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RE:3 RE:3 Remake Thoughts


It is strange to hear to hear the opinion that the developers should have continued the story of Resident Evil 6, when the plot of this game is already finished. The conflict of the game was over. Moreover, the plot of Resident Evil 6 itself did not continue the storylines of previous games, but simply built its large-scale events on retcons: the Illuminati, the true goal of Ada, Simmons, fetishism and the grand piano in the bushes — the son of Albert Wesker. This is a story from nowhere to nowhere. This is the reason why the series needed a soft reboot: it became a soap bubble and reached a dead end.

You're talking about an identity crisis, but for me, Resident Evil 6 is such a prime example: there's nothing left in this game that I love about this series. This is a tokusatsu show, not the Gothic body horror.

And Resident Evil 4, which I really like, gave a push in this direction. This game, which dresses Ada in impractical heels and a dress, gives Leon Wesker's ability to jump from lasers from the Paul Anderson movie and does other crazy fun things to the detriment of logic. Do you remember the second floor of the first house? What's the point of it? This is just a single example of a different approach. When locations were characters in the series, they are now the background for gameplay.

Previous games were more serious and more contextualized the narrative and game design. You say that Resident Evil 4 feels like a natural progression, but I don't agree with that. The game goes against the philosophy of the series. This is no longer a classic survival horror, if only because the game encourages you to kill enemies, rewards you for killing, and allows you to farm currency to pump weapons and kill more enemies. This is a soft reboot that changes the tone of the series, its direction, and game design. If it wasn't, the game wouldn't have divided fans around the world.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard tried to re-invent the series as if the first game was created today. And in classic times, the series better contextualized the environment, mutations, and the rest. However, today is no longer the 90s, there is no longer this syncretism. This cultural appropriation is no longer so obvious, when the Japanese showed America and Russians in caricature, so Resident Evil has changed. What you call charm was just a stage in the history of language and cultural barriers. The first BIO HAZARD was released in Japan with English voice acting, because the developers wanted the game to be westernized, but they did not have enough knowledge and skill to do it authentic.

Starting with Resident Evil 4, the games in the series went towards tokusatsu and anime, so in Russia, for example, many of these games do not like: that's not why people started playing the series in 1996. And even with Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 3.5, you can see how dark and more grounded the development of the series was before its reboot, and compare this with the retellings of classic games from The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles, where there was a lot of action, jokes and fanservice.

You also say that Resident Evil 7 biohazard does not reveal the mold completely, but this is only because all the characters, including the syndicate's American scientists, do not have enough knowledge. This is the canonical epistolary style. Obviously, while visiting Europe, we will learn more about the syndicate and the origin of mold. What was needed to understand the story of Resident Evil 7 biohazard was told in Resident Evil 7 biohazard. But this is not the story of a single game, but a cross-cutting storyline.

People theorize about t-Veronica or C not only because the syndicate had a connection with H.C.F. The game gives other hints, including visual ones.

Like Alexia, Evelyn can remotely influence the flora with the help of pheromones. Because Alexia used the plant genome for her virus.

Like t-Veronica, mold can turn people into human-arthropod hybrids. Because Alexia found a retrovirus in ants that allows you to make such hybrids.

And that's not even all. If you look at Zoe's mutation and Evelyn's place in the hierarchy, it's easy to guess t-Veronica or C, which contains t-Veronica.

Even Dusk Golem advises fans to play CODE: Veronica before passing Resident Evil Village.

This is not the only storyline that Resident Evil 7 biohazard continues. The reorganization of Umbrella is also a development of the storyline. In Resident Evil 4, Wesker wanted to restore Umbrella and even hid the database in The Umbrella Chronicles. However, Resident Evil 5 and other games in the series ignore this storyline, and Umbrella Corps and Resident Evil 7 biohazard return to it, showing that Wesker's plans and legacy continue to live on. And this is a great event for the universe, because progressive methods of fighting bio-organic weapons will be able to stabilize the situation in the world.
No; the story of re6 wasnt finished. The game left some plot threads to be followed up upon just like how re2, re3 and recv left plot threads to be followed up upon. With things like fos hacking communication between simmons and his men ( Which seems like indication that dso and other agencies will go after the family. ) the family selecting a new leader after simmons' death, ada being known to the whole world due to carla and neo umbrella spreading her name, bsaa going after jake to get his blood due to c-virus mutating, secret ending with jake. The game you're describing is re5, that game fully completed its story while not leaving anything to be followed up upon. Re6 follows previous events well; especially re2, re3, recv, darkside chronicles and re5. The files also explain some stuff. In terms of story and characters; it handles it better than re4 and re5 imo. Especially re4 which is a filler story. I think they did the game justice in these aspects. Plus the way 4 campaigns connect to each other is pretty impressive to me ( Something re2 2019 doesnt have cause " realism ". ) and ı liked the voice acting as well as character interactions between each other. None of the things you say are retcons. There are literally no retcons or plot holes in the series; only mistranslations due to garbage official localization. The family is just an expansion of the corrupted us government. Ada isnt changed, they simply expanded more about her backstory with her relationship to simmons and the family. ( It's heavily hinted that she hid jake and his mom from the family which is the reason why the family couldnt learn of jake being wesker son until after 2009. ) What's wrong with simmons' obsession with ada? That's not the only reason why c-virus was created not to mention previous villains also had crazy obsessions / motivations / interests. Like irons assaulting a female student during his younger days or the relationship between alexia and alfred. And jake isnt a contradiction for wesker either, wesker died and he will stay dead. They planned to revive him in re6 but ı'm glad they didnt. Wesker could have a purely physical contact with ms. muller while not caring about her in the slightest. During his younger days, wesker seems like a weird pervert type of guy; especially if the rebecca photo is taken into account.

So basically re6 has an identity crisis in your opinion cause it tries new things ( Even though previous re games also tried new things but sure let's blame everything on re6 cause that's all that matters. ) and it's the least survival horror oriented mainline entry in the series even though it makes sense for the game to be the way it is from gameplay / story perspective.

Mainline entries started to become more action oriented with re2 and this also continued in re3 and recv so it didnt suddenly happen with re4. I dont think re4 is a good evolution storywise but it's a good evolution gameplaywise. I think re6 is a better evolution than re4 and re5. Imo re2 and re6 are equally the best evolutions followed by re3 and recv equally, re4 and finally re5.

What's wrong with ada and her fancy outfits / toys? It fits to her playful style character. The only time ı didnt like ada was in re2 2019 cause they ruined her backstory while changing her relationship with leon in that game; ugh stupid fbi stuff. The laser room is a quick jab on live action movies cause they arent faithful to capcom's main franchise, this jabs started with outbreak games. ( Alyssa's unlockable outfit for example. ) Speaking of laser room; re6 handles the laser room better than re4 and umbrella chronicles do cause you dodge them by sliding instead of qtes.

Re4 also have serious tone sometimes, the og japanese script even more so. The game is really butchered in official localization just like rerev2.

T-103 in re2 and nemesis in re3 also drop loot when defeated, sure they are harder to defeat than 4 / 5 / 6's common monsters mainly cause they are more survival horror oriented but still.

Re4 in terms of gameplay evolution is good plus pre-re4 mainline ( plus outbreak games ) gameplay formula was getting stale so the change was nice while feeling fresh. Leon is a trained usstratcom operative and surviving an outbreak as a rookie cop while becoming a government agent in the process feels like a nice transition. I wished re4 showed more of leon's depression but ı'm glad they showed this in re6 when it comes to him without overdoing it like in degeneration.

Might as well drop this:

Re7 isnt a reinvention; it's just a lazy take on the franchise. I find it saddening that selective outrage led us back to having a run-of-the-mill survival horror game ( Re7 ) with no depth or replay value over an extremely unique shooter ( Re6 ) that actually requires proper mastery while having a lot of depth and replay value from both gameplay and story perspective.

As for darkside chronicles; it's more faithful to re2 than re2 2019 is. Better story, characters, locations etc. It feels more faithful to og game.

It's eveline, not evelyn. And sorry but what ı said about c and mold stands, re7 should had been a sequel to re6 instead of having an identity crisis due to not being able to decide whether it wants to be a reboot or not.

I know of the blue umbrella plotline but it wasnt used well especially due to the fact that capcom wanted to make re7 as disconnected to past re games as possible. Especially to re6. The only " connection " to re6 is in a paid dlc plus everyone loves microtransactions after all.

Most of the fanbase is lazy and they dont delve deep enough into the franchise. They only play the games ( Only numbered most of the time and anything not numbered is a spinoff to them. ) while not caring about other stuff at all.

I recommend checking this:



I would like to continue this dialogue, but it is difficult for me to write and understand English in such large volumes. This complicates the perception of someone else's point of view and the explanation of your own.

If someone asks me what games in the series I don't like, I will name very few games. Most likely, these are Umbrella Corps, Operation Raccoon City, and Gun Survivor 2. I don't want to say that Resident Evil 6 is a bad game or a poorly written game, but I don't agree with you. I don't like a lot of the ideas in it, not because it's an action game, but because it doesn't work so well. If you think that people who might have a different opinion are necessarily snobs, lazy people, or just illiterate people, then you are simply mistaken.

Yes, and you really will be right, because CODE: Veronica has brought a world-saving trend to the series. And even brought back Albert Wesker, but you say there are no retcons or plot holes in the series.

Resident Evil 2 was such a good formula, because this sequel did not need the characters of the first game. It was a new story, new characters, and a new cause of infection that was only later linked to the mansion. But it was the same universe that revealed it from a new side and a new perspective. This is one of the reasons why I really like Resident Evil 7 biohazard.

Now we have crutches and different sources that help put the story together, but it's still a big mess with discrepancies. We can't even say for sure how many missiles destroyed Raccoon City: one or more? And what kind of rocket was it? Different sources give different answers to these questions. And it's only a little thing: infrastructure of Raccoon City, too, has been rewritten more than once. Ada Wong, who was a spy for a rival company, became a mercenary who worked for different people to achieve her true goal. This is the retcon: the authors rewrite the story retroactively to make a new storyline. And my problem isn't that I'm against retcons at all. I'm against the universe focusing on characters in this way when it can tell other stories.
There's nothing wrong with opinions or not liking something however most of the criticisms ı've seen for re6 have more execution issues than the game does. I've already watched the " Did re6 suck? I settle it forever. " and " Re6 what happened? " videos; they were painful. They make many mistakes and in nerrel's case; he sucks at the game very, very badly while playing the game on amateur difficulty. I've never said re7, re2 2019 or re3 2020 sucked; ı simply dont like the new direction for the series starting with re7; the hate bandwagon for re6 also caused that. I started to grow more disdain for those 3 recent mainline entries.

I used the lazy word for people who dont delve into franchise or dont do their research; not for people who dont like re6. That article isnt exclusive to one game; it's about franchise as a whole.

As for wesker coming back in recv;

" Out of curiosity — did you plan for Wesker to survive? "

" Yes, we had plans to use him again down the line, since the T-Virus can revive people from the dead. "

I'm not the one who says " There's no retcons or plot holes, only expansions. " in the series; news bot is. I've discussed this in the past and he's right. I've even discussed this to biohaze and the people at that time confirmed his statements too. I agree with him when it comes to this. That being said; the franchise isnt fully consistent and there are errors that pop up here and there but no plot holes / retcons. At the end; things can be explained with common sense.

Re2 and re7 arent same. Re2 is connected to re1 and even the new characters feel connected to re1 in a way. And re2 is using new characters cause it's the 2nd game and there werent much characters at that time. Meanwhile re7 isnt connected to re6 at all. Besides prior to re7; the games also had new characters anyway. It's just that most of re7's characters are lame and arent interesting, especially ethan. Going from re6 and its characters who have good character development in the game to re7 and its lame ethan who's an avatar for the player rather than an actual character feels extremely insulting.

The missile that hit raccoon was single and an experimental thermobaric one instead of multiple ones showed in outbreak games. ( The way those 2 games happened are unknown just like re1 and re2's stories. ) Degeneration and re6 confirm this too.

And sorry but nothing you say about ada is a retcon. It's just expansion on her character. Not to mention; she's a spy, not a mercenary and that didnt change. ( Re2 2019 is NOT canon and annette's statement doesnt hold up due to this. ) They dont want to fully reveal about her character cause she's mysterious and that gives her a charm. If everyone was the same; then the things would be boring.

I remember thinking some time that the plot point between wesker and sherry has been retconned in darkside chronicles but after thinking about it; no that's false. Wesker saying " Sherry is on our hands now. " and another source saying " Wesker has his men inside the government. " isnt a difference. By having his men inside the government; wesker in a way still had his hands on sherry.
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Why is something that was written retroactively not a retcon? You see, a retroactive continuity doesn't necessarily mean that something is being rewritten. This also means that there are any adjustments that give an impetus to something new.

Resident Evil 6 is not a direct sequel to Resident Evil 5. This is not an Alex Wesker story. Instead, the authors came up with new characters and new organizations that were written into the mythology to justify their existence. Simmons appeared out of nowhere, his relationship with Ada and Carla were written specifically for the game to cause conflict. Even a way to resolve this conflict also came out of nowhere: I'm talking about Jake, of course.

Once again, I don't want to say that this is a bad thing. I want to say that this story is not a natural progression of storylines. Even the participation of favorite characters is not due to the fact that someone is looking for a brother and went somewhere on a tip, but because they are just the main characters, so the whole universe revolves around them.

You say that Wesker's return has been planned before. I am familiar with this information, and I have seen concept art. But I'm saying that this was never originally intended, because since then, the developers have revised many solutions. Wesker's death was never Chekhov's gun that should go off. As in the comics, Wesker was brought back to kick-start a new storyline. The same thing was done in Resident Evil 5: Wesker's children were invented to write the relationship between Wesker and Spencer and lead Albert in the right direction for the authors. Before that, Wesker had other plans, but his biography was adjusted to fit the new narrative, because without the influence of Spencer and Wesker's children, the plot of this game would never have happened.

And this is how most of the games in the series are designed. With rare exceptions, many games tell independent stories that indirectly develop previous storylines.

Exactly the same story with Resident Evil 2. Dr. Birkin and the infestation of the city were not related to the events in the mansion when the game came out. We were told the story of the new characters, which is kept independently, but only periodically touches the storylines of the first game, because it is one universe, and the events took place in the same area.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard does the same thing, but in the context of the entire universe, not a specific game. The game has many references to the fact that this is the Resident Evil universe. The game is literally built according to the rules and canons of this franchise, so even the monsters have recognizable features, although the source of infection is partly new. And the story of this game is not finished yet, so it will have a direct continuation, which was CODE: Veronica in relation to Resident Evil 2.

The conflict of Resident Evil 6 was over, this story was put to an end. This game does not need a sequel, although the impact of Jake and the Family on the world can be told in a different context.
Sorry but what ı said previously stands. There's no retcon or plot hole in the franchise whatsoever; only expansions.

Re6 is a sequel to re5 when it comes to chris who's the main character in that game. Also alex doesnt have anything to do with re5's story; those files simply talk about past events.

Simmons appeared in sherry's re3 epilogue file just like how benford appeared in leon's re3 epilogue file. He's the one who made a deal with birkin to obtain the g-virus; that's why he's so interested in sherry since she has g inside her body and the government experimented on her constantly. He wasnt named in that file but that's him otherwise he wouldnt be so interested in her. So he didnt come out of nowhere.

It's re4's fault for handling wesker badly; they removed his interest with spencer ( His reports talk about this and then re4 ignores it. ) but it started to come back with umbrella chronicles and re5. Re5 handles him good when it comes to this though ı think his plan and death could have been more brutal with 4 rockets instead of 2 as well as a better usage of uroboros. And what comics are you talking about? They arent canon.

Not gonna bother with the others cause you're seriously mistaken. I dont think ı need to say anything more about this.


"Retcons sometimes do not contradict previously established facts but instead fill in missing background details, usually to support current plot points". Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retroactive_continuity#:~:text=Retroactive continuity, or retcon for,breaks continuity with the former.
That article needs to make up its own mind.

The " Retroactive continuity, or retcon for short, is a literary device in which established diegetic 'facts' in the plot of a fictional work are adjusted, ignored, or contradicted by a subsequently published work which breaks continuity with the former. " and " Retcons sometimes do not contradict previously established facts but instead fill in missing background details, usually to support current plot points. " statements pretty much contradict each other. One of the reasons why ı dont trust wikipedia that much.

The very fact that the character is involved does not mean that this is a sequel. The events of these games are not connected in any way, they are different stories in which Chris takes part, although another person could have taken part.

How so? It's still a sequel to re5; one way or another.

" Defeating Wesker will undoubtedly be a turning point. Due to this battle, I found the meaning behind "the purpose I fought for." But at the same time, due to finally killing Wesker who was involved in much bioterrorism, I also strongly held the thought that "my duty is finished."

I don't intend to stop my war on bioterrorism. But, from this point on, a younger generation with the same aspirations as me should bear it at the forefront. The possibility of someone like Wesker showing up again some day isn't zero.

At that moment, comrades confronting bioterrorism after me will be needed. I'll resign as an agent and move to a unit. For the future of the BSAA, I must raise my young comrades on the frontlines. "

It's connected to re5's ending and creatively follows from it for chris just like how re2 creatively follows from re1's story. ( Which also didnt left anything to be followed up upon other than some images for characters. )

Plus you realize re5 is also more of a sequel to pre-re4 mainline entries and umbrella chronicles ( Re1 reunion. ) than re4, right? Just like how re6 is also more of a sequel to pre-re4 mainline entries and darkside chronicles ( Re2 reunion. ) than re5. Re7 technically also references re6 but it doesnt feel like a follow up; it simply says edonia is in a better position after 2012.

They didn't even exist then.
So? Birkin didnt exist in re1 either. Neither did alexia in re2 or re3. How are those re6 expansions contradict anything exactly? They are not retcons cause they dont contradict something.

I disagree. A cold-blooded Wesker...
Wesker is also cold blooded in re5. He only cares about evolution and doesnt even care about excella despite her being interested in him.

I might drop these here too:

News bot's statements:

" There are no retcons or convoluted reasoning involved. Birkin was manipulated into giving Wesker the virus, not knowing that Spencer wanted him to. "

" They're not changing past events. Everything is the same, the only difference is that there is more information.

Wesker's betrayal was never intended by anyone but himself. The only subconscious thing planted in him was an undying interest in Spencer, which is something that has been around since Wesker's Report II. Birkin supplied the virus thinking it would benefit Wesker due to its unique properties, but he was going to be told to give it to him anyway, it just would've been for a different purpose as Spencer didn't want Wesker to defect.

The company's true purpose was always for human evolution. It was Spencer's, Wesker's and Birkin's shared goal. There is no retcon. The references to them are lost in the bastard English translations of the games, though. "
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So russident; just a question.

Can you give me your thoughts specifically about re3 2020?

Since this thread is mainly about that game.

A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
The only proper connection RE4 had with the series, in terms of viruses, is that Las Plagas is basically an ancient BOW either man made or not that was cool to think about.

This Nemesis parasite retcon nonsense is trash, a minor thing maybe, but I like the lore as it is. Stupid changes like this are annoying to me.

A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
Only in Spain were there viable parasites that were able to secrete spores because they were mummified. And Salazar opened access to these parasites after the collapse of Umbrella. If the corporation had access to this source, they would not have had to recreate anything, so Umbrella found the parasite elsewhere and much earlier. Since they are unlikely to have been mummified by anyone else, only fossils were found. According to the interview, the parasites were found somewhere in the wild. Personally, I suspect that this is Africa or Romania.

Something about this makes Saddler look like an idiot in my mind, someone who took the Plagas Kool-Aid and was too full of himself after doing it, what a pathetic villain.


Can you guys give me your thoughts about brad in harder difficulties?

Apparently he stalks carlos in rpd similar to how forest stalks stars in mansion when one dangerous zombie is activated.

While this is nice; it's a missed opportunity that carlos is the one who explores the rpd, not jill.

Giving carlos more role is good but at the same time not good when jill's role is decreased.

Plus still not a big fan of how he bites marvin's chest; before the game's release, ı thought he received the injury from one of the zombies in desperate times scenario.

This decision contradicts that.

Thankfully the game isnt canon.


I meant exactly what ı said. Re3 2020 isnt canon and doesnt replace the og game due to being an alternative take on og game rather than being a 1:1 remake like the one in 2002 which replaces og re1. This doesnt mean re1, re2 2019 and re3 2020 are completely non-canon of course; they are grey canon instead similar to chronicles retellings.

I wouldnt say re2 2019 contradicts desperate times; it might not be consistent gameplaywise but storywise ı wouldnt call it a contradiction. ( Though the story is still a giant mess and re3 2020 handles this aspect better. ) After all; rpd's layout in desperate times wasnt fully accurate to re2 either and there are some small gameplay inconsistencies. Plus in re2 2019; you still need key items to widen the narrow space just like in desperate times.


G-zombies dont appear in re6 though; c has g in it but there's no g-zombies in that game. They appear in darkside chronicles during the battle with birkin's final form instead. Plus they were mentioned before re6 too. Re2 2019 also has g-zombies which are called pale heads in the game though only ghost survivor episode instead of appearing in main story where they could have been the " crimson heads " of the game; just like how bloodshots are the crimson heads of re6 leon campaign.

Re2 2019 hinting / telling that rita didnt make it doesnt matter that much since the og re2 is the definitive canon version while the reimagining for it is a revisiting. And ı would like to imagine marvin helped claire instead of leon; ı dont like his " Not a clue. " line that he says to leon.


You know after thinking more about nicholai; ı've come to the conclusion that they gave him the same character treatment as the one in reorc.

He feels more like a troll rather than the genius bastard he was in og game.

He's suffering from the same syndrome irons does in re2 2019.

I also didnt like how they cut the monitor plot point either.
Indeed, it is. I just like to pretend that 3 (and 2) wasn't even a thing. Capcom really fumbled the ball, and they've already been forgotten...

Watch this video. :)



Where did this come from? First time I hear it's a G-zombie. And how did they end up in the Bard's lab then?

These are just new monsters whose mutation mechanism remains unknown.
The files say that there were g-virus experiments in orphanage. It's the most logical explanation. Not to mention there are some special aura that comes from their nude bodies. ( The nude zombies in pre-re4 main entries that's encountered late game dont have a special aura like that comes from their bodies. ) This aspect actually connects well to re6 since c-virus is a combo of g-virus and special t-veronica strain while one of the c strains in the game is related to gas. Plus lepotica.

Idk how they end up in bard's lab; maybe they were transported between both nests.

the infrastructure of the city
Well; prior re games always portrayed raccoon as a small midwestern town while expanding on it. It was never portrayed as a big metropolis like in re2 2019 and re3 2020.

I heard it was a translation error.
So what does marvin say in og japanese script? Does he recap the events of mansion incident?


I know that the " metropolis " word isnt used but the city is still portrayed liked one in those 2 recent entries. I forgot about darkside chronicles, good find. The intro of that game's re2 section also has skyscrapers which seems like an inspiration for re2 2019 and re3 2020 to do the same.


If I take the original game where Jill met Brad at a bar and got to the station, and compare the bar and the road to the station to Outbreak, it's hard for me to imagine that these things co-exist together.
They are not the same. The one in re3 is called " Bar black jack " while the one in outbreak is simply " Jack's bar " .
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