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General Easter Eggs

Another similar Easter egg that I found when I was extracting the textures of Resident Evil 4:



Yeah, that's the Spencer crest on the Silver Ghost!

Maybe this is a reference to the fact that the developers once considered Leon as Oswell's son? 🤔
I found the Yashichi!


For those who don't know, this cross can be seen in many old titles from Capcom as a healing or bonus item. For example, in the Mega Man series.

A new day, a new Easter egg from me:


"All Of The Good Boys And Girls In The World Do The Channel Bop"

If you've heard these words before, maybe you like The Wildhearts:

I wouldn't call this an Easter egg as such, but in the new Netflix series, Mr. Graham looks at a framed photo of his daughter, Ashley. You can tell the president really puts his trust in Leon to do a grand job with things.
So ı know ı'm posting late to this but about ada; ı always liked how she left kiss marks on objects that leon finds. This " kiss " is a reference to what happened in re2 leon b scenario. One of the files in re4 has a kiss mark of ada and she also leaves another paper airplane to leon which also has a kiss mark.



There's also this:


I believe one of guidebooks of re4 confirms that it's ada who leaves this letter to leon, ı used to think that it was luis who left this letter but ı saw a tweet in the past where it mentions one of re4 guidebooks confirming that ada indeed left the letter even though it's not possible since she was captured at that time so separate ways contradicts this. Regardless this letter doesnt have a kiss mark yet cause leon wasnt sure about ada's existence in village at that time after she saved leon from mendez before getting captured.

This kiss mark is also left at the rocket of rpg leon and helena find in re6:

But anyway; re6 surely have a lot of easter eggs and references to past entries. The game feels like one giant adorable fanservice.

I would like to share more but it would take a long time.


In pushing the new forums to live I had to go and categorize all old threads and this one tickled my fancy. Definitely would love to see some updated findings!
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