2021 RE Marathon Thoughts

Well ı cant see what russident says ( And ı have no interest to. ) cause ı decided to ignore him due to getting disgusted with his replies as well as his dumb nitpicks. I dont want to get into trouble with him like ı did in the past. I will just mind my own business.

But anyways; another thing ı want to say.

About re6; it seems to do better in japan compared to west where its reputation was being ruined there. I guess it sold more in east / japan compared to west or something?

I cant call it a success since it didnt sell as much as re5 which is still the best seller and while ı know an article that says it's a success; that article is about re7 and it's made way later after the release of the game.

Another reason is re7 has nothing to do with re6 in any way due to the game's reputation being ruined. If it wasnt; then capcom would have gave re6 a file 2 treatment just like how outbreak got one with the same director. This didnt happen unfortunately. I just wished eiichiro sasaki directed another mainline entry, he really deserves it. Mikami directed 3 mainline entries with messy stories and sasaki directed 2 spinoffs with better stories than remake but the last game he directed was a great improvement from past titles in many ways.

Re7 doesnt have as big budget as re6 either. It doesnt make sense that 600 people worked on the game. Apparently 120 people worked on it. They seem to put their efforts into graphics due to re engine while not caring much for anything else.

Re7 and revillage seem to do better in west compared to japan where they didnt do as good as re6 there. Basically the opposite of re6. Not surprising since starting with re7; capcom started to hire western writers to work on the scripts. Reimaginings are completely written and translated by western people without any japanese people being hired.

This seems to happen due to rerev2 being butchered in terms of official localization. I can pretty much call that entire game's script as a big giant mistake.

Up to re6; story scripts seem to be written and translated by japanese people without any western writer being involved. Rerev2 is the odd one that the story script is apparently altered after being complete. Not much info is known about this and why this happened. I learned this by discussing it with someone on discord.

I'm not a big fan of this decision of hiring western writers. Similar reasons why ı also hate the garbage dmc reboot since that's also written by a western writer. I just think the franchise loses some of its identity that way, especially reimaginings.

Re7 feels like a " reboot " despite not being a reboot while also feeling like a lazy re1 reimagining.

Like the switch over to 1st person camera. Apparently re1 was supposed to be in 1st person but that idea was ditched and they went with fixed camera angles to be more cinematic. This decision feels more like a laziness.

Since it was liked a lot by the public; that caused capcom to recreate re2 and re3 as lazy reimaginings instead of actual remakes that would be faithful to og games. They dont feel like passion projects in the same way as re6 either.

I dont know much about re3 2020's development but about re2 2019; they seemed to actually faithfully remake the game but scrapped that idea and wanted to go full reimagining. In the end, they also scrapped this and went for a weird middle ground where the game tries to be both remake and reimagining at the same time. Talk about identity crisis. It also uses some features from re1,5. Basically the fat that was cut from og game was added back again. I also learned this by discussing it with someone on discord.

Let me drop this:


" Why? Cause it's more realistic? "

" During the development, ivy. "

" Ivy, yeah. "

" It wasnt there, right? "

" No. "

" At one point, right. We thought ivy was impossible. We were saying if we were to show ivy this realistically, it'd come off ridiculous. "

" ?????????????????????????? "

( Laughs in " ivies " in re2 2019 still being ridiculous anyway. )

There's also this:


This stupid thing can somehow happen.
All right. So ı finally figured this out after thinking about it.

I feel like if claire had her own campaign in re6; her partner could have been easily ricky from marhawa desire who became a journalist after the events of manga. I feel like he is working for terrasave, he's seen in re6's events during the epilogue for marhawa desire.

I think they planned to do this and add extra files for him as well. I said this before but the game was supposed to be get more canon story content along with extra files. There's absolutely no reason why it wouldnt.

Claire would work as a partner with him and ı think it would be more interesting than her and moira being teamed-up. Why would moira get in combat anyways? They forced her relationship with barry in a negative way just for her to be in terrasave which caused her to get captured and infected.

At least ricky has a good reason to be in terrasave, why wouldnt chris want him to work with his sister who would be a good parent replacement for him just like how she is with sherry? He lost doug wright who became his father figure after he lost his parents, he could have been accepted in terrasave due to this.

I wished claire / ricky and agent got their own campaigns in re6. This didnt happen unfortunately cause capcom wanted to use some of re6's planned entries for a game that unnecessarily takes place in 2011. Why is rerev2 even set in 2011? Damnation already took in that year. I would love to have even more canon story content for re6.
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