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Revelations Resident Evil Revelations 2


Oh and one small thing about this game:

Claire's re2 outfit in this game is way more faithful to og game than re2 2019's unlockable re2 outfit.

Not to mention; when you use knife in rerev2; claire uses her knife from the holster. Something that cant be done in re2 2019 with claire's unlockable outfit.

You cant even do this in remake when playing as chris, he has a special knife attached to his knife holster which cant be used. ( Not sure if that's the correct word. )

I remember watching ruby of blue's re2 analysis video and he said that chris didnt have his stars knife; he had his us air force with him in remake.

This is false cause he clearly has it in game; it can be seen.

But anyways; ı think the knives claire and barry uses in rerev2 are stars knives.

I got the idea that when stars was founded; they gave chris 2 knives due to him being the master of knifing and he gave one of them to claire.

She has it in darkside chronicles ( Which expands re2 in some ways. ) and this carries well to recv and its chronicles section where the knife has stars written on it.

Chris' has his stars knife in recv too and ı got the idea that the knife jill finds in re3 epilogue file is chris' air force knife in remake.


Oh and ı like claire's design in this.

Her design seems to get hate but ı like it.

It's way better than jill's lame rerev design; ugh both that game and re7 are directed by the same guy.

I can tell rerev2 claire and re6 chris are siblings by looking at them.

Plus it gets carried from her darkside chronicles and degeneration designs well.

Glad they used the same design in heavenly island manga.


I think rerev2 has a way better raid mode than the 1st one.

The raid mode for the 1st game feels unnecessarily tedious and in some ways; unnecessarily punishing in some ways.

I feel like similar to re5's case; the mode seems to be more designed around online for that game.

It feels more fun to play in 2nd one and feels more designed around single player.

I'll give rerev credit; you dont need to separately rank characters though some characters are very hard to unlock.

Both games have microtransactions which is unnecessary.
It's way better than jill's lame rerev design; ugh both that game and re7 are directed by the same guy.

That explains a lot and why the story feels so disjointed and haphazardly put together. Both RE7 and Rev1 I feel have the weakest stories of the franchise next to RE0.


That explains a lot and why the story feels so disjointed and haphazardly put together. Both RE7 and Rev1 I feel have the weakest stories of the franchise next to RE0.
I was talking about the character design for jill. Chris looks fine; especially when you put it next to remake and re5 designs but the same cant be said for jill when you put it next to remake and re5 designs; the design looks weird. She doesnt look as bad as hunkfield though.

I still prefer rerev's story over re7's and pathetic demakes' ( Though ı started to get more fond of re3 2020's story in some ways while ı started to get more bothered by re2 2019. ) but ı still agree with some of your issues; rerev gets on my nerves in many ways, especially after doing some research.

I dont like rerev's storytelling method. Like the way the game jumps around to different characters is annoying to me; especially when done to terragrigia parts. For some weird reason; one of the end levels take place at that location and that level takes place before the 1st terragrigia level. Oh and it's impossible to chronologically play the game; you cant select chapters and instead the game has a weird saving method. And you cant save all chapters and their sub parts; not enough save slots. I mean re5 allows chapter selection; why cant rerev allow too?

I mentioned rerev's storytelling method mainly cause of re6. I replayed re6's campaigns and their chapters in different orders so that ı can experience the game in different ways. I mean re6 allows chapter selection and the cutscene viewer shows the order. ( Though some of ada's cutscenes arent placed in the right order and there are an empty amount of spaces which could have used some work. ) Meanwhile rerev cant be played in chronological order unlike re6.

As for characters; ı think they are decent for what they are ( Except rachel who's plain annoying. ) but another thing that gets on my nerves is the character interactions. They dont seem to be properly made and it seems to have a good reason.

I'm just gonna copy paste this; found this from the horror inside's roger craig smith video:

" As for Rev1, I do agree with you it just wasn't a well written game. It tried to be so complex and try to pull off a big mystery but that aspect of the game fell flat on its face, for many reasons. Although, while I also don't really blame the actors, Michelle Ruff (Jill's voice actor in Rev) did an interview with Crimson Head Elder a year or 2 ago and said that she tried to bring more emotion to Jill but her and the voice director (who was Stephenie Sheh, Rebecca in Umbrella Chronicles/RE5 of all people) had their hands tied. The Japanese producers kept telling them basically, "No, no, Jill is a tough, hard character who never shows emotion." I'm paraphrasing on that but seriously, WHAT. Have they seen RE5, or certain scenes in Remake with Barry and Wesker?? I hate when producers take the characters being described as calm and cool under pressure to mean, emotionless robots. It really bugs the crap out of me because I so want the RE characters to be more fully realized and show their more human side (again, RE5 did that so great with Chris/Jill, and Rev just did not).

I would assume Roger Craig Smith was directed the same in Revelations cuz damn, going from 5 and 6 where he is very deep and wearing his heart on his sleeve to Revelations... wow. I definitely do not blame the actors in this case. I blame the Japanese producers who for some reason thought Chris and Jill are suppose to be robots and have always been that. "

Though ı still wished patricia ja lee voiced her in rerev; her voice can be heard in the game's trailer but instead michell ruff voices her in the game instead who is boring.

I also wished barry and rebecca were mentioned in the game. They were ignored in re5 ( Which is a re1 reunion. ) and they were ignored here as well. It's a prequel to re5 and gives bsaa to backstory; meanwhile barry and rebecca werent explained for what they were doing in bsaa.

Anyways; ı like the story; the bsaa backstory is nice especially when looked from a distance but when playing the game while delving more into it; the game gets on my nerves in many ways.

Honestly ı think re0 is a better prequel to remake than rerev is for re5. Re0 also has an underrated story imo and it has a better one than remake.

Ugh; ı cant get the canon ending in remake where all characters escape with brad and this started to get on my nerves. Plus the whole mo disk business; after replaying the game, starts to feel more like a chore to do.

About directors; both rerev and re7 are directed by koshi nakanishi but writers arent the same.

Rerev was written by dai sato who also wrote rerev2.

Re7 was written by richard pearsey who also seems to wrote fear games.

Re7 is the 1st time a mainline entry was written by a western writer and ı dont like this decision for the franchise starting with re7 and the recent 2 cash grabs which also seems to get westernized.
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Oh and to add another thing; another way re7 reminds me of rerev is mia tape. Similar to the 2nd terragrigia level; it takes place in past, except the gap is 3 freaking years instead of 1. And unsurprisingly; it cant be skipped unlike the other tapes found in the game.

Anyways; ı made a typo at one part; ı meant the horror inside channel instead of rely on horror.
So is the blonde haired woman in the trailer for RE8 supposed to be Alex Wesker? She's kind of hot. :devilish:

Praying that Claire, Moira and Barry are fine. So I'll give Capcom an A+ for bringing back Chris, who is actually looking like Chris after the disaster that was RE7. But Capcom, you're gonna receive 0 out of 10 if Claire and Barry dies. :sick:
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