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The man who killed Albert Wesker
I think the better way to put it is Outbreak is an offline quality title tailored for online. That's why it ages so well all these years later. It definitely is superior when played online, but doesn't completely diminish the experience offline either.

As far as the juvenile comment, I have to agree hence why I said the RE engine really isn't a great fit and somewhat of a waste here. These things can still be tweaked of course (no UI/HUD screens look much better), but if the developer thought they were a good idea in the first place they're out of touch with what makes RE special.
Couldn't have said it any better regarding Outbreak, they both are fantastic single player experiences with the extra of playing it online for some slightly different experience.
I believe we will have the option of removing the HUD and tweak the overall interface suiting our tastes but the rainbow colors in characters and that guy screaming with the flame surrounding him don't appear to be removable and are in-game actions related to skill sets (like the super soldier coat of metal in ORC). I'm glad they kept stuff like that out of the main games in the series.
My concern is the AI in this game for offline mode.
For instance in Outbreak 2 none of the NPC characters would help you push the cart out of the way in Wild Things.
I think some of you already checked this but for those who want to know what is the connection of the mastermind character with past Umbrella personnel:
he is an assistant of Alex Wesker 698
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I had to sit on all of the info and media for a good day to form a consensus, I really wasn't sure quite how to feel initially. For one I just want to point out, I respect developers and their ambition to try different things. The best game is one where the developers are genuinely excited to make it. With that said, there's definitely a certain standard the series has worked up to and I think that should be met in some form.

I'm going to try the game with an open mind, it's definitely one of those need to play to form an honest consensus type of games as it heavily relies around gameplay, strategy and teamwork. With that said however, I can form some opinions on other factors such as presentation and what we've been given to look at thus far. The UI is godawful. When I see screenshots without the UI, it actually looks like a Biohazard Online title. When the UI is active however, it looks cluttered and cheap. The effects such as damage numbers, healing auras, etc. all take away from the realism the RE engine set out to create. I feel like the game is not a fit for this engine and it likely shouldn't have been outsourced. You come to expect a certain sense of realism with this engine post RE7 and especially RE2, everything this dev has done detracts from this.

There are obvious nods to a game like Outbreak, but nods alone don't make a game a successor or anything similar. They are just that, nods. Like cvxfreak said, it may encourage or discourage fans of the series from enjoying this. What makes a game like Outbreak special is it's atmosphere, high quality single player like experience molded for 4 player teamwork online. There is very little quality drop off. After waiting this long for a proper online title, I expected the first use of the RE Engine to hit this mark. Capcom hit the ground running with RE:2, the praise and sales speak volumes. It's a simple concept, people ask relentlessly for something and you give it to them as they want. Profit and praise. RE3 is sure to follow in these footsteps. The same could have been said for a proper RE Online experience being asked for over a decade now, however they went a different direction. Had the initial reveal of a 4v1 been a more traditional style that meshed a bit of what people asked for and a bit of what they're trying to achieve, I think the reception would have been a lot better.

I'm going to play, hopefully test and respond with proper feedback to help shape the game to be the best it can be within their focus. I will say however, I hope it hasn't fully wasted the opportunity for a proper RE Online using this engine. I truly feel now was the time, though seeing as this is outsourced, perhaps Capcom simply doesn't have the time or resources being so busy with RE:3. I'm holding out hope that time will still come, but in the meantime will give this a shot despite being a bit off put by the initial direction.
You hit the nail right on the head, Yama and I completely agree. I'm not against the idea of this game at all. In fact, being the Mastermind is something I've always wanted since I played Dino Crisis 2 and was able to play as the dinosaurs in the extra mode. I wanted to see something similar come over to a RE game where you can control the creatures or at least set them against other survivors. This game is just lacking the essence of what makes RE.

So much needs to be touched up or changed, I'm curious how much Capcom is willing to do at this point. Hopefully more people will share our concerns so Capcom listens instead of just complaining that it's not Outbreak 3 or RE3. It doesn't seem like I was chosen for the tests in NY but I'm crossing my fingers that I get picked for the Closed Beta next month. I'll play and also offer my feedback.
Groan! Sorry, but I'm just going to skip over this game. It just looks ass with each new screenshot, video, tweet, etc, that I see. This is NOT what our beloved horror gaming franchise was supposed to end up as. :D

And oh, LOL at this so-called news that it *MIGHT* actually be an Outbreak game after all. ;)

#Rumours = nasty.


Groan! Sorry, but I'm just going to skip over this game. It just looks ass with each new screenshot, video, tweet, etc, that I see. This is NOT what our beloved horror gaming franchise was supposed to end up as. :D

And oh, LOL at this so-called news that it *MIGHT* actually be an Outbreak game after all. ;)

#Rumours = nasty.
Debunked by recent interview. Not their intention. I do like this tidbit however:

– Map is open concept, most likely not fully open world, and is a decent chunk of Raccoon City. Alpha build contained sewers, subways, etc.
Sounds a lot more enticing than that small area. Perhaps that was just a beta area.
I believe open areas would greatly help this game. The time constraint is an odd choice. Flashback in Outbreak is a good framework. Lots of rooms. You explore an old hospital fully and ultimately escape after unlocking doors and clearing pathways. The mastermind would have full control of all enemies, hazards and of course the axeman. This could be a fun title, but I would still be disappointed because Outbreak was much more than just Flashback.

What's especially maddening is that all the pieces seem to be there for a new age Outbreak (or at least something that can be implemented) but the trailer suggests a much simpler experience.

I am adamant about a new version of Outbreak because what we got was quite special despite clearly being too ambitious for PS2. It would be more than possible in this day and age. And games like Friday the 13th , DBD and now this are dancing around a concept that has already been creatively, if haphazardly introduced back in 2004.
Yeah. That's why I love the freedom you have in games such as Days Gone. Resident Evil like that would be awesome. You can go anywhere you want, and get out of dodge, and come back later if it gets too heated. We've never had any of that in Capcom's games, apart from just going through doors. I've also in the past, suggested that there should be a meeting point where players hook-up, and each character has a different skill. Totally BS how we cannot get a game like that in 2019 with all the improved graphics, and stuff.
Mastermind is very annoying due to him constantly talking. Also ı think some areas should be wider. Still neutral about this game though.
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