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General Blue Umbrella


Even as a child, Albert Wesker resented humanity. He was a sociopath, and while brilliant, lacked basic emotion or any sense of empathy. He saw humans as weak because of this, and hated them for the way the world was.

After joining the Umbrella Corporation, his ambitious nature served him well, and he eventually became head reasercher with Birkin at the primary t-Virus development facility. He became obsessed with Spencer due to his "programing", and began to question his plans - Spencer, despite being in the buisness of bioweapons development, forwarded research that was not effective for creating cheap, mindless soldiers. He also had this primary facility located in an area bursting with life, as if he wanted an outbreak.​

Wesker became contimplative, and his views on humanity, suspisions of Spencer's goals, and natural ambition set him on a path - he would mantle Spencer, usurp Umbrella, and use it to reshape the world, eliminating the blight called humanity. He saw Tyrants as a superior species - cold, unfeeling, intelligent immortals. He would replace humanity with similar creatures.

In 1998, with the emergence of the Queen Leech, Wesker saw his chance. His plan was as follows:
  1. He would steal Umbrella BOWs and gather combat data, giving it to the Rival Org, who also seem to want to take over Umbrella's role. This would deal a critical blow to Umbrella, as it allowed the RO to distribute BOWs before Umbrella got the chance to, eliminating the monopoloy they had. It would also guarantee tha high position in the RO for Wesker, something he couldnt hope to achieve with Umbrella due to Spencer's iron grip.
  2. He would rise to complete ownership of the RO, and use them to undercut and eventually usurp Umbrella, reforming both it and the Rival Org in his image.
  3. Wesker's Umbrella would develop and distribute not only BOWs, but also anti-BOW weapons. He would start a war on bioterror and dominate both sides of the conflict, propelling his Umbrella to enormous levels of power (Lansdale tried something similar with the FBC).
  4. After reaching political superpower status, Wesker would use this power to reshape the world.

The intervention of STARS and Sergei set his plans back, forcing him to work his way up in the Rival Org. At some point, Wesker developed plans for a series of firearms named after himself for anti-BOW use.
In 2002, Wesker experimented with the idea of global virus saturation with t-Veronica during Operation: Javier.

In 2003, Wesker orchestrated the Caucacus incident, which led to the destruction of Umbrella's largest and most important facility, and to Wesker stealing the accumilated data of the UMF-13. Wesker had access to all of Umbrella's research, a critical step towards creating his own Umbrella. He made a deal with the US government, providing them with enough incriminating evidence to take Umbrella down.
Wesker also stole the perfected t-Virus and leaked it to the black market, creating the age of bioterror and plunging the world into chaos (by 2009, there were 3000 incidents per year). This was an extremely important part of Wesker's plan, as it would make his anti-BOW Umbrella an important power in the world.
Wesker supplied virus samples to Excella that same year. His relationship with the leadership of the Rival Org was strained, as they saw his ambitions to take over. Tricell could serve as a second choice for Wesker if he couldnt get what he wanted from the RO.

After the 2004 incident in Spain, Wesker finally took control of the RO. Before he could move on with his plans, however, he needed to scratch an itch that had been bothering him since the begining - Spencer. He used up much (if not all) of the RO's resources. in his obsessive search for Spencer, and finally found him in 2006. Spencer revealed the true nature of his plans, and that Wesker was a pawn all along. Wesker, to compinsate, decided to steal Spencer's plans, not knowing thats' exactly what he wanted.
The only real difference in his plans now was that he would evolve humanity instead of killing them off and replacing them. However, the RO was crippled, and so he switched over to Tricell, which was already the leader in the BOW underworld thanks to the seeds he planted in 2003. The discovery of Progenitor led to the Uroboros plan, and you all know the rest.

However, in 2007, perhaps as part of Wesker's deal with the US, seized Umbrella assets and former employees were used to create a rehabilitated Umbrella. We call this iteration of the company Blue Umbrella (BU), and the pre-2003 version Red Umbrella (RU). It is run by new management, and developes anti-BOW equipment as a private military corporation (PMC).

BU is far from benevolent, however.They send troops into outbreak zones and perform demonstrations for sponsors in the BOW underworld, and talk of destroying the BSAA and establishing a new world order. Their leader, the executive, was present for the events of RE4, and has Wesker's MO. They have recently become a prominate player endorsed by the BSAA due to the technology they develop, created from none other than the gun plans by Wesker I mentioned earlier. RE7 also names HCF (special forces group of the Rival Org) as being involved with the Mold.

The overwhelming amount of evidence suggests the Rival Org IS the new managment of BU, and that Wesker's plan prior to RE5 is being continued. Seeing how deeply ingrained into the story and lore BU is, I hope people can appreciate how special this new plot arc is, and how it ties up the series in a neat little bow, with each era of events contributing to this over arching narrative
Info suggests that Blue Umbrella has former Spencer's Umbrella staff as managers and at the highest ranks of BU could be a former special forces HCF or Rival Org?But what about Connections/Tentsu
The lower level employees of BU are both new recruits and former Red Umbrella researchers, who were supposedly not involved with the dark side of the company. The executives of RU were arrested after the corporation was found guilty in the Raccoon Trials, and many were also assasinated by Spencer to protect the location of Progenitor. Most RU employees were innocent.

Think of it this way - in 2003, Wesker cut off the head of Umbrella but kept the body alive. In 2007, the body has reappeared with a new head grafted on, but the same body. This new head is the Rival Org.

HCF is just a military unit owned by the Rival Org. Like the USS with Umbrella.

The Connections is a crime syndicate that recieved "technical assistance" from HCF in 2000 during Mold development. They created Eveline and hired Lucas to run experiments in the salt mines. Their exact nature, motives, etc are currently unknown.

Tentsu is a medicine brand seen on the cases used to create Necrotoxins. Fans thought that was the name of the Connections, but that turned out to be false.
Interesting... but what exactly happened to HCF after this partnership with The Connections?

HCF unit was assembled during the time Wesker joined the Rival Org, right?

So basically in the early 2000 Wesker (or his HCF unit) was helping The Connections to develop the mold (eveline bow),

but later since Wesker apparently cut his ties with the Rival Org and went to Tricell to unleash his Uroboros plan, i am inclined to think HCF has been dismantled?

If that is how it went then BU´s (tied to wesker) purpose during RE 7 was mainly to reclaim the possession of bow research, since Wesker was a direct influence at how the Evie BOW was developed.

I get the feeling that this will create conflict between BU and The Connections,

with one side trying to overpower the other, but BU seems to have the upper hand now with all the research and the guns, tech, at their disposal seem very effective against the mold, all thanks to what

Wesker had been cooking up behind the scenes. With that in mind, maybe 3A-7 (or Hunk, if it is really him) could have survived the events from Umbrella Corps and defected from this new Umbrella only to join forces with The Connections?

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
I'm still not convinced that BU are the bad guys. Maybe we'll get a new game sooner than we think... After all, isn't Dandy involved in some sort of project as Chris once again? I just hope they make a few adjustments here and there to make him look like Chris a bit more, they don't have to copy/paste him entirely.

Anyway, this is possibly an indication that BU might be returning. Hopefully we'll get solid answers this time around.
I'm still not convinced that BU are the bad guys.
Its Umbrella, and Chris isnt fooled. Besides, Umbrella Corps makes it as obvious as possible.

Its strange that for all the complaints about the public falling for BU, fans still make statements like that.

RE7 answered what it needed to. Its the begining, and not a one off story like RE6, so mystery is important.

(BTW Cap, sorry I havent gotten to see your latest BIOEVIL video yet. As soon as I have time.)

@Mark, the date of creation for HCF and the Rival Org itself is completely unknown. Its also unknown if Wesker was even involved with the Mold itself, although it's very possible. He wasnt in charge of HCF, he just led a team to Rockfort in 1998.

The elite unit of BU with the red version of the logo and 3A7 is essentially HCF 2.0.

The cut content for NaH implies BU want the Mold themeselves, so the potential rivalry between them and the Connections you mentioned is very likely. It could simply be they want to destroy the Mold, as something like that poses a threat to the entire BOW industry. Being able to subvert entire armies makes other BOWs pointless, after all

I believe the "technical assistance" HCF provided was t-Veronica. The Mold is said to be "Virus-accentuated", and its effects are incredibly similar
It's worth pointing out that the HCF reference in 7 is most likely a reference to the rival company itself, rather than specifically their special forces unit. Although we know HCF is just a paramilitary division, there has never been a name or consistent term given to represent the company as a whole, hence the years-long confusion about The 3rd Organisation/The Organisation etc. In the context of the way the file is written in 7, it would make no sense for them to state in text that The Connections received 'technical assistance from the rival company', hence HCF is the most recognisable term that fans will recognise without leaving any ambiguity or confusion. Besides, the project was only just beginning in 2000 and there would be no use of technical assistance from a paramilitary unit.

It seems evident the rival company severed ties with The Connections and the Mold early into the project, which explains why it seems to be exclusive to the Connections. HCF itself was likely disbanded when the rival company was liquidated to become this new Umbrella. The 'Umbrella Corps' are the replacement for HCF, just as Blue Umbrella is a replacement for Red Umbrella and 3A7 is a replacement for Hunk.

My theory about how all this played out was that Wesker when he was still alive had his loyalists infiltrate the group of former Umbrella employees that wished to resurrect the company. Wesker orchestrated the rehabilitation order for Umbrella that was submitted to the government, yet it was obviously done via false identities. His plan then was to simply wait for the order to be assessed and granted, and he seemed to want to use Las Plagas to kick start the bio-weapons program for this new Umbrella. But then he turned his attentions towards Spencer and substantially drained the rival company of resources. When Wesker was reported dead in 2006 and the rival company was drained of resources, his followers left behind used the now granted Umbrella rehabilitation order to create a new company with themselves in charge - unknown to a majority of its new employees. This then came to fruition in 2007. Wesker would obviously be aware of this development from afar but had no interest as his goal now was firmly Uroboros and he needed Tricell Africa's resources to get to the Progenitor Virus source. He had killed Spencer, his goals had shifted and he simply had no need of a new Umbrella anymore.

But having said all that, for me the reintroduction of Umbrella in this incarnation is one of the very worst things the series has done story wise. Yes it was once a plot point involving Wesker, but that story was told and concluded in a different and satisfying way in RE5 and it was all explained why the resurrection of Umbrella never came to pass. Umbrella Corps and 7 should have focused front and centre on the rival company itself by formally introducing them for the first time and explaining their background as a way of really establishing a new nucleus that could bind together the series from old storylines and also providing something new for the future. Everything would still be the same as it is, but it removes Umbrella which just really wasn't needed and plainly done for fan service and to scratch that nostalgia itch. What is the point of bringing back Umbrella only to reveal shock horror plot twist that they are just going to be evil all over again? It's a soft reboot and completely undermines what came before. Capcom have sacrificed story integrity for the sake of familiarity with this one, and I'm not a fan. You only have to glance at pretty much any reddit discussion or forum to see that is a majority opinion I'm sure.
You had me nodding my head in agreement until the last paragraph.

The only real problem with BU story-wise is the Neo-Umbrella thing establishing that the name carries notoriety. While the emergence of BU seems jarring, after taking a step back and examining how it affects my perception of past events, it actually makes me appreciate the narrative much more. Everything, from the disolution of the company with RE4 to the catastrophic state of the world in RE6, contributes to this story. Krauser's lines become forbodding, the sudden downfall of RU forgivable, and the themes of rebirth and immortality full circle. Everthing feels like it actually matters.

It also doesnt cheapen RE5, as the main plot sort of splits there, with the Rival Org left to continue the Umbrella name while Wesker's self destructive obsession with Spencer leads him astray.

I can understand the frustrations by many to a degree, but it ultimately comes down to perspective. I would rather enjoy it.

As for things like reddit reactions, people claiming the plot has been lost in droves certainly isn't new. I've seen that with every game since I joined the franchise
The Neo-Umbrella thing is a factor, but the key point is the complete undermining of everything that came before in the core series that was all about the characters taking on and bringing down Umbrella. To repeat that now is simply pointless considering how invested people were in the series storyline to begin with. It may be easy to gloss over for newer fans who were introduced to the series from RE4 onwards when Umbrella were already long gone, but for those of us who were there at the start it is all a bit of a slap in the face. And what makes it all the more frustrating is because it could have been so easily avoidable. I could somewhat forgive if it was necessary or inevitable that Umbrella had to return for a narrative purpose - but that story had already been concluded. And all the reasons why you like it would still all be there if this was simply the original rival company and not the rival company hiding behind Blue Umbrella. But Umbrella was reintroduced, not out of necessity or a narrative benefit, but for that sense of familiarity and desperation that Capcom so craved to get the fanbase back on side. It's as pointless as Wesker's inclusion in Umbrella Corps - it didn't need to be there but was done solely for the purpose of nostalgia and to get people talking rather than having any narrative benefit. Ada Wong and the rival company need to be the focus because they are the only long-standing unanswered plot threads left, but Capcom choose to still focus on Umbrella and Wesker because that's where the interest lies for the vast majority. Interest = dollar signs.

People claiming the plot is lost is nothing new sure, but writing a bad story is one thing, doing something for just for the sake of familiarity or nostalgia is quite different. Look at Alien Resurrection, Ripley was long dead, her story was concluded and yet they sacrificed the storyline because 20th Century Fox insisted Sigourney Weaver had to be in it. Then look at the end result...
Again, I understand some of the frustrations, but in the end, whether or not this was Blue Umbrella or just the Rival Org doesnt really change much of the end result. Just the name and logo.

You see it as a reboot, I see it as a continuation. If I was in charge, I wouldn't literally call it Umbrella, but other than that, I can't complain. I'm sure the name was chosen to pander to nostalgia, just as it was for Neo-Umbrella, but that doesn't cancel out the merit to be found in it for me.

Alien Resurrection had a bad premise and was a disaster, sure. But if RE7 is any indication, I'm not worried. Plenty of room for new and creative ideas with BU.

Not going to open the "Wesker in Umbrella Corps" can of worms.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Hey @Evil Resident , no problem. Check out the video once you have the time! :)

Now, I kind of agree with Batman here, I'm still scratching my head around this whole Umbrella being back thing and I still think that it was a cheap move.

To me, Capcom decided to complicate what really shouldn't have been complicated just for the sake of god knows what. Not only RE5 (since it tied up all the major loose ends) but this move cheapens everything that came prior to RE7 in my personal opinion.

I don't know what else to say but after seeing shapeshifter Chris and Umbrella being back, I think that I'm getting used to this freak show of a mess that is Capcom's mind... Which is kind of sad hahah
The way i see it Capcom just had an idea like: hey what if for our next main game we tease the long time fans of the series by ending it all with a "wtf?" reaction once they realize

that Redfield, the same man that defeated Albert Wesker (the main threat of the whole series, and the avatar of Umbrella´s darkest project, the Wesker Children) is now taking part of that mess all over again but with much worse predicament since he is now an associate to the evil he promised to erradicate from the planet... Its like creating that feeling of discomfort too since we see them cut out as "Blue" now, faking as good guys when we know it is all bullshit... Fans just feel sorry for Chris since this could bring him whole lot of trouble, just as the players Redfield also can not help but feel uneasy about this situation. In the end though they did not develop a compelling plot

because this is still the same Chris as usual maybe trying to get a feel of what are the intentions of this new umbrella and with the sided bonus of collecting new weaponry and tech to combat bows. The main reason for it not being good enough i think is because if this really has to be a NEW Umbrella it should have Wesker in it... And no, they´ll never really bring Albert Wesker again without well, "opening the can of worms".
"The BSAA trusts you, otherwise I wouldnt be here".

Im paraphrasing, but Chris was ordered to work with BU. As to why the BSAA are friendly with Umbrella, right now the "official" reason is they develop technology the BSAA needs. Even in 2009, the BSAA was only eqipped to deal with one third of yearly bioterror attacks. Just as Spencerl's three researchers, Derek Simmons, and Albert Wesker predicted, BOWs are making traditional combat obsolete. At this rate, the world of RE is headed towards the apocalypse. The BSAA and the world need solutions, and thanks to Wesker's forsight, BU has them.

I also believe BU's sponsrs are a factor. Many of these supporters are pharmacutical organisations, which can manipulate the BSAA (the REV2 Ultimania Guide confirms that the federation/consortium still pulls their strings, even after the fall of Tricell).
Let me get this out of the way initially please excuse my ignorance or any wrong information here, I am still learning about RE7 and this past 24 hours is the most I have looked into the game since the DLC.

Excellent write up EvilResident and a great way for people like myself who haven’t been paying attention to catch up and stay relevant with the current series. So thanks for that. While I strongly agreed with what you was saying about how the Rival Org has now come full circle however I have to also strongly agree with Batman’s views on the use of the Umbrella name being completely pointless and a desperate way to stay relevant. It could have just as easily have been a new name and still had exactly the same weight to it; I guarantee I would have liked it more if this was the case. My other problem with this angle is why the Wesker relevance? Why does it have to be him who created the Anti-Bow weapons? Surely this whole arch is as good as chance as any to establish a NEW organisation and a NEW villain. But no let’s bring back Umbrella and bring back Wesker, neither of which works in the slightest because Umbrella is essentially the Nazi’s to the planet. Using their name for your company is about the dumbest damn thing Capcom could possibly do. It’s like using Charles Manson as the name for a brand of nappies. It’s so bad it’s laughable. Then there is Wesker who they are yet again wasting their time establishing a dead character. I honestly don’t know what would annoy me more, if they use his name and he stays dead and nothing comes of it or if they bring him back from the dead by some questionable nonsense, either way it’s a lose/lose.

One last point I wanted to bring up here and this is where I am hoping people can correct me if wrong but why does the Rival Org HAVE to be Blue Umbrella? Why can’t it be Tricell, The Family, a combination or just a new org? So I heard that the confirmation comes from Blue Umbrella providing assistance to The Connections according to the Kaitai guide, which the game states that the HCF also did. So people put 2 and 2 together and say it’s the same thing. Is it not possible that both the HCF and Blue Umbrella provided assistance to The Connections as separate organisations? I can understand that the evidence there might suggest Blue Umbrella but it is not exactly concrete is it. If Resident Evil 5 played out without mentioning Tricell I bet everyone would be screaming Rival Org due to Wesker’s involvement there too. Everyone seemed convinced that NAH was going to provide us with all the answers but look how that turned out. I prefer to keep an open mind until it’s clearly in black and white which I am not seeing right now.
Thanks for the compliment. It's very much appreciated.

As I've said, if I was in charge, I wouldn't call it Umbrella. The Wesker connections are essential though, unlike say RE6 where he was forced into the plot by giving him a son. The Umbrella reborn angle was his brainchild - he planned it out, prepared the world for it by leaking perfected T, and transformed the Rival Org into its progenitor. It wouldnt make sense without him, considering it is a continuation of his plans prior to meeting Spencer.

Then you have the resurrection hints we've disscussed before, but the 2007 founding date gives me pause, unless loyal followers saved him/cloned him later, although I don't want to start an endless argument about that here lol. I'd rather stick to BU itself.

Tricell is defunct according to Rev2. The Family could be involved, but Umbrella Corps emphasises a new world order where the majority of the world are killed off besides a select, superior few, and the group seems to idolize Wesker and everything he stood for. Like Krauser, who also talked about the importance of the new Umbrella Wesker was forging. Most evidence is circumstantial or open to interpretation, but the amount of it is so overwhelming that its difficult to imagine otherwise. From the Wesker gun plans to the militarized Umbrella to the HCF reintroduction to the founding date to the very uniforms BU wears. And thats all from RE7, not Umbrella Corps, which adds to the pile even more: the executive was an observer to the events of RE4, BU strives to start a new world order with survival of the fittest as the central rule, and the many references to Wesker. Then there's what we already know from RE4 and Umbrella Chronicles: Wesker, along with select followers like Krauser, planned on taking over/creating a new Umbrella and using it to dominate and change the world. Krauser's speech in RE4 is chilling to me now, knowing just how serious and literal he was.

Much of the original script for NaH is absent in the final version, and with the many RE projects going on right now, we can only hope some are dedicated to creating stories that flesh everything out more clearly. There is a lot of lore behind RE7 we aren't privy to yet either, like the Mold origins and nature of the Connections. Like any good begining, it leaves us with unanswered questions without giving us a clear answer either way. Its a mystery.

One more thing. WE know Umbrella are like the Nazis and Wesker Charles Manson, but that doesn't mean the world in RE sees it quite so black and white. Nothing says Wesker is even known by the public, and Umbrella was a massive corporation with a lot of employees that probably did a lot of good. All it takes are some talented apologetic spokespeople and history revisionists, and BU tactics and tech are nessesary to win the war on bioterror, or at least stave off the apocalypse that keeps edging nearer and nearer. It doesnt hurt that the BSAA supports them either.
I get that you feel the Wesker connections are essential though but despite them introducing some villain who is obsessed with him and they worship him like some sort of god what exactly is going to come of it? This is my concern. He is dead when are we going to move on? He is arguably more relevant since his death than he was when he was alive. They should be looking at introducing a new villain and org and establishing them to the forefront to move the series forward, but we continue to live in the glory days of the past and it is really getting us nowhere. I just would rather spend time on new, future and alive characters. It just seems like a dead end to me. That's already one game wasted on establishing the new villain. Resident Evil 1 introduced Wesker.

Sure Tricell is defunct but so was the Rival Org, we got that line about Wesker draining them of all their assets. Believe me I understand what you are saying but I just think it’s a waste of time. We are essentially living the series through the plans of a dead man….that’s the major plot moving forward. What there is no characters alive who we can’t be going through this with? They seriously need to bring him back because obviously they have wasted enough establishment on him already or just move on.

Aren’t you the slightest bit curious as to why Capcom are holding back on confirmation? Like why blank out the files, not give us anything solid and remove content from the DLC. Some might say it’s holding back the mystery because it is still early days and you could be right but on the other hand I think Capcom could be testing the waters to see what works. Let’s tease Chris working for Umbrella….Ok that didn’t go down well let’s change it to he is supervising them. Let’s tease bringing Wesker back….ok the fans laughed at it, forget that. Let’s tease the Rival Org… and so on. Seems to me like there is a possibility they are making this stuff up as they go along and not pulling the trigger before testing them out and reacting to the feedback. Hey maybe that’s just me but that’s my POV.

Well Jake knew who his father was by name and he was just a merc with no affiliation to any organisations that would be privy to top secret information. Also it doesn’t matter how good their intentions maybe using the name is just an insane business choice. They can use former Umbrella employee’s that’s fine but just use a different name. Let’s say it is the Rival Org and their intentions aren’t good, why would you bring that immediate heat down upon yourself from day one? What good can come from have the public eye saying “Really Umbrella? I want to know exactly what they are up to.” Whereas if they called themselves Joe Blogs Pharmaceuticals nobody would know any different. If a company opened its doors tomorrow named Nazi Nail Vanish, the shit would hit the fan. Social media would implode, who in their right mind would work with those people? Like I said it’s just bad for business.
The supplementary material and events of Umbrella Corps and RE7 are way too intricate and interconnected to be made up as they go along. Concept art from 2013 has the Umbrella Logo altered and placed on banners, and soldiers with gas masks, suggesting this was planned years ago.

None of this is actually new, nor is it rehashed - it is an old plot point that was discontinued. Throwing away the rival org in a single line was a massive mistake, considering they, like Ada, are one of the biggest mysteries of the series. For all the great things I can say about RE5, it closed too many doors for the series to continue. The only other solution is to make up an entirely new group with no ties to any established plot arcs, but then we have no investment in them, and why not just reboot it or start another series if the future plot isnt relevant to the established lore and backstory? This way, we have a stronger narrative with each individual story tied into a larger one. Everything feels relevant and interconnected.

I get the frustration with putting so much importance on a dead man, like Saw with John Kramer. But the vast majority of this information was not retroactively inserted into Wesker's past - it's all a continuation of established lore. Wesker had a lot planned out before he dropped it all to pursue Uroboros - this is that plan, advanced again by someone else. This new person, like Alex, could have different ideologies than Wesker, and so the final result may be different than we expect. Your statement about how they might as well bring him back could also come true, and even Rev2 hinted at that.

RE6 really did force Wesker in, as they suddenly gave him a son, despite Albert being a sociopathic misanthropist. Rev2 made sense because of Alex, and Umbrella Corps and RE7 continue a plot he started in RE4 and TUC, so the only game imo he was forced into for no good reason was 6. His central role has more to do with him being so elevated by games like Umbrella Chronicles and supplimentary material like Wesker's Report, well before his death. Even as early as RE1, Iwao had an elaborate backstory and future plans for Wesker.

As for why they keep the name from an in-universe perspective, BU was formed thanks to US bankruptcy code using confiscated Umbrella assets. It technically is Umbrella. Joe Blogs could easily be identified as Umbrella reborn with a little research. As they themeselves say, calling themeselves Umbrella makes them appear open and honest.

Considering the pride of the BU executive members, it could also be a symptom of arrogance. Or maybe its to torment their enemies by making them watch as Umbrella itself destroys everything they have worked for.
The real name of the organization was never revealed.

H.C.F. was just a paramilitary unit of said organization.

In the RE7 File they had to put ‘H.C.F.’ though, otherwise no one would have any idea of wtf they were talking about.
@TheBatMan made a good point there. That may be why they used HCF indeed. It could also be to tie the Mold to t-Veronica, as HCF were the ones to recover it.

Something I forgot to point out:

I'm not a fan. You only have to glance at pretty much any reddit discussion or forum to see that is a majority opinion I'm sure.
While this is largely true, most people don't seem to actually understand the significance. Few know about the RE4 plot arc this comes from, and most haven't researched Umbrella Corps or the gun pamphlet. To many, this is nothing more than "Umbrella's back because CAPCOM aren't creative", with no knowlege of the connections to the Rival Org and past plot points. They don't yet get the merits, and only see the whole matter from a superficial stance.
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