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At least worst than the first 3 PA movies. I didn’t watch it or Final Chapter but from the reviews I will rank the live action movies as this.

1) RE (4.2/5)
This was fine as a stand-alone film and had its own take on the RE story. I can treat this as a separate piece and not relate it to the games. The story was solid and it had some memorable scenes such as the lazer hallway which was adapted about as much as the famous The Matrix bullet time scene in later games and movies.

2) Apocalypse (3.7/5)
This is where they start borrowing more from the games. This was a guilty pleasure film as Jill is in it and she kicks ass. The scenes were entertaining enough but the ending is weak introducing psychic powers to Alice.

3) Extinction (3.2/5)
This was the Mad Max rip-off which I felt was OK for the most part. Nothing in particular stood out to me in this one and the cheese was bumped up a bit more. The Tyrant at the end was alright but was not as cool as Nemesis.

4) Retribution (2.8/5)
The stories at this point are atrocious but the set pieces were entertaining. The movie jumped between a suburban setting, Japan, Russia, etc. The fights were over the top and cheesy and it made me roll my eyes at least 20 times. The fight at the end pays homage to the first Mortal Kombat movie which Paul Anderson directed.

5) Afterlife (2/5)
A movie can be crappy yet entertaining, but the moment it starts boring the audience it becomes just bad. This movie was plagued with pacing issues and the horrible slow motion 3D scenes which makes the movie felt like a slog. The Wesker fight scene at the end is laughable with Alice kicking glass at a dog and Wesker getting shot in the head numerous times.

Not to mention he survives a nuclear explosion!

6) Welcome to Raccoon City (1.5/5)
The only things that I felt they did right with this movie was replicating the Spenser and RPD main halls almost perfectly. Yet most of the cast is horrendously miscasted and act completely out of character. This wouldn’t have been as insulting to dans if it was like first PA movie and did it’s own thing, but instead they cut out so much from RE1/2 events it just hurts to see almost everyone agonize over this movie. Just play the games there’s nothing to invest in here.

7) The Final Chapter (0.6/5)
I love how this movie retcons so many plotpoints from the first 5 PA movies. It has bad pacing much like Afterlife and the plot is nonsensical to the point you want to gouge your eyes out. The camera shakes and cuts way WAY too much and will leave you with a migraine. Wesker also gets crushed and dies to a door shutting which was LMAO! This movie also faced lawsuits with a stunt double losing her arm and another almost getting crushed. There’s like one fight scene that makes this not a 0 I guess.

I am not an Alice hater really, but the stories that were written for most of these movies needed to be revised before filming. Also, it’s hilarious that both Apocalype cut out RE2 story and WtRC cut out RE3 story, like wtf? How hard is it to adapt both stories when they literally take place in a 3 day time span?
Sorry for the late reply but do you think cgi movies are still better than live action ones right? I think they are. I wonder how would you rank them like how you did live action ones here.
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