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General It’s time for Albert Wesker to return.

Wesker returning would assure complete fanatic glorification. But you know? I don't really see Capcom pulling an Ellen Ripley like stunt here. But then again, who knows?

Who's the villain in that God awful Umbrella Corps pish meant to be? Is that him, or his clone or something?

my guess a clone or they going pull a plot twist with RE5 Wesker being a deranged clone while the real Albert Wesker is scheming behind the scenes.
To quote Will Smith, "Oh Hell Naw!".

As others have stated, it would ruin the story and narrative for them to backtrack on one of the most important events in the series. Like them somehow bringing Raccoon City back/rebuilt, kinda of ruination. Actions and events in a story need to have consequences, you take that out and just do whatever the hell you want just because a character is popular, no one is going to ever take your storytelling seriously. And you'd also be a creatively bankrupt hack.

What they should do is start retiring the oldest protagonists, set up new ones (and actually give them a personality and star power), and set up a new antagonist that makes sense and is threatening as well as sticks around for more than one game.
I personally wouldn't be too upset if he came back, as long as the explanation is valid enough (meaning it fits in-universe logic enough). He had the ability to regenerate from a tissue fragment, and that was before he was infected with the even more powerful Uroboros. Plus we have cloning, mind transfers, and a fungus capable of restoring entire bodies.
But Blue Umbrella is primed to fill the role of main antagonist, considering how interconnected they are to the lore and story. They are even hinted to be led by Wesker in some form.

Also, Rev2 didn't waste Alex - if anything, it set her up to appear as a future villian as Natalex. Alex also suggested she plans to revive Albert in the JP version of Rev2.
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