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General RE Portal Update


Re7 and revillage are added. It looks like these are the last ones who would be in the site. There doesnt seem to be any more entry planned to be added.

This is a shame, ı would have preferred others to be added as well, especially chronicles games. Oh well.
Chronicles had some fantastic art, I would have loved to have some of that retouched.


I just checked the page of remake, they describe it like this:

" A reimagining of the original Resident Evil game released in 1996.
Taking advantage of technological improvements at the time, the game boasts striking visuals and an overall more complete experience.
While the story is essentially the same, new elements were added, including new routes in the mansion, and new creatures. "

They straight up call it a reimagining, what the hell? It's not a reimagining, it's a remake.

The re engine recreations being described as " reimagining " is correct but ı'm surprised anyone else didnt find this oversight in other places.
Yeah. It's definitely the best remake Capcom ever did, next to those rail shooters, which while not amazing, did a somewhat splendid job of retelling the past events. The two remakes we got for 2 and 3 were terribly unfaithful.

I honestly feel like Capcom just wasted our time and money with their same old, nostalgic, carrot dangling antics.

I long for the day we will get a proper remake. But meh. We have to accept this and move on.
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