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RE6 Happy Birthday RE6!

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
I miss playing it actually, had a lot of fun with this game and honestly enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm doing a full RE marathon right now so I'll get there eventually.
I really hope they make a sequel to this game. This was one of the things ı disliked about re7 since storywise it felt more like a reboot rather than a sequel to re6.

Also sherry, jake and helena need to come back.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
Let's hope they continue the story of Jake, at least. I'm glad Chris and Leon's stories continued in Vendetta, better than nothing.
Today re6 got remastered to pc. It was the game's this version that got me introduced to the franchise. I still miss the times when ı was a noob and barely had any experience with the franchise. I wasnt even aware the game got a bad reputation, the game was so much fun and ı couldnt stop playing...

Happy birthday once again re6! You will always be special to me. I really like this game; it's great and extremely underrated. I dont think it deserved most of the hate it got. Really wished it didnt get that bad rep from public...

I think re6 is a good entry in the series. I know it's extremely action oriented and it focuses on action more than horror but let me explain why:

Imo re was always campy and over the top and ı saw this as a good thing which gives the franchise charm. The games started to become more action oriented with re2 and this continued in re3 and recv as well so it didnt suddenly happen with re4 when the games became action horror. This also applies to re5 ( which is more action oriented than re4. ) and re6. ( which is more action oriented than re5. ) Basically the transition from survival horror to action horror made sense, not only gameplaywise but storywise too. And ı liked this transition. Also ı dont like how people care only about the horror aspect of re games and nothing more. There are more things than that, which makes re games; well resident evil.

Another thing ı love about this game is its story. I think it's great and well written. Voice acting is amazing, 4 campaigns connect to each other very well, character interactions are pretty cool, there are great character developments in the campaigns, simmons and carla as new villains are interesting, ( They even appear in marhawa desire manga. ) fanservice to other re games are amazing and the game's files contain really cool information that has even more fanservice. ( I know people dislike the over the top nature of it but it doesnt bother me to be honest; the franchise already had a cheesy / over the top tone to it from the start and things started to escalate more starting with re2. ) Sure it has missed potential here and there ( like every re game. ) but despite that, the story feels really satisfying.

I agree with this essay that someone made about the game:

" RE6 is probably one of the best modern Resident Evil games imo. Not only did it deliver great gameplay and atmosphere, but it did the characters and plot justice in general. People can say whatever they want with RE6, but the matter of fact is that the narrative was actually really good when you focus on the core aspect of the global problem with bioterrorism as the series evolved. The plot twists were well executed, along with each theme of the following four campaigns;

- For Leon's, it delivered a theme of both acts of justice and redemption. Justice for the fact that Leon is a character filled with determination to do the right thing and find justice among those that cannot see it for themselves. Redemption, because Helena thought of herself as guilty for her sister's death in failing to protect her and for her assistance in the assassination of the president, but proved that she was not far from redemption in the end after everything she's done for Leon and everyone else around her throughout the bioterror incidents.

- For Chris', I gotta first say that I'm still confused as to why some people think of his campaign as "full-on Call of Duty" when his campaign has little to no similarities with such franchise, especially when the campaign still focuses on bioterrorism rather than just civil wars or territorial annexations. His chapters are also quite similar with Jake's campaign, with the only difference of having a whole squad to direct under his command whilst combating BOWs on a rampage in China. Sure Edonia was in the middle of a civil war, but after C-Virus injections took place, it took a death turn, much like with what happened in Damnation with a country having access to the black market for both licker and parasite BOWs. And yet I still hear no one complain about Damnation looking like a "Call of Duty" film-style but I guess that's just the hate wagon with RE6.

Anyway, with that out of the way, Chris' campaign focuses on both heroism and sacrifice. Heroism for the fact that Chris is always on the lookout for his teammates but his mind gets degraded into insanity from time to time as he sees his teammates die one by one, triggering his PTSD and blind anger. Despite those setbacks, he is always determined to protect those around him, even if his failures try to blind him from doing so, no matter what, which is exactly what makes him a character of being an actual hero. The theme of sacrifice is similar to what I said above, with the addition of Piers willing to sacrifice everything he's got, including his own sanity for the sake of saving the one person he looked up to and saw a hero within.

- For Jake's it's all about acts of trustworthiness. We see Jake initially being distrustful with Sherry and Sherry seeing Jake as just some guy who just doesn't care about anyone but himself. As the campaign progresses and we see them both trying to survive in the snowy mountains with a heavy blizzard roaring at them, they begin to grow an emotional bond together, making Jake even more determined to help Sherry get what she first wanted to do; save the world by donating his blood by the time she starts having doubts about Simmons and if the world could ever be saved with him in the way. In the end, because of their mutual trust, they were able to survive together throughout their entire ordeals.

- For Ada, it was simply all about themes of both compassion and determination. Compassion because we see Ada, for the first time in the entire series, actually have deep compassion for people other than Leon. She seemed to understand the circumstances behind Helena's decision to have helped in the assassination of the president, bring in help to the son and daughter of two people she deeply had a bad connection with, sympathize with Carla about her hatred and feelings for Simmons, despite not being accepting of her actions, and put her main objectives aside to save multiple survivors in China from zombie attacks. We also see determination, because we see Ada determined not only to help those in need, but to also help bring down the mess that both Simmons and her own clone made in their methods to go against one or the other.

Yeah sure, you can say that Ada probably did all this just to clear off her name (the typical Ada way), but in the end, we get to see that Ada really does care for the well being of the chaotic world we live in, as she clearly states that what Carla has done to the world and human nature in itself is beyond sympathy of any kind, even if Carla really was a victim of the same violence she herself put to the world as well.

This is all my take on at least one of the reasons why I love RE6 in general. There's a lot more reasons why, but I think I pretty much explained a lot through my view on each of the campaigns already so I'll just leave it at that. "


Gonna drop this video here too cause this is still my favourite re6 video:

I hope capcom will make a sequel to this game. I'm not expecting a sequel as a numbered entry but they could continue the action horror trilogy as rerev games or as a new type of spinoff. The action horror trilogy have great potential in them, dont waste this with garbage spinoffs like umbrella corps capcom.

Also ı still want to see jake, sherry, helena and ada again in the future. Especially jake.
Might as well drop these here:

I think re6 is better than re4 and re5; it feels improved from those games in many ways, both from gameplay and story perspective.

In terms of gameplay: Re6 > Re4 > Re5

( I think re5 is the worst one in the action horror trilogy and the main reason for that is there are some gameplay mechanics that are exclusive to online. Like some voice commands, some of the melee attacks in mercenaries reunion etc. The gunplay in re5 isnt as solid as the ones in re4 and re6 either, monsters feel more bullet spongy, the plaga mutations look and feel more lame while not being as fun to fight as the ones in re4 and the j'avo mutations in re6 either. J'avo mutations in re6 are amazing. They can mutate more than one of their body parts and you need to change tactics to dispose of them. There are even new counter attacks for those mutations. )

In terms of story: Re6 > Re5 > Re4

( I think re4 is the worst one in the action horror trilogy and the main reason for that is for some weird reason; mikami didnt even think about hiring a GODDAMN writer for the game. Not to mention, storywise it's barebones as hell. Killing umbrella in the intro is a weird decision mainly cause re2 / re3 / recv's endings heavily hinted at characters taking down umbrella. The main cast is still memorable though. I also like plaga, the backstory is interesting unlike the lame mold in re7. Plus after t-virus and zombies; it feels like a nice change to keep things fresh. I wished c-virus ( Which is a combination of g-virus and special t-veronica strain called t-02. ) also appeared in another mainline entry tbh similar to how plaga appeared in re5 as well as the last 2 cgi movies. I wouldnt call it a " reboot " unlike re7. Not even gameplaywise, mainly cause the games started to become more action oriented with re2 and they continued this process in re3 and recv as well. The change in re4 ( And later on in re5 and re6. ) make sense. Storywise; it still follows previous re games, especially when it comes to leon and ada. ( Meanwhile for re7; they decided to call the main character " Ethan Winters " in an attempt to reference re5 but this doesnt work and comes off lame mainly cause " Ethan W. " died after 1998. ) I prefer re5 and re6 over re4 cause storywise they feel more important and more connected to canon re storyline while re4 feels more stand alone. Plus ı really like the campaign connecting aspect of re6, characters are nice, villains are underrated, ( Simmons is a very important villain for the series ( He's the one who made a dealing with birkin to obtain the g-virus, that's why he's so interested in sherry. ) and the family organization selected a new leader after his death. As for carla; ı found her a tragic villain similar to alexia, ı'm glad she got her revenge from simmons. ) voice acting is well done, characters interactions are cool ( Improved from re5. ) and the files have very interesting info. I think they did the story and characters justice in re6. I wished they followed this game's story in re7 ( Jake and ada's campaigns. Leon and chris appeared in vendetta. ) instead of making the game a giant mess that doesnt know what it wants to be. I also think they should have followed this game with vendetta movie as well, the novel has some re6 references for weird reason. Another thing ı want to say is ı dont think capcom knows to follow the storyline after re6. That's why they are remaking the games in a half baked way for quick nostalgia cause they are out of ideas. I mean remaking re4 literally says that. )

I think re6's skill system is better than re4's and especially re5's upgrade system. Sure the upgrades arent as easily noticeable as in re4 and re5 mainly cause most of them are dedicated to improving damage ( You cant upgrade capacity unlike in re4, re5 and rerev games. ) but a major reason for me thinking that way is the skills work on all 4 campaigns while re4 / re5's weapon upgrade system dont fully work in separate ways / jill's dlcs. ( You cant improve your weapons in re4 separate ways while the weapon upgrade system dont even work in re5's canon dlcs. ) Due to this; the upgrades feels more " consistent " than re4 and re5's upgrade system.

I play the game with keyboard and mouse so due to that; ı can change between skill sets on the fly with f1-f8 buttons.

This is how ı use the sets:

Skill sets a ( Ssa )

F1: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Item drop increase / Team up
F2: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Critical hit lvl 3 / Last shot / Shooting wild
F3: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Quick reload
F4: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Eagle eye
F5: Melee lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Item drop increase / Team up
F6: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Lock on lvl 2 / Rock steady lvl 2
F7: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Field medic lvl 2 / Recovery lvl 2 ( For ada's campaign swap it with recovery lvl 2 cause she doesnt have a partner. )
F8: Breakout, Defense lvl 3, Item drop increase / Team up

Skill sets b ( Ssb )

F1: Firearm lvl 3 / Combat gauge boost lvl 2, Defense lvl 3, Infinite handgun / Infinite machine gun
F2: Firearm lvl 3 / Combat gauge boost lvl 2, Defense lvl 3, Infinite shotgun
F3: Firearm lvl 3 / Combat gauge boost lvl 2, Defense lvl 3, Infinite magnum / crossbow
F4: Firearm lvl 3 / Combat gauge boost lvl 2, Defense lvl 3, Infinite sniper rifle
F5: Melee lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, J'avo killer lvl 2 / zombie hunter 2 / combat gauge boost lvl 2
F6: Firearm lvl 3 / Combat gauge boost lvl 2, Defense lvl 3, Infinite assault rifle / eagle eye ( Piers doesnt have an assault rifle. )
F7: Firearm lvl 3 / Combat gauge boost lvl 2, Defense lvl 3, Infinite grenade launcher
F8: Breakout, Defense lvl 3, Grenade power up / Combat gauge boost lvl 2

Skill sets c ( Ssc )

F1: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Handgun / Machine pistol master
F2: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Shotgun master
F3: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Magnum / Crossbow master
F4: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Sniper rifle master
F5: Melee lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, J'avo killer lvl 2 / zombie hunter 2
F6: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Assault rifle master / eagle eye ( Piers doesnt have an assault rifle. )
F7: Firearm lvl 3, Defense lvl 3, Grenade launcher master
F8: Breakout, Defense lvl 3, Grenade power up

Oh and there's a special trick that can help about performing counters easily. If you perform commands; your character will make an animation with their hand and you wont be able to perform normal melee attacks but can still perform melee attacks with prompts. That includes counters which are prompt based. By timing those right; you can have a large amount of window for counter attacks. I mastered the game very well and can perform counters easily that way. Sometimes ı rely on the quick aim trick to perform counters too. Playing the game for more than 4000 hours in 7 years as well as s ranking the campaigns on all difficulties surely helps too.

Caffeine Addict

For some reason, I felt compelled to play RE6 the other week because I just wanted to shoot the hell out of everything. And while it doesn't often feel like a RE game, it's more like RE than the overrated RE4, is. And yeah, the controls are fairly comfortable. I actually think RE4 feels very dated now. That isn't to say I want Capcom to remake it because of how old it is. That's pointless to me. Yet sooner or later, Capcom will do it. They enjoy milking shit. What they need to do, is do better co-op games, more animated films, way, way better spin offs, and sequels (in third person).
Yeah; re6's controls are amazing and they work very well on the game imo. You have multiple mobility options which helps the combat while fitting into the very action oriented nature of the game well.

I think the controls of re4 and re5 are fine but they are bad design choice. The main reason for that is outbreak games ( Which are survival horror. ) dont use tank controls and in file 2; you can move and shoot. I've seen people complaining about tank controls in pre-re4 main re games and ı dont have a problem with the controls in those games. They work well on those games cause they are survival horror that focus on horror / exploration more than action / combat. Re4 and re5 are action horror entries that focus on action / combat more than horror / exploration and yet those have tank controls. I know people can excuse them with " tension " but tank controls arent a requirement for that. Rerev games are survival horror that balance action and horror well while not having tank controls and those games have tension too. ( Not to mention going from darkside chronicles / rerev to re4 / re5 feels weird and this is one of the reasons. ) Even re6 has tension, especially on harder difficulties despite being the most action oriented mainline entry in the series.

Re7 and re2 " remake " has the worst controls imo when it comes to mainline entries; the running speed of the characters are way too slow. I know they are survival horror but characters in pre-re4 mainline entries had a faster running speed than the characters in the newest 3 mainline entries. Claire for example could run and evade monster better in re2 and recv compared to her appearance in re2 " remake " . It's like the characters have rocks sticked to their asses and trading running speed for being able to move and shoot doesnt feel like a fair trade, especially in a survival horror entry.

Another thing ı want to say is, one of the reasons why ı prefer re6 over re4 and re5 is cause it has less exploration than re4 and re5 while trading that for a more linear level design ( The combat system works better that way. ), better combat system and more setpieces. It feels more " focused " that way plus the 4 campaigns connect to each other. Gotta say; after replays, the exploration / backtracking in re4 and re5 start to drag those games more and more; ı kinda prefer re6's layout tbh not to mention the exploration moments feel more like a nice change of pace in re6 compared to re4 and re5 cause they are rarer in that game. The tradeoff for a better combat system and more setpieces seems like a good tradeoff imo. ( Setpieces arent annoying to me; they are a fun gameplay feature. )

My least favourite part when it comes to gameplay in those games are qtes. ( Though despite the unnecessary amount; ı still prefer re6's qtes over re4 and re5's. The main reason for that is they are more easier to perform, there's a skill that makes them even more easier to handle, some of them can be disabled through options menu and they feel more varied and less samey. I played them on pc with keyboard and mouse and ı feel like re5 has the weirdest qtes and button prompts when compared to re4 and re6. )
Just want to say that; ı think nerrel's re6 review video ( Did re6 suck? I settle it forever. ) is trash and terribly made.

I've cringed so hard when ı've seen him running out of ammo most of the time due to not using game's mechanics to its fullest ( And he says there's no getting good with this game. Not to mention he's playing the game on amateur. ) and heard him saying that healing system is " bad " ( He showed himself combining herbs while in DANGER status and a crawling zombie was next to him and grabbed him. ) and the game hides the auto-herb mix key button even though it doesnt and it's told in the options menu.

He's also rushing through the game as fastly as possible, there's one part where he complains about quick recovery roll not being told in chris' chapter 3. While watching that part; ı was thinking " Why is he out of ammo, he could take down those grasshopper j'avos armed with sniper rifles using grenade launcher or a sniper rifle. " . Not to mention, you dont really need to know that tactic; you could also quickly recover by aim canceling. ( Basically aim while grounded then let go of the button. While getting up, you'll have some control on your character. )

Oh and why isnt he reviewing the story of re6 exactly? I checked his re2 remake review and he reviews that game's story by mentioning how messy the scenario system is unlike re2 that had its scenarios' connected to each other. Re6 has 4 campaigns and they connect to each other very well storywise. He doesnt mention it all.

I've posted an essay there that's split into 2 parts as a counter argument. Tgbs' " Why Re6 is awesome? " video and archon's re6 review videos are done so much better.

Caffeine Addict

Plus, RE6 was the last appearance for the classic look for Chris. His new design sucks indeed, and should be changed.

Fortunately, RE8 may be announced in roughly 2 weeks from now. I hope we get to see what Chris looks like now. ?

Never understood why people make fun of the game's number logo. To me it looks like a 6 made from webs which are presenting the campaign connecting aspect of the game.

I still dont like how they screwed up this aspect in re2 2019; probably due to weirdos making fun of re6.

Unsuprisingly re2 2019 is the reason why the weird fanbase came up with the stupid redfield bloodline meme not to mention that game ruins the characters and story of the og game. Thankfully it's not canon.

Oh and this might seem like nitpicking but ı dont like the way they are numbering the entries starting with re7. Mainly cause it's a boring way of numbering.

Like for example; there's no such game as " re7 " . There's only a game called " Resident evil biohazard " released in 2017 with " vil " or " z " parts being orange depending to the region. There's also no such game as " re8 " . Only " Resident evil village " with " vill " parts being yellow.

This was floating in my mind and was bothering me...
I'm wondering what happened to ada after this game. She didnt appear in vendetta for a weird reason.

I think the evidence she left to leon and helena might be able to clear her name since it contains simmons' crimes though she still might want to get a new identity since she's known to the whole world due to neo umbrella announcing her name and ada likes to be as mysterious as possible.

Caffeine Addict

Wesker Junior. ?

My favourite part is when you are playing Chris on the bridge. It's not a scary game though. Not by any means. But having four scenarios was a big step.

If you want scary, here's a perfect emoji. ?
None of the games in the series are really that " scary " imo. Especially after multiple replays of them. They have tense moments here and there but still.

I still think re6 have horrorish moments ( Even if it's extremely subdued compared to other mainline entries which doesnt bother me. ) and horror doesnt always mean " scary " .

I like rasklapanje monsters a lot. They are brutal.

Man; ı really wished re6 didnt get the garbage reception back in the day. I know it got appreciated more and more over the years but still.

Honestly the hate bandwagon for this game is complete garbage and full of dumb nonsense.

It's a better re game than re7, re2 2019 and re3 2020 which are obsessed with " realism " and dont know what they want to be due to being western oriented. ( Written by western writers. )

Meanwhile re6 knows what it wants to be and isnt obsessed with " realism " while having that japanese cheese, charm and charisma of the originals.

Poor re6. The fanbase basically signed the death sentence for the franchise by getting obsessed with hating this game.

" Return of the roots " One of the garbage statements the fanbase has ever created.

The re8 trailer is also suffering from the syndrome that started to infest the franchise with the release of re7.

I dont like the new direction for the series starting with re7...
It seriously gets on nerves when ı see people calling re6 " cod clone " even though it's nothing like it.

That statement is extremely dumb and the hate bandwagon for the game is dumb too which is the reason why re7 is pathetic and capcom screwed up re2 and re3 in 2019 / 2020.

Re6 is more similar to vanquish and binary domain.

From the action horror trilogy; it's the closest one to dmc3.

It's even the only mainline entry that has a prequel manga dedicated to it.

Also gonna drop these:

A special trick about this game.

If you slide and press the reload button while doing that; you wont consume stamina and still will be able to stun the monsters.

This is literally the " Max act " of re6.

This game is insane.

" Counterattacks are the most valuable skill you can learn in Resident Evil 6, and if you intend to conquer No Hope difficulty with S ranks, it is a skill that you must master. Not only do they [generally] do heavy damage to enemies, but they cost no ammo and no stamina (though they cannot be done if you are out of stamina) and render you invulnerable for the duration of the counterattack.

When you first play RE6, counterattacking seems purely luck-based; if you happen to hit the attack button at just the right time, you perform a counterattack. However, this is not even remotely the case. Part of the reason that luck seems to play such an important role in counterattacking is that, if you wait until the prompt appears to push the attack button, you will often be too late. Mastering counters it primarily about timing. Almost every available counterattack in RE6 can be predicted, and you need only practice with the enemies to know their attacks are coming. My recommendation is to play through a game on Amateur difficulty with a Level 3 Defense skill equipped and try to kill as many enemies as possible using only counterattacks. Before long, your brain will know the right time to press the button.

One neat thing about counterattacks is that, even though they require the enemy to attack first, they DON'T require the enemy to be attacking you! In other words, you can counterattack an enemy that is aiming its attack completely away from you. You have to be facing the enemy for the prompt to appear; the enemy need not be facing you.

HUGE TIP: While you cannot counter while aiming, you CAN counter while your character is lowering their weapon, and since all other melee attacks are suspended during this animation, you have a much greater window in which you can press the attack button without it being premature. In other words, aim at your enemy, and when you him to attack, let go of the aim button and repeatedly tap the attack button (you'll see me doing this for almost every counterattack I show in my videos). This results in a far greater chance of success.

Each character has their own unique counterattack that they do when they're holding a single-handed weapon (handgun, grenade, knife, stun rod, Ammo Box 50, and the Hydra, plus Jake's Hand-to-Hand), and some are more powerful than others. Chris's shoulder-slam is probably the most powerful, as it knocks enemies to the ground and, in Mercenaries, tends to kill zombies instantly. Helena, Piers, and Jake all do a different form of elbow attack that is fairly powerful. Ada (and Carla in Mercenaries) performs a spinning low kick that knocks enemies down. Leon and Sherry have the weakest basic counters that tend to hit enemies in the torso rather than in the head. However, if your character is holding a weapon with both hands (except for Helena's Hydra), they will slam the enemy in the face with the butt of their gun, which tends to do heavier damage, though a surviving enemy won't be knocked to the ground. Chris has a unique counter if he's equipped with the Combat Knife in which he ducks the attack and then impales the enemy with his knife; make no mistake about it, though: this counter is NOT more powerful than the shoulder-slam--it just stuns the enemy for a longer period of time. In the enemy descriptions below, I will use the term "basic" to describe this form of counterattack. I will describe the other forms of counterattack on a case-by-case basis, but you'll notice that most forms appear in multiple scenarios.


Zombie counters are among the most valuable in RE6, and they're the easiest to learn since the zombie's movements are [ironically] the most predictable. (The danger of zombies is in their numbers, not their brains).

Arm Swings: This attack comes in two forms. In one, the zombie swings both arms consecutively, and either swing can be countered. This attack is quicker than its counterpart, but each swing does about half the damage. The other form is a single-arm swing that is slower but more damaging. The character will do a basic counter for either attack, and the prompt appears just as the zombie's arm is all the way back and about to swing.

Grab: This attack gets quicker on harder difficulties, but otherwise remains the same. The zombie will use both arms and attempt to grab your character, and the counter prompt appears just after the zombie makes its customary sound, right before the arms raise. The counterattack is a basic counter. (IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll often see Zombies with their arms outstretched as they lumber toward you. You've surely realized that if you walk into them when they're like this you will get grabbed. However, after a few seconds like this, they will attempt a grab attack that looks a bit like their normal grab attack, but this grab CANNOT be countered. If you want them to lower their arms early, slide into them).

Acid Spit: If a zombie starts to groan and rear back rhythmically, it's about to spit acid. Countering this takes a bit of practice in discerning when the attack is about to happen since the zombie groans during the entire move, but the counter prompt appears as the zombie rears back right before the spit. If your character is standing next to the zombie, you can do a basic counterattack that ducks the spit and hits the zombie.

Run & Jump: Zombies will often make a distinct roar-like groan and tremble just before they run and leap at you. The trick to this counter is to NOT be too far away when the zombie jumps, as the prompt appears from right before to immediately after the jump, and if you're too far away, the prompt will disappear even though the attack can still connect. The counterattack for this is what I call a "rapid" counter because the animation occurs so fast you can barely see it. Your character will slam the butt of whatever weapon they're holding right in front of them, and any enemy caught in the "blast radius" will be hit by it. This counterattack is very powerful and frequently kills multiple enemies, as you'll see in my videos. It does take a bit more practice, but it's not too difficult to master. What's especially nice is that if a dynamite-wielding zombie charges you, the dynamite will explode almost immediately after the zombie dies and your character will still be in the invulnerable state and therefore unharmed by the explosion.

Weapon Swing: Throughout RE6, you will encounter zombies with a bigger variety of held weapons than any other enemy (everything from bottles to sledgehammers to liquid tanks). Getting close to a zombie holding a weapon will prompt it to swing the weapon at you twice, and the counter prompt will appear just before each swing (if the first swing hits you, it won't be followed by a second); the liquid tanks (extinquisher, liquid nitrogen, and oxygen tanks) result in a different attack in which the zombie tries to beat you over the head with it--the counter prompt appears just as the tank is about to be slammed downward. Countering these attacks results in your character blocking the attack, tearing the weapon away from the zombie, and then smashing their face with it. This attack is usually an instant kill attack, but there are some zombies (namely those in Leon Ch. 5-2 and Ada Ch. 2-1) that are notorious for surviving these attacks. They still do heavy damage and deprive the zombie of its weapon. Be careful though: from a distance, zombies have a tendancy to throw their weapons at you, and this attack can't be countered. Also, if the zombie is wielding a lantern, it will only swing once and your character will do a "basic" counter, causing the zombie to drop the lantern with will then explode at your feet, causing damage.


Zombie Dogs have only one attack, and that is to jump at you. Your character will counter with a "rapid" counter with will usually kill the dog instantly, even on No Hope difficulty. This counter is quite tricky, however, since the jump of a dog can be difficult to predict. Their are indications, however. The first thing you should notice is that the dog almost always barks before it attacks (rule of thumb here: if the dog barks, the attack is coming; if the dog doesn't bark, assume you missed it and that the attack is still coming). The dog will only jump if it is looking directly at you and rarely does so from the side, so try to face it head on and make sure it's coming at you in a straight line. Worst case scenario is the dog doesn't jump, and then all you need to is dive to the left or right and reposition yourself for another try. Most importantly, however, is that you don't get too close; the prompt only appears AFTER the dog jumps, and if you're too close, the prompt won't last long enough for you to hit it properly, if it even appears at all.


Mastering the Bloodshot's counterattacks is extremely important in No Hope difficulty, second only to the Glava-Begunats. Provided he's not laying on the ground (very rare), the Bloodshot has two attacks, the uppercut and the leap. The close-range uppercut attack can be countered just as the Bloodshot crouches, and the counter causes your character to grab his arm and backhand him in the face, which will drop him to his knees, allowing for a Coup de Grace melee attack (the counter itself does no damage whatsoever). The long-range leap attack can be countered at any point while the Bloodshot is in the air, so long as it's close to your character, so you want to adjust when you press the attack button based on how far away it is. Also, try not to stand too close or you risk the prompt not appearing, at least not long enough to press it. When properly executed, the counter will intercept the Bloodshot mid-air and your character will throw him to the ground and then stomp on his chest, killing him instantly. Since Bloodshots rarely appear alone, this counter is the ideal method for dispatching Bloodshots, especially when you see how much ammo they drain when killing them the old-fashioned way on No Hope.


The only attack a Shrieker performs that you can counter is his arm swing, which is identical to the Zombie's single-arm swing, as is the counter. But you won't encounter this attack in the Campaign unless an Agent Hunter is controlling the Shrieker.


The Whopper's close-range attacks, the punch and the grab, can both be countered. His lunge and charge attacks cannot be countered and must be avoided. When next to the Whopper, the first thing it will do is try to punch you, and the prompt appears just before his fist goes forward; if this misses and you're still close and in front of him or by his side, he will attempt a grab attack, and this prompt appears just before his arms descend. The counterattack for both of these is the same, what I call the "trip" counter; your character will duck the attack and do a reverse low kick that trips the enemy. The animation is similar to Ada's "basic" counter except that it aims for the legs instead of the head and has a nasty habit of missing. The Whopper's punch and grab attacks occur rather quickly, so the counter prompt is a little short. As a result, I recommend you spin around the Whopper while aiming to place yourself at his side or behind him as the prompt appears, that way, if the counter fails, you won't get hit. You'll see me do this a lot in the video. The counter will do minor damage to the Whopper while dropping it to its knees and allowing a Coup de Grace melee. It's fun to do but hardly necessary.

NOTE: Watch out for the Whopper Supremes. They are a little bigger than Whoppers and they only perform the charge attack, so you'll have to dispatch them the old-fashioned way. I included screenshots of the only 4 Whopper Supremes in the game, two of which you kill from the safety of the helicopter. The third one in Ada's campaign can be dispatched using the nearby transformer if you're low on ammo, and the fourth one in the cavern in Leon's campaign can be defeated using a remote bomb and a counter to a dynamite zombie's run and jump (just restart at the checkpoint to reset the enemy's positions to allow you to do what I do in the video).


Basic, unmutated J'avo can carry a variety of weapons and all of them have a form of melee attack that can be countered. None of these counters are instant kill attacks, and the ones involving guns of some kind are not recommended on No Hope since they involve getting very close to an enemy that can drop you rather quickly; it's usually easier to just slide into them and then do the follow-up attacks. The counters do a medium amount of damage, however, and often open the enemy up to deadly follow-up attacks. Moreover, melee kills prevent the J'avo from mutating, which is always useful.

Machete: J'avo carrying machetes attack in one of two ways. The more common method is to move forward and attempt a downward slash, which can be countered just before they swing. This results in a "basic" counter. The second is what the game calls "martial arts play", where the J'avo will spin the blade twice, spin around and swing again, and then conclude with another spin, jump, and downward slash. You have two oppotunities to counter this attack, once after each time the J'avo spins around. Properly executed, this counter will cause your character to grab the J'avo's wrist and impale him with his own blade. If it doesn't kill the J'avo, it will stun him for the few seconds it takes for him to remove the blade. You can do a follow-up attack during this time, but it has a tendency to not knock the J'avo down (in fact, it does nothing except basic melee follow-up damage).

Knife: J'avo carrying knives also have two basic attacks. One is an overhand slash exactly like the Machete's and is countered in the same manner. The other is a longer-range attack where the J'avo crouches down, charges toward you, and then stabs upward. You can counter this just before he stabs, and the result is a "trip" counter. There is one moment in Chris Ch. 2 where a knife-wielding J'avo bursts through a door and does a quick backward slash (just like the Wrist Blade basic attack), which can be countered just as his arm moves forward and results in a "basic" counter. This is the only time I've seen this attack.

Wrist Blade: Neo-Umbrella J'avo are normally equipped with a double-edged wrist blade and have two basic attacks. One is a back slash similar to the unique attack I just describe for the knife J'avo in Chris Ch. 2, and it is countered the same way (be careful though: the prompt for this attack is slightly shorter and a little easier to miss). The second is identical to the charge attack of the knife-wielding J'avo and is countered the same way. There is a rare third attack that comes after the J'avo charges his blade with an electric current. The attack is slower than the backslash but faster than the upward stab; the J'avo will move forward, raise his blade behind his head, and then slash downward (this is the same basic move as a J'avo wielding a Stun Rod). Counter just before the blade moves downward and your character will do a "basic" counterattack.

Stun Rod: These J'avo have two basic attacks. One is like the charged Wrist Blade attack of the Neo-Umbrella J'avo and is countered the same way. The other is a bit like the upward stab attacks of the Knife and Wrist Blades, but the running is a bit more drawn out and the J'avo swings the Stun Rod in pretty much the same manner as its ordinary attack. Just like the upward stab attacks, this results in a "trip" counter.

(NOTE: It's worth pointing out that if a J'avo carrying a melee weapon is shot a few times, it might cover its face with its free arm. If it does this, don't stand too close, or it will do a very basic swipe with its weapon. This attack can be countered, but the attack occurs so fast that it's not worth trying. If you really want to try it, just use the aim-release technique the instant he starts moving his weapon and your character will do a "basic" counter. Otherwise, just stand back and let the J'avo resume attacking you in the traditional manner--or shoot it in the face.)

Machine Pistol: J'avo carrying machine pistols will slam you with the butt of the gun if you get too close. Counter this just as they raise their arms and your character will do what I call the "head" counter; they will block the attack by grabbing and pulling the J'avo's arm forward with one hand, and then elbow him in the face with the other arm. This attack is more damaging than a "basic" counter and will stun the J'avo for about 10-15 seconds. Some J'avo will even be killed instantly by it, even on No Hope difficulty.

Machinegun: J'avo wielding the extremely heavy duty machineguns will rear back and attempt to slam the weapon sideways into you if you stand right next to them. This attack takes a surpisingly long time to carry out, and there's no way I can describe to you exactly when the prompt appears except to say that it happens just before the downward swing. This is one you just have to practice, and it results in a "basic" counter.

Sniper Rifle: If you can manage to get close to a J'avo with a sniper rifle (wouldn't recommend it on No Hope), he will try to clock you with it in the same manner as a machine pistol J'avo with roughly the same speed. Counter just as he raises the weapon and you will perform a "basic" counter.

Rocket Launcher: Even less recommended than the Sniper Rifle approach, but if you get close to a J'avo holding a Rocket Launcher, he might hold the weapon behind his back and attempt to ram you. Just counter about halfway through the attack (might take some timing practice) and your character will perform a "basic" counter.


The Ruka-Srp uses nothing but melee attacks, almost all of which result in a "basic" counter attack. The half-swing attack is when the Ruka-Srp shoulder-checks you with his arm; the back-swing attack is the exact same thing except performed from behind. These attacks are quite rapid, and since he makes the same initial motion for this as he does for his full-swing attack, you should always assume this is the one that's coming. If you're wrong, you can readjust by quickly aiming your weapon and releasing the aim button, just in time to counter the full swing. A double-armed Ruka-Srp will often do a double full-swing attack; the first swing will be just like the normal full-swing, and then it will follow up with an overhead swing with its other arm. This combo can be done by a single-armed Ruka-Srp if it charges at you by swinging once normally and then "backhanding" you with the same arm. Regardless, you can counter either swing; I recommend going for the second one since you have all the warning you need to not fail. All these attacks result in a "basic" counters. When the Ruka-Srp's health is low (I assume either less than half or less than a third), he might perform an overhead stab attack. The counter for this is unique; your character will catch the arm, tear it off, and impale the Ruka-Srp through the head with it, killing him instantly. Don't confuse this attack with the downward slam he does when you're lying on the ground; they might look similar, but the downward slam cannot be countered.


There is only one attack from a Ruka-Bedem that can be countered, and that is the overhead stab he does with his shield. Counter just as his shield moves forward and your character will dodge backward as the shield hits the ground and then run forward, jump over the shield, and then kick the Ruka-Bedem in the face, knocking him flat on his back. This attack is not very damaging and not really worth the effort, but it's certainly fun to do. If you're having trouble with Ruka-Bedem, just move around behind them and do a basic melee attack; this will stun him, often setting him up for a Coup de Grace in the process, and if that doesn't kill him, you can easily stomp his head afterward. (NOTE: I'll mention this again later in the Noga-Oklop section, but if his legs are mutated as well, you can't counter the shield-stab attack, probably because you can't knock a Noga-Oklop to the ground unless it's dead).


The Ruka-Khvatanje has two attacks, the long-range grab and the close-range punch. The long range grab can't be countered, but it can be avoided by moving close to the Ruka-Khvatanje which will cause him to stumble slightly. The punch can be countered easily just as he raises his insect arm. The counter will cause your character to dodge to the side, grab the insect arm, and spin around, tossing the Ruka-Khvatanje to the ground in the process. This attack does VERY LITTLE damage, if any, but it allows your character to easily stomp on the head and kill it.


This enemy has two attacks, the web-spray and the acid-spit. He only vomits acid on you when your low to the ground, either lying down or trapping in his webbing, so you rarely see this attack, which is a good thing since it can't be countered. (Bear in mind, however, that on No Hope difficulty it's very common for the Glava-Sluz to run up close and vomit acid on you immediately after you get trapped in its webbing, and it's very difficult to break out in time to avoid this attack; therefore, if you get trapped, don't try to break free, but instead aim and shoot the Glava-Sluz to death--otherwise, his vomit will knock you into dying status). The web-spray is its primary attack, and the prompt appears almost immediately after you see the webbing start to emanate from its mouth. Counter this properly and your character will grab the Glava-Sluz by the neck, plugging off the web spray, spin it around, and snap its neck, killing it instantly.


This is the most important counterattack you will ever learn and, while quite dangerous, it's not very difficult. When a J'avo mutates into a Glava-Begunats, it will swing whatever weapon it's holding back and forth repeatedly until it kills you or you kill it. If that weapon is a gun, it will shoot the weapon if it's far away. It doesn't matter if it's the forward swing or the backward swing--countering will kill the Glava-Begunats instantly using the same "head" counter as a J'avo with a machine pistol. The prompt appears every time the Glava-Begunats raises its arm. If the Glava-Begunats has a mutated Ruka-Srp arm, the counter animation will be identical to that of the Ruka-Srp's overhead stab counter (tear the arm off and impale the head). Either way, the Glava-Begunats dies every time. The easiest method for performing this counter is to intentionally shoot the J'avo in the face and then step up to him as his head mutates; just as he raises his arm, tap the attack button (use the aim-release technique for better security, but it really isn't necessary). If you miss this opportunity, don't fret; simply aim at the Glava-Begunats and back up as you do so. There is a brief pause after every forward/backward swing pair; once he does the back swing, move towards him, release the aim button, and then tap the attack button. I demonstrate this at least three times in the video, but like all counterattacks, your best method is to practice.


The Glava-Smech has exactly one attack: grab you with its pincers and crush the life out of you. This attack is the most highly damaging attack of any standard enemy in RE6; on No Hope, you are put into dying status automatically, regardless of your health, without the chance to break free (failing to break free drops you into dying status even on Amateur). Fortunately, the counter is easy. The prompt appears at any and all points during the charge, from the time the pincers open to the time they close (even if the pincers are forced shut by gunfire, so long as the Glava-Smech keeps charging, you can counter). Properly done, your character will perform a "trip" counter, dropping the Glava-Smech on its face. When playing as Chris or Piers, there is a good chance the follow-up attack will prompt the character to step on the Glava-Smech and tear one of its pincers off, killing it instantly. If that doesn't happen, just counter it again. I recommend not attempting this attack too close to the beginning or end of the charge, as the results of failing the counter are devastating.


These spider-like enemies will usually try to shoot you from a distance, but they have two melee attacks that both result in your character grabbing and slamming the enemy face down on the floor. When the Noga-Trchanje is on the floor and you get somewhat close to it, he will leap at you rather quickly. Plan to press the attack button immediately when you see his head rear back, because the jump happens too quickly for you to wait too long. Done correctly, your character will catch him in midair and slam him facedown. When the Noga-Trchanje is on the ceiling and you walk nearby, he will dangle downward and try to slap you. Counter as soon as you see him start to dangle, because the attack occurs very rapidly. Your character will intercept the slap and slam him facedown on the floor. Neither of these counterattacks do any damage, but they set the enemy up for a stomp attack, which kills any Noga-Trchanje instantly. The aim-release technique is essential for these counters if you want to succeed reliably at them.


This enemy has one counterable attack that I know about. At about a medium range and above you, it will extend both arms and then rush you, attempting to grab your character. Counter just as he starts to charge and your character will intercept him and slam him facedown on the ground, just like the Noga-Trchanje counters. Follow-up to kill him instantly.


This enemy has two attacks unique to it: a jumping double-kick that has a very limited range and can't be countered, and a high-kick with a much better range that can be countered. For the longest time I didn't even know this second attack existed. From what I can tell, only a Noga-Oklop with a machine pistol or a Ruka-Bedem shield arm will perform it, and only at close range immedately after its jumping double-kick has failed (the ones with shield arms won't do the double-kick first, but they rarely attempt the high kick, opting instead for the downward shield-stab that can't be countered when its legs are also mutated). Counter just as he starts to raise his leg to perform a "trip" counter that doesn't even come close to tripping the enemy. This counter has no secondary stun effects except for the occasional medium stun that happens to Noga-Oklop on a sporadic, unpredictable basis. It only causes damage, and the damage is minimal. On No Hope, I had to perform this counter 5 times before he died, all the while ducking his other attacks. Do this counter only if you're desperate or bored. If the Noga-Oklop is wielding a knife, he will likely never do this attack and instead just do the traditional downward slash, which is countered exactly like with an ordinary J'avo.


Counterattacking these enemies is the most unproductive thing you will ever attempt in RE6, short of attempting to kill bosses with only melee attacks. The Noga-Skakanje has a unique backwards kick that it does when you get behind it, and you can counter this just as he raises his foot. The prompt is short, but if you succeed, your character will grab the leg and spin sideways, flipping the enemy down onto his face. This deals a medium amount of damage--not really worth the risk if you ask me, since that kick attack takes off 5 blocks of health on No Hope. If he's wielding a Machete, he has two seperate melee attacks that you can counter just as the blade comes downward; your character will perform a "basic" counter. This is easy to do, but you have to be up close, and the Noga-Skakanje loves to do a jumping double-kick (similar to the Noga-Oklop's) that can't be countered and is almost as devastating as the back-kick. This attack comes too quickly to even give you enough time do dive to the side. And if he has a mutated Ruka-Srp arm, the prompt window is so thin I only succeeded in countering about 10% of the time; also, you can only counter the full-swing attack--the half-swing attacks can't be countered. And the result is merely a "basic" counter with average damage. None of these counters are worth the risk on No Hope. Instead, I recommend sliding into the Noga-Skakanje's feet, which will drop him on his face and allow you to stomp on his head. If they're in a group, just throw a flash grenade and thin their numbers one at a time.


Melee attacks, even counterattacks, do very little damage to a Rasklapanje. They are, however, very effective at removing its arms, which is a necessary component of completing the Rasklapanje kill. If you didn't already know, the only way you get credit for killing a Rasklapanje is if all its parts are neutralized, separately and simultaneously. First remove and neutralize both arms, then damage it enough to split it in half, then neutralize both halves (if you do enough damage with handguns and assult rifles, the Rasklapanje will split with his legs already neutralized). If the arms regenerate before the legs and torso are both neutralized, you have to stop them again to complete the kill (and DON'T let them re-attach to the torso). Fortunately, there's an easy way to tell if you succeeded: once the last part is rendered powerless, it will drop a 3000 skill point reward (Golden Rook). Countering a Rasklapanje's grab attack is the easiest way to remove its arms without causing too much damage to the torso (neutralizing the torso before the arms are removed will render everything pointless until the torso regenerates). To do this correctly, stand in front of the Rasklapanje and use the aim-release technique, triggering the counter as soon as it raises its arm. (NOTE: Do NOT stand beside or behind it, or it will do its side slap attack, which can't be countered and will likely land the Rasklapanje right on top of you). Once the arm is detached, it may be tempting to pick it up and throw it to neutralize it -- DON'T do this; in the time it takes for that animation to finish, the Rasklapanje will have all the time it needs to turn around and attempt another grab attack, and unless you're very lucky, you won't have time to counter or dodge. There are also counter attacks available to both the legs and torso, but I recommend neither, as they do very little damage. The bottom will raise one leg and try to kick you, and if you counter just as the leg starts to rise, your character will do a "basic" counter that knocks the legs to the ground. If the torso has lost both its arms, its only attack is to slither toward you and then push itself upward and slam into you. Timed correctly, you can counter this if you press the button at any point in the jump, and your character will to the otherwise deadly "quick" counter; however, because the torso moves so quickly and has ABSOLUTELY NO telltale signs of its impending attack, this counter is impossible to predict with any certainty. Also, because of the speed, even if the counter prompt is pressed in time, you will likely miss, and you might still get hit (I show an example of one of these "successful" counters in my Bosses video). And on top of all that, even if the counter connects perfectly, the damage done is minimal. Instead, shoot the legs and torso to death with an assult rifle or catch them in the epicenter of a hand grenade, grenade launcher, or remote bomb explosion.


The Lepotitsa has one attack that can be countered, and that is when it outstretches both arms and attempts to grab your character. Counter just as the arms start to close and your character will perform a "basic" counter that does a small amount of damage to the beast. I don't recommend this approach on anything besides Amateur mode unless you have health to spare, especially not during the Cathedral fight, as the random gunfire of your partner and others will cause the blue gas to shoot out and knock you down with health loss; and sometimes the gas just shoots out randomly. I was able to drive the Lepotitsa on the airplane away as Helena using only counterattacks on No Hope, and I lost 4 health blocks in the process. That's the best I've ever managed with this approach. I recommend this counter only in a pinch to escape the grab attack, which is quite deadly on harder difficulties.


All of Ustanaks melee attacks can be countered, but only during the final fight between him and Jake. At no other point in the game should you attempt them; they WON'T work and you will sustain heavy damage. I won't bother to illustrate each and every attack; instead I will just say that the counter prompt appears immediately after the dodge prompt for all his attacks. For most of them, just use the aim-release technique. The only exception to this is Ustanaks ramming attack. He typically only does this after picking Jake up and throwing him to the other side of the walkway, and in the time it takes for Jake to get back up, you won't have time to aim and release before the prompt disappears (and failing this counter is the only deadly fail in this entire fight, as getting rammed three times will kill you -- the other attacks just slow you down). Instead, just wait for the dodge prompt to appear, and then press and hold the attack button. The system will register the button press for about a half-second, which is all the longer it takes for the prompt to change from dodge to counter. It still fails once in a while, but it's very reliable, and this particular counter does heavy damage to Ustanak (though it will NEVER finish him--that always requires some sort of follow-up).


There is one attack Deborah does that can be countered, and it is useful as both an ammo-saving and a time-saving tool. During the fight in the pit when Deborah is jumping around on the rafters, she will scream at you and then attempt to dive down on top of you (FYI, if she succeeds on No Hope, press SELECT and restart as fast as possible -- you won't shake her off fast enough to live, even with full health). With a little practice, you can get the timing right: the counter prompt appears just as she's about to land on you, and if executed successfully, your character will catch her in midair and throw her on her back. When she falls on her back, one of her unbroken tentacles will appear, allowing you to perform a melee sequence and shatter it. This not only saves ammo, but it saves time, because you don't have to wait as she jumps, charges, and swings her tentacles repeatedly in the pit before jumping back on the rafters to do it all over again. If you're really strapped for ammo, you can make it through that entire section of the fight without firing a single shot.


There are two attacks by Simmons that you can counter. One, while playing as Leon, is when you are climbing the elevator cable. After successfully pressing the dodge prompt when Simmons reaches you, a counter prompt will appear that results in Leon kicking Simmons in the face. Since Simmons has infinite health during this part, the only thing this counter does is slow him down a bit more. Also, failing the counter causes no damage to Leon. It's merely gratifying to kick Simmons in the face. The other attack you can counter is done when you face off with Simmons on the walkway as either Leon or Ada. There is no warning that the attack is coming, but this is the one counter in the game where you can wait until after the prompt appears to press it, as it lasts a good second or two (just don't wait too long). Simmons's "horn" will mutate into a spike and attempt to latch onto your character. As Leon, this counter will cause him do duck to the side and kick the horn when it stabs at you. As Ada, the counter will cause her to dodge and use her grapple gun to latch onto Simmons, pull her toward him, and kick the top part of his body. They both do the same basic damage, but Ada's is more dangerous, as the animation drops her right next to Simmons, exposed to whatever attack comes next. But this is better than the alternative: if you fail to counter this attack or dive to the left or right, the spike will catch you, lift you into the air, and unleash a barrage of bone fragments into your chest. Unless you have at least 5 blocks of health (on No Hope), this will put you into dying status, which you rarely survive during this fight with Simmons.

**That's all the counterattacks I know about. Shriekers have an arm swing exactly like a zombie's arm swing, and I assume it can be countered, but only Agent Hunters use that attack in the campaign. I imagine countering it would cause the Shrieker's throat to expand, but that's just a guess. Glava-Dim and all the Telo mutations have no unique counter attacks that I know about, and neither do any of the Chrysalid-hatched enemies. There is a counter-like attack you can do to a Napad when it charges at you, but this does not use the "Counter" prompt and is therefore not technically a counterattack. However, it DOES behave exactly like one. Press the attack button just as the Napad is about to hit you and the "counter" will succeed; however, it only damages the Napad if you're playing a male character, in which case he will stop the Napad in its tracks and knee it in the face, removing all armor from the front of its body. Female characters will just flip over the Napad, dodging its attack and placing her in the prime position of attacking the weak point on its back (or the armor covering it). "

Might as well share this. Though the guide makes a mistake with the " You cant counter without stamina. " statement; some counters can be performed without stamina.

Also another way to easily perform counters is by using voice commands. During the command animations; you cant perform normal melee attacks but prompt based melee attacks still can be performed. Since counters are prompt based; this trick with the right timing allows for more easier counter attacks.
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