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RECV A Code: Veronica remake may still be in the cards...


If recv gets remade / reimagined; then ı wouldnt be surprised if they cut the whole antarctic base completely for realism while ending the game on rockfort island in a very anti climactic way.

Bet on the albinoid getting removed too.

I was expecting them to improve the grave digger by making the boss battle more similar to umbrella chronicles version but instead they created a messy chicken mash up instead.

Since game of oblivion doesnt have the albinoid bow while not spending that much time on antarctic base; this would imply for recv remake / reimagining to do the same.

Plus no chris too since claire doesnt even care about her brother in re2 2019 unlike og re2, she never brings up the coded letter at the end.

Oh and they would also ignore survivor 2 which added to claire's character in a way.

Another thing is if they would include steve and his mutated form; ı think they would change his mutation so that he doesnt turn back to his human form when he gets hurt by the alexia pod cause it's not realistic.

Smh this pathetic realism obsession...
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At this rate, I don't think even Capcom has a clue what to do with the series moving things ahead, which is why they're just remaking the classic titles, or doing really crappy spin off games from time to time, all revolving around milking the RE brand. They use stalling tactics in every sequel. Have you noticed that one game sets up the next, but it ultimately feels disconnected in the long run anyway? It's always like they're trying to build-up to something with an epic pay-off of some sort, but it just never really gets going that way.

Like you so often say, they fully ignored the plot from RE6 in subsequent entries, probably because they want to quietly ignore RE6 from the timeline, since they probably see that game as being a critical failure. They do mention Neo-Umbrella briefly in Vendetta, I think, but that's about it. The story feels completely unrelated. It was great to see Rebecca again, but I think bringing back classic characters is just a ploy they use to attract buyers. And what about the girl at the end? What will that lead to next? To me, that's just some other plot point they threw in that's probably going to be ignored. And they just added in a similar mansion in multiple games (and Vendetta too) to remind you of the setting so famous in the original RE. It's like what they keep doing with revisiting Raccoon City. It's like they love to tease fans about what RE was in the distant past.

RE7 feels like the start of a different series, save for the references and because Chris is in it. But I mean, he did look terrible. RE8 (sorry... "Village" <_<) also looks like it's done because they can rehire the same actors, plus incorporate assets of it into the RE4 remake. Like if you watch this dude's video on YouTube, he sort of explains how they could do that. ;)

Raise your left hand if you think Ethan Winters has the coolest smile. Oh, darn. What smile am I talking about? :p

Also, LOL at these videos. What's a sluper, by the way?! This guy sounds like he lives in the South Bronx.

Well, they all do have a point.
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