Extra things you would have preferred to see in RE2 remake?

1. Missing enemies like giant moth and spiders.

2. Scenarios that connect to each other better. ( No annette dying twice or no same boss fights. )

3. G-virus zombies or pale heads on main story.

4. Being able to melee in ada's and hunk's sections.

5. More callback and easter eggs to past re titles.

6. Original ivies together with new ivies. Poisonous types included.

7. A few dialogues that ı think would have been written better. ( Like marvin not mentioning stars or annette saying sherry to stay in her house despite what darkside chronicles files say. )

8. Difficulty selection in hunk and tofu modes.

9. Better sound for some weapons. For example the upgraded shotgun in re2 remake sounds weak compared to upgraded shotgun in re2 which sounds like a beast.

10. Extreme battle mode.

11. Being able to stomp on zombies when they grab player's leg.

12. Leon seeing sherry in rpd and trying to help her for some time so that it connects better to re6 and how sherry has great respect for leon.

My thoughts.
Yeah. The cut content like with Brad being missing and whatnot, is particularly why I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. The zombies being tougher was kind of neat as anybody that can appreciate a challenge would welcome one, but also, it was really silly at the same time, because Leon kills one in the gas station by shooting it in the head, yet zombies don't die otherwise. Even in the original, you could get that lucky shotgun or magnum hit in. Also, I thought Leon looked too handsome this time. I didn't feel scared at all. I also think the game lacked atmosphere and relied too much on you being in darkened areas. The part where you went from the tram to the lab also didn't feel very suspenceful at all. It is like you just hopped on board and you were there pretty much straight away.

Also, here's a few videos from people on YouTube, who are more or less stating all of this.

I like how these guys can openly say how they feel, without getting their vagina in a bunch. Unlike say, NeoGAF and some other forums.
Well, these videos pretty much sum up how disappointed they were, but me too. I really never saw Capcom ever making that dream remake of the second game like how they successfully remade the first one, especially after gaming in general changed so much over the course of 15 years and a lot of staff members departed from Capcom. All the games these days often feel casualized.

Even The Last of Us is like that to some degree. The only real "puzzles" is when you have to fetch a wooden board for Ellie to float across a flooded area, but other than that, it's mainly a case of getting by a group of human enemies and mutated people. Yet somehow, it remained 80% better than all of the recent Resident Evil titles.

The Evil Within games are so unappreciated. They're like how horror games should be. But because it's not a major IP, few people care. They're truthfully some of the best games in the genre. The story does not make much sense at first, so I can see why that maybe put people off. But how it plays is a cut above most other similar games out today. I'm not really into games like Outlast at all, though.
You know it's sad when a 1998 game outshines a game produced in 2019. The fact that they could not add in the classic enemies like the spiders, the original plants and the crows is just retarded. That's utter nonsense, Capcom, and Capcom ought to be ashamed.
Personally, I think The Last of Us and the first Evil Within are overrated and pretentious trash (specially EW1) with unlikable, bland characters and try to act like they're the best horror game since Silent Hill 2.

TEW2 though is underappreciated and greatly improves from the first, so that needs more love. Too bad they probably might not make another since it didn't sell as well as they projected it would.

Outlast only has one decent/good game and that's the first one, with the Whistleblower DLC being the best of the series.
Shinji Mikami never disappoints. I will remain a fan of his work, no matter what. However, I think he has retired from directing a lot of games. ?
So I'm gonna sound really negative here but there were a lot of things I was unhappy with in the remake of 2. While still a fantastic game, it didn't even come close to what the original REmake achieved.

First off, I wish we had more of a proper difference between Leon and Claire's stories and I'm not just talking about a proper A and B scenario. Their campaigns are almost identical until it gets to the unique parts to each story such as Sherry or Ada. But both fight almost all forms of Birkin in the exact same area, both meet Marvin in the main hall, both solve the exact same puzzles. I figured with Capcom originally stating that they'd have more consistent stories for both characters, we'd be able to piece the events together more easily but its more confusing than ever.

I also didn't like the removal of the crows, moths, spiders and original Ivies. The new ivies were fine however I feel like they could have existed in the game along with the original creatures. The alligator fight was disappointing and was just a glorified run towards the screen ripped straight out of RE6. I was hoping for the fight to be more extended and maybe have either character have to fight it at multiple points while in the sewer. Also wish we could of gotten some new enemies thrown into the bunch. Zombie children should have been present in the orphanage in my opinion. I know children become an iffy subject in video games but they could of been only present during a playable sherry section where you need to run and hide from them. Concept art for the game also had the design of an enemy that was the midpoint between a zombie and a licker. I really wish that stayed. They also really missed out on the opportunity of tying more events from RE3 into the game. Zombie Brad should of definitely been present or at least a corpse.

Finally, I wish some of the areas were better designed. The giant convenient gaping hole in the street behind the RPD that just happened to have an exposed opening into the sewers was a bit too much for me. I also really missed the old design of Birkins Lab. The original RE2 lab had a very foreboding and dread inducing atmosphere. The current one, while not terrible just completely lacks the charm of the original. Also the change of the train platform elevator being in a different area and not being in Leon's campaign entirely (which I played first and gave me the impression that it wasn't in the game to begin with) was a let down. Also plenty of remixed background music from original soundtrack was completely absent in the game. I know theres a remixed version of the library theme on the soundtrack but its nowhere to be found in the actual game. Was quite disappointing.

While I may sound like I hated it, I still loved RE2. Between this game and RE7, it was a fantastic return to classic survival horror RE and is absolutely the direction the series needs to continue with in the future. I just hope that if we do get a RE3 remake, Capcom learns from RE2 and doesn't have as many of these issues in that game.
I 100% agree with your post, Spera01. I think it was way too casualized. I'm also worried that Capcom has hit rock bottom in the ideas department, so they are kind of just banking off of nostalgia. Which is a sure fire way to get people engrossed in playing them, due to a lot of people wanting the classic games to be made in an amazing modern day style, which is not really what we end up getting in the end because they cut corners.

This is why I also opposed a Silent Hill remake long ago. Not that Konami gives a shit by this point about anything to do with that IP. But you have to go forward and not go backwards, but they're content to always rehash the past. In fact, this isn't the only time Resident Evil 2 was remade, as The Darkside Chronicles did it first, and actually did it better. Pyramid Head was not supposed to be a recurring enemy in the Silent Hill franchise, but the success of the movie is to blame for why he kept coming back. It's the same with Capcom and how they don't even care how the games turn out.

Captain Redfield

The man who killed Albert Wesker
The RPD's redesign was masterful, really beautiful. However, the sewers and the labs were so bland, there's nothing memorable about them and turning the city into some big metropolis was a huge departure from what was depicted in the original RE2, RE3, the Outbreaks and even Operation Raccoon City. Raccoon City was a growing town in the classics and always referred to as a small midwestern town.

Also, Marvin says to Claire that Chris is on vacation when S.T.A.R.S. were actually already disbanded, Chris was fired... Why the hell did he told her that he was on vacation? LOL
At least in the original he says he lost contact with S.T.A.R.S. and the reason for that was because they no longer were a part of the RPD.

The gameplay and fun factor were Remake 2's saving grace, the story is an inconsistent mess and some design choices felt mediocre... And to think some people were already saying it had surpassed the first Remake with just a demo haha
It was certainly disappointing, but even years before they announced it, I was not expecting anything special. While I did think it was an okay game, it is just strictly okay. Nothing remotely resembling a masterpiece, as some fans online constantly claim. But one thing that puts me off of some other forums and also YouTube, is the outbreak of trollitis affecting the communities. :oops:

Some fanboys online though are very vindictive about other people's opinions, unlike you guys. Everybody here doesn't do this. But elsewhere, they really don't know the meaning of opinions versus facts. For this reason, I've had a few YouTubers bashing me because I stuck up for a guy that used to yell in his videos, that they are now friends with and inviting into their podcasts. This is despite the fact that only a year ago, they said that the guy should be blacklisted for posting subjective criticism. Talk about a swerve.

The dude must be getting brainwashed by them, or something. And they don't know the difference between a mouse and a rat either. They used footage of me and a mouse, which was taken from my video, meaning it is my copyright. And then they kept saying I was 'touching rats in a tub' - when it was only one mouse. And also bringing up other things to make me look bad, that I only said a long time ago out of annoyance. Also, it's not even false flagging.

Anyway, I flagged one of their videos, so he stated that the strike he got is valid until October. So he has been all sore about it, and he said if his channel gets banned, he would still talk shit about me 24/7 and related garbage like that. Which is really quite sad, because most sensible adults would just find something else to rant over, and not do what they got flagged for to begin with. :LOL:

I enjoyed the RE2 Remake immensely and played it with the original sound track swap DLC for some added nostalgia. For me they absolutely nailed it, with a great balance between nostalgia and a new game experience.

I would have liked to have seen a 'C' campaign with the parallel Ada story, similar to Separate Ways in RE4.
The second remake could have been way better. I think the lack of story based DLC was awful. Not only that, but they should have not cut out so much enemies and other things from the original. The first remake didn't do any of that. No doubt the next remake will be more or less the same, so I'm not fully excited for it.
I agree that the first remake was closer to the original than remake 2, but what I'm excited about is that remake 2 was a modern Resident Evil game that got many things right. Compared to RE5 and RE6 it felt like a much more genuine Resident Evil experience. RE7 was a step in the right direction, RE2 Remake was a giant leap in the right direction ... I'm hoping it means good things for future games in the series, particularly RE8.
You know? I miss the days when Capcom would set trends as opposed to following them. I know that all gaming companies kind of do that to some degree, but you can't keep banking off nostalgia either. After this next remake, I don't want them to do any more games set in 1998. It's to a point now where Capcom should be taken the series into the future. It's nearly 2020 for cryng out loud. 1998 is done with. And hopefully Resident Evil 8 will be a third person horror game again. Minimum ammo, surprises at every corner, and exactly what fans would want in a game. It doesn't have to be a pure action game, but maybe some 'specific' scenes could still have that in them.
Overall I think the Remake was successful. It's also very exciting to see people generally hyped for Resident Evil again. Tons of people were streaming it live on PS4 and you can still watch quite a few streams daily. I think Capcom needs this success to be able to start taking chances on side titles again or more unique projects.

That being said I did not care to Platinum the game and still have trouble going through it entirely. I think the two scenarios are too similar and the task of getting S+ ranks on every iteration is just silly to me. And what's more off putting is that it's the only incentive to replaying the stories. I never cared to speed run the titles and at this point I'm used to alternative methods of play.

I did have no problems playing REmake and 0 however many times so maybe it comes down to atmosphere. I have to agree that the sewers are bland as hell in this, the only compelling thing being that new enemy. The segment goes on too long and then the lab is too short.

The approach they took for zombies is interesting. On one hand the Zombie is formidable again, but on the other there isn't much to the interaction between them. They're just powerful walls that every weapon reacts the same to. I think the idea is correct and that there needs to be another element when it comes to player vs zombie. Personally I always enjoyed RE for its unique weapons. Historically all the game's weapons change up the gameplay and RE2 here had either too little weapon variation or too little weapons.

I didn't have any problem with enemy design or boss battles. I will distinctly forever remember Mr. X lifting the Helicopter and beginning the game's first chase sequence. That is a new classic moment for me.


The Extra modes were way too one note. This is where you're supposed to have fun and break the game. But I feel the team didn't want people getting comfortable facing these new zombies. And you notice how none of the bosses are in the modes as well. Think how very non-intimidating RE5 Executioner is after playing Mercenaries. The scary always diminishes over time though, that's why we needed some good extra content. I feel RE5 set a damn good standard in Mercenaries. Not saying we need that specific mode in this title, but something with as much depth.
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I think people liked it a lot at the time more so because it was new and looked great. But after the hype died down a bit, I could see that compared to the original RE2 and the first remake, it didn't do as well critically as it could have. The game was a huge succcess, but I think its action oriented style mixed with horror did more to applease current console fans, than it did for certain old-school fans. But so many people loved it from all the groups of fans regardless, so I don't think Capcom even cares about the nitpicking by this point. Capcom basically has to try to cater to everyone that likes horror and action in equal measures, and making a retro style game now would be unappealing if it did not yield the formula instigated by RE4/5/6. Capcom knows that the big money lies with those games, but they also know that the spirit of the game lies also in its genre. That's kind of why they ditched fixed camera angles in games in the first place, and made for the Call of Duty style that still tried to be creepy, and we know that format has lingered in the franchise ever since. It may suck to the 1998 fans that know what the series should be, but that's just how Capcom goes about their business now. It's still a huge IP.
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