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RE8 Resident Evil Showcase

Uroboros was always harder for me to understand since it’s unclear how exactly Wesker made it. I heard misinformation about it over the years that other viruses were used and the Plaga, but it was all false. They were only used as a “reference” to improve the virus which is still left to interpretation how exactly Progenitor became a mass of black tentacles.

The same can be said how exactly the G-Virus was improved upon and enhanced after finding it in Lisa Trevor.

Anyway, I hope the new werewolf virus is explained in detail unlike the molded.


You know what? You win this time, russident. I give up for this one. Though ı still wished c-virus was used in re7 instead of mold cause that's my preference and it would make the game better connected to re6. ( D and e series would be related to c-virus plus d and e letters come after c. )
So, how will the Molded be linked to the vampire cult in RE8? It's quite unusual. Now, I know they aren't really vampires. It's still just rather bizarre.
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