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RE:4 RE:4 Officially Announced

Maybe as an alternate costume but it looks like her RE:4 one will be more like her Mercenaries outfit and look more tactical. As cool as Separate Ways was, there were a lot of reused areas so I am hoping they put more effort into adding different areas for her campaign.
I dont mind that ada goes through the same levels in separate ways that much but ı still agree that her scenario can be more unique. I would like it if they would make her story more similar to her campaign in re6 with the way locations are travelled through. That game also reuses locations from other 3 campaigns more than others for ada's campaign but ı personally like that decision since the campaigns connect to each other even more and more importantly, ada goes through those locations in a more unique way than separate ways in re4.

I really like submarine in her 1st chapter which is a very unique location that's also connected to leon's campaign.

In 2nd chapter; she goes through the same locations leon and helena go but she still takes new paths at certain points. Like going through that gate by unlocking it with pieces of the family logo crest. After that; her locations are rehashed from leon's campaign but ı really like that due to campaign connection being used in a more unique way.

In 3rd chapter; she goes through the same locations in chris and jake's campaigns but she still takes new paths. I like the chase part with ubistvo since it explains why the monster caused damage to environment as shown in jake's campaign. Her campaign connects to jake's campaign too at the end as well as to chris' campaign when they were chasing carla which ada notices.

In 4th chapter; she goes through the same locations in chris' campaign but she still takes new paths. It's also possible to get caught to chris as an unique game over as well. Her fight with carla's mutant form also explains why during rasklapanje part in chris' campaign; the ship can shake randomly.

In 5th chapter; she helps leon and helena during their also final chapter but while being inside the chopper 1st. There are gaps before the intersection parts which show her taking new paths. The campaign connection parts here are the best for me in her campaign personally, especially after she leaves the chopper to leon and helena. And the very end section is even more amazing.

I can go on but ı really love re6 and ıdk if re engine 4 will take inspirations from it but if it will happen in a well executed way like that game, ı would be very happy.
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Separate Ways will probably be post launch DLC. It has been something of a tradition for Capcom to release extra content after the initial game. But I hope they don't take over a year to release it, because RE8 was out in May last year, and the DLC is arriving this October. So that's well over 15 months after the base game came out.
Would anyone be interested at creatures created from progenitor based agents making into the game? Basically they would be controlled by plaga, dominant users anyway. I always liked licker betas in damnation being controlled by the rebels infected with the newest version of plaga.

I wonder if it can control more creatures. I wouldnt mind hunters or tyrants making into the game other than lickers if they could be controlled.


lord death of murder mountain
honestly i cant wait for it to come out and i hope its good honestly wasn't too impressed with the last remake but I'm so excited for this one
Other than Capcom, are there any other companies that whore out remakes quite as much?

I'm not opposed to having remakes. But I'm not really for them either. I enjoyed these now old games when they were new, as did a lot of us. But remakes aren't new games, as such. They basically take what's already established and change aspects of it. I'd rather see something new.

-Third Outbreak.
-Third Revelations.
-Animated film, and/or Season 2 of Infinite Darkness.

Yeah, I know I said I hated Capcom revisiting Raccoon City so much. But I reckon no-one would say no to seeing another game like that, if done properly.
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