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RE8 Resident Evil Village Shown

This is only your empirical experience. The series has already changed so many times and divided so many people that it is very naive to believe that everything was wonderful before Resident Evil 7. When I play Resident Evil 6, I can't believe it's the same universe as Resident Evil 2002.
I know that the " change " started with re2 but ı liked the change from re2 up to re6 / rerev2 and that change feels impactful while re7's change doesnt and feels annoying. No ı dont think everything was wonderful before re7 but re7's direction still annoys me for many reasons. I disagree about re6. I replayed re games ( While checking canon non-game stuff at the same time as well. ) both in release and chronological order many times; re6 feels fitting to universe. Re4 and re7 are the ones that feel disconnected to storyline.
A certain percentage of me can't stop thinking that the woman in the hat is Alex Wesker. Perhaps because she is very similar to the actress Elaine Hendrix, who gave her appearance to Alex in Revelations 2. They have many features in common: from the shape of the chin to the nose and even the eyebrows.


If this is really Alex, her location in the castle, which is definitely connected to Spencer, makes sense to me.

In this case, the man with glasses is Fabron. First, he has the same glasses, facial features, and even hair color. Second, he is also connected to Alex, so his presence also makes sense:


Maybe they wear gloves because they know what kind of weapons they're dealing with. So is Chris.

But then I still have a lot of questions. For example, how could Alex regain her appearance? Is she still in Natalia's body? How is Alex connected to the syndicate whose weapons we see in the trailer? Was the syndicate located in Spencer's castle, or had Alex decided to use the castle as a testing ground or a starting point for her devious plan? God, I have so many questions.
Yeah. I really do support your theory that the gruesome twosome are Daniel and Alex. It kind of reminds me of the NPC that was introduced in Umbrella Corps who is yet to show up in a mainline entry. People assumed it was Wesker, somehow still alive. But that was a dumb suggestion.

That two antagonists would debut in a spin off first is unique. People were always too quick to brush off side story titles... until now. ?

Well, the State of Play event last night was God awful with nothing really all that exciting on offer. But we have to push things ahead. Dusk Golem reckons we will still have a new trailer this month. ?
But resistance isnt canon. And daniel only appears in that mode which is non-canon just like mercenaries, raid mode etc.
Fabiano said that Resistance is not a canon, but with the caveat that developers like to think that some elements of the game are related to the universe. If Spencer, Alex, Jill, and the rest are canonical characters, what's to stop Fabron from being a canon, too? It is even possible that he was intended for Village, since the development of Resistance started later.
But those characters appeared previously, daniel is a completely new character. He isnt mentioned in any of re5 lin's files, nor seen / mentioned in rerev2 or heavenly island. The other new characters in that mode arent canon either.
He doesn't need to be mentioned to show up and say that he's always worked with Alex and Umbrella. This is exactly the same unknown knowledge that you spoke about in Resident Evil 6.

At the same time, I do not claim that Alex and Fabron will be in the game. I just note that they are very similar (Dusk Golem wrote that this is them) and noted that their tandem makes sense. These may be new characters.

A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
Yeah it was confirmed by a leaker that this guy is Fabron since the trailer dropped, he did say Alex was there too but didn't say who it was iirc. Lady in white has to be her no other character shown looks as much as Alex as her.

The characters are canon they are meant to fit the established lore, the minor details are not, so the fact that they exist is canon, what happened to them or what they did is up in the air because its a multiplayer game. We can assume they all died since they are just kids
Couldnt he be simply a random follower of alex instead? I mean dirk miller from heavenly island didnt appear or wasnt previously seen anywhere either and in that manga; he's established as one of alex's followers.

As for benford and simmons; they were seen in re3's epilogue files ( which are canon ) before re6 expanding on them. Resistance isnt canon unlike re3's epilogue files.
While the game does look and sound good, I fear this could end up yet another title that boasts only of a self-contained plot for the most part. I do think they're conjuring up this game partially to reuse assets for the RE4 remake, and because the first person RE Engine has been around for a while, and people love to experience the horror in VR.

Just a pity that Ethan as a main protagonist, has the personality of a pebble. It's hard to care about a guy you don't see either. You care about people like Ellie, Chris, James [Sunderland] and so many of these iconic survival horror related characters, because they gave you a reason to. Ethan just feels like "some guy" that is in a bad situation, but why is that the case?

I take it he followed Chris to that village, for to gain answers. Either way, sounds too RE4-ish. To me, RE4 was where RE went really bad. Not that RE4 is in itself a bad game. But it was too action oriented with a strange plot, and hereby kind of felt rather detached from the prior sequels.

Hopefully this game is all the hype, and more. Longevity is crucial to keeping a series engrossing for the fans.

A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
Yeah hopefully this game turns out to be what the franchise needs, I know that will mean different things to different people. But as long as the gameplay is good and the story is satisfying most people will be pleased. And yes, easier said than done. But they need to step it up.

Personally what I want the most for the story is for the ending to be unpredictable, like maybe Ethan becoming a Tyrant type creature and you gotta kill him as Chris with the help of Jill. Something like that would be the least fans would expect
I wonder if Kawamura knows about this.
" Dr. Birkin negotiated with ranking officials within the United States government, requesting protection in exchange for providing the G-Virus and its research data.

The U.S. government, keen in acquiring Umbrella's top scientist and the research data for the latest B.O.W., quickly agreed to send in a team of U.S. special ops forces to extradite Dr. Birkin. Learning of this development, Umbrella airlifted six Tyrant B.O.W.s into the industrial area of the city (per scenes from BIO 2), where they fought with the U.S. special ops team. "

This is his statement. It never mentions simmons and benford but ı guess he would know of re6 expanding on them eventually.
But then I still have a lot of questions. For example, how could Alex regain her appearance? Is she still in Natalia's body? How is Alex connected to the syndicate whose weapons we see in the trailer? Was the syndicate located in Spencer's castle, or had Alex decided to use the castle as a testing ground or a starting point for her devious plan? God, I have so many questions.

What if the Alex studied C-virus "shape shifting" that can make people display the clone properties? (RE 6 timeline of events seem to match with the Revelations 2 ending where we see Natalia and the Burton family inside their house and hearing news about the RE 6 outbreak. Carla Radames did end up looking exactly like Ada.

I also had a theory that HCF began the molded children tests using DNA from Wesker Children. So the lady in white could be a creation of Fabron or whoever is in charge of the Connections (maybe spencer family) using Alex dna?
The difference now may be the fact this time they perfected the mold when they succeeded in stoping E-series decay and aging (remember how Eveline became an old granma?) through the "vampiric method", that is, i think its possible this new Alex possesses an evolved mold strain but she has to drink "blood" from time to time to be able to look a bit younger...
And this new vamp Alex probably is after the blood of the Ethan and Mia child in order to permanently reverse her aging process, either that or get some new type of powers due to Winter´s child still holding some kind of evolved mold possibly?

Another theory is that the deceased Spencer actually is not the real owner of the symbol or idea of Umbrella, and that is not his castle, but in fact Spencer stole all ideas from a mystery family from Romania, because they had legends of people with powers but also tied to vampirism (THE umbrella logo looks a lot like the real life Knights Templar symbol and the Templars were a very mysterious organization, maybe in RE lore the "Umbrella" grey symbol is not all Umbrella´s but the Knights sigil that could have started there, in Romania), so Spencer liked their concept but wanted to become as strong but without their necessity of blood to mantain their healthy appearance, so Spencer picked that idea but wanted to use Progenitor to conquer just as much power without apparent drawbacks.
And after the fall of Umbrella Fabron figured out that Spencer, W children, etc was not the "real deal" there was something fishy about Romania and started working for these Romanian ladies and then bumped on this new vampiric infection (possibly he traced romania location because there might be a link with the Molded research that HCF had with the Connections?).
In that case the Connections could be some kind of criminal ring that bumped into the romanian castle secrets and brought a sample to HCF and this generated an association from both Connections and HCF that kickstarted what ultimately became the bioweapons like the E-series we saw in RE 7.

The 3 black witches might be the original castle family and Fabron/HCF developed the Woman in White (new generation of the Eveline bow) and infected all 3 woman, so all 3 girls now are sort of the new variation of a "Baker family" used for Village (they became puppets used by the white lady).
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I like the way you think. For example, I also associate the need to drink blood with an attempt to stabilize aging. Even if it doesn't really help, the lady in the hat may think it does. It is no accident that in folklore, blood for vampires was not only a means of food, but also a means of rejuvenation. Even in real life, the same Bathory took a bath of blood to preserve her youth. In other words, such a concept exists and can find a place in the game.

About Alex's face, there are these thoughts: in the bad ending of Revelations 2, we can see that along with Alex's consciousness, Natalia also has awesome physical abilities. Judging by the red eyes, Natalia is an adapter of a virus that can be controlled by Alex's consciousness. Therefore, I suspect that Alex's mind could also "correct" Natalia's body and face, using the evolutionary capabilities of the virus. This theory makes sense, since the influence of the Progenitor virus on evolution has been discussed more than once, and the influence of consciousness on the development of the virus was confirmed by Albert after the storyline of Vladimir.

I can also agree that the castle did not belong to Spencer, although I still believe otherwise. The castle is definitely very old — much older than Umbrella, so the Umbrella symbol is hardly an umbrella. It's probably a cross. Since we can find similar symbols in the Spencer mansion, although they may have been there before the corporation was founded, I thought it might be the Spencer family cross.

But it can also be a symbol of the order. The trailer repeatedly refers to Vlad Basarab, so this symbol may be an allusion to the Order of the Dragon, in which Vlad's family took part (the dragon is Dracul (Vlad II was Dracul), and Dracula is the son of the dragon). Since we can see the image of the Devil on the castle gate (which also means Dracul, since the images of the Devil and the Dragon are often intertwined), I believe it's all connected.

In that case, Spenser didn't have to steal anything if his family was related to the order.
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I like the way you think. For example, I also associate the need to drink blood with an attempt to stabilize aging. Even if it doesn't really help, the lady in the hat may think it does.

I think you are on the right trail, russident. Some of the posts from Dusk Golem on Twitter did imply RE 8/Village was previously supposed to be Revelations 3 so it all makes sense if Alex is still a villain or the main villain of Village.
Also from what can be implied of Famitsu's developer interview for Village, this game is set to conclude the story that started with RE 7. It does seem Ethan's story is getting closure.

That's why I am leaning towards the theory Village will involve the Connections and explain more clearly the location that is the source for the mold bow projects. but I can also perceive Capcom might have taken inspiration for Village using the RE 4 beta concepts of that Spencer family Castle.

Clearly Spencer had ties to a noble family from Europe which built castles all around, and the Romanian castle could be an old castle that belongs to the Spencer family.
However from what I could gather from previous game files and lore Spencer was a guy that wanted to rule the new world with the W children but I don't see much evidence he had any relatives left.
He was a recluse and looked like he didn't trust much people except for Vladimir, Alex and maybe his Butler (I'm not sure he saw Albert as someone he could've as a full ally, maybe towards the end he believed he would manipulate Albert but that didn't end well).

Sure, Village might introduce that idea that Spencer had some deeper connection to the castle or the old umbrella sigils, so it will be really interesting to see how that pans out.

I was hoping they would pull The Natalia/Natalex card for RE 9, as there's also talks from leaks that Village's ending will be surprising. Not that I think having Alex as the villain for Village is bad, it's cool but I don't know how they will tie the Vampirism idea with Alex's T-Phobos, I guess the link would be more obvious with the mold/ mutamycete, let's wait and see how it will play out in the end.
If Alex Wesker does do something to Claire and Barry, Capcom just better be prepared for the hate thereafter. ?
There's talks Capcom intends to make changes which could retool the RE franchise (this means both Village and the title that comes right after are going to deeply affect continuity). I'm not sure what to expect regarding the classic characters though. it could mean some of those will get the short end of the stick, and if so it's gonna be a huge shock to long time fans.
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