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General Everything Wrong With Dartigan / GCN RE Edition


Especially when RE: Village tries to recreate similar kind of sacrifice with Ethan as RE6 did with Piers. I disliked it. Chris doesn't even react much to the situation. I was expecting more "No! I'm not going through this shit again!" reaction out of him, but then again Village did number of problems on Chris's character
I used to be bothered at chris for that but ı find myself blaming wesker over chris or even the other re engine cast. Re engine entries feels like simulations as a follow up to corps and they really drag down the quality to dirt. I dislike corps and ı dislike re engine entries as well.


I watched dartigan's re4r video. Just like the game's entire existence, it's a redundant one where he gives praise to the game's existence. Many of the story points he repeats are from his older video. I still didnt like that he released the video before separate ways' release, he also made his re4 video without taking separate ways into account. It's his 2nd longest video after re6. I think it's much better than his recv video and not as bad.

For the new story criticisms, ı found myself agreeing with dartigan. But they are quite few and ı think omega's re4 video can overall cover dartigan's new video fine.
Sin 1: What the hell kind of a sin is that? How is this a story criticism of this game? " Oh no the game is bad it wont get remade! " " Later standalone games recreated it! " " Re4 is perfect masterpiece so that will get remade! " What the hell?!!

Sin 2: What a stupid joke about " steroids " . Besides why does claire need to have a plan? She's a civilian and the game takes place in the same year as re2. Siblings when their relative might be in danger might act questionable. And she was sent to rockfort island to be interrogated but wesker's attack ruined umbrella's chances. Rodrigo didnt want claire to die otherwise he might have done that by himself.

Sin 3: He opened the cell cause he wanted claire to escape. You can bring him hemostat and that will affect chris' story.

Sin 4: What kind of a sin is that? There were already zombies popped out from graveyards in re3, why cant recv have these type of zombies too?

Sin 5: How is your opinion about the game being terrible a sin of this game's story? And this is a special entry, an entry that's a spinoff. It was never meant to be re3. It was going to be re2 but capcom gave it a clever title about a sibling rivalry story. Also what a long convoluted ranting about an older game's mechanics. I played both versions and they work fine. Idk what you're talking about.

Sin 6: Stop mocking steve. He's just a kid with problems. People under 18 can act like that.

Sin 7: This joke sucked.

Sin 8: It's a big island. What kind of a question is that? Darkside chronicles also explains it.

Sin 9: So characters interacting with each other is a sin now?

Sin 10: It's umbrella. They design their facilities like that. Also DID YOU JUST SIN THE OP KNIFE?!!!! ????? Seriously that thing is so badass to use; it's meant to show chris' training on claire.

Sin 11: Even if it was; why would it be surprising? Stop mocking steve.

Sin 12: This is a common complaint ı've seen with this game's story. Claire didnt tell leon to find chris immediately cause she wanted him to protect sherry and take her into safety. She was worried about them and didnt want to get them into trouble. She later on contacted leon to find chris cause she found out info about umbrella monitoring chris and didnt know who else she could trust and contact with.

Sin 13: And this is a sin... How?

Sin 14: Mocking steve again... Leave the poor kid alone.

Sin 15: Mocking an older game's design again...

Sin 16: Repeating a previous sin for no real reason.

Sin 17: I disagree. Bowgun in recv is a good improvement from claire's weapon in re2. You can even fire explosive bolts. Personally ı would have liked to see an infinite ammo unlockable for the game but ı cant really blame the game cause it's a special spinoff and that works the game rather than against it. I dont need a re engine version for it.

Sin 18: You're just mocking a injured researcher for no real reason.

Sin 19: What the hell? Why did you sin this? This was meant to introduce ashford twins.

Sin 20: Cause she doesnt need to? They are simply displayed behind glasses and might not even behave as actual guns.

Sin 21: Mocking an older game's design again and again...

Sin 22: Why would he put the guns back? How else would he be able to defend himself without weapons?

Sin 23: And what else do you want her to do?

Sin 24: Percentage mechanic was introduced in re2 though. Re3 had it too. Besides steve could have just found out extra ammo. You could have criticised the weapons not being unlockables in main story.

Sin 25: Cause he prefers automatic guns? Also what? School shooter? That has to be the worst joke ı've ever heard. Also your sin counter just increased again for some reason.

Sin 27: Cause he wanted to mock his targets? Why are villains being blinded by their arrogance bother you to the point you describe it as a sin?

Sin 28: How is this sin a criticizing of his characterization exactly?

Sin 29: So you agree about claire mocking alfred? If so why sin it? You could have deducted a sin.

Sin 30: He could have done it off-screen when the cutscene was focusing on claire.

Sin 31: Alfred isnt gay at all. Also your mocking about sugimura who tragically passed away is extremely disgusting. Same thing with you also mocking suga for some twisted reason.

Sin 32: How many times are you going to sin an older game's design?

Sin 33: Re engine 3 had this monster though. It combined hunter gamma and grave digger into one, creating a weird chicken hybrid. Besides ı dont want re engine cv either way.

Sin 34: And that's a sin how?

Sin 35: It's just cheesy acting; you have no sense of humor.

Sin 36: He could have found them off-screen. Also a typo there about " lugars " when it's " lugers " .

Sin 37: What? It's self-aware; do you even know what you're talking about?

Sin 38: Mocking steve again...

Sin 39: And? It's just a gameplay mechanic.

Sin 40: How many times are you going to mock the new antagonist for their arrogance? Wouldnt it make more sense if you deducted sins? And stop saying alfred is gay.

Sin 41: Mocking steve again and again...

Sin 42: And that's a sin how? You can control more characters in previous entries.

Sin 43: You have some serious issues.

Sin 44: Your joke sucks.

Sin 45: Mocking an older game's acting for no real reason.

Sin 46: I agree that this was reckless but what else do you want him to do? People under stress can act like that. And mocking steve again...

Sin 47: What else do you want to be explained? And why would he mention his father again?

Sin 48: Cause of umbrella? Why wouldnt they design their facility like that?

Sin 49: I disagree. X scenes of recv devalue the game's story and it especially ruins re5's story even more. Same thing with wesker's report 1 which is also pointless. You could have sinned them without mentioning any positive. Besides if wesker was seen boring as to many, including to kenichi iwao who actually created the series; then he wouldnt have been revived from the dead. I still dislike x scenes though. " Who else are you going to root for? " Claire and chris? Anyone but wesker? I would have preferred alexia to just kill wesker or something.

( After an unnecessary sin reduction and 2 valid sins about wesker's portrayal in x scenes... )

Sin 50: Mocking an older game's design again and again and again...

Sin 51: Repeating sins about gameplay design again and again and again...

Sin 52: So not only you spoil the plot twist but you also mock the animation for some reason. Besides a speculation could be drawn about the music box playing a recording before the plot twist reveal. Did that not cross to your mind?

Sin 53: So it cant be both?

Sin 54: What a stupid joke.

Sin 55: What a pointless sin.

Sin 56: Mocking an older game's design again and again and again and again...

Sin 57: These sins are so repetitive. You dont even criticise the story, you criticise the game's design so that it wont be " remade " as if the game not getting a re engine treatment is a bad thing somehow.

Sin 58: He could have missed on purpose to toy with her.

Sin 59: One of the worst jokes ı've ever heard.

Sin 60: Cause his weapon might have run out of ammo? Along with his arrogance blinding him?

Sin 61: How many times are you going to mock the game's story with pointless sins?

Sin 62: I dont want a re engine version of it.

Sin 63: And this is a sin how?

Sin 64: There could have been other planes, including the ones that would carry t-virus which is the reason antarctic base gets infected.

Sin 65: His father could have trained him? Why is this so surprising? Chris and jill worked in air force and delta force respectively when they were quite young too.

Sin 66: This has to be the worst nitpick ı've ever seen.

Sin 67: Cause he was toying with them? Sending t-078 would decrease their chances of surviving. This is shown in gameplay since the boss fights with the tyrant, especially in plane are quite difficult. While inside the plane; 3 bow gas rounds and 2 acid rounds can defeat it fast before it would be launched.

Sin 68: What is your problem? They were showing signs of relief.

Sin 69: What kind of a sin is this? If she didnt want chris to come and reunite with her; then she wouldnt get herself into trouble on purpose in the 1st place. And ı dont think radio would even work, alfred might jam it up.

Sin 70: It has nails though. It could have followed claire off-screen and just grab onto the plane before opening the cockpit.

Sin 71: How is your opinion about this boss fight a sin of this game's story? If you knew how to fight it right from the start; wouldnt it be anti-climactic? The previous trick works well for it.

Sin 72: She was just mocking alfred. You could have deducted a sin.

Sin 73: Cause he wanted alexia to kill them in case he failed to do so? At least capture them? If he let them leave; that would have gotten alexia into trouble. He needed alexia's protection.

Sin 74: I agree that this scene is unnecessary but to give steve the benefit of doubt; he doesnt even kiss claire. He stops after claire starts to wake up. Idk why people mock that tragic kid over and over.

Sin 75: Yeah? Why is this so surprising? As if you cant blow nikolai's chopper in re3 or something.

Sin 76: Why would they die from a crash? That would be anti-climactic.

Sin 77: You're gross. He wanted to protect claire. And that redfield bloodline meme sucks.

Sin 78: The other planes carrying t-virus spread it all over the base. Due to an accident basically. And why wouldnt alfred want to do that?

Sin 79: Alexia? That was easy. Your mocking about the game's story doesnt make you any better.

Sin 80: This has to be one of the dumbest things ı've ever heard. How the hell can they escape from the back of the plane? They would have froze to death. Remember they are inside. They later find a snowmobile anyway.

Sin 81: I agree that this is also unnecessary but steve's meant to be a kid with mind issues. Stop mocking kids who have problems.

Sin 82: Cause she wants to save him? She didnt want him to die.

Sin 83: She does. You need to examine the hole in order to know the shape. You admit your sin is pointless and yet you still sin it. Pointless.

Sin 84: It does. She takes off the mask after the gas has been completely destroyed.

Sin 85: Why did you sin this awesome scene? You should have removed a sin.

Sin 86: He escaped cause of alfred's scream. He was affected by it.

Sin 87: I can. See sin 65.

Sin 88: I agree that they arent dressed properly for the weather but to give the game's story benefit; ı believe they dont complain cause of steve's love towards claire as well as claire's adoration towards her brother. They dont need to complain unnecessarily due to that, that would take away from the game's story.

Sin 89: Did you forget nosferatu attacking steve? Of course steve would have died from the fall due to that.

Sin 90: I agree that the sniper rifle is clunky but it's still a pretty good boss fight with unique scenes to kill nosferatu. Also you're complaining about an older game's design for some reason.

Sin 91: You didnt understand what he said at all. It was foreshadowing his tragic fate.

Sin 92: Why did you sin this? You should have removed a sin. And misspelling alfred's name as " alfed " for no real reason.

Sin 93: You pretty much answered yourself. She captured them in an attempt to toy with them as her experiments. She wasnt taking revenge on them, she doesnt love alfred nor anyone else. She's extremely selfish and egotistical who's portrayed as sympathetic due to her insane intelligence driving her insane to infinite heights.

Sin 94: What a pointless sin.

Sin 95: Why couldnt she? They were near their base.

Sin 96: It's not completely intact though. It's been heavily damaged. But ı agree that chris' rockfort section is unnecessary. Darkside chronicles solves that issue for me.

Sin 97: How is this a sin? It's a pretty good moment in the story. And you already criticised gulp worm before.

Sin 98: Repeating pointless sins.

Sin 99: Cause of her arrogance blinding her? Wesker could have shown it to the other monitors too.

Sin 100: You could have simply sinned wesker's changed line in x version and ı would have agreed with you.

Sin 101: You... Pretty much answered yourself.

Sin 102: Come on why did you sin this? He wanted chris to come to rockfort and he gets blinded by his arrogance. X version devalues this.

Sin 103: He pretty much explains it to chris. And he didnt say chris is the only ex-stars member who destroyed his plans. But ı agree that wesker's utilization in the stories set after re1 is quite barebones and that devalues him as well as valenfield's relationship.

Sin 104: You're still sinning this scene? Seriously?

Sin 105: You mean only chris? In og version; wesker doesnt attack claire. And alexia's charming voice influenced his mind.

Sin 106: He was in air force before joining stars. One of the worst if not the worst sin ever.

Sin 107: You pretty much answered yourself. And chris could have found antarctic base through checking one of v-tol's manuals or something. The facilities are connected.

Sin 108: Why? They are zombies. They can appear from anywhere.

Sin 109: Alexia didnt kill claire cause she wanted steve to kill her. She was using them as her experiments. And why does she need to know about chris? Your jokes suck.

Sin 110: You have some serious issues. You're just sinning redfield siblings' reunion for no real reason.

Sin 111: What a convoluted sin.

Sin 112: You're still pointlessly mocking this game's well crafted story. This video has no real reason to exist.

Sin 113: Your sinning video is stupid; not sugimura's or suga's writing. You're a disgusting sicko who mocks brilliant minds who did a lot of work for their scripts. Their story scripts didnt deserve the unnecessary criticisms at all.

Sin 114: You're still pointlessly mocking steve for no real reason. You need professional help.

Sin 115: Mocking an older game's design for yet another time that ı lost count how many.

Sin 116: You could have just sinned this and ı would have agreed with you. But it's not even that difficult to do like you're describing.

Sin 117: I dont think you understood alexia's intention at all. She wanted steve to attack and kill claire.

Sin 118: How is your opinion about this game's boss fight a sin of this game's story? I didnt even have much problem with this boss fight at all.

Sin 119: You're a disgusting sicko who mocks a small kid dying. I agree that him expressing his love is unnecessary but it was still a very emotional moment. And that line in rerev2 is a localization mistake. Claire doesnt reference it in og japanese script at all.

Sin 120: If you would have checked the files, you would understand it. And alexia dooming herself to failure is meant to be ironic. Her insane intelligence boost drove her insane and she didnt know what she was doing due to her arrogance blinding her to infinite heights.

Sin 121: Why is that a bad thing though? Kenichi iwao, the actual creator of the series who developed the scenario for re1, worked on that franchise as writer. I fail to see how sugimura playing tribute to him was a bad thing.

Sin 122: Why didnt you sin x version changing the game's story? I would have fully agreed with you!

Sin 123: What a pointless sin.

Sin 124: Chris told claire to go cause steve attacked her without chris being nearby and he wanted her to be in safety due to this. Suga expanded from sugimura's script by making redfield siblings fight steve together before fighting alexia as a coop sequence but sugimura's script still makes sense for what it is. Dismissing x version of course.

Sin 125: I agree about the weapon's mechanic being clunky but to be fair to the game; you only need to hit alexia once and she will get blown up.

Sin 126: Why are you mocking the protagonists? You could have just sinned x version altering sugimura's script due to kato's drunken nonsense.

Sin 127: Yes it does. T-veronica comes back in darkside chronicles 4 years later before re6 gives the screentime it deserves along with g-virus. Suga was expanding from sugimura's script properly. Better than re code plagas spinoff like games that are presented as numbered entries.

Sin 128: You're a disgusting idiot, you're just mocking the game's story due to wesker pissing off claire for an unnecessary reason. You could have just sinned x version's alterations and ı would have agreed with you.

Sin 129: Chris along with jill encounters wesker in prelude to the fall manga which is a prequel to umbrella chronicles' 2003 portion.

Sin 130: What about dead aim? That's the 1st actual game in the series that takes place at a year set after 1998. Re4 isnt even the 1st game that does a year time skip. And umbrella didnt even receive the proper conclusion anyway, the revival plot comes out of nowhere in re4 due to x version altering sugimura's script. I'm sure kato would have been happy by his crappy fanfiction being taken seriously.

This video is as bad as your 1st re video about re6 if NOT WORSE! I managed to pretty much respond all of your sins which is surely saying something. Even at your video about re6; ı still struggled to respond some of them properly. I'm sure the counterpoint video that will be released in the future as a respond to yours will improve from my essay very well.
Mert, and I just wanted to ask: Dartigan's video on CV is it based on the Dreamcast original or X from PS2?


Watched your batman arkham city video right now, omega. I thought it was pretty good as usual. Glad recvx is coming next. I still prefer dreamcast version of the game after trying it out but ı have no doubt that your next video will be a well made one regardless.
Watched your batman arkham city video right now, omega. I thought it was pretty good as usual. Glad recvx is coming next. I still prefer dreamcast version of the game after trying it out but ı have no doubt that your next video will be a well made one regardless.
I really appreciate that, thank you so much! Btw, Mert, the 1st evidence of Chris having been in the Air Force was in the manual of the 1st game is that correct?


That's going to come in handy. Any site you can recommend to help with research?
Project umbrella 1st and foremost might help.

And here's a guidebook that tells the info about chris' background:

" With his exemplary piloting skills he had a prospective future as an Air Force pilot, but was discharged due to trouble between him and his superiors. "
In case anyone is still following this thread, the script for my video on Dartigan's (God awful) Resident Evil: CODE Veronica critique is finally done. Voice overs will be next, and then the meat and potatoes: the editing. Mert, I know you'll be looking forward to this.
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Hello omega ı saw your most recent announcement abour your upcoming project. I dont have anything new to add from a story standpoint right now however ı made this playlists:




Idk if these can come helpful but during one of my playthroughs, ı discovered that it's possible to activate the shutters only to come back and still find them closed which will prevent zombies from bursting through later. Basically before getting out of the area, keeping the shutters closed will prevent enemies bursting inside.
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