So it doesn't look great but still leagues ahead of Anderson's shitty films. At least they have iconic locations and actual scenes straight from the games. That said the cg and even practical effects look cheap as all hell. Especially the zombies which should have been easy to nail. They look like someone took a trip to Party City and called it a day.

I'll be there day one in the theaters to watch it, looks like it'll be a fun time.
Yeah the CGI looks like it’s more on the cheap side but this version of G4;

Looks way better than whatever this shit show was;

Other than some cringy miscastings.. I will go see it. This whole year has been severely disappointing for RE so my expectations are in the negatives. At least this should be much better than the Anderson movies and Infinite Darkness.
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So ı personally dont care for this movie. However ı've been following the updates for it and ı cant stop thinking about one thing which is bothering me so ı want to mention.

Where's ada? Is she gonna be in this? I want to see leon and ada have a emotional kiss like in og game and darkside chronicles.

Sorry if this might seem silly but it's been bothering me a lot.
Also ı remember seeing an actor for the movie saying " True fan " statement on twitter. It was something like " True fans should enjoy this movie and not the ones that feature alice. " . I think people should be left alone about what they enjoy. I dont care much for anderson movies but there seems to be people who like them. Calling them " Fake fans " is awkward imo. I mean they sold a lot and while ı dont think sales determine quality, it still doesnt change that a lot of people bought and enjoyed them.

Speaking of quality; ı want to mention that ı dont care much about " quality " or a game looking " realistic " or " beautiful " . I care more about the value and fun factor personally. I'm also a big fan of content so when there's a good amount of something, chances are it would likely increase my enjoyment. It's not a requirement but it's something that makes me very happy.

I dont like " Games / movies are supposed to be art. " statement either. I think they are supposed to be more of a fun entertainment rather than a perfect art that isnt allowed to make any mistakes.
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