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General Questions and Answers

Chances are you are confused or in the dark regarding something related to Biohazard. Why not then ask another fan? Put any questions here, simple or complex, and see if someone in the community can help.


If you have any questions regarding viruses or monsters, I recommend checking these threads first, and perhaps asking there instead:

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About neo-umbrella j'avos; does anyone know which language they speak? I know that the ones in edonia speak serbian while the ones in lanshiang speak chinese but ı'm not sure which language do neo-umbrella ones speak.
I see some of those threads transferred over today, very nice. Is @Evil Resident around yet? Love those analysis.
I'm here now!

Updated Virus Analysis:

About neo-umbrella j'avos; does anyone know which language they speak? I know that the ones in edonia speak serbian while the ones in lanshiang speak chinese but ı'm not sure which language do neo-umbrella ones speak.
I think Chinese?
Sadly no, we need a high-res picture of the Neo-Umbrella logo. With any luck there's one in the PS4 re-release of the game.
The virus links are broken on my end.
Were you using the original links? Those go to the old Biohaze, so they don't work anymore.
Try here instead:
Or more specifically:


I found an answer to the meaning of the chinese writing on neo-umbrella's logo.

It means:

" Our career is glorious and splendid, like the waves with extreme heights.

We're proud of this belief and, with dependence upon it, stride around the world. "

I got another question though; so ı was browsing through the re6 part of batman's re timeline essay and apparently liz's father's name is " robert " . Is there a source for that? I checked the wiki and ı found this info instead:

" This character is named "Robert" in the BradyGames strategy guide, though no name has been confirmed by Capcom Japan so far. Officially, he's referred to as "university staff member". "


Another one; ı've fully read the re6 part in 2010-2014 as of now.

One of the parts says something like " It's been 4 years since he killed wesker. " ; is that a confirmation that chris' " It's been 3 years since ı killed wesker. " line is an official localization mistake? Basically it means chris says something like " I've killed wesker 4 years ago. " in original japanese script?

Can anyone who played the game with japanese subtitles and language confirm this?
The only source for Robert is the Bradygames guide. In the Japanese script he is simply referred to as リズの父親 'Liz's father'. I'm happy to go with Robert in this case because it is simply easier to write and sounds better to read than 'Liz's father' all the time, and more importantly, it has zero consequence with the story so it really doesn't matter.

The original Japanese script also contains the same mistake of 3 years - so it is not a localisation error. Believe it or not, there are mistakes in the original Japanese too. We know it is four years, so I fixed it.

「3年前…ウェスカーを倒したその時…俺の戦いは いったん終わりを迎えた」 - "3 years ago... when I defeated Wesker... my fight came to an end."

I do actually check these things believe it or not.


Can ı ask why chris isnt equipped with a samurai edge in recv? I mean he has his samurai edge in prelude to the fall and umbrella's end scenario which makes me believe that he didnt lost his handgun when running away from cerberus at the intro of remake. ( The canon story is a combination of chris' and jill's. )

Did jill obtain his handgun somewhere ( Most likely from his hideout which is shown in jill's re3 epilogue. ) then give it to him when she found chris?

I dont remember if there's an explanation somewhere at a file or at a guidebook.



Does anyone know a source that shares the soundtrack somewhere?


I cant find the theme on youtube, ı know it kinda comes back in biohazard the stage but ı wonder if a video dedicated to the theme is uploaded?


If it was only ever given a special name for RE3 then it's possible the Dreamcast team just didn't share notes.
I guess. Recv probably should had been more connected to re3 storywise then; when it comes to small aspects like that.


So ı was checking jill's page in project umbrella site and ı've came across this statement.

" She stated that her motive for joining was being unable to forgive evil that threatens civilians, but she also wanted to "experience the true feeling of life." "

Is there a source for this? Especially the " experience the true feeling of life " part? I think it's stated at a guidebook somewhere but ı wonder which one.


Before excella mutates into uroboros aheri; you'll see a lot of dead corpses that would be used in her mutation. First of all; are they simply civilian corpses or are they majini corpses? If they are majini; why are they killed? Or if they are civilian; why werent they infected with any plaga types? Like why are those corpses there exactly?
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