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RE8 Rumor of Resident evil 8


If RE8 is indeed as described, I hope it includes universal VR support. Not being able to play RE7 on the superior Valve Index is a shame.

The leaks sound an awful lot like a reimagining of RE4 in ways.

I don't blame you. I think assets of 7 will go into 8, like 2 went into 3.

It means they can release a new game every year or so, and give it a fresh coat of paint, but most of it probably isn't as new as it seems. Even the 7 like beginning to 3 looked oddly familiar. ?
That’s the point of a proprietary engine, optimizing not just the game itself but the workflow that goes into them after the initial project is completed. This is a good thing.
Let's just say this game is similar to the Resident Evil 3.5 that we should of gotten in the first place, I'll be all for it as long as the game plays like the older games. I found the 3.5 setting and Hook Man to be perfect for a Resident Evil game. Make it 8, Capcom!
So what's Ethan doing in this village with Chris anyway? Has Ethan signed up to the BSAA? As normal as he was in RE7, maybe he will grow into a fan favourite in RE8. I think he was considered a boring character in RE7, but I think Capcom wanted to make him as normal as they could, and not another Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of protagonist. If that made him unappealing, so be it. The end result was that we got a game that was a commendable throwback to the original. Had this been another RE4, no one would have been pleased after the blunder that was RE6.
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Why not transfer me some money, man? I sure do need some. :D

Anyway... I got up earlier this morning, and noticed Michael and Dillon streaming on YouTube.

I'm hoping that Capcom gives us a trailer about RE8 soon. And yeah, I meant a general trailer, as they're inclined to omit the gameplay. :unsure:

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