Do you want a Resident Evil 4 remake?

Do you want to see a Resident Evil 4 remake someday?

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I still have a very slight of hope that re4 remake news are nonsense lie and capcom isnt actually considering to remake the game. Someone could have understand some news wrong and spread false info.

If capcom releases re4 remake then ı think ı'll leave the franchise forever.

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Yeah. I'm hoping it's false too. But knowing how greedy Capcom is, it could be possible. I think they see RE4 as being highly profitable.
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Like it or not RE4 is an old game in dire need of remake, or at very least Bluepoint styled remaster.

Can't wait to see what they did with it next year.
I mean RE4 in the RE engine with updated controls and a new twist on some of the awesome boss fights would be worth playing through for sure plus RE4 has some of the best replay value on the series.

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It's probably gonna heavily refer back to Nemesis. It probably won't feel quite as cheesy either.

Anyway, when is all the console news meant to be happening this year?
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