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General The Ridiculous Side of RE

Was thinking about the moments in RE that either make us roll our eyes, cringe, or ball out laugh at our screens. Feel free to express the times playing RE where you felt these moments. I can start off by listing off some.

RE1 (Clown Fart Basement music)
CVX (Steve going to kiss Claire with that cheesy soap opera music on plane)
RE0 (Singing FF Marcus)
RE4 (Ada taking down a battle ship doing or handedly)
RE5 (Boulder Punching)
RE6 (Simmons cheap looking mutations and shooting bullets made out of bones, also wtf is up with his pants being organic
RE7 (Lucas ripping off his finger nails)
RE8 (Heisenberg Metal Gear)
REV1 (Quint and Keith sections)
Umbrella Chronicles (Sergei’s Power Ranger Tyrants)
Darkside Chronicles (Ada’s Rocket Powered Lipstick)
Dead Aim (Morpheus growing organic high heels)
REmake 2 (Sherry sounding cheerful after her parents just died)
REmake 3 (Jill being deep throated by a Drain Demos)

Damnation (Leon being ok after being thrown back first against a pillar)
Vendetta (Rebecca being a twin of Arias’ wife Sarah)

Honorable mention goes to Paul Anderson films, imagine if Wesker died to a door in the games🤣

I”ll drop this here as well.
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Hey, it's probably a good thing this wasn't posted on GameFAQs. You would be eaten alive for shit talking about the franchise. :D

Not that you're really doing that. You know what I mean, though. But we're not on there, so you're good.

Well, dude. The series certainly has been rendered relatively odd by 2021. It's sad, too. I remember liking the series back in the day because of the zombies, the creepiness, and the B-movie flare overall. And by saying "the day", I mean 1999 when I personally got into survival horror games. But after 2005, I think it just plummeted more and more, and lost its edge. Really, man. It lost its identity.

Through it all though, I cannot say I've ever wanted to fully quit, even if I do get regularly mad about a lot of things. I've had loads of personal shite to deal with as well, so maybe that's picking my brains too. But honestly, I don't really care for some of the current storylines. Some ridiculous things I want to disown are these weirdo merchants selling ya stuff, the circus environment with Village's villains, and not seeing Ethan's face, like ever. Apart from the camera hack, which is actually official and not a fan fiction face, like the one people assumed was actually him. :)

I just don't know. Will Capcom ever go back and revisit people like Billy Coen, Ark Thompson and Carlos, Josh, or Sheva? Nah. Probably not. :p
People take it too seriously at this point so the intent of this thread was not to be sinister but for people to be open about the things they find to be funny or nonsensical. There’s too many threads where people bicker over the lore and it’s getting tiring when Capcom themselves don’t give a hoot by the end of the day. Fans are more obsessesd than the actual creators, so it’s good to take a step back once in a while and just have fun with it.

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I generally enjoyed Village as a one off game, but I don't think it has the longevity of the other games. Even 7 (which I'm not the biggest fan of either) was a better game. Also, I suspect Capcom wasn't telling the truth when they said 7 was "too scary" after the feedback fans gave them, and this is why they dumbed down the survival horror elements for 8.

Like, that's so stupid. It is a horror series, after all. What made RE tick in the first place? Why neuter it? They took years to get back on track, after all the shooter type entries that fans complained deviated the franchise into mediocrity. So 7 in a sense, was seen as a much needed improvement, restoring the series to the roots.

But it's like the people behind Capcom change their minds every new game, for fear of it becoming stale. I don't know. Only they can say why that is the case.


Parallel scenarios in re1 and remake, sherry dropping her locket in re2, nikolai's ambigious fate in re3, alex wesker.

These would be my additions for the games you didnt mention.
*sigh* I was going for a more lighthearted approach with this thread and making fun of the series’ more silly elements. But alas humor doesn’t exist in the fandom these days so I’ll let this one die off.
For me personally, nothing compares to Wesker's fake laugh from Veronica, ha-ha! And the weirdest thing is that I really like the actor's voice the rest of the time.


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Steve's voice in C:V always gets a chuckle out of me. I love the character and totally sympathize with him. I actually rather like his voice only because I am used to it. But damn is it goofy and giddy too.

Let us not forget all the VA in RE1 either. But it isn't like we need a reminder.

Caffeine Addict

Ethan cannot be considered ridiculous anymore. His Molded state means he can regenerate. But at first, everybody assumed that was out of his human realm. :D
RE1 is a good game to quote.

Reading the first post, I instantly thought about Wesker's laugh in CV too. It still baffles me, because I think Waugh is a fantastic VA.

Second thing is that giant Salazar statue that moves. I just have so many questions. :unsure:


I'll mention another thing that irks me. This one will be about degeneration cause nothing from it is mentioned here.

I dont like how the movie makes it feel like leon and angela are in a love relationship. The reason for this is during the time they are underwater, leon is forced to kiss angela to give her some air so that she doesnt get drowned. Angela also holds leon's arm that holds his silver ghost before he shoots the glass that lets all the water out. I like the movie but ı'm not a big fan of that decision for those 2 characters.

In re6, helena feels improved from angela as a character and her not being in a love relationship with leon is one of the reasons. She's concerned with her sister right from start when compared to angela where her being concerned with curtis happens later. She also goes underwater with leon and thankfully there's no kissing underwater. There are air spots to restore breath, this feels like a creative decision. Helena supports leon's relationship with ada as well, that makes me like her even more. She's mature enough to not ask leon so that she would go on a date with him like how ashley asks at the end of re4 in an absurd way.

Despite the things ı've said; people still think helena is an angela expy even though she has plenty of differences from her. I also find it weird that people hate her just cause she's voiced by laura bailey who also voiced angela but the same criticism isnt made for chris. Roger craig smith 1st voiced curtis then he voiced chris in many appearances. This doesnt seem consistent. I'm gonna be honest, ı was under the impression of finding her the weakest character in the game but ı dont want to say that statement anymore. I dont want to downplay my enjoyment on re6, ı only hurt myself this way due to being too shy which prevented me to express my opinions as much as ı could. I'm not gonna do this ever again, imo re6 is a masterpiece, a game that's ahead of its time in many ways. I enjoyed pretty much everything in campaigns really.

But going back to angela; ı'm glad they didnt try to force her to re6's story and shotaro suga created helena instead. I dont think angela would work in the story, she already lost her brother; how would she be forced to do simmons' bidding? Not to mention she appeared in a movie; ı dont think capcom would be allowed to use characters who 1st appeared in movies in games. That might cause copyright issues or something.


Honestly ı never liked claire's comments on leon's suit during infinite darkness. I think leon looks very charismatic in the movie meanwhile for claire; they just rip off her design from rerev2 again. I prefer her designs in darkside chronicles, degeneration and heavenly island personally.
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