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Yeah. He can be rather tough.

I like how he at least had a back story, despite being a minor villain in the franchise.

The RE4 remake should have included DLC about their time in South America. It could have kicked ass seeing them taking on the zombies and Javier.



So ı was checking one of my previous videos about re5 and ı remembered this move that jill can make during her boss fight. Did anyone else get caught by this off guard? It looks quite interesting to me.


claire gets birkin'd.jpg

While checking my previous videos, ı took this image and named it " claire gets birkin'd " .

I also love this track so much. I think it's better than re:2fake along with birkin's form also feeling better to me than re:2fake's ones. 4th form in re:2fake particularly feels quite a step down compared to og game and darkside chronicles.


irving funny.jpg

While checking my previous videos, ı took this image, irving looks so hilarious, it always makes me laugh


Have you noticed in RE6 the NPC soldiers helping Chris barely hit their targets? 😆

Interesting rumour, I just found out about.

Maybe RE9 will be set in Singapore.

We need Ada back. 🪝
I think they can hit their targets well, they come quite helpful during the early chapters but that's shortlived since they all sacrifice their lives for their captain which adds more to chris' development.

Didnt play revillage so ı dont see why ı would have any interest for re9 either, you should talk about it at another thread but more ada would be nice regardless.
I've seen this information on a Japanese source before. If it turns out to be true, the credit will be given to Dusk Golem again.

A never ending nightmare.
He changed his tune real quick recently. From saying it was delayed to basically going, "Hey, um, actually, you know, I think it's out in January after all" - just 'cause there's a pattern with release dates.

But anyway, back on topic. 💻
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