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General RE series has enough games in series now to Keep playing in rotation.

With enough BioHazard: Resident Evil videogames to play in rotation, I can learn how to REinvent the wheel as a computer programmer before CapCom even hires me!🧠🎮👨‍💻

While a lot of new RE games may feel shitty sometimes, I can't say they're absolutely uninteresting either. RE also keeps you coming back. It's only after you play the game and finally finish it, you may think, "Well, what the hell was that all about?" You know? But despite the flaws, there's enough positives.

I do think copying other games is a low trick. But it seems to be working for them. If it keeps the franchise going strong, so be it, I guess. At least until the lawsuits come pouring in. Ha-ha.

But I highly suspect that some of the newbies they cast for the role didn't even play RE in the 90s. I know actors like to perhaps put their own take on a character. But they seem to never hire actors who remotely resemble the characters, so we get dog shit like the RE7 version of Chris. He to this day, still bothers me. He's got the traits of Chris. But his voice, face, body, it's all wrong. :D
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