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You know; ı might as well give this game more credit even though ı dont like re7's direction for the series. They might be able to fix some of that game's flaws. Like more monsters and variety as well as better designs, giving ethan more personality, fixing chris' design, story slightly more connected to canon re lore ( Natalex and barry are in the game. Though ı wished jake also appeared. I want to use his cqc combat in another entry. ) etc.

Also ı like the werewolves actually; if the viral agent in the game could be explained well for what it does with a good backstory, then ı feel like they would work.

Not sure if this game will be " re5 " to re7's disconnected story; granted re4 was also not connected well either. ( Though re7 feels even more disconnected when compared to re4 which had a build up from past re games unlike re7 that doesnt really have a build up. ) In order to be " re5 " ; they need to make re6 and re7 more connected to each other. ( Rerev games are main entries but they arent numbered. Though ı wished rerev's cliffhanger was also explained. Should have happened in heavenly island manga plus a claire - jill team up would have been cool. Parker comes back but not jill for a weird reason. ) They could have done that in vendetta movie but instead the story is basically a re4 fanservice.

Not sure if what ı said would happen though. I wished ı could be more optimistic but after re2 2019 / re3 2020's huge wasted plotentials and their lack of care to source material not to mention similar to re7, they also feel gutted with cut content and stories that arent connected to canon re lore well; ı really dont think ı can tbh.
I dont think the woman who is killed by chris is mia. I think she's someone else. If that's mia; then it makes the choice system in re7 even more pointless.

Also ıdk why ethan is coming back; his story was finished already in re7. I feel like this game will be another padding just like that entire game.

Oh and ı hope they wont turn chris into a villain. I hate to say this but after thinking about this; they might do that. They might turn him into a villain. He was portrayed as one in rerev's trailer even though in the actual game he wasnt but still. Honestly ı dont know why he shot that woman; wouldnt it make more sense if he arrested her to learn more info?

I hope ı will be wrong about this; especially chris being a villain part. Ugh; my optimism nowadays is seriously shattered...
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Well, I did say a long time ago that I yearned for new characters in the franchise. If you use the same ones over and over again, you're bound to feel like the games just aren't that creepy anymore.

The first few games were scary and atmospheric, because the protagonists didn't know what to expect. Eventually though, it ended up as a career for them, so they were always prepared in subsequent situations. That is why the franchise ended up in a slump, because they felt like adventure stories where everyone would predictably overcome the threat. The series eventually ened up like your typical Hollywood summer blockbusters. But with a new take on the horror aspects, you can freshen things up.

Ethan however, isn't really that interesting of a character. I cannot really be bothered to care for a guy I cannot even see. Yes, I know you're meant to be seeing things from his perspective all of the time, but I just don't like that you never see his body at all, besides maybe a glimpse, and even then, I think they try to intentionally obscure his face. He's never even visible in the movie scenes all that much either, which is annoying.

And yeah, I agree that they're padding things out. This is another reason I've been turned off for a long time. I used to be interested in the games as they were announced, but after they got too bizarre, I just started to feel like I'd lost hope for it being where it needed to be. While things have picked up here and there, I still don't think the series is anywhere close to being excellent again. Especially with these shitty remakes that don't feel like they're actually proper remakes. They really need to do a game like The Evil Within 2 or something, in third person, and with a solid budget. That of course requires dedication, so I'm not sure that would work with how they function nowadays.

Like, I know The Last of Us Part II is a big seller with some of the most sensational graphics you'll ever see. Right now, it's the best selling PS4 game in history (I think, anyway). But what does that matter if the story is so bleak and turning the fandom against your envision? Fans are so mad at Naughty Dog right now, and can you blame us? They've ruined what made the original so effective, and this is sad to see. I'd been hoping that they could have made this into a franchise bigger than Resident Evil is. But I don't know what the future holds. They claim it was very hard to make a second one, and with how much they've let people down, I doubt many people will trust Naughty Dog with another entry. Unless they used totally new characters and moved things in a different and interesting direction, but the thing about that is that this is also a gamble. People like what's familiar and it doesn't always work with newer characters. But then if you screw up the original characters, it's just as bad. False advertising your product is also not a smart idea.

I'm sorry, but one game and some DLC hardly counts as a franchise. Two games maybe does, but then if the sequel is the polar opposite of what part one is, then that's why people would be cautious about a third game, considering Neil Druckmann is a lying sack of shit. A handful of the trailers were misleading too. You're conned into thinking that Ellie and Joel had another adventure in the pipeline, until you discovered that the scene they showed off was giving to a supporting character. They even force you to play as a woman that nobody likes. And why would you like her, considering what unfolds? It's stupid. Something tells me that Capcom are probably going to do the same thing down the road, for shock value. I'd really not put it past them at this point. I'm sure the people at these companies know each other, communicate frequently, and have the same ideas.

It's not asking too much for great games that are free from the SJW garbage. Is it?










Famitsu article for RE8. I also heard in this article they say the quote "His story comes to a close" is actually referring to Ethan and not Chris as people have been speculating but I wouldn't know for sure.


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A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
Famitsu article for RE8. I also heard in this article they say the quote "His story comes to a close" is actually referring to Ethan and not Chris as people have been speculating but I wouldn't know for sure.
That's what I wanted, making it be Chris would have been a bad idea. I'm guessing CVXFreak will translate this soon?
Imagine getting two back to back games about a guy you NEVER even see. His story isn't that interesting either. He survived and had a kid. What else? I don't care about this man's soap opera stuff.

I think Chris' story is coming to a close soon as well. I mean, how many more adventures can he go on, giving his age? Barry is even older, and while he can fight for sure, they're both on the verge of retirement. ?

Do you think the game would sell as well if they didn't associate a main character with the plot?
I said it was going to be Ethan's story being the end. Chris is too big a character to remove from the series. In fact, I'm glad Chris will be in this game, because he's my Resident Evil hero. He is such a fighting badass warrior. The guy punched and shoved a boulder in an active volcano without breaking a bone in his hand for Hell's sake.

As far as Ethan goes, I don't see a point in keeping him beyond this game, because he's uninteresting and no one knows what he looks like. Not the most important character in the series. I just wonder if he'll still have the staples holding his hand to his arm when Zoe reattached it.

A. Wesker

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
I think Chris' story is coming to a close soon as well. I mean, how many more adventures can he go on, giving his age? Barry is even older, and while he can fight for sure, they're both on the verge of retirement. ?

I agree but what about any of that is making you go ?


Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
As someone who was never that fond of RE7, Village is looking great guys.
I've never had a problem with first-person perspective. The environment looks great, Chris looks fantastic and the enemies are interesting.

As for the quote about the story ending, I always told people it was more than likely referring to Ethan but still, not taking it for granted. I just highly doubt it is Chris since the game appears to be more of an Ethan game with Chris also having a role.
They would never retire Chris in a game where he isn't even the most playable character. People also thought this because Chris is the "poster boy" for Village... Well, that's Chris Redfield lol
Chris pretty much is the face of the series, RE5 its best seller and Chris is their most important character. Chris promoting the game means a lot, Ethan doesn't. That's just a marketing strategy.
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It's not that I don't like first person shooters, but I was hoping that wouldn't become a regular occurrence. Hopefully the next game that isn't another remake, goes back to third person. ?

Like I said, you don't see Ethan's face, so I have a hard time even caring about him as a person, while an actual character who built the franchise is staring right at him. It's just odd. It's not what I want.

Fingers crossed that Barry is okay! ?
Have you guys forgotten Mia worked for bioterrorists? She still is responsible for the downfall of the innocent Baker family.
Tbf though; she tried to warn the baker family as seen with her note in daughters dlc.

What makes you think that woman is mia in your opinion? I think she's someone else.

If that's mia who's shot by chris; then it makes the entire story of re7 pointless since it's about ethan trying to save his wife.

Canonically she's saved and those 2 are happy at the ending. If that woman is indeed mia; it would be very disrespectful to the game.
If you look closely in the trailer and pause the frame where the shots are fired, it is Mia. She has a white top, and her face and hair is the same. My guess is she showed strains of the Eveline virus, so Chris was like, "Sod it". Plus, I think Alex Wesker has did something bad, which has triggered his revenge mission.
That's not a virus; mold is a fungus, a bacterium. There's no virus whatsoever. Re4 and re7 are the only mainline entries that dont feature virus as dangerous compounds. Also ı think mia could have been cured. There are vaccines found in blue umbrella's base which joe tries to secure one for zoe. Apparently this takes years after re7; she and ethan could have been cured with vaccine during that time period.

So basically in your guys' opinion; re8 is gonna be a " conclusion " to re7...

By making that entire game's plot pointless...

Well; if capcom's planning that route, then it would be a very " genius " move from them.

Yeah; totally nothing wrong at all.
Ha! Trust "Captain Chris Redfield" to call it like it is. ?

This is no Naughty Dog situation. At least, not yet. Nobody really cares about Mia anyway. She ain't a fan favourite, or anything. She served her purpose well. If she died, it may be hard to sink in for a few minutes. But she's not HUGE in the series. Neither is Ethan, quite frankly. He just seems like some guy that's caught up in everything. Again, I cannot care much for a person we don't even see. Except for his hand. But boy, do his limbs suffer a fair deal of physical abuse, eh? ?

I do think there's a chance something has impacted Chris so badly for him to be acting this way. According to Dusk Golem, Alex Wesker is supposedly in the game as the second villain. So my guess is, and I don't wanna say it. But pray for the Redfield and Burton families. This is gonna be big. Really big! ?

I always did say that Wesker is synonymous with the series. I didn't just mean dear Albert. ?

Couldnt that woman be mia's child instead? I remember seeing somewhere that mia is apparently pregnant due to mold infection. ( Even though it doesnt make sense for her and ethan to be infected; re8 takes years after re7, again they could have been cured. )

Though ı still dont like how they made chris kill a random person; ugh really weird.

They made ( brainwashed ) jill kill an innocent civilian in re5 with uroboros infection and now it's chris' turn to kill one.

There's no piers or leon this time to stop him; ı mean he could have killed a random person with a bottle at the start of his re6 campaign but thankfully piers stopped him.

I'm starting to feel like his re6 campaign is gonna be pointless; ı hope ı'm wrong with this last statement.

Oh and why is one of the images showing footage from hunkfield? Maybe they are different person? What does the japanese text say? Does anyone know?
Also ı know this was talked previously but why is this game even called village? Why cant capcom create creative numbers as logos instead of roman numerals which feels more like a lazy way to call the games?

They already made a mistake in the past by not numbering recv even though storywise it does more things than re4 could even dream of. And now; they are repeating it again.

" Village " name is very lazy; couldnt they come up with a different name at least? There was already a village in re4.
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