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General The Ridiculous Side of RE

Caffeine Addict

I am not a fan of RE4, but I can see why people like the gameplay. I guess I just never forgave Capcom for not doing a proper conclusion to the Umbrella storyline, where we could have gotten an epic final battle with fixed camera angles, instead of the rubbish explanation we had provided at the start of the game. Then RE4 was the game that arguably took the franchise down the weird Alice hole. And no, not the Milla Alice.

I know that Capcom did good and gave us the Wii game, The Umbrella Chronicles, that is supposed to be a good alternative. But on-rails games where all you do is blast things, aren't my idea of being scared.

I still support the franchise. Part of me wants Capcom to do better and start to connect the dots. But I don't want to get my hopes up anymore.
I would like to thank russident for helping me calm down about RE8 and be more accepting of it. This thread was originally to make fun of nonsensical aspects to RE. I am fully ready to admit when I am wrong, but that doesn’t make what I point out any less ridiculous.

The superpower stuff has been apart of RE for over 20 years now so need to just accept it for what it is. I can’t help but feel though that Capcom was inspired by Alice’s powers from the movies when making more powerful characters. I can see a character like in Brightburn showing up in a future RE at this rate.
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Caffeine Addict

RE8 has...

A robot man.
A giant baby (may be a vision).
Big mommy milker.
The chairman of the Heart Attack Grill.
A living doll.
Magik from The New Mutants.

It's crazier than RE4 ever was! :D

Hehe. 😁
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