Re3 Remake Thoughts

I agree.

It's rather nippy having storylines added into the expansive lore, and while they are somewhat interesting initially, they often get left alone. This could also be because there's too many characters, and viruses, so they have a lot of material to focus on, which makes it hard to stick to one narrative.
Infinite Darkness is by far the worst offender. It literally feels like a shoehorned in story. There is no explanation how the new virus strain in the “web series” came to be besides some corrupt politician having ties with Tricell. The whole thing felt unnecessary and underwhelming. I thought initially the formation of the DSO would be explained but nope, but that’s for another topic.

Recently found this. This is one of most obnoxious jokes ı've ever seen in my life. I've never liked dusk golem that much to begin with but him agreeing with capcom about this tells me everything ı need to know about him as well as those toxic re6 haters.

In a way; it's also making fun of re2.


Since re2 also features a zombie hand sticking out from the cover art. Not surprised since re6 is a re2 reunion and the zombie hand is meant to be a reference to re2 cover art.

Well due to this; ı wont play this game again that's for sure. I only played it once unlike re7 and re2 2019 which ı've replayed couple times but ı'm not gonna touch re3 2020 again.
So Capcom is apparently working on a Director's Cut of RE3, that may be formally unveiled during Tokyo Game Show.

Something tells me they just want people to be suckered in and pay $60 for a game with a bit of new content. That should have been in the original release anyway.

But they know people really want to play that missing content.

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