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RE:2 Extra things you would have preferred to see in RE2 remake?


My boy Endless Jess made a critique video on Remake 2, so y'all should watch it.

I've watched that video before, ı think it's terrible which is weird since ı kinda liked his " God of war was always deep! " video. The only good parts are him discussing the scenario system which is a mess and the new ivy monsters not being as good as the ones in og re2. I still havent watched the other videos posted here though but wanted to give my thoughts about the last one you posted.
The fact that they took away the Spiders, Moths and Cockroaches was disapointing, so I would add them in. I think the game lacks variety in the enemy department, something the originial did not, and that could be fixed by adding those cut enemies in.

I would add an earlier meeting between Irons and Claire. In the original you talk to him in his room and you can clearly guess there is something wrong with him based on the secretary's diary, that would be something nice to keep.

A proper A and B scenario.

A fully remixed soundtrack, like Darkside Chronicles did.

A full rework of the Laboratory. In the Remake, it looks too much High Tech, Darkside Chronicles did it right by keeping the industrial look.

Keep the original costumes from the original.

More screen time for Ben.

Keep the backstory about john being Ada's boyfriend, I think it sounds better than FBI agent.

Keep all the connections to RE1.


This is a very small complaint but another thing ı would like to see would be characters keeping their equipped outfits at the 1st cutscene of 2nd scenario. They are always equipped with their default outfits for a weird reason.

Also another thing that come to my mind would be improvements to sherry's and ada's sections. Dont get me wrong, these sections are still fine and better than og re2's sherry / ada's sections but ı wished we could be able to pick up some items or unlock some cabinets for claire and leon similar to og re2. Also ada's section is unnecessarily too hard imo not to mention she doesnt even have a 1st aid spray in her inventory; ı wished the areas were more wide along with more ammo or possibly melee option for her similar to umbrella chronicles.

Nero Sparda

I don't know if I'm alone in this but one thing that isn't mentioned here that I would have liked to see is Mr. X dropping ammo after you knock him down similar to RE2 which felt really satisfying to do. Also I think he should have been exclusive to 2nd scenario; he's used a bit too much to my liking in RE2 Remake.

I wasn't a fan of those awful Ghost Survivors episodes either.

Might as well post this video too:


Nero Sparda

Oh and RIP bowgun. I don't know why the devs deleted that underrated weapon; they could have improved it and add some aspects from RECV like explosive arrows and a faster fire rate or being able to fire arrows in single or burst mode with an upgrade.

They instead made SMG ( Which was also a downgraded weapon compared to RE2. ) exclusive to Claire; like what the hell? I would have liked to obtain it with Leon too. Grenade rounds for grenade launcher also got removed for some reason.

Not to mention you can't obtain any handgun ammo in 2nd run without using gunpowder; they should have balanced the amount of handgun ammo and that special handgun ammo.
It's a shame so many items, locations, creatures and weapons didn't see the light of day in the updated RE 2. But I'll give RE 2 something: I enjoyed the part where the zombies invaded the cells. With Mr. X there too, it was extra tricky, and I genuinely felt like I was back in the real world of survival horror (after the more action focused entries). Do you think the RE 3 remake will incorporate any scenes like that?
I suspect the RE3 Remake will be very limited considering they announced it so quickly.
The game has supposedly been in development at the same time as RE2 and by a different team. It should have just as much content, if not more than 2 I'd imagine.
I wish they made the controls easier to use. I prefer the PS1 era game controls over this modern stuff. Plus I hate having to control the camera manually.

I'm glad they didn't use the Giant Spiders in this game, because I suffer from arachnophobia. I just sure hope they don't put them in the third remake.
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In the original, we got that epic moment with Leon and Claire meeting up in the office where Chris worked, as Leon hands her his diary which detailed how he went over to Europe to try to stop Umbrella. Sadly, that part got completely omitted in the "remake" in favour of some sappy, Twilight style 'flirting' scene, with Leon and Claire separated by a fence. Also, the zombies in the game look too much like the walkers and I kind of prefer the Zombie Flesh Eaters type from 1998 a lot more. Also, even Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in 1999 had different zombies that were actually deceptively fast and that was a great thing. This time, Capcom is essentially just using the same models from the remake of 2, which again, we've established that it isn't even a faithful remake all that much.
They threw the canonical stuff to the side. Marvin was never bitten by Brad. In fact, there's so much laziness with Capcom in general, eh?

Yes, I need to get a SD card. I know. :cautious:


the sewers
I disagree about that small part; ı liked the new sewers more than the old one. There's more exploration in re2 2019's sewers area compared to og re2's. Though it's not really faithful and the wolf / eagle medals are missing along with marshaling yard. It cant even be seen; at least clock tower in re3 2020 can be seen even though it cant be explored, the same thing cant be said for marshaling yard.

I agree with everything else though.

The " nest " is lame and og re2 has a better lab.

Gets more funnier with re3 2020 introducing " nest 2 " .
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