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General Timeline...

It's quite annoying how we have pretty much solid placements for every canonical entry into the series aside from Vendetta. The novel explains the Lanshiang incident was 'not too long ago' and the New York outbreak is described as 'late winter'. Based on this, I have the prologue in Mexico as Autumn 2013 and the New York attack circa February 2014. Once Chris finishes his dealings with Arias he leaves Silver Dagger and returns to Alpha Team, leading into Heavenly Island.

This is what I would like to know for marathons. Does RE7 Daughters take place before Vendetta?

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
It's quite annoying how we have pretty much solid placements for every canonical entry into the series aside from Vendetta. The novel explains the Lanshiang incident was 'not too long ago' and the New York outbreak is described as 'late winter'. Based on this, I have the prologue in Mexico as Autumn 2013 and the New York attack circa February 2014. Once Chris finishes his dealings with Arias he leaves Silver Dagger and returns to Alpha Team, leading into Heavenly Island.

Yeah, pretty accurate. That's how I place Vendetta as well.
This is what I would like to know for marathons. Does RE7 Daughters take place before Vendetta?

No. 2014 would be the bulk of Vendetta in Feb/March, Heavenly Island in the summer, and then Daughters in October. Throughout the whole year is the '4 Survivors' part of Umbrella Corps.


Interesting way of thinking. I always thought chris' epilogue in re6 was him going to the operation stated on heavenly island. Not to mention; ı think heavenly island takes place before vendetta. I'm not sure how to explain this but ı think vendetta takes place a bit more after than that. The flashback sequence might take place in 2013 though.

I didnt know the novel says " Lanshiang incident was not too long ago. " . I wonder what more re6 references that novel has. Apparently leon has nightmares to his adventures in re6 like in one time he has nightmares about benford where he's forced to shoot him. And he's going after the family organization which is followed from re6's files since fos managed to hack communication between simmons and his men.

I wished the novel got translated and posted to project umbrella site. I would like to read that since ı need more re6 references...
There are no more RE6 references in the book other than that unfortunately. The prologue is about Leon going after corrupt US Government officials, it never specifically mentions The Family, although the connection is clear. Chris' epilogue in 6 is just him deciding to carry on as Alpha Leader in the BSAA. Following the Vendetta prologue, Chris temporarily joins Silver Dagger - a special team with extra privileges, equipment and jurisdiction than regular BSAA teams. They are suited for longer-term investigations of a singular target, like Arias. Once Arias is dead, Chris leaves and returns to Alpha leader, heading into Heavenly Island.

Caffeine Addict

During the live stream tonight with Michael Does Life, I stated that the timeline is a mess and that I don't see the need for any more remakes. Realistically speaking, these characters are getting old.

The problem with Capcom is that every new game never resolves the plot in the prior game, or what it established. Each current game hardly feels like a sequel anymore. We need Jill back, too!



Gonna drop this here cause ı watched this in one setting and it balances cutscenes and gameplay well enough to create a re6 movie that's satisfying to watch.
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I've fully read the re6 part in 2010-2014 as of now. I've really enjoyed it! Thanks for all the effort to the people who worked on this, especially thebatman.

There are a few parts that ı think could have been done better. The magnum jake and sherry uses to kill ustanak once and for all is called " Desert eagle " instead of elephant killer. They used a revolver, not a magnum handgun. The lift part also confused me; it's impossible to trigger all of the possible dialogue options at once, once you activate it; you cant deactivate it to make it go down. Not to mention you need to inspect the main computer 1st before being able to interact with levers.

Before reading this, ı was wondering how and when ada's chapter 3 take place. After watching the re6 movie video, ı started to wonder that and ı've decided to check re6's collections only to get weirded out that some of the cutscene placements doesnt make sense. ( Like, for example ada's 1st encounter with ubistvo was placed at an absurd place. Meanwhile leon's plane crash scene was placed at an earlier place. Not to mention the amount of empty space, couldnt they get more use for something? ) It gave an illusion that the campaign connecting aspect of re6 was actually messed up instead of them connecting to each other very well. Reading this however confirms that the campaigns connect to each other very well including ada's, ( I love how you took the lepotitsa that got launched from the plane by leon and helena into account. ) it's just that some of the cutscene placements in the game's collections are weird.

I'm planning to read this timeline explanation right from the very start though ı want to take some break from reading for a long while.

One suggestion ı have for you awesome people; about the " Faq ( Coming soon ) " part, ı think some of the questions that needs to be included there should be the questions people have about re franchise's story since it's really complex and it's impossible to not get confused. I used to have a lot of questions in the old biohaze, ı wished they werent lost but ı could try bringing some of them here if ı would have time. Granted it's impossible to please everybody but regardless here's a suggestion from me.

Thanks for reading my yet another long essay!
Noted about the Magnum. The RE6 scenario with all its various crossovers took the longest to write up so I think I was just on autopilot trying to get it finished by the end. A document of this size really requires a proper editor and to proof read it all would take another six months of delay.

I'm aware you cannot trigger all the dialogue options at once for the escape from HAOS. However, this is a plot analysis document so the idea is to capture all the story rather than a follow the games completely literally. It was done on purpose so all the characters would interact to provide the full story - as is what would happen in a real scenario unbound by the restrictions of video game mechanics. Likewise in other story write ups certain locked doors are bypassed which are locked purely for gameplay reasons and also some puzzles. These things do not contribute to or affect the storyline.

The cutscene viewer for RE6 has some mistakes and some of Ada's cutscenes are in the wrong order. What I have written up is the more accurate version. I quite painstakingly used all the BSAA radio chatter to pin point exactly where Chris, Piers and Ada were in each level at that particular time. By extension this helps with Sherry and Leon too. I also used the Biohazard 6 Story Guide, which contains the entire game script, as a reference.

Yes the FAQ will be comprised of questions and will be updated in due course.


So ı've decided to continue reading the long timeline essay. Fully read the ancient times to 1799 part as of now. Really enjoyed it, especially the family part.

I hope they will be play more role in future entries.


Resident Evil 6: Chris, Jake, Leon and Ada
So sorry for reviving this but about re6; you are planning to replay it in chronological order right?

I replayed the game a lot; including in chronological order.

This is the best way to play the game in chronological order imo:

C2, J1, J2, A1, L1, L2, A2, L3, J3, C1, C3, J4, L4, A3, A4, C4, J5, C5, L5, A5.

I replayed the game in different orders too but ı think playing the game in the way campaigns are listed ( LCJA ) or this chronological order ı listed are the best ways to play in order.

Caffeine Addict

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is set in 2011, I think.

Do you think Barry will die in Resident Evil Village? If Alex Wesker is supposedly one of the main antagonists, why would she leave him alive to go to another country? A few days ago, I was talking about that stuff on Kiwi Farms. They're clearly idiots. That's a forum dedicated to trolling people outright, so I should have known better than to expect logical replies from any of the basement dwellers who post mundane shite on there. They even had the cheek to call my theory "dumb" when I know about the lore, and who's still alive and who isn't. But it's not dumb if you know the history with what occurred in prior games.

You just have to use your noodle. Natalia is Alex Wesker and if she's in Romania and not Canada or the United States, then it's kind of obvious this game takes place some point later, and this is probably why Chris is acting vengeful. This is a sequel to both of the last two games. Nobody acts like that over nothing, and I know Alex Wesker is probably working with the Connections now, as she adores power. Of course, this doesn't go well for Claire either, I have to assume. Claire is like a mother figure to Natalia, as is Moira. So I have to make a sad and unfortunate prediction that Capcom has finally stopped being soft. They're actually (probably) going to do what they have avoided doing for so very long. And that's sacrificing some characters that don't have anything left to offer the series. I mean, I think it's rotten to dispose of any character we love, but I think their heyday is long gone, and Capcom have likely thought this through.

If Barry is gonna go out though, please, please give him a dignified death. Don't just do something stupid for shock value to one or more of the premier characters that made the franchise what it is today.

Don't pull another...

Joel Miller.

Don't click the spoiler tag if you know nothing about The Last of Us Part II. But I think that's a great comparison, because Naughty Dog did it first for to get a reaction.
Here is my own personal marathon timeline I try to go through every year, especially before major releases. The titles of each chapter were taken or inspired by TheBatMans chronology and how he divided the games. Titles with red letters symbolize main events, have gameplay, and feature main characters. While the words with black letters only are CGI and game movies from my own library or pulled from Youtube.


I don't include the retelling of main events from the Chronicles games because I feel it will become too redundant and repetitive, disrupting the natural flow of a marathon.

I combined some of the scenarios from the Chronicles games, such as Umbrella's End. It's comprised of Wesker's Report I, Umbrella's End, and Dark Legacy all in one. Survivors is the last cutscene of Memories of a Lost City and The 4th Survivor from the Chronicles games since I feel that provides the most story context of any iteration of Hunk’s scenario.

I know that its missing the manga's but after reading them once I feel like not reading them again, not a fan of rereading things. If anyone is curious about them;

Prelude to the Fall would be between Dead Aim and Umbrella's End, The Marhawa Desire between Rev2 and RE6, and Heavenly Island after Vendetta.

Edit: Extra's are old or grey/non-canon material that is not necessary to the overall plot, but can add extra depth to the experience. Removed Redux title and RE1.5.
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Redux basically means brought back or retelling of similar events, while Extra is bonus stuff not necessary to canon. My reasoning for this is because RE1 Barry is more similar to Revelations 2 Barry in personality, so the references shown in that game will go over peoples heads who never played the original. Like “Claire Sandwich” and “I have THIS!” ... the dialogues these are referencing were cut out of REmake. At least watching a video of the first will enrich that experience for people who are new.

1.5 is non canon for sure, but it’s like a completely different game like the REmakes of 2 and 3. So I threw them in one category. Whether they are grey canon or not remains to be seen until future updates.

When REmake 4 release for example, I don’t know yet whether it will replace the original or not, so I’ll add either the original or remake to an Extra or Redux section within Chapter IV.
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