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General The Ridiculous Side of RE

Yeah I saw that a while ago. James in particular is a real connoisseur for horror movies so I am surprised he never really explored RE until much later in his life. RE is full of horror tropes I'm sure he would appreciate.
Which re game do you think he will cover? Or which ones do you want him to cover? I would rather see him cover umbrella corps.

There are quite amount of re games that ı'm not a big fan of but ı would rather not see them getting bullied to death.
I personally cant stand jim from outbreak games that much. In outbreak file 2, he's better but in the 1st game, he's quite obnoxious. More than steve imo.

" My life is shit! "

" Kiss my ass, bitch! "


Another thing ı cant stand is the hive scenario. The leeches are godawful, leech man is obnoxious and that giant leech boss is even worse. What's more; if one of your partners die, they become a leech man / woman. I cant even count the amount of times ı died in that scenario. It's tedious. I like outbreak but ı despise that scenario with a passion. Outbreak file 2 is so much better than the 1st one imo.

Oh and there's also this:

" Mass production? RIDICULOUS! "
Nearly everything in Resident Evil Village is ridiculous, but I think they only did that game to appease the people who like only RE4 onwards. It is basically almost an EXACT copy of that game's layout. Buy okay. Nobody notices this.

To be honest, I think it's kind of sad how RE7 (while not perfect) finally brought the series back to the core roots. Then Capcom lied and said the follow up has more action in it, because RE7 was considered to be too scary. Like, I think if someone is going to lie, they should at least attempt a way of doing it more convincingly.

But I stopped caring about Capcom long ago anyway. When the RE4 remake comes out and people see all the content they've cut, their shit will fly here. Although I don't want to have to say, "I told you so..."
Which re game do you think he will cover? Or which ones do you want him to cover? I would rather see him cover umbrella corps.

There are quite amount of re games that ı'm not a big fan of but ı would rather not see them getting bullied to death.
Not sure if he will do another, but would like him to cover Gaiden or RE2 Game.com version.
Yeah. These fan sites are dearly missed. Personally, I always preferred forums to other forms of social media.

Anyone know Temp from reHorror? He was very popular in the community for his rare findings.

God, if only there was sites like that around today.
Ada taking down a battle ship doing or handedly
I disagree with that. I found that awesome cause ı love ada. Separate ways is the best portion of re4 storywise. Though ı dislike saddler boss fight a lot, it's just atrocious.

With re4, the worst part storywise is without a doubt ashley. She gets captured and pads the plot. I dont have a problem with her gameplaywise ( Though the water room in castle is tedious. ) escorting her though it feels tedious. However ı dislike her character a lot.
For me, I would have to say almost every line in the original, especially when Wesker sounds hurt from Chris' laughter, Steve's Canadian "Sorry", "Your right hand comes off?" (I'm weak to Dad jokes), Marguerite's awful lip syncing at the door, the awkward and forced romance between Leon and Claire in the remake, and the epic yet hilarious scene of Jake beating up Ustanak.
Was thinking about the moments in RE that either make us roll our eyes, cringe, or ball out laugh at our screens. Feel free to express the times playing RE where you felt these moments. I can start off by listing off some.

RE1 (Clown Fart Basement music)
CVX (Steve going to kiss Claire with that cheesy soap opera music on plane)
RE0 (Singing FF Marcus)
RE4 (Ada taking down a battle ship doing or handedly)
RE5 (Boulder Punching)
RE6 (Simmons cheap looking mutations and shooting bullets made out of bones, also wtf is up with his pants being organic
RE7 (Lucas ripping off his finger nails)
RE8 (Heisenberg Metal Gear)
REV1 (Quint and Keith sections)
Umbrella Chronicles (Sergei’s Power Ranger Tyrants)
Darkside Chronicles (Ada’s Rocket Powered Lipstick)
Dead Aim (Morpheus growing organic high heels)
REmake 2 (Sherry sounding cheerful after her parents just died)
REmake 3 (Jill being deep throated by a Drain Demos)

Damnation (Leon being ok after being thrown back first against a pillar)
Vendetta (Rebecca being a twin of Arias’ wife Sarah)

Honorable mention goes to Paul Anderson films, imagine if Wesker died to a door in the games🤣

I”ll drop this here as well.
There's plenty of moments that made me laugh, not many cringe moments though. (RE7 as a whole was cringe, but other than that...) Moira Burton was a big source of raw comedy that I adored. She was amazing.
In rerev2, ı despise one of the puzzles in factory. It's the one where you need moira's flashlight to solve it. There are blue footsteps that you're supposed to follow and if you randomly move, you'll get instantly get shotted to death by the turrets...

Except there's a problem. Even when you follow the footsteps, the turret lasers can sometimes still lock on to you which can cause instant death, that happened to me. Ugh it's obnoxious. I despise that puzzle a lot.

I also cant stand durga. I dont like to fight those things at all. Ugh they are seriously bullet spongy and not fun to fight. They even have an instant kill move that can be cheap. I'm not killed by those things that much cause ı would like to keep my distance but sometimes they still hurted me and they do a lot of damage.
I hate that puzzle too. It's as annoying as the beams puzzle in RE5. Although that's kind of easy so long as you don't forget the way to do it.

Honestly, games now in the series don't even have many puzzles that test your thinking skills. I'm not a fan of puzzle solving anyway. But they practically tell you the answer to what you are required to do, so it's too easy.
That puzzle in re5 is alright. I personally dont mind it that much. But ı seriously despise the one in rerev2. It's terrible.

I dont mind very easy puzzles since ı'm more fan of killing things in creative ways like how it can be done in re6. Many of the ones released before re6 feel tedious or clunky to play compared to it and darkside chronicles imo.
Irving in re5 is completely cringe. I never liked him that much. While his boss fight was boring; ı was still glad when he died.

Excella however....
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