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General Everything Wrong With Dartigan / GCN RE Edition


An idea that ı had in my mind. I've watched those 2 channels' videos in the past. They've made resident evil videos too and those videos contain so many wrong info that are placed as " sins " .

Use this thread to talk about those 2 channels' re related videos.


Also ı've watched the re6 videos of both gcn and dartigan. They make so many mistakes and ı created long essays against them.

I'll start with gcn 1st.


Leon's campaign

Sin 2: There are normal spiders in leon's chapter 3. Also those j'avo mutations count as one.

Sin 3: It doesnt; it looks like a 6 made from webs. It's supposed to present the campaign connecting aspect of the game; ( Story is pretty good in this game along with good characters and well made interactions with each other. ) something they screwed up in re2 2019.

Sin 4: What's wrong with coop?

Sin 5: She doesnt; claire was supposed to have her own campaign in the game but capcom wanted her in rerev2 cause she isnt a fighter in the same way chris, jill and leon are and due to this; she's fitting to that game's more survival horror oriented nature.

Sin 6: They arent gay; they are more like brothers to each other. Files explain stuff and marhawa desire introduces merah who is piers' girlfriend.

Sin 7: Should have sinned the fact that the prologue level doesnt teach some of the important gameplay mechanics to player instead of a cliche sin.

Sin 8: You can disable it in options menu.

Sin 9: Someone didnt play re4. Besides wrestling moves are awesome.

Sin 10: It isnt; it's awesome.

Sin 11: I dont think you're aware of recv's intro.

Sin 12: Benford is an important person for leon. He's the one who made leon a government agent in the 1st place.

Sin 13: Helena works for usss; not dso like leon. Besides there are many agents in the field. Files explain this stuff.

Sin 14: Cause that's where her sister was and that's where she could show the evidence to leon.

Sin 15: Most of your sins are dumb nonsense.

Sin 17: This joke sucked.

Sin 18: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 21: It's a resident evil cliche but sure.

Sin 23: They are the youth now, and should be educated right now, because in the future they will be taking our place, hence why the youth is the future.

Sin 25: The head is on the stomach, not the crotch, so this joke doesnt work.

Sin 26: The elevator works with a key. " It's locked but ı work here. I've got the keys. "

Sin 27: You're stupid.

Sin 28: He was affected by people dying in the monitor and was suffering from shock. It shows how people dying can effect him badly. Wished vendetta didnt drop the ball on this small aspect.

Sin 29: How so? The camera movement is better than re4 and re5's. I'm aware that the camera is sometimes locked but still.

Sin 30: You can increase the fov from options menu.

Sin 32: Still better than re4's, re5's and rerev's partner aı.

Sin 35: Why would it? Leon has ada.

Sin 36: Well; there are rats at least.

Sin 37: Only for this moment and at the end of chapter part.

Sin 39: Tbf; people are panicked.

Sin 41 and 42: Why wouldnt crashes happen? Again people are panicked.

Sin 46: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 47: Cause he's an asshole. Oh and btw they are referenced in cathedral when you go there. The real sin here is the fact that; the guns are blocked by a glass that cant be broken and there are guns inside even though there really shouldnt be any.

Sin 49: And?

Sin 50: What's the real sin here exactly?

Sin 51: The franchise isnt good when it comes to physics.

Sin 52: It's a secret door because it is hidden, some people know about hidden doors, like people who made them, or people who have been informed about them.

Sin 55: What's the point of this sin? Previous re games' boss battles are also scripted.

Sin 56: You're retarded.

Sin 57: Tbf; most of the puzzles in main re games are easy anyway. There are a few that are difficult but still; the keyword " few " . Besides ada's campaign have some nice puzzles.

Sin 58: The experiments took place way before 2013.

Sin 59: She didnt tell leon everything at 1st cause she was suffering from shock and according to files; she tried to warn other agents but they didnt believe her.

Sin 60: He's calling them " hostile " which is a more pro term cause they attack them and leon survived many incidents.

Sin 61: What the hell? Ada looks awesome in this game.

Sin 63: This joke sucked. Besides; according to damnation's director, they spent a night with each other after the events of re4 and they talk about this in that movie.

Sin 64: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 65: Re always took inspiration from other franchises.

Sin 66: The family is a secret powerful organization that likes to take benefits from outbreaks for combat data. They are kinda a backstory for us government and how corrupted they are.

Sin 67: These are different kind of zombies, these are consistently faster and more agile that the ones in previous games, because a different virus was used.

Sin 70: Why not? They have high stamina which is even shown in gameplay; it isnt that far fetched.

Sin 74: This kill was awesome; ı dont get the point of sinning this. Plus: Brzak > neptune and del lago

Sin 75: You dont like doing research; dont you?

To quote project umbrella page:

" Unlike the situation with Raccoon City, Simmons planned to announce the incident in Tall Oaks to the entire world in order to spin a narrative; "the President was killed by bioterrorism and the government conducted a Sterilization Operation out of necessity to protect the nation from an unidentified virus. A powerful terrorist organization plunged the world into danger and the strongest nation, the United States, fought and defeated it." The plan would display the power of the U.S. to China, which had risen rapidly in recent years, and also serve as a warning to government officials related to the President that would attempt to reveal the truth behind the Raccoon incident. "

Also keep in mind that dso was recently founded ( 2011 ) and the us government's relationship with bsaa isnt good.

Sin 76: I'm a big claire fan and ı didnt feel insulted. Besides claire is mentioned multiple times in the game; including the files.

Sin 79: Explained in jake's campaign.

Sin 81: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 82: The hell? The showdown here is awesome.

Sin 84: See sin 75. Also lansdale's plan from rerev was also similar to simmons'.

Sin 86: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 94: You're stupid.

Sin 96: This is the worst nitpick ı've seen.

Sin 97: Still better than re2 2019's messy story.

Sin 98 and 99: You mean dino crisis?

Sin 101: Yeah?

Sin 102: This song is trash.

Sin 103: Yeah; why wouldnt they?

Sin 105: They are probably weaker than bullets, and he is wearing a bulletproof west, Ada is not wearing one, which is why he jumped in front of her to protect her.

Sin 106: Why wouldnt they?

Sin 107 and 108: The files explain his mutations.

Sin 110: Should have taken off a sin.

Sin 111: Why? His death scene was awesome.

Sin 112: Yeah? And why wouldnt simmons' blood create the logo exactly?

Sin 113: How's she selfish exactly? Plus you realize simmons kidnapped her sister; right?

Sin 114: Why would helena be arrested exactly? They got the evidence. Sure she helped simmons but she was forced. Besides; if she would be arrested, then this means leon needs to be arrested as well since he was the only operative in the field that helped her and both of them were blamed by simmons. The secret wasnt revealed cause the family organization is still active and they selected a new leader after simmons' death.
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Chris' campaign

Sin 115: Chris is drunk while suffering from amnesia.

Sin 117: Gameplay. Also ı dont think you understand how c-virus works.

Sin 119: Chris has amnesia.

Sin 120: You're not funny.

Sin 121: I dont get it; the cover mechanic feels improved from re4 and re5.

Sin 122: She's spending her time with moira and she's mentioned in re6's files.

Sin 123: Why is this a sin?

Sin 125: You realize soldiers of fortune killed bsaa soldiers; right?

Sin 126: How is this a trap?

Sin 127: Why would chris know ada? She's a secret operative.

Sin 132: I dont think you know how c-virus works.

Sin 133: Well he gained amnesia and had to be taken into a hospital.

Sin 134: This joke is lame.

Sin 135: Another lame joke.

Sin 136: What the hell? The j'avo mutations are awesome.

Sin 137: This sin is the reason why capcom cut the chopper fight with nicholai in re3 2020.

Sin 138: Nope.

Sin 139: This joke sucked.

Sin 142: He mentioned finn cause he was the rookie who had hero worship for chris in edonia. He also has a letter according to files. Jill wasnt in edonia so that's why piers didnt mention her. But ı agree that jill should have been mentioned in re6; at least in files.

Sin 143 and 144: He was blinded by revenge and leon arrived quickly to snap him out from it.

Sin 145: They were too focused on carla.

Sin 146 and 147: The vehicle sections in this game feel improved from re4's and re5's. Especially re5; ı dont like how you cant fight ndesu normally.

Sin 148: They are; that's how the hp of your vehicle is decreasing.

Sin 150: Why did you sin carla's awesome speech?

Sin 151: Why would it?

Sin 152: Wait; didnt re2 take inspiration from that series too? Besides rasklapanje are awesome monsters with a very brutal death scene.

Sin 153: Wtf? This is the best vehicle section in the game and a nice reference to chris' past since he was in air force before joining stars. He also pilots one in recv.

Sin 154: It still launches anyway so this sin doesnt work.

Sin 155: Chris knows that, he is just being dramatic.

Sin 157: It doesnt; that's their plan when it comes to haos.

Sin 158: Well jake would still like to try his chance.

Sin 160: It can during gameplay; it has an instant death attack.

Sin 161: Why did you sin this?

Sin 162: One of the worst nitpicks ı've seen.

Sin 163 and 164: Did you seriously sin piers' sacrifice?

Sin 167 and 168: Well at least the costumes arent microtransactions. Cough re2 2019 cough.

Sin 169: Why would agent be hunk? Hunk wouldnt like ada anyway since he's loyal to umbrella. You could have sinned the fact that agent is half assed to ada's campaign due to dumb complaints about her campaign being alone instead; thankfully he's optional and ada's campaign is greatly improved from her separate ways mode in re4.


Ada's campaign

Sin 170: Why is this a sin?

Sin 171: The technology in this series is more advanced than real life.

Sin 172: Well her outfit is still awesome here. I agree that her re4 outfit should have been an unlockable though.

Sin 173: Re4 was released in 2005; her separate ways mode was available in 2007 ( She has hookshot at there. Also in umbrella chronicles too. ) and arkham asylum was released in 2009.

Sin 174: Nope; there are more. Ada's chapter 2 also have some.

Sin 177: Yes you can. Equip crossbow and perform dodges.

Sin 178: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 179: This joke sucks.

Sin 180: So you prefer this game's story to be more similar to re2 2019's which doesnt have scenarios that connect to each other.

Sin 181: Yeah? Besides; if you want to, you can destroy the chrysalids before arriving there.

Sin 182: What's wrong with vhs?

Sin 183: Again; the campaigns connect to each other.

Sin 187: Uhm why not?

Sin 188: It has a lock and it can scan ada's hand even with gloves cause the technology in this universe is advanced than real life.

Sin 189: This joke sucked.

Sin 190: Why did you sin this?

Sin 191: Another lame joke.

Sin 193: I still dont get why you sinned carla's speech.

Sin 195: More like this vehicle section. I have to agree that it could have been more polished compared to the other ones in the game.

Sin 197: The evidence she left to helicopter which leon and helena found might be to clear her name but she would still want to get a new identity cause she's known to the whole world now due to carla establishing her name to the public. She destroyed the lab cause she's disgusted by simmons' and carla's experiments.

Sin 198: He lost his sanity due to constant mutations from enhanced c-virus so him not recognizing ada and carla from each other isnt that surprising.

Sin 200: There's a time and place for everything, dude, fighting a super dinosaur dog zombie, is not a time for a blow job.

Sin 201: Lmao " Ada doesnt show emotion. "; are you stupid? Did you even play re2, chronicles games, read her re3 epilogue file etc. ? She showed emotion at them.
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Jake campaign

Sin 202: This whistling is awesome; why sin it? Btw he's whistling the music box theme from recv.

Sin 204: Sherry wasnt sent alone; simmons also sent carla and sherry had a team waiting for her.

Sin 205: I dont get the point of this sin.

Sin 206: 50 000 000$ is a lot of money, more than jake will probably ever need, more would probably be agreed on, but why?

Sin 207: What's wrong with wrestling moves?

Sin 209: I'm surprised ı didnt say this in the past when ı've watched this video multiple times.

Sin 210: Another pointless sin.

Sin 211: You can disable it.

Sin 212: So now you're sinning this game for having atmosphere?

Sin 213: Campaigns connect to each other.

Sin 214: Jake probably doesnt have a bank account, so in cash is probably the only way they can pay him, saying it is redundant.

Sin 218: The fuck? This wasnt funny at all.

Sin 219: Cause it has the data for him? I know nsa might back up that information before giving sherry the chips but sherry might not know or be able to think about that ( Cause a rock piece stabbed her. ) not to mention she doesnt work in fos unlike hunnigan and she wouldnt want neo umbrella to get that info. ( Which they do though she gets back that info in chapter 3. )

Sin 220: Jake's just being sarcastic.

Sin 221: You can disable it from options menu. Besides the map in re4 also spoils info to you.

Sin 222: What's wrong with snowmobiles?

Sin 223: Why is this a sin?

Sin 224: She's mentioned in files.

Sin 225: Ustanak cant see; he has superhuman hearing. He " sees " by hearing. Plus he's heavily damaged by explosion and cant heal unlike j'avo.

Sin 226: You're an idiot.

Sin 227: The files explain stuff about jake and his backstory.

Sin 228: They've been waiting for her to extract jake from the area. It's possible they might have been killed by carla's j'avos.

Sin 230 and 231: Jake and sherry are superhuman.

Sin 232: Jake acting like a decent person.

Sin 233: This sin is stupid.

Sin 234: Because she doesnt know.

Sin 236: So? You also have different gameplay mechanics in other re games. Dont get the identity crisis statement for this game. Also this game is nothing like call of duty.

Sin 237: The hell? Ubistvo is awesome and ı like organic chainsaw. Besides some of the games pre-re6 also had chainsaw related monsters.

Sin 238: She mentioned him several years ago, in a conversation where he was the least important topic.

Sin 239: The campaigns connect to each other.

Sin 240: Jake thinking that the person who shot ubistvo is from bsaa. One of the possible dialogue that can happen during the fight with him suggests this. ( Though in reality; it's ada. )

Sin 243: Better than re4 where leon and ada didnt lose their gear after they were captured for no reason.

Sin 244: What's wrong with being scripted exactly?

Sin 245: You realize jake has a mom right? That being said; ı think he looks similar to wesker during his younger days.

Sin 248: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 249: It's ustanak; not ustanek. Besides he doesnt mutate and c-virus works differently from ne-alpha parasite.

Sin 251: And it's awesome.

Sin 252: Why not remove a sin?

Sin 253: Who cares about physics in re? Besides jake and sherry are superhuman.

Sin 257: He looks like wesker though.

Sin 260-359: Resident evil was always cheesy and the mainline entries started to become more action oriented with re2. This also continued in re3 and recv so it didnt suddenly happen with re4 when the games became action horror. This also applies to re5 ( Which is more action oriented than re4. ) and re6. ( Which is more action oriented than re5. ) Basically the transition from survival horror to action horror made sense; not only gameplaywise but storywise too. I liked this transition.
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Now for dartigan:

Leon's campaign

Sin 1: You mean crapcom?

Sin 2: What's wrong with leon's haircut? It's awesome and shouldnt be sinned.

Sin 3: Even if the check list was true, the zombie looking over its shoulder, not counting this one, has happened in re1, its remake which doesnt count, re2 and if memory serves, never again.

Sin 4: Leon doesnt want to shoot him, because adam was his friend, it's much easier to kill a bunch of faceless nobodies than it is to kill someone you know personally.

Sin 5: No it is not the same president.

Sin 6: She's suffering from shock.

Sin 7: The cathedral has evidence and her sister, she could explain everything, but it would be better to show proof of everything considering the real culprit is the national security advisor and one of the richest men in america, those people arent brought down by mere accusations.

Sin 8: It's the default ringtone.

Sin 9: They will do more, but to do more they must first know what happened, which is what the report is about.

Sin 10: They get tracked by locating the starting location of the virus, tracking the reports of infection and using that information to calculate the speed of its spreading.

Sin 11: Most of your sins are wrong btw.

Sin 12: Leon isnt that kind of person.

Sin 13: Dartigan doesnt understand characterization.

Sin 14: Why not? It's a small city with a population close to 77000. I can see people who live in small cities like that leaving their keys in sun visors.

Sin 15: Come on this was funny. It's just a running gag of leon's bad luck when it comes to vehicles. It's like sinning dante getting impaled by a sword in most entries.

Sin 16: The engine exploded, the explosion did not reach the front seat of the car.

Sin 17: What a ridiculous sin. He catched helena with a long stare as a sign of showing worriness. Dartigan doesnt understand characterization.

Sin 18: So sinning a video game level for no real reason.

Sin 19: Or she could show him evidence which would make explaining everything much easier.

Sin 20: Are you ok? What the hell kind of a sin is this? You're just making fun of leon for no real reason again. What's wrong with the game showing the flashback between him and benford exactly?

Sin 21: Raccoon city's destruction was never covered up, you're an idiot for thinking that's what adam was talking about, they covered up the government's involvement in the events surrounding the outbreak and the city's destruction.

Sin 22: So? Just cause he wasnt president at that time doesnt mean he cant feel responsible for the past events, especially since he was still a government official previously and made leon a government agent.

Sin 23: If you dont care about keeping up with the story, then you cant blame the game for your inability to understand what is going on.

Sin 24: Another pointless sin.

Sin 25: Why sin this?

Sin 26: Another pointless sin.

Sin 27: The first resident evil game didnt have an asshole in the group, Barry was the closest it got, but he was mostly helpful and only became an enemy because his family was threatened. In resident evil 2 the closest was Ada, but she was mostly helpful too. In resident evil 3 the only asshole was Nikolai, but I'm assuming villains dont count.

Sin 28: Should have removed a sin for his well-deserved death as well as bloodshot's introduction.

Sin 29: They couldnt close the shutters immediately cause the japanese guy was trying to fix the wires on the 2nd floor. Not to mention; that way, some non-infected civilians could have reached them.

Sin 30: Yeah and why shouldnt it?

Sin 31: It's a small town and again the door bar is for extra measure.

Sin 32: I agree that whopper's introduction is stupid but the song is trash and it ruins the sin.

Sin 33: Cause they were getting in and before they started to leave; that's when it started to block the path?

Sin 34: I refer you to sin 10.

Sin 35: It's hard to believe you're that stupid. This company just claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack, they obviously don't care about maintaining a good reputation.

Sin 36: 2 overwhelmingly stupid sins in a row, that impressive. Leon didn't tell her about the cathedral, Helena did, and she said that Leon has a lead on who is responsible for the attack. Now, I know neo umbrella already claimed responsibility for it, but you aren't sinning that plot hole (which is explained, Simmons is actually responsible for this attack, neo umbrella is probably responsible for the virus spreading beyond the campus, which is sort of implied in Ada's campaign, when Carla posing as Simmons tells Ada that an outbreak will occur in tall oaks), you're sinning this because you think Hunnigan, who works for the secret service, shouldn't care about who is responsible for a terrorist attack that killed 70000 people.

Sin 37: It's meant to be a foreshadowing.

Sin 38: One of the reasons why bus lost control is he was driving at high speed and the roads were wet due to rain.

Sin 39: So are you saying that there cant be other vehicles trying to evacuate to a safer place? I dont see how it's impossible for this vehicle to appear and therefore ı dont understand the point of this sin though ı agree that re2 handles it better with the build up. But still it doesnt deserve a sin cause it's a cool reference.

Sin 40: So sinning explosions for no real reason.

Sin 41: How is it dragging though? The game tells you its location and it's not like it can go to a unreachable place that can make it unnecessarily long. What a ridiculous nitpick.

Sin 42: Rescue workers would've made sure the area is safe for civilians.

Sin 43: One more time, it helps to have evidence, especially when you want to accuse one of the most influential people in america of terrorism.

Sin 44: Why did you ignore operation javier, degeneration and damnation? ( Vendetta wasnt released during this period of time. )

Sin 45: Simmons and his men placed many of them in special positions in tall oaks. They didnt infect the whole city with only one bow.

Sin 46: The project ada experiments started WAY before 2013. That recording was done way before during the events of re6.

Sin 47: It shouldn't be a sex tape, because it's a video of Carla being made to look like Ada Wong, it's title is in reference to her being born out of the caccoon.

Sin 47 reduction: no you cant, because no sex is happening in the video.

Sin 48: This tape has been edited by Carla to show to Ada, it was likely formated from a regular video file made by a regular camera, into a costumized tape that can show in a high resolution, because the technology in this game is more advanced than ours.

Sin 49: Or maybe they could have been used to it. And ı dont see why researchers would wander here alone most of the time.

Sin 50: You are a massive asshole, Helena wants to bring her sister to safety before she worries about everything else, Leon is a good guy, so he is fully willing to help as confused and angry as he is.

Sin 51: To quote ada; " But this isnt the time or the place. "

Sin 52: Most likely cause of simmons' ordering the destruction of tall oaks. Besides one also happen during the gameplay period when helena's forced to carry deborah.

Sin 53: Gameplay.

Sin 54 and 55: No offense but you realize the virus is greatly hurting deborah's body right? That's the reason for deborah's weird behaviour during her boss battle. Also ı dont think you're aware of alexia in recv and darkside chronicles.

Sin 56: Another cliche sin.

Sin 57: Why wouldnt helena know leon? He's one of the best agents in us government and played a role in the creation of dso with benford. But anyways; she couldnt tell everything cause she was suffering from shock.

Sin 58: What the hell? Brzak is awesome. The fights are amazing.

Sin 60: Why is this a sin? The files explain this stuff.

Sin 62: And you're more stupid thanks to your ignorance and inconsistent behaviour.

Sin 63: Why not?

Sin 64: And at the same time; it's awesome. Besides re was always cheesy and unrealistic anyways.

Sin 65: He gave the advice to bomb the city, by being the national security advisor.

Sin 66: If you can't tell the differences between the drastically different viruses in these games, you are beyond stupid. T-virus turns people into zombies, there have been various versions of it that make the zombies later evolve into other things, or just turns people into tyrants, but without extra engineering, it just turns people into zombies. The G-virus, mutates people into monsters, that is what Birkin infected himself, Chief irons and Sherry with. Las plagas is a parasite that takes over a human mind and is controlled by someone infected by a dominant parasite, people infected do not lose their intelligence, or at least usually don't, they seemed to have in RE damnation. The C virus causes random mutations, one possible mutation is a creature that spreads a gas that turns people into zombies, but it is not the t- virus, it's a different version of the C-virus.

Sin 68: The last cutscene in leon chapter 3 explains this. Hunnigan pulled the strings and managed to get them to the plane.

Sin 69: Simmons ordered their men to plant a lepotica there. The files explain this stuff.

Sin 70: Come on this section isnt even that hard or annoying. You could have picked out another spot.

Sin 71: How did you immediately assume leon noticed ada while flying the plane? Besides even if he did; why? You're underestimating the characters' abilities.

Sin 72: Why cant they?


Sin 74: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 75: What the hell? The dialogue exchanges in this game are brilliant and the character interactions are well done. Should have taken off one sin for that awesome " Welcome to the club. You get used to it. " line.

Sin 76: Not really true, this game delivers a lot of exposition during gameplay too, Ada's campaign even has long important expository dialogue being delivered as you fight for your life in a sinking submarine.

Sin 77: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 78: Piers didnt want to kill carla; it was chris who was blinded by revenge and wanted to kill her since he's the sou captain of the team. If it was up to piers; he would rather try to learn as much info from carla as possible. Also piers is NOT a rookie.

Sin 79: Cause the area is dark.

Sin 80: Why?

Sin 81: Cause while leon saved her life in raccoon along with claire; simmons is still her guardian ( The files explain this stuff. ) and sherry exclusively reports to simmons. Plus he didnt know sherry encountered leon and she never told this info to him. Oh and a special plot info most people dont know is simmons didnt allow leon to visit her unlike claire ( He still helped her but the files dont say simmons allowed leon to visit sherry in the same way claire is allowed. ) and when sherry became an agent in 2009 after wesker's death; he was pulling the strings so that the only members of his family organization knew that she became an agent at 1st ( That's why sherry knew of neo umbrella before leon according to her comments in edonia since simmons shares secret info to her and sherry reports only to simmons who's her guardian. ) and leon most likely heard of her being an agent through claire who learned this info from sherry.

Sin 82: But it is good logic, I want to assume you're not stupid enough to believe the American government has never been involved with killing it's own politicians to maintain it's authority.

Sin 85: Cause sherry and jake werent that close to leon and helena? Simmons wanted leon and helena dead and when sherry got to their line of fire; he ordered his men to stop firing cause he only wanted leon and helena dead. Plus he was frustrated due to all the chaos carla caused in china.

Sin 86: He has 2 handguns in the entire game.

Sin 87:

a. J'avo are intelligent bow.

b. The agents were too busy trying to stop leon and helena.

c. They try to catch to leon, helena and simmons with a helicopter. ( The same one also hurts carla in her aircraft carrier when she was cornered by chris and piers. )

d. Simmons' men deem him obsolete due to him turning into a zoo simulator. The files give a lot of info about this.

Sin 88: So sinning what's shown on the screen now?

Sin 89: Another generic sin.

Sin 90: I dont think you played re0.

Sin 91: To quote project umbrella page:

" Unlike the situation with Raccoon City, Simmons planned to announce the incident in Tall Oaks to the entire world in order to spin a narrative; "the President was killed by bioterrorism and the government conducted a Sterilization Operation out of necessity to protect the nation from an unidentified virus. A powerful terrorist organization plunged the world into danger and the strongest nation, the United States, fought and defeated it." The plan would display the power of the U.S. to China, which had risen rapidly in recent years, and also serve as a warning to government officials related to the President that would attempt to reveal the truth behind the Raccoon incident. "

Sin 92: Come on why did you sin simmons' transformation? That was amazing.

Sin 93: Jeez; why so obsessed with realism?

Sin 94: You're stupid; this is fucking awesome.

Sin 95: You're underestimating simmons' mutation and the c-virus.

On another note of simmons' mutations; his mutation isnt that hard to explain by reading the files and playing the previous re games while studying them but if you want to sin something; why not him keeping his pants and his shoes? I mean deborah is nude but simmons isnt for some reason which feels inconsistent. Though the game is still very coherent to itself and to canon re lore.

Sin 96: You have no idea how powerful the enhance version of the C-virus is (you should considering you get to play as someone infected with it, but it's you are talking about), Piers was only partially in the first stage of the infection, and he was able to wreck the most powerful monster in resident evil (who was also in its weakest form) Simmons has evolved further than Piers was, so naturally he would be even more powerful. The reason Simmons doesn't derail this train is because he is severely injured and has lost his grip.

Sin 97: Guess you forgot that you could deflect things in re4 and re5. Also this scene is awesome just like how re6 is awesome.

Sin 98: So it's not his weakness.

Sin 99: Getting killed by being run over by a train would be ridiculous for someone infected with the most powerful bio weapon yet to exist.

Sin 100: Why did you sin her question for no real reason?

Sin 101: So sinning what's explained in the game now?

Sin 102: Doing the same thing over and over would make things stale. ( Before re4; t-virus was used in many, many games and they decided to swap to plaga for something new. Wished c-virus also appeared in future entries just like plaga did. ) They wanted to keep things fresh starting with re4.

Sin 103: Your jokes arent funny.

Sin 104: So? Just cause ada faked her death in re2 doesnt mean leon shouldnt be surprised like that. You're really underestimating their relationship.

Sin 105: Then I guess you weren't paying attention, because there was a truck trying to run over Leon in RE4.

Sin 106: Why are you still so surprised at characters surviving against impossible odds?

Sin 107: Dartigan doesnt understand suspension of disbelief.

Sin 108: Another ridiculous nitpick.

Sin 109: Why wouldnt it? You're underestimating this situation.

Sin 110: There are several gas filled vehicles on the street.

Sin 111: He was infected and later on turns into a zombie.

Sin 112: I dont think you're aware of recv and its intro. Besides re was always cheesy.

Sin 113: Why are you sinning leon's one liners?

Sin 114: Simmons' mutations can easily be explained; especially by reading the files, playing the previous re games while studying them.

Sin 115: Cause of the damage gas did? I think carla's death might also be the cause of this; more so if you take alex and her tower in rerev2 into account. ( Yes, rerev2 was released after re6 but still not that hard to explain if you delve deep enough. )

Sin 116: Leon is wearing a bulletproof vest, and Simmons is shooting bones, not bullets.

Sin 117: So it doesn't put him down, it only temporarily disabled him.

Sin 118: Ada does have Leon's number, you can tell by how she is able to send him a text.

Sin 119: What's wrong with lightning rods? Besides are you even aware that's caused due to what happened in ada's campaign?

Sin 120: The family obtained simmons' body; it's heavily implied in the files. Plus they selected a new leader after simmons' death. Fos hacked their communications. ( Which means leon and co. are aware of the organization. )

Sin 121: So? It's still possible, and it happened. unlikely is not impossible, and if something is possible in the context of the world this game takes place in, it's not a sin.

Sin 122: I dont think you understood hunnigan. She meant that they managed to defeat all zombies in tatchi. And the gas' effects would wear off after a while. Idk why you immediately assume cure, anti-c isnt needed for that.

Sin 123: They got the evidence and leon says to helena " Our evidence. " . Besides; if helena should get arrested; that means leon should too cause he's the only agent in the field that decided to help her ( The others didnt and saw helena as " Cia's problem child. " . ) and he was also blamed by simmons along with helena. Not to mention; ı dont see the problem of helena returning to her duty, it's not like she could be forced to become someone's mole again since her only family relative is dead ( The files explain stuff. ) and she couldnt be used again.

On another note; the evidence they got would also clear ada's name since she obtained that from carla's aircraft carrier though ada still would want to get a new identity cause most of the world knows her and she likes being as mysterious as possible.
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Chris' campaign

Sin 124: It doesn't matter in which Eastern European country it takes place in, it only matters that it is in eastern Europe.

Sin 125: Chris was amnesiac.

Sin 126: Why would chris need steroids to get his huge muscles? It wouldnt be hard for him to get those by huge training and spending his time on gym without relating to drugs. I mean his encounters with wesker in recv, pttf manga and re5 lin as well as jill's " death " would give him huge motivation. Barry even calls him out for his in rerev2's files. Oh and he's still very muscular in this game and his skills arent that surprising. Sure not as muscular as he was in re5 ( He decided to trade some strength in favor of more speed; compare his melee attacks in re5 to his melee attacks in re6. ) but still very muscular.

Sin 127: Dartigan thinks RE5 is a bad game, he is wrong.

Sin 128: Piers wants chris to remember his past so that he could focus better on his objective.

Sin 129: I'm starting to wonder if you have mental disabilities at this point, Chris' amnesia has nothing to do with him being drunk, he doesn't remember anything because of the head trauma he sustained in Edonia.

Sin 130: For one, he didn't lose all but one of his STARS team members, five people survived the mansion incident, those people were, Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca and Wesker, and he was more angry than he was depressed, because he wanted to bring the people responsible to justice, just like he immediately starts to focus on revenge when he does remember what happened.

Sin 131: Why would he? Chris is one of bsaa's founders and done many accomplishments. Also chris was in hospital so he recovered from some of his injuries before escaping from there due to feeling guilt. Sure he was amnesiac and had ptsd but regardless of that; him leading another team isnt that absurd not to mention bsaa is an organization that likes to take risks to get more success which is also shown in rerev and re5. ( O'brian's very risky plan to expose lansdale and bsaa forcing chris and sheva to catch after irving even though they are the only 2 operatives in the field and chris also calls them out for this. )

Sin 132 and 133: Chris is a living legend, he has taken down the most dangerous terrorists in the world, he even saved the entire world once, that's the Chris they want, and are hoping to get.

Sin 134: The hell? Why did you sin chris' dialogue? That was well done.

Sin 135: The BSAA is an international organization, with separate branches all over the world, just like umbrella.

Sin 136: Both.

Sin 137, 138, 141: You're stupid.

Sin 139: Dont you mean " perfect " ? Spelling mistake you made there.

Sin 140: If you paid attention you would have heard Chris ask about this and Piers answering that containing the virus takes priority, that means burning everyone infected, dead or alive. Also, the reason they're not calling off the airstrike is that it would take too much time and recourses, capitalism doesn't allow for wasting fuel, as much as it allows for wasting lives.

Sin 142: Why are you making fun of chris? His ptsd triggered there.

Sin 143: What's the point of this sin?

Sin 144: Sinning what's shown for another time for no real reason.

Sin 145: What's wrong with this?

Sin 146: Why are you making fun of finn? Poor kid; the file involving him is pretty tragic; especially when you consider what happened to him at the end of chapter 2.

Sin 147: I dont see any problem here.

Sin 148: Why would chris know ada exactly? Claire never encounters her in re2, leon obviously never mentioned her in his kennedy report and ada's organization obviously has spies in bsaa which allowed her to pose as a bsaa agent in damnation. She can also hack bsaa com ( Ada's organization is REALLY powerful and she seems to know the family organization according to files since they say that after wesker's death; she decided to focus more on simmons and his family organization. ) and the files also talk about this.

Sin 149: I lost track of how many times you make fun of characters for no real reason.

Sin 150: There's a bunch of evil organizations spreading zombie viruses, you should know this, the antagonists in RE4, RE5, RE revelations, RE damnation, RE degeneration, and RE Vendetta are completely unrelated parties that aquired viruses developed by umbrella.

Sin 151: Why is this a sin?

Sin 152: Why not sin those needles not hitting chris and piers instead of this stupid sin? Also obviously those things can penetrate through armor.

Sin 153: Your jokes suck.

Sin 154: Piers helped chris and the bsaa team later arrived there and killed the remaining bows in the city hall.

Sin 155: Yes ı can. Besides you can fight nicholai's chopper in re3; claire is attacked by one in recv and in re4 / re5; you fight some random vehicles. So why is this game being the way it is very surprising to some people?

Sin 156: The hell? Iluzija is amazing and a nice throwback to yawn.

Sin 157: He can cause chris is blinded by revenge and vengeance while putting his team in danger. Sure he forced chris to get back into action but chris is still the one who accepted this. If he didnt feel he was ready and wanted to be taken into a hospital; ( He already was in hospital according to files. ) then he wouldnt have accepted piers' request.

Sin 158: Cause iluzija can be invisible?

Sin 159: Cause carla likes to change her tactics?

Sin 160: Chris wasnt a captain in 1998. Also what's with your hate boner for him?

Sin 161: Another stupid nitpick.

Sin 162: It makes enough explosion already.

Sin 163: Piers did the right thing. He wanted his hero to bring back the justice not to mention chris was the captain in edonia. Besides; if it wasnt for chris, haos might not be able to be stopped.

Sin 164: I dont think you follow the cutscenes well.

Sin 165: You're stupid.

Sin 166: I kinda have to agree that this part is annoying though ı still think the ridiculous hate for this game are more annoying than this game's qtes. The setpieces in this game arent annoying to me but that napad placement is ridiculous. ( By the way; you can get pass those 2 grasshopper j'avos by sliding. )

Sin 167: So you prefer the game's story to be more similar to re2 2019's?

Sin 168: She prefers her goons to kill them. Besides the villains in the series are arrogant.

Sin 169: I dont see the problem here; that's her aircraft carrier.

Sin 170: No; his storyline was executed well in this game. I'm not sure if you are even aware of biohazard the stage and marhawa desire manga which are prequels to this game. That statement applies better to his appearance in re7.

Sin 171: This song is obnoxious.

Sin 172: I dont think you know how simmons' the family organization works.

Sin 173: The missile still launches anyway.

Sin 174: Re6's story >>> Re2 2019's story

Sin 175: It is not a plot twist.

Sin 176: It is ironic.

Sin 177: I still cant take you seriously if you dont know the re lore well.

Sin 178: What's with your hate boner for chris? Also piers had some experience with him before the events of re6.

Sin 179: How dare you sin dc douglas' amazing va in umbrella chronicles and re5?

Sin 180: Chris does not feel any guilt for killing Wesker, he is taking responsibility for it, because he is responsible for it.

Sin 181: What's wrong with punching boulders? It's fucking awesome; especially when you consider that you can run away from some in re1 and remake.

Sin 182: That doesnt mean they infected the whole world. That's simply neo umbrella's plan about the usage of haos.

Sin 183: How do you know if ramp was always like that? Building things take some time.

Sin 184: Reaching to disgusting levels of mocking now, seriously?

Sin 185: Repeating another ridiculous sin for no real reason.

Sin 186: Haos wasnt fully complete according to files. It still required piers' shocking attacks as well as the giant explosion to kill it.

Sin 187: I get that you're practically brain dead stupid, but if you pay attention, you would see that his body has already mutated beyond the point of no return, nothing can cure mutation like that.

Sin 188: He's just off the coast of the city where BSAA is trying to contain a viral outbreak, so yes there are helicopters around.

Sin 189: If you want the real sin here; why not sin jill not appearing there ( Instead of a random soldier. ) and trying to comfort chris? I think the epilogues takes place after the events of re6 and her rehab should have been finished by that point.
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Jake's campaign

Sin 190: Fun fact. He's whistling the music box theme from recv. This game is a lot more deeper than people give credit for.

Sin 191: Do you even know how jake's character works? The files explain stuff.

Sin 192: Another obnoxious joke.

Sin 193: The files explain about jake's personality so him not being surprised that much by j'avo isnt that surprising considering his very cold behaviour during the 1st parts of this story.

Sin 194: What makes you think he doesnt see her, or that he would care that Ada is there?

Sin 195: For Jake it makes sense, he is actually superhuman.

Sin 196: You cant really criticize a game for doing something that makes sense.

Sin 197: C-virus was created WAY BEFORE wesker died in re5. Also why would jake need to " encounter " a virus to be immune? That's not how immunity works in re.

Sin 198: Simmons knows at this point that Jake is Weskers son, he sent Carla to Edonia specifically to check if Wesker passed down everything he had, Sherry and Carla also knows that Jake is Weskers son, because Simmons told them, you can even hear Simmons telling Carla in the recording you find in the submarine in Ada's campaign. As for how Simmons knows Jake is Weskers son, it is never explained, but it's not unbelievable that one of the richest and most influential men in America can aquire such information.

Sin 200: Jake is superhuman.

Sin 201: The hell? Ustanak is awesome. Sure too much qtes but the boss fights are still great; he's a nice reference to nemesis.

Sin 202: They do; especially at the end where jake wears a sunglasses similar to his dad. Besides you realize jake has a mom; right?

Sin 203: You're not supposed to think Jake is an asshole, you're supposed to think he cares more about money that the greater good (which makes him selfish) and eating an apple does not make people assholes, I know it's a joke, but that joke sucks even when cinemasins uses it.

Sin 204: Cause chris said " Have we met? " . Not to mention; he knows sherry ( Through claire. ) when they met bsaa which increased jake's interest.

Sin 205: Ustanak was carried there by neo umbrella owned attack helicopters that are flying right behind them, you shoot them down later in this fight so you should be aware of it.

Sin 206: Your sin is stupid, this is awesome.

Sin 207: You're stupid.

Sin 208: Unless, Sherry held on really tight.

Sin 209: This joke sucked.

Sin 210: Do you even know how sherry's healing works?

Sin 211: WTF? This cutscene is great and the dialogue is well done. Not to mention the chemistry between those 2 is heartwarming; even leon and ada notice this.

Sin 212: And you're sinning it, I mean you're wrong when you say that she skipped stupid shit, implying that what she skipped was stupid, but if she did something you like, you should not sin it.

Sin 213: SHE LITERALLY JUST SAID THAT SHE WAS GIVEN A VACCINE! Of course she didn't turn into a zombie, also, she was injected with the G-virus, that doesn't turn people into zombies, it runs them into monsters like what William Birkin turned into, anyway, the vaccine didn't kill the virus, it only stopped it from spreading, so instead what had already spread throughout her body adapted to her and became a part of her, giving her a healing factor and slowing down her aging process, which is why she looks younger than Jake even though she is older than him.

Sin 214: What's wrong with jake being wesker's son? I've checked the files and there isnt really any contradiction or something.

Sin 215: It is and you've gotta be short sighted if you think it isnt.

Sin 216: Jake and sherry are superhuman.

Sin 217: This is not a random cave, it's a mine, and that guy works there, you can tell by how he has a security card that opens doors around the mines.

Sin 218: Ustanak is fat.

Sin 219: Congrats; you answered yourself.

Sin 220: Carla sent Ustanak after Jake. Or did you expect her to capture a superhuman by herself?

Sin 221: There's nuance you're not getting, he studied the guard patterns, camera locations, the Chinese language and more, the escape was easy, but until now he didn't know that it would be that way and it's better to be safe than sorry when the worst case scenario is death.

Sin 223: Sherry starts her escape because Jake caused a power outage, it was not a coincidence.

Sin 224: Yeah?

Sin 225: Jake is not wearing a shirt.

Sin 226: Again, you said something incredibly stupid, they are not the same clothes, they found some clothes that just happen to be a perfect fit for both of them.

Sin 227: Neither you nor me knows shit about how viruses work, but unlike you I wont pretend that I do.

Sin 228: It is how Wesker's and Jake's antibodies work.

Sin 229: The dialogue exchanges are well done in this game and you're sinning it cause?

Sin 230: Because it's a garage not a showroom, it's just designed as a showroom, because Carla had money to spare.

Sin 231: Cause he wants to dodge its attack and escape more easily while it would suffer from cooldown?

Sin 232: Come on this motorbike section is amazing. I dont care what your excuse is; it doesnt deserve a sin.

Sin 233-237: Why? The vehicle sections arent that difficult. Use the brake to not crash instead of constantly going on full speed.

Sin 238: The bike stunts are awesome.

Sin 239-243: You're stupid.

Sin 244: I'm guessing you forgot the existence of re4 and re5 as well as rerev which also had chainsaw related monsters.

Sin 245: Yes? Besides it was chasing ada 1st.

Sin 247: Cause you're stupid.

Sin 248: Still better than leon and ada's capture scenes in re4.

Sin 249: She could stop them from being used to cure the C-virus, and she could use them to enhance more C-virus in case her current plan fails, remember, she did not count on being shot dead.

Sin 250: Neo umbrella > Los illuminados. Leon and ada for some reason didnt lose their gear when they were captured by ganados.

Sin 251: Jake is angry because he always wanted to find his dad, and get some sort of closure for all the hardship he endured throughout his life as a result of his father leaving him and his mother to survive on their own, when he learned that Wesker is dead, he was angry because now any chance of closure was gone forever, and now he is faced with the man who took that chance away from him, that is why Jake is mad at Chris, and that is why he asked if it was personal, he wanted to know if killing Wesker was important to Chris, he wanted to know if taking that chance away from Jake brought him his own closure.

Sin 252: Piers would never kill Jake, even if Jake had shot Chris, Piers understands that Jake needs to get out of there alive, because as Chris said, the world depends on it.

Sin 253: That data is useless without the actual blood.

Sin 254: As we can see, they did it even better this time.

Sin 255: Files explain this.

Sin 256: Welcome to video games.

Sin 257: Ustanak was just knocked into lava, the punch didn't do shit.

Sin 258: Carla fooled simmons for money and she managed to build it with her men as well as assistance from simmons. ( He was being fooled. )

Sin 259: I guess you didnt play re3 and re0.

Sin 261: You realize sherry is a very special and valuable agent to government due to g inside her body right? Why wouldnt they give her these special comfort, especially after her successful mission?

Sin 262: Through texting? Like how leon and ada did?
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Ada's campaign

Sin 263: And nothing wrong with that.

Sin 264: Ada being ada. Besides it's possible she could sweat if she entered that with her clothes.

Sin 265: No; it's awesome. You're dumb.

Sin 266: Ada didn't want anything to do with Simmons, but she knew that shit was about to go down, who she had to get involved. Also, that is not Simmons, it is Carla pretending to be Simmons.

Sin 267: See 266.

Sin 268: Improved technology. Dont underestimate it. Just like how carla can call ada while disguising herself as simmons.

Sin 269: Carla did. Again improved technology.

Sin 270: I dont think you know how ada's campaign works and not sure if you are aware of her separate ways campaign in re4. Also she has a " partner " who's agent that's exclusive to online. For some reason; he was supposed to have his own campaign but the weirdos were complaining that ada was alone ( Just like separate ways mode. ) so capcom forced him as ada's partner. Thankfully he doesnt appear in single player.

Sin 271: Explained in files.

Sin 272: No; it's possible and ubistvo has a heart inside its chainsaw. Also resident evil isnt a " realistic " franchise.

Sin 273: You're stupid.

Sin 274: He was mentioned in the files though and he was in re1 / remake.

Sin 275: Nice; the game's explaining stuff to you and you're still sinning it just for the sake of it.

Sin 276: So you're now criticising re6 for being a re game.

Sin 277: What's the real sin here exactly?

Sin 278: They already did after the events of re4. The director of damnation confirms this. I guess that's why leon goes full dmc2 dante mode in degeneration.

Sin 279: You answered yourself.

Also saw this comment on youtube and ı agree with it:

" This might actually be your worst video to this day, like it is impressively bad, like you have to actually put effort into making so many mistakes in a video where you criticize something, sure you can pretend that this is all for comedy purposes, but I would like to know how saying that a game sucks because of something that is not true is funny, but of course I already know the answer, it is not funny, it's supposed to be serious criticism, with some jokes sprinkled in between, or it is supposed to be seen as such, but the criticism is wrong so many times, I can't fit all your mistakes in one comment. It's also amazing how you needed to make up so much nonsense instead of making legitimate criticisms for the game that is considered to be the worst main entry in the series. "
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I always wondered if my videos have popped up in other places to highlight the mistakes those content creators make just to appear that they know what they're talking about (when they don't), so I did a Google search, and here I am!

Had to make an account just so I could reply, but had to for this thread.

Very well put critique 👏🏼👏🏼

I don't necesarily agree with EVERYTHING said, however, I find no disputes with Dartigan and GCN getting so many things wrong and you easily disputing and proving why they're wrong. I salute you!


Thank you for responding. I'm glad you enjoyed my critiques for the re6 videos. I'm thinking about making ones for remake and re0 as well. They recently made sinning videos for remake ( gcn only ) and re0. However if you're thinking about making more videos related to critiquing dartigan's / gcn's re related videos; then ı can share more of them here too.

I'll admit; checking back the essays, ı definitely agree that ı could have been more objective and didnt need to put hate for other titles ( Like re2 2019. ) when talking about re6.

Also ı kinda forgot to say this but ı thank to the commenter valdish as well for giving me motivation to create these huge essays. I saw his comments on youtube talking about some of the sins and after that; ı started creating these essays. I took some of his statements when creating these too.


So just an update. I've fully watched the re0 videos as of now. While gcn and dartigan makes mistakes; ( Like gcn calls survivor non-canon and says that rebecca doesnt appear until vendetta even though she appears in biohazard the stage. ) ı've found myself mostly agreeing with them despite liking the game. Odd. Idk if ı should create essays for re0 and remake tbh. My motivation seriously decreased after watching the videos.
I've fully watched your rerev2 video as of now. It's pretty good. Cant wait for your other resident evil related videos.
Hey buddy, sorry it's been a while since I've checked in here. Not sure if you've been on my channel as of late, but I wanted to let you know that I remastered my Devil May Cry 4 video, next video coming is one you mentioned you want to see which is Devil May Cry 5, and following that one I'm jumping back into Survival Horror again with another Resident Evil game 😎


Hey buddy, sorry it's been a while since I've checked in here. Not sure if you've been on my channel as of late, but I wanted to let you know that I remastered my Devil May Cry 4 video, next video coming is one you mentioned you want to see which is Devil May Cry 5, and following that one I'm jumping back into Survival Horror again with another Resident Evil game 😎
Cool. Good luck with your upcoming videos in future. I havent seen your video yet and ı didnt get notifications due to disabling my youtube account for my own reasons. But ı might check it out when ı would have the time.
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