logo of neo umbrella. )

While wesker is iconic, he became more of a joke to me over time after thinking about it. The only time he was remotely interesting was umbrella chronicles. He felt lacking in his other entries. Oh and ı also find the whole game between ada and wesker annoying, ı was glad when wesker died in re5 but he might return according to umbrella corps. I guess it wouldnt be surprising, especially after umbrella came back.

I despise alex though. Her existence is really unnecessary.
I don't mind Carla. I do really like Alex Wesker. But Albert Wesker will never be toppled. :p
I much prefer Al as he was before BIO5, a shadowy but immeasurably powerful string-puller taking orders from an unseen employer while benefiting himself on the side, similar to G-Man from Half-Life. Alex is great but underused. I love Carla almost as much as her but she feels like a bigger waste.
Umbrella as a whole was my favourite villian. Yes it was a faceless bad guy that was in the end done away with off screen but I crave that type of villain again for the series.
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For albert, ı personally find birkin as his best partner. Their interactions are very brief but at the same time, very valuable imo. I find the whole game between ada and wesker kinda annoying, ı was glad when wesker died in re5 though he might be back at this point. For ada, ı prefer to see her team up with leon in a more similar fashion like in re2 or re6. I find her relationship with leon more adorable as well rather than annoyance like albert.

I know this is about villains but ı find jake and sherry being their children who are fighting the sins of their fathers very interesting. I thought it was executed very well in re6. They make a better team than their parents imo.
I find her relationship with leon more adorable as well rather than annoyance like albert.

Speaking about the relationship between Ada and Wesker, I can't help but remember how Biohazard 4 was influenced by Luc Besson's film Nikita.

Even one poster is enough to notice it:



And the costume that Albert Wesker wears in this game reminds me of Tcheky Karyo's charactet named Bob:


As in Wesker's case, Bob is the boss whose orders Josephine executes. He has feelings for the spy, which she may even reciprocate, but there is no intimacy between them, largely due to the specifics of the work and Bob's unhealthy personality.

This is not the dynamic, nevertheless, that we see between Ada and Wesker, but it is still interesting to look at where the roots of certain ideas grow from. I think Ada is interesting to Wesker because she is a very valuable agent, but Ada is too smart and unreliable for this kind of work, so Krauser was right to distrust her.

But speaking of Nikita, I think Ada has a similar character concept. They're both femme fatales and connected to a pretty terrible industry, which doesn't happen without a reason.

In the case of Nikita, she was a drug-addicted member of a criminal gang who participated in a shootout with police officers during an attempt to rob a store. All her partners died, and she managed to shoot one cop. This was the reason why she was sentenced to life imprisonment, but the government faked her death and recruited her into an underground organization, in which she was rehabilitated, but trained to be a professional spy and assassin. She was even given a fake name, that is, Josephine.

And although she has improved as a person and even found happiness with a great man who is kind to her and whom she loves, she is still forced to do terrible things behind his back from time to time, because people leave this business only with a hole in their head.

We see similar traits in Ada's character too. We know she doesn't want to be a bad person, but she is involved in illegal activities. We know that Ada Wong is not her real name, and we also know that her past is hidden because there is probably something to hide there.

And we still don't know her true goal, but it's the driving force that makes her do what she does. Whatever it is, whether it's devotion to some idea or an attempt to pay for the sins of the past, this is something that Leon will definitely stand in the way of. Like he used to do. And that will be the point where Ada will have to choose.

Therefore, I do not believe that their relationship can have a future. This is the law of the spy genre, so even James Bond can't go off into the sunset happy. That's not how things work, because they're kind of doomed to have a tragic outcome. It's kind of a payment for the blood on their hands in a certain sense. Like poetic vengeance. And I'm definitely expecting something in the style of Biohazard 2, when Ada fell off the bridge, only this time without a chance to return. I've seen such an artistic technique before. This is a kind of metaphor for a vicious circle.

By the way, Nikita has an American remake called Point of No Return. Bridget Fonda plays the main role there.

This film could have influenced Ada's image as well:

Ada And Nina.jpg
Interesting. I havent watched those ( I dont watch too many films and the ones ı watched ı usually forgot about except some batman and resident evil films. ) but it's cool to see resident evil referencing other franchises.

The boss having feelings for the spy reminds me of simmons who ada worked with in the past who had disturbing feelings for her. It seems that they took inspiration from that for re6 too. I dont mind it, ı would say it fits to what they were going for with the game, ı mean it's surely better than every single ada previously encountered being a clone who would fight each other and in the end only one would emerge in victory. Feels like an improvement from code veronica project with a more unique and interesting take, especially the way carla became a clone after many failed experiments.

As for leon and ada's relationship, ı still would like to believe that it would have a purpose and dedicated future so ı dont really agree with that. Sure ada manipulates him but at the same time, she still helped leon and others many times. I dont think ı would like it that much if it would end with one of them ( or both ) dying. It would make the whole journey between them pointless.

But who knows? Anything can happen really. As ı said; ı'm still gonna wait 5 more years to see what's gonna happen in storyline and if they would follow from anything related to re6 or not.
I've seen this being mentioned in other places over and over and ı think this is another place to explain my thoughts about it.

I never understood the people who call re6's entire story stupid just cause of simmons' disturbing love obsession with ada. To me, that feels like a very creative and disturbing plot point. I think the whole plot is a very creative love story. They call the characters with statements like " waifu " , " simp " or " fanboy " in a childish way just cause of that as well mock the story with obnoxious statements.

They dont even explain what else they want regarding villain motivations anyway. It seems that they prefer the repetitive evolution that many of umbrella's researchers want. I find carla's chaos plan more interesting than the same forced evolution plan over and over.

I defended re6's story and that was another aspect that ı defended. There were times where ı was called with statements like " fanboy " just cause of that. Mainly on steam discussion boards where for some reason, the game's board still has those pessimistic re6 critic wannabes bashing the game. They make no sense. Why dont they spend their energy on the products they praise to heavens rather than still overbashing re6 with the same stupid statements over and over?

Reddit for example still has people bashing the game. They surely dont get tired by this same repetitive behaviour. But ı dont see many going against them there. They seem to generally agree about re6 being a " failure " even though capcom called it a success.

They act more like survival horror fans who still make repetitive rules about it.

" Muh exploration. "

" Muh inventory management. "

" Muh tedious adventure elements. "

" Horror good, action bad! "

Statements like that.
I thought about this again and ı want to say that now ı like alex wesker a bit more. I still dont like that she's part of project w which should have been implemented differently but ı think her existing without being part of that project is possible and wouldnt really contradict any established lore.

Imo she should have been an unique researcher like birkin and alexia without being part of the project in any capacity. Imo albert simply should have been the only one who adapted to prototype strain without spencer wasting any money for unnecessary amount of subjects who die.

I used to not like the interactions between alex and spencer but now ı like them again... ( Still wished spencer had more interactions with albert though. )

Which caused me to think that ı wished there were even more interactions between alex and other umbrella researchers. Like between william, annette, ashfords and more possibly?

As for t-phobos, while rerev2 being based on a real-life literature is nice, ( Just like rerev which was also previously based on another one. ) ı still cant bring myself to like the new virus that much. I just... cant like the whole fear concept at all. It still feels like a forced way to add horror aspect to a game. Not only that but another reason is claire's utilization in the story. Unlike moira and natalia, ı dont think claire adapted to the virus inside her. Since her bracelet was never shown red once in the same way moira and natalia's became one which indicated of them adapting to it. Idk if a vaccine could be given to claire that would put the virus inside her into a dormant state like the one given to jill in re3. Just imagine if she felt dangerous amount of stress and fear.

I think that could be a reason why they didnt tell her about chris being missing in eastern europe for 6 months. She could have been affected though in the epilogue of the game, she sounds relatively calm when talking to a bsaa operative about chris before asking them to tell piers to take care of him. I guess they didnt tell her about the fact that chris was amnesiac and found in a bar as drunk while he was missing for 6 months?

It never gets brought up in heavenly island manga either despite its references to rerev2.
If Alex wasn't a Wesker, that would rule out the Kafka commentary she was making. Not to mention that this is a developed thread from another title even.

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More than anyone else, the two antagonists I want to see someday returning, are Alex Wesker (aka Natalia Korda) and Nicholai Ginovaef.
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