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General Name five things you currently hate about Resident Evil...


I'm gonna post the things ı hate the most for each entry in the series. So lets start:


Dualshock soundtrack.


Leon a claire b scenario pair.


Some of nemesis' drops.


Wesker, especially in x version.


Entire voice acting.

Survivor 2

No voice acting.


The ending.


Entire story.


Giant bat boss fight.

Dead aim



Entire the hive scenario.

Outbreak file 2

Nothing, ı love this game.



Umbrella chronicles




Darkside chronicles

Javier excluding his mutation.






The hate bandwagon for the game.


Alex wesker.

Umbrella corps

Wesker revival hints.


" I'm redfield. "

Re2 2019

Entire story.

Re3 2020



Lady dimitrescu.


Leon and angela " kiss " scene.


Nothing, ı love this movie.


Los illuminados being revived.

Infinite darkness

The movie being set way back in the past.

Biohazard the stage

Nothing, ı love this play.

Prelude to the fall

Short length.

Marhawa desire

Merah dying.

Heavenly island

Parker coming back in favor of jill.



So ı created this as a test some days ago. In re6 steam discussions, there's nothing but negativity about the game most of the time. So ı gave this positivity a try and this is the result.

I dislike survival horror fans with a passion. They know nothing about the franchise along with their lives being full of misconception and lies.
There's someone there who stalked me like a creepy stalker, in a more disgusting way than simmons. That person dedicated his life to hating re6. He also insulted me during a re6 video's comment section, tgbs' one where he praises the game. He copy pasted someone else's reply from modding post for his recent reply on that steam thread, due to running out of ideas how to bash the game further.

I swear some people should be locked down to a hospital or something. I still cant believe ı'm a fanbase with a lot of idiots.

Caffeine Addict

I have the same problem with an Australian guy, who is currently harassing me on YouTube, Fandom, and some forums. It's that bad, that I have decided to consult with a lawyer.

He was this guy I knew from a site called Capcom Central. He also used to post on Capcom Europe and The Horror Is Alive, when they were still around. So it happens to all of us.

It's unfortunate. But they're only acting like tough guys because they're online.


I have the same problem with an Australian guy, who is currently harassing me on YouTube, Fandom, and some forums. It's that bad, that I have decided to consult with a lawyer.

He was this guy I knew from a site called Capcom Central. He also used to post on Capcom Europe and The Horror Is Alive, when they were still around. So it happens to all of us.

It's unfortunate. But they're only acting like tough guys because they're online.
Honestly ı recommend cutting connection to many online forums. Internet contains a lot of rude people for sure.

Caffeine Addict

This is one of the few forums I still visit, as most of them are filled with trolls, or there's hardly any activity online these days.

I'm basically waning off them. I started when I was 17... and I'll be 36 next month.

We can blame Facebook and Twitter. Or... yeah. Even YouTube has a lot to do with why forums have declined. :D


Patricia ja lee not voicing jill after re5, it's a big problem for rerev btw.
So ı want to talk about this. After discussing this with a friend of mine; ı've learned that the reason why patricia ja lee doesnt voice jill in rerev is due to accidentally revealing the existence of re5 gold edition before capcom announcing it.

This has to be one of the most unfair decision of capcom ever. She voices jill in a trailer but in actual game, she doesnt voice her due to this.

Caffeine Addict

Yeah. That's a bit much.

A lot of fans don't think Capcom treats their staff or fans very nicely. Blame us for making RE8 like RE4, eh? Nah. You're lucky we still slap down that dough.

Your company just wanted to copy RE4 to hype everyone up for the remake. It had nothing to do with RE7 being too scary. Like, what the hell?

Horror games are supposed to be frightening, damn it. ;)
I could name a lot more than just 5 things I currently hate about Resident Evil. But I'll stick with only 5 main things.

1- First Person: I hate first person games. All of them. I've only played RE7 around 2 years after its release, only to catch up with the story of the series. RE8 I only bought cause of Chris. Chris is my favorite characters, so by believing he was going to be playable in the game made me buy it. But as it turn out he was briefly playable for 15 minutes.

2- Main Protagonist without a face: Even worse than being first person game. Is the main protagonist not having a face in cut scenes, when looking at mirror, etc. I could even deal with first person game if my main character had a face but RE7 and RE8 don't have face for the main characters. That makes the experience even worse for me. And before people come up with excuses, well, Chris is playable in both RE7 and RE8 and he has a face in both games. Mia and Joe are playable in RE7 and they have faces. Capcom wanted for Ethan not to have a face and that decision ruined RE7 and RE8 for me. I could have liked Ethan if he had a face in the game. And before people post that image of Ethan, don't bother, I have seen it and is not official released by capcom. Plus I'm not saying that I wanted to know how his face looks like, I wanted to see his face in the game.

3- The Main Protagonist of the Series being pushed aside: RE8 is the second time Chris is used as a supporting character instead of main character. Let me remind people that there is a resident evil series cause of Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire who were the ones that made the series successfully. But now capcom keeps putting them aside to give the focus and glory to other characters like faceless Ethan. I'll die and Capcom will not have made a resident evil game with all 4 main characters in it, Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire. I have been waiting for this since the 90s.

4- Survivor Horror: I don't like Survivor Horror, I prefer Action Horror like Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Revelations 1, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Resident Evil 4. I don't like being lost searching for a key to open a door to get another key to open a window to get another key. That's boring to me and makes me want to quit the game. I prefer the way it was in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. Even Revelations 1 and 2 got it right and we don't stay lost long looking for keys.

5- Woke stuff affecting resident evil games: I mean, all the editing in RE4 was unnecessary and woke. If thats how future games will be I think I'll be stuck in the past and play the games how they were originally made.

Caffeine Addict

Yeah. That tends to bother me too. I care about the characters. I honestly don't want to just see my character's limbs, when he could have had a fully fledged persona. Uh! Also, Chris being a cash grab character today, ruins the mood. 🙄

Feels like he got demoted to being a sidekick / clean-up crew kind of guy for some reason. But I kind of hate that Capcom has been doing this to the very character who began the entire franchise, with Jill. 😂


So this came into my mind and ı want to express it here.

I want to say that ı really cant stand to many of re7 fans. They are really obnoxious with their replies while making statements that look like false facts.

I'm mentioning this cause today is re7's birthday. While ı'm glad people enjoy the game and like it, the way it's praised as said previously is really obnoxious and makes me want to keep my distance to it as well as other re engine games.

Statements like:

" It brought back horror. "

" It's more re than 4 / 5 / 6. "

" It saved the series from its downfall. "

" It returned to franchise's roots. "

" Re6 was a mistake and re7 was a fantastic reboot while being a really fresh and needed take on the franchise. "

I saw statements like these being mentioned on popular places over and over. They are really nonsensical and make no damn sense. None seems to go up against these, neither on twitter nor in other places like gamefaqs, reddit, discord servers when it comes to resident evil ( project umbrella and re wiki comes to mind. ) as well as more.

I just cant stand the way " horror " is described by the fanbase as well as the way how it's exaggerated.

I mean 4 / 5 / 6 are resident evil. They are called that way. They are also survival horror. The japanese cover on them has this written on them. Calling them " not survival horror " isnt really different from calling them " not canon " really. People make up so called " rules " about the franchise in a forced way and limit themselves.

I'm not saying you have to like these games. I dont even like re4 for example while not considering it a good game these days. I thought about it more and after experiencing it in different ways due to being forced to do this since ı couldnt figure out a way to open it on my new gaming laptop, my enjoyment pretty much diluted. However ı still like re5 a lot and ı really love re6 even more. Different varied opinions are possible as well.

But if you have to praise something, why dont you leave another game that you dont like alone? They simply have to say " Re7 was really scary, its horror was pretty good, the story was tragic, baker family make me sad etc. " That's it. These are good ways to praise the game for example.

They also still bully re6 in a ridiculous way that make no damn sense. I mean in one of re7 videos, the devs described it " great game " . And yet they forget this and still cant resist bullying it.

I said this previously but ı was enjoying the game until ı came across the fanbase. I wanted to have my own opinions and after thinking about it, deep down, ı've grown massive disdain for it. Re6 being considered as one of the worst by many only strengthened that as well. These days however ı dont consider re7 as worst mainline entry. I've grown more issues for some others instead.

So ı wanted to express it here. I simply cant stand many re engine fans who can be obnoxious with their statements.
Madhouse made me like RE7 more.

When I beat it on normal, I trashed it saying it is an engine demo.

I beat it in less than 6 hours and there was no mini game like mercenaries.

Knowing how crappy RE8's mercenaries mode is, I can see that the new team really don't know what made 4-6 so repayable.

4 didn't age well so I don't play it that much anymore, but 5 and 6 are still great.


The birthday was yesterday though.

However, I did not write anything about it here, despite the fact that this game means a lot to me, because it is not popular here.
Fair enough. And ı think you're ok and if you want to praise the game here, go ahead. Or if the hate for the game is bothering you, go ahead and mention it.

I admit ı dont like some of the negative statements for re7 either. Stuff like " It's not re. " or " Outlast clone " . I dont like those either. It's as nonsensical as " It's not re. " or " Cod clone. " statements made for re6.

I'm not the biggest fan of it and ı simply prefer to talk not that much about it these days. However ı think the praisement you did here in the past is alright. As long as you dont get into trouble with others, everything would be fine ı think.

I guess ı'll go ahead and give my example by saying that ı think it recreates re1 better than remake does. I despise remake these days, especially after learning its game development. However people like it a lot and that's fine. I'm just not the biggest fan of focusing on negativity that much these days like how ı did in the past for some games.
I remember when Resident Evil 7 was announced, I was experiencing a very stressful state. On the one hand, I was very excited about the announcement and the trailer, on the other hand, the reception of this event was very negative in the community. A person's feelings cannot be ambivalent, that is, we cannot be happy and sad at the same time, so I was torn apart from not knowing what I should feel.

When the storm subsided a little, before the release of the game and after it, I remember this disgusting feeling of irritation because of how fans of titles such as Resident Evil 6 almost every day tried to prove why the new game is bad, and insulted those who disagree with them, including me. As a result, I began to project my negative attitude towards such fans onto Resident Evil 6 itself, despite the fact that I liked the game in 2013. I began to hate it.

And I started forming arguments why Resident Evil 7 is better at this and that. I started living in this bubble of my own, where there are only right criteria and game design, and there are wrong ones, although in reality developers are not dependent on this binary thinking. And this shit deformed me a lot, because I became more aggressive as a person.

But at some point I realized one thought. I'm unhappy because I can't control the world around me. Because I can't control the information around me. And I will never be able to change people's feelings and their ability to write what they want, whether it's something reasonable or absurd. I will not change those whose opinion is different, or some stupid people who deeply believe in misinformation and call you an idiot, even if you give them a source. And if I had such power, would it be right to encroach on someone's freedom, even if I desperately believe that this person is wrong? I answered myself in the negative.

Therefore, in order to get rid of frustration, I decided that I had to change myself and my attitude to the world. I had to accept that people might hate something or have some other point of view that I might not understand.

And to do this, I needed to realize the reason for this driving force, which makes me argue with people, because I can't just pretend that I don't care. If a video game satisfies me for a number of reasons so that I find it enjoyable, there shouldn't be a single reason why I have to prove something to someone. Will my experience with the game change if some Joe treats it better? I don't think so.

So it seems to me that the real reason why I was trying to prove something to someone was related to how I was looking for validation for myself. I wanted to live in a fairytale world where Resident Evil 7 is objectively and legitimately a great game, but that's not how art and people's experiences actually work. It took me a long time to realize that any opinion is based on different criteria that are important to this or that person. This is an axiom. And the moment you start believing that one type of game design is objectively better than another, you become part of a culture and a paradigm within which each person, having their own opinion, will prove why their views are more objective.

I've been part of this trap for a long time and projected so much onto Resident Evil 7 that I perceived any negativity towards this game as a personal attack. But my feelings are my feelings, and the game itself, as well as the people who talk about it, are completely separate from everything that happens in my head.

When you realize that a video game is just a program created by people you really don't know, and the people who write words about it are dudes you don't even remember tomorrow, all these keyboard wars just lose all meaning. And even hating something becomes useless.

And then I became afraid that I was spending an awful lot of time on meaningless things when I could have done something useful with my life. For example, to acquire skills that would be useful to me in the future. This is not why the first person is suitable for horror games that I will have to tell my grandchildren.
the "survival horror fans" and the fake fans that usually jump in bandwagons.

ie RE7 Biohazard "ohmagad its back to its roots" or Village fans "big mommy tittys".

Caffeine Addict

People who whine about RE6 are just dumbos. If anything, they should moan more about RE4 changing things from horror to action, and having no zombies in the slightest.

Out of 4, 5 and 6, I would say 6 gets shunned the most, when it was more like a RE game in a city, than the other two games ever were. :(
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