Happy Birthday RE6!

Also check 22:56.
There is no direct statement about "using less money".
"Efficiently" could still mean that they have about the same or more budget than RE6 but the funds/resources are used in a more efficient manner, with more yield.

I don't want this to degenerate into a quarrel but my advice is to not misinterpret what the developers say and stick to direct quotes.
Misinterpreting what the developers say into something else is how misconceptions and unwanted quarrels occur in the RE community.
And how? Photogrammetry is popular because it automates production, takes less time, and does not require you to find an employee with high sculpting skills so that the asset meets a high quality standard.
According to an article about the RE Engine & photogrammetry, just Nero's jacket (from DMC5) alone costs "as much as a small car".
That probably explains why we're not getting extra costumes that much these days with the RE Engine, unlike how you can unlock several costumes in the original RE3.

So photogrammetry for character models sounds like it costs a whole lot more than what they usually do.
Also, if you stick around the credits for both RE6 & RE7, RE7's outsourcing is slightly longer than RE6.

And let's not forget that unlike how RE6 was built on a ready-made engine (MT Frameworks), the RE Engine was built from scratch for RE7, taking up a portion of its development time.
Wouldn't it cost much less and take even less development time if they just used a ready-made engine?
Making one from scratch can potentially bloat the costs a bit more.

You want to believe that RE7 is some sort of "low cost" game but without actually looking into its development deeper for confirmation.

Combining all the factors above, I am not convinced at all that RE7 is some sort of "low cost" game as you are making it out to be.
As I said, we don't have any direct numbers to confirm anything. If that's what you wanted from me, I don't have these sources: I just made a hypothesis based on my observations.
That's the problem here.
No matter how knowledgeable you are, it means nothing if you talk about intangible things that can't be proven.
I usually only talk about things I can link to on the fly.
Like if I wanted to prove that main characters of RE1 used to be all cyborgs in its early stage, I can instantly link to the interview where the scenario writer mentioned that.
If I have no tangible link or sources, I'd either not talk about it or tell the other person that they don't have to take my word for it.

At least you provided sources when asked.
I did watch that 59 minute video before but I don't remember every second of it and needed to be reminded of the "be like Sam Raimi" quote.
I did remember parts like "stick to deadline", etc.
I still dont understand how people can say re4 is one of the best then say re6 is one of the worst. Excuse me; but re6 is better than re4. Better gameplay, story, characters etc. Even the qtes in re6 are handled better than re4's despite the unnecessary amount. Plus re4 has objectively bad controls ( Why does it still use tank controls? Outbreak file 2; a more survival horror oriented game doesnt use tank controls while allowing moving and shooting. Btw re6 is directed by eiichiro sasaki who directed the outbreak games. ) unlike re6 which has the best movement as well as the best combat system in the series. The only thing re4 does better is inventory system. It might have more survival horror elements like more exploration and inventory management but re6 still feels like a better game all around. Even the vehicle sections of re6 feel better designed than re4's and re5's vehicle sections.

Imo re6 is the best modern ( re4 and onwards ) mainline re game in the series along with rerev2.

It's better than re7 and reimaginings too. Especially re7. Re7 is just a half baked survival horror game and a half baked action game. The only good thing is the main house when jack is around. Once you leave it; the game starts to fall apart and eventually became a linear fps with generic combat / enemies. The action dlcs are lame too. Their combat system are heavily toned down from re6 which especially becomes a problem in not a hero for chris. It's like he forgot to fight enemies. You cant dodge in re7 either and instead it has a lame block system instead of the re6's high depth dodging. I think it will be better than re8 too.
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I don't see how tank control is objectively worse. This is just a form of game design. And the game is perfectly designed with such a control model. Much better than the Outbreak series.
Cause you cant move and shoot. The game is designed fine with tank controls cause the enemies are designed in a very dumb way. For example; ı had a combat encounter at the start in village. One of the ganados attacked me with his thrown weapon when chainsaw ganado was coming next to me but for some reason it stopped and didnt cut leon's head with his chainsaw. Meanwhile in re6; during ubistvo encounter, when you're attacked by enemies, ( J'avo or zombies. ) the monster doesnt stop and can still instant kill you while you're attacked by slicing / impaling. I remember stunning jake during agent hunt and eventually ubistvo came and instant killed him.

Not to mention; why do you need to improve firing speed for handguns? It feels unnecessary. Dead aim's cast dont need to improve their handguns' firing speed.

That's a lie. Even the gas carrier is Metroidvania with optional quests like getting Bizon.
I didnt say it instantly becomes linear; ı said eventually. It becomes linear once you unlock lucas' gate with 2 keycards. Baker house is good, old house is ok and after that it's very lame and boring. Ship is linear too; there's barely any exploration there.

You are so obsessed with this word that you forget that there is nothing unique about the locations and design of Resident Evil 6 either.
What's wrong with locations exactly? Sure there are very linear with barely any exploration but there's a lot of variety and you go through so many locations. I think they are more interesting than re7's locations which ı found boring except the baker house. Idk how to explain this in more detail; it might be preference due to playing re6 a lot and growing appreciation for levels.

Also ı used " generic " for combat and enemies cause re7's seriously step down in these 2 aspects compared to re6 which has the most monster variety out of any game in the series while having the deepest combat system.

I also don't see anything unique about the characters' images. Even Simmons looks like a caricature. I've seen images with the same facial features and beard hundreds of times. He even wears a ring as a banal symbol of power and secret society, and his ridiculously obvious evil energy is visible thousands of miles away.

Revelations 2 was supposed to be Resident Evil 6. This is not just a direct sequel to Resident Evil 5, but also has a rather deep look at the figure of the villain, who sees parallels between her life and Kafka's work.
What's wrong with character designs? They look good and are very iconic. As for simmons; the game doesnt make a big deal about hiding him being evil anyway. His face is revealed at the start of leon chapter 2 and he's revealed evil at the end of chapter 2. Your statement reminds me of lansdale. That game makes a big deal about hiding him being evil until very late and he also has an evil beard.

As for rerev2; it was supposed to be a dlc for re6 with claire as the main character. Re6 may not be a full on sequel to re5 but it's still sequel to re2, re3, recv and darkside chronicles. Plus chris appears and it follows him from re5; one of the files even talks about this. It doesnt retcon anything either.

Also ı'm gonna drop this here too:

And that's great. This creates tension
But it's possible to create tension without tank controls too. Idk ı think leon should be able to move and shoot in re4; it feels like a fake difficulty to not allow that when you consider dead aim and outbreak file 2 allows to do so.

When Resident Evil 6 gives me every opportunity to move freely in different ways, and the zombies walk slowly and make lazy attacks
Not all zombies are slow like that. Some of them are fast and like to jump at you. I'm not even talking about mutations.

This is done so that the player has a window for mistakes. I don't see anything wrong with that.
Idk ı found it stupid personally.

It is not true.
It is. I didnt say 2nd half for re7 doesnt have any exploration, ı said barely. It's still linear despite bizon quest.

You're just talking about how generic the locations are in new games like Raccoon City,
Uhm; ı used generic for combat and enemies. Also ı never said raccoon city is generic location. I simply said the locations of re7 are boring except the baker house.

the locations in Resident Evil 6 do look lazy, because they have poor quality.
They dont even look that bad, the graphics are good for a 2012 game despite low textures here and there.

There is no objective reason why he should be represented in this way, other than that he is just a villain.
I mean the game still has a plot twist about him which gets revealed at the end of ada's campaign. I dont see anything wrong about the way he's portrayed really. At least he's handled better than norman and lansdale in rerev. I think he's also better than los illuminados in re4 as well as villains in re5 except wesker.

but they like Simmons
Really? Isnt he considered one of the worst villains, probably due to people not liking his mutations? I think he's one of my favourite villains; ı wished the game focused more on him though.

I don't see the point of watching this video
I think you should. It explains why re6 is better than re7 while giving praise to both titles. Also one thing ı definitely agree in that video is facial animations. Re6 has better facial animations ( And better / more interesting character / monster designs. ) than re7 and reimaginings. Plus the character designs look very good. I wished they added more unlockable outfits though.

But Resident Evil 7 was never designed to compete with Resident Evil 6 for a combat system.
The action dlcs ( Not a hero and end of zoe ) feel like they are competing with re6 cause they are action horror experiences.
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But this doesn't explain how one solution is better than the other.
How is a movement system that doesnt allow to move and shoot better than a movement system that allows to move and shoot exactly? And ı'm good with tank controls, including in re4 and re5 but it's weird that they dont allow moving and shooting in favor of fake difficulty.

But Leon's campaign was a campaign that pretended to be a horror game (at least in the beginning).
Leon's campaign isnt a horror game; it's also an action packed campaign. ( It might be the most horror themed campaign compared to others who also have horror elements here and there in the game but it's still action horror. ) Re4 was an action horror game rather than survival horror and it featured leon who could perform kicks and suplexes. Why should his campaign in re6 be survival horror exactly? The characters are experienced and know how to handle threats.

This segment has more Metroidvania
You're exaggerating; it's a very short section.

I have also referred to your other posts where you have used this word
Well in this thread; ı used the word for re7's combat and monsters.

If you ask me, it's terrible.
Agree to disagree ı guess.

Maybe if the authors had made him look less caricatured and not made him act overly dramatic, I would have looked at him with different eyes. But I get the feeling that the authors wanted to impress the players so much, so they chose a vulgar way to do it.

I think "vulgarity" is a very good word to describe the tone of this game, actually. Authors very often don't know when they should stop. This is especially true for the fan service.
Sorry but ı still dont get the problem with simmons. Voice acting is pretty good in re6. He acts over dramatic at later parts cause he's infected with enhanced c-virus that contains many animal genes. Also ambitious is the word you're looking for. With the vulgar; are you talking about simmons' obsession with ada as well? If so; ı dont understand what's stupid about it. The series already featured ashford twins who loved each other as well as irons who made sexual assault towards female students. Creepy traits for villains arent out of place for the franchise. Not to mention c-virus isnt only created due to simmons' obsession with ada; there are more reasons.

You may be surprised, but fans of Resident Evil 6 are the reason why I will never be able to love this game, despite the fact that I once really liked it.
For me; it's complete opposite. Re7 fans are the reason why ı dont like re7 ( as well as reimaginings. ) anymore since re7 is created against re6's criticisms ( Some of them dont make sense and ı've seen many. ) and many people exaggerate their hate for the game. It's a bit better nowadays since more people grew appreciation for re6 but still.

I don't need to watch someone's explanation because it won't change the game for me to enjoy it.
Well; if you dont want to watch it then it's your choice.

It is not true.
It is. The facial animations in re6 is much better than re7's; especially female characters. Mia and claire look really weird when they smile for example. It's improved in re3 2020 compared to re7 and re2 2019 but still. It seems to be a resident evil issue; ı dont have this problem with dmc5.
You're asking the wrong question. These are two different models that follow different goals.
You know what? Believe what you want. I ran out of arguments for this one. All ı'm gonna say lastly is re4 should have allowed moving and shooting mainly cause dead aim and outbreak file 2 allows moving and shooting while featuring less experienced characters compared to leon and ada in re4 who are more experienced characters.

But if the game can't decide what it is
I dont get it. How does re6 have an identity crisis? Cause it has different gameplay elements? Previous re games also had different gameplay elements. ( Recv, re4 and re5 also have stealth parts for example albeit not as much as re6. Re4 and re5 also featured vehicle sections. ) Besides re7 featured a minigame about cards ( 21 ) and yet you're fine with it. Honestly re7 is the one that has more of an identity crisis to me when compared to others. It has both survival horror and 2 action horror campaigns as well as minigames that are weirder than re6's qtes / vehicle sections. While re6 features 4 action horror campaigns with different themes instead of 2 survival horror and 2 action horror campaigns.

I don't care. I'm tired of reading your constant attacks on my favorite game, so I just blew up this time. I now perfectly understand why Evil Resident ran away from this forum.

Even I don't talk about my hated games as much as the fans of Resident Evil 6 keep saying over and over and over and over and over again what a great, underrated, and better game they have than any other in the series.
You could have just ignored it. This is a thread about re6 and ı'm allowed to have my opinion. Besides ı never said re7 was bad. I simply think it's the worst / most generic mainline entry. I even gave it praise about the baker house section as well as jack until he dies and mutates later on. You know ı'll give another praise and that is joe is a good character and ı liked his sibling rivalry with jack ( Wished it was featured more. ) though he still isnt as interesting as re6's and rerev2's cast imo.

As for re6; ı dont think it's better than pre-re4 mainline entries, outbreak games and rerev2 but it's better than every other entry in the series.

This is a caricature villain who looks like a caricature villain and whose body language shows him as a caricature villain. And the fact that the game takes itself very seriously without a bit of self-irony turns the tone of the game into a farce.
I think you're talking about lansdale in rerev. Also the " without a bit of self-irony " statement is false. Ada mocks him at later points throught the game.

How is re6 not ambitious? It was marketed as one as well as a dramatic horror experience that focuses more on storyline and characters. Honestly ı'll take re6's ambitious method over re7's and reimaginings' " gutted " method. ( Cut content, disconnected stories, unnecessary changes which in the case of reimaginings, makes them non-canon etc. )

exaggerated dramatization
Cause it's a dramatic horror experience? I think the drama of re6 is good.

sexual objectification
Pre-re4 mainline entries featured nude zombies as well as alexia in recv and darkside chronicles. Re6 isnt the only one to do so. As for deborah; ı got the idea that her body is burning inside or something since she touches her body constantly.

endless explosions
Cause it's the most action packed entry? Not to mention previous re games also featured explosions.

ridiculous battles with a shark and a dinosaur
I agree that they are extremely over the top with plot armor for characters but re franchise was always cheesy and over the top. To quote tbgs; " The trope of re monsters coming back and back again was pushed to its limits here. And ı'm so glad it was. "

Once again, there is a huge difference between the Resident Evil 7 cutscene and the Resident Evil 6 cutscene, because the Resident Evil 7 cutscenes work in the context of the gameplay, without interrupting it when the Resident Evil 6 cutscenes are separated from the games and even require loading for rendering. In the game itself, the animation is not even close to what the developers have achieved with the new engine. You compare so fundamentally different things, as if you really want to come up with the achievements of your favorite game, as if it does not have enough of its own.
Sorry but ı dont agree with you. I watched the video that ı linked here and ı agree with the person who says re6 has better facial animations than re7.
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