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General Random Thoughts: Biohazard/Resident Evil edition

A replica of Leon's gun in the RE4 remake will be available soon.

Airsoft guns fit the criteria of toy guns and that brings me to my next point:

If gun safety is even worth being called safety, the United States federal government should step in to expand legal protection of toy guns.
A month and 4 days until we have the game. 😄

I bet it will drag now, because I said that.

The bright side is that we'll have a BioHazard REmake videogame even before a wider 'umbrella' of candidates announce a United States 2024 Presidential bid. There's at least two mundane phenomenon that even compete with Kardashian publicity🧠🎮:LOL:

1) US Presidential bids

2) BioHazard: Resident Evil videogame announcements

This past week, I pumped out 3 political comedy Posts with a BioHazard: Resident Evil flavor.
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I thank God for giving me BioHazard: Resident Evil videogame franchise as I learned the courage to even "soft launch" a United States Presidential campaign. I don't give an f-bomb about people who will attack me for an Arabic first name because my voter base is the CapCom community (especially BioHazard: Resident Evil videogamers) in the United States of America!🧠🎮🗳️:LOL:
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The Quran condemns drinking even the slightest amount of alcoholic beverage but there's no Quranic comparison between drinking alcohol and using green herbs. BioHazard: Resident Evil videogames have promoted green herbs as health items and even the Quran shares that common ground!🧠🌿🎮:LOL:

Generally speaking, I enjoy reading about religious textbooks and political party platforms because God created this universe📖
Even if Resident Evil videogamers are systematically disadvantaged from organizing a political party in the United States of America, they should at least have the freedom of choice to be Independent voters. After I got a job as an after-school teacher, I began contributing small, monthly donations for voting rights of Independent voters in the United States of America.

God (the universal creator of humanity) very clearly says "There's no compulsion in religion" and by the same logic, God commands no compulsion to be "Democrat or Republican" in the world's largest multiethnic homeland. Want to know something ironic? BioHazard: Resident Evil offers more policy concessions than the United States Democratic Party has offered to Muslim-American voters and generally speaking, religious American voters:

1) Universal healthcare? It's in the Preamble to the United States of America's Constitution, a Quranic verse of Chapter 5, and even championed as a political ideal in the BioHazard: Resident Evil videogame franchise

2) Marijuana? green herbs in general were already acknowledged as beneficial by every religious textbook and even the BioHazard: Resident Evil videogame franchise before the United States Democratic Party pursued liberalization of marijuana

3) God knows what's in your heart? CapCom's BioHazard: Resident Evil franchise indeed acknowledges God as a universal creator of humanity

4) Illusions? Horror videogames (especially the Action-Horror chapters of BioHazard: Resident Evil) mandate the player to acknowledge that not everything is what it seems
If Bio-Organic Weapons ever had a REdeeming quality, it's that they were derived from animals who were already created in a state of submission to a universal creator [God]. This is ironically more RElevant because the United States of America has experienced a spike in atheism!🧠:LOL:
Shadows of Rose literally ripped off Dark Souls III final boss area. Quite possibly one of the worst moments in the entire franchise that has little to no resemblance to prior games in the series. Superpowers should have died off with Wesker.
Superpowers should have died off with Wesker.
Just wait until wesker comes back somehow. Then things will get really heat up. There already gave revival hints in ucorps, both wesker and umbrella.

Honestly sometimes ı feel that the series could have been actually concluded permamently if re2's story was written in a way to return all surviving stars members as a way to take down both umbrella and wesker in the same game. They were both concluded separately then ucorps went ahead and somehow brought them back in the same game. I dislike that game and as a result, ı dislike re engine. Hope re4r will turn out better than previous re engine games regardless.
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