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Movies Infinite Darkness Spoilers

It’s tough to say since Wilson is so forgettable that Capcom won’t ever bring him up again, unless they take another stab at Infinite Darkness and do another ‘season.’

As for T-Abyss it could still be used in the future to manufacture a new virus. It was done with T-Veronica and G as you know, so anything can be possible. Lately though it seems they are more focused on evil BSAA and a possible Uroboros Virus variant so I doubt we will get any answers for a long time. I will go out on a limb and say he is not a member of The Family as it seemed his actions were of his own accord, if anything he would go to The Family for help and not Tricell. Where he got the money to finance a giant BOW facility like that and what kind of virus was it?

This movies plot was so underdeveloped it hurts.
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I got a question. Do you think wilson knew of the family? Could he be one of its members?

Also what do you think will happen to him? From what ı remember watching the movie; he was making a dealing with tricell at the end. Since they collapsed after both excella's and albert's defeat in re5; ı guess he would have been caught and be put into jail or something?

Now that ı think about it more; it makes me wonder if the same will also happen to both raymond and jessica after their epilogue at the end of rerev. I dont feel like there will be much use for t-abyss sample they obtained either since it doesnt get mentioned in re5 meaning that it will fade into shadows and there wont be any good reason to bring that back.
It's likely that Capcom will never revisit Wilson, making him another character to disappear from the series. I agree with Rip, I don't think he was connected with the Family for the same reasons. Jessica and Raymond probably won't appear again either, though like Rip said, it is possible for T-Abyss to return, probably as a component for another virus.
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