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RE:4 RE4R Separate Ways and Mercs Update

I miss Wesker too. But I don't think he can return after his death in molten lava. However, Alex is in the body of Natalia. She was basically introduced to fill a void.

But of course, Capcom will probably make every game feature a new virus, as opposed to ending the previous storylines, which I reckon makes more sense than making up crap now as they go along.

So this is a video ı found. It looks like giant chainsaw ganados can decapitate the characters in mercenaries but the normal chainsaw ganados cant decapitate the characters for some reason. I find that odd.

Also this is wesker getting decapitated on mercenaries by a female chainsaw ganado. I found it funny.
The giant chainsaw ganado can instantly decapitate you in the original as well, so it's consistent in that sense.
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