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General 2021 RE Marathon Thoughts

RE0; 05:38:21; Deaths 0; Rating 3/5
I do feel this is one of the prettier titles in the series but it is held back by serious pacing issues. I had some fun managing items but it becomes a massive chore once you reach the Chapel area. Had a close call with a leech man but managed to pull through. I was really annoyed when I found out the elevators were a one way trip in the final area so that made my backtracking excruciating. This was definitely a title I was glad to get over with once Billy fired that Magnum shot to kill the Queen Leech.

REmake; 07:03:10; Deaths 0; Rating 5/5
One of the best titles in the series if not the best to this day. Playing through this was like walking through a park on a beautiful summer day. There is nothing to complain really about this game. Although I do like playing as Jill more since I was never a fan of the smaller inventory and old keys that Chris has to deal with. Had a close call with Lisa Trevor in her boss fight. I would say the game is significantly easier than the original but ill get to that next.

RE; 06:48:05; Deaths 2; Rating 3.7/5
The game that started it all. I first played the Deadly Silence version when I was still in school. I ended up playing this on a PS1 emulator. I have to say playing through this game is a nostalgic treat and a frustrating one at times as well. Particularly Chris' scenario becomes really cheap once the Hunters show up. Its ridiculous that they get i-frames when the spam jump at you and there's nothing you can do really besides try to run away. Yawn is also way faster than his remake counterpart. Ironically, I found this game to be scarier than the REmake because of its difficulty.

RE2; 04:08:30; Deaths 1; Rating 5/5
Still my favorite title for its story execution. Much like RE, the nostalgia is strong with this one. This title has the best atmosphere in the series and the music plays a big part of that. I had a close call with a Licker in Claire A but died to Mr. X in Leon B. I deserved it since I thought I could face tank him but he ended up using a haymaker and curb stomped me. What's worse is I didn't save so had to start all over. Other than that, this game is much like REmake for me and I can play through it without much issue.

RE3; 03:12:03; Deaths 1; Rating 4.2/5
Another great title that has the best pursuer in the series to date. Nemesis is still just as terrifying as I remembered. He killed me in front of the save room after punching the hydrant on the wall. I tried running past him after doing the office area and he punched me into danger. Once I saw him load up his rocket launcher and aim at me I was like "Oh ****" and died right in front of the save room door. Good times haha! This games story is a bit barebones but it gets the job done and moves the game forward. I love using the freeze rounds on Nemesis but it perhaps makes the game too easy towards the end. I played on Hard which is Normal really.

REmake 2; 06:47:04; Deaths 3; Rating 4.5/5
My favorite modern title by far. I feel the gameplay in this title should be the blueprint for future titles going forward. I like this more than the original for its gameplay. The pacing to me is excellent and does a good job of mixing up the original. Mr. X in particular is a very cool pursuer, he ****s all over his original counterpart. However, some of the story changes were a mess and contradict later material that was established in earlier titles. The soundtrack had some nice tunes but overall was much weaker than the original. Some of the acting was better and more believable, while others were worse like Chief Irons. I also did The 4th Survivor first try and was very proud of managing that, but it got real close at the end haha!

REmake 3; 03:30:11; Deaths 12; Rating 3.2/5
I treat this game completely separate from the original and it helps with the enjoyment factor more. The characters and Hunters were much improved from the original but everything else fell flat. Despite it taking a little longer to beat, it felt short from its fast pacing. I had alot of fun with the Nemesis fight on the roof and the hospital is definitely the best part of the game for its atmosphere and sense of dread. The game was frustrating to me much like RE6 and doesn't even try to expand on the original at all. Its a solid title for what it is, but it should have been a DLC or something.

CODE: Veronica X; 05:59:14; Deaths 1; Rating 3.5/5
I love how ambitious the story is in this game. It does a good job of reuniting Chris and Claire and reintroducing Albert back into the fold. The characters were over the top. The pacing however is not very good in this game and is unfriendly to newcomers. The Nosferatu fight on the helipad is perhaps one of the worst boss fights in the series and the sniper rifle controls are awful. Much like RE2, this game has an excellent soundtrack. Poison Hunters can go **** themselves though.

RE4; 09:54:15; Deaths 12; Rating 4/5
I respect this game for what it did for the industry as a whole, but I have mixed feelings on it. I definitely don't like it as much as I once did. On the one hand the game is really fun and does a good job of introducing currency and weapon upgrading through a shop. While on the other hand, I don't like the pacing of the game and its story is weak. This is where they start introducing military like enemies which I am not particularly fond of but can tolerate. This game has some awesome boss encounters and the Village and Castle areas are great. Hopefully for a potential remake they can tweak its story more to be more engaging, rather than hearing Ashley scream and get kidnapped 10 times throughout the game. Regardless, its still a great game despite its shortcomings.

Revelations; 04:29:05; Deaths 2; Rating 3/5
This was one of my least favorite 3rd person titles but it was a decent attempt at injecting horror back into the franchise for its time. It’s good to see Jill in a game again but I wasn’t fond of her new look. Most of the characters in this game are cringy and forgettable, and this title's story is a complete mess. The whole game should of been on the ship instead of jumping around so much between characters. The Ooze in particular were a bit lackluster and not fun to shoot. The final boss was cool though and I always get a kick out of Chris's line "Its like a disco ball in my face" LOL. I wasn’t a fan of how dumbed down the item management was, and scanning everything felt too much like Metroid Prime. Overall, its a solid entry but one that I wont play regularly.

RE5; 06:10:33; Deaths 11; Rating 4/5
This title in particular grew on me the most out of all of them over the years. I used to be a big hater of 5 and felt like it ended the series in an unsatisfying way when it first came out. However, I feel like this is one of the better stories and it concluded many plots that have been with the series since 1996. It feels better paced than RE4, but also lacks in the enemy variety departments. Uroboros in particular has a lackluster design. This feels like the best action title right next to RE4, and does a good job of introducing co-op. I don’t like forced turret sequences in RE games though. The characters were great and Wesker had some of the best moments in the series.

Revelations 2; 07:10:48; Deaths 10; Rating 3.8/5
This was a big improvement over the first game and had the best depiction of Barry. He was great in this and the final boss always puts a smirk on my face. The references are eye rolling but amazing. Besides the characters though there are areas of this game that feel uninspired and boring. The prison, sewers, and mines I did not like but the dark forest and underground mansion were very cool. I felt like Claire's story was better paced, while Barry's suffered from pacing issues. Opening sluices and moving giant batteries felt like a trial of patience. Alex Wesker was great and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn did a great job portraying as her, I just wish she stuck around for longer than one game. The extra episodes were not very good, I got caught 5 times in Little Miss from bad enemy routing. This was a great title I feel despite its shortcomings.

RE6; 15:38:53; Deaths 17; Rating 2.5/5
The pink elephant in the room. Unlike RE5, this game never grew on me and is frustrating to go back to. Most of my deaths were from either forgetting where hazards were, or unreal circumstances that put me in harms way. There was a moment where I fell through the level and the camera started wobbling like crazy. That's another thing I don't like about this game, the camera movement makes you nauseous from trying to be "cinematic." This game is too bloated but it does have some good character moments. This feels like it should of been more of a CGI movie than a game and it shows with how on-rails it feels at times. The vehicle sections were not fleshed out well either but some were fun. This will probably stay my least favorite mainline title in the series, which is a shame.

RE7; 08:01:31; Deaths 10; Rating 3.7/5
I appreciate this game for bringing back the horror that was missing from the series for some time. The first part up until you defeat Marguerite is great and captures the feel of the Spenser Mansion and Residence from the first game. However, once Lucas starts showing up and you go to the ship the games quality definitely takes a nosedive. Jack Baker took up most of my deaths. Some of the boss fights are not very good like the chainsaw fight and bayou barn area. Eveline was a weak antagonist and felt cringy at times. This game was refreshing coming off of the other titles and the amount of DLC's is crazy. I liked End of Zoe a lot since I did Joe Must Die back in the day, so I was familiar with the mechanics. Not a Hero was a bit whatever but it got the job done of wrapping up the main story.

Total Time: 94:31:43; Deaths 82
Overall, I had a great time playing through most of the games again. I for sure enjoy the earlier titles more than the recent ones but they are not without their flaws. The story can feel disjointed at times but the amount of characters this franchise has blows all the others out of the water imo. Perhaps this is why I always come back to this franchise. The characters are engaging enough and Capcom is always trying to reinvent the wheel. There is alot to love and hate about Resident Evil and I can't wait to see what RE8 has to offer. Hopefully someone else can share their thoughts if they had the time and ambition like me to do a project like this haha!
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Did you play any spinoffs like survivor, outbreak, chronicles etc ? Or did you play only mainline entries?

Also how would you rate the re6 campaigns separately?

I used to have ratings out of 10 before but ı dont feel like they show my thoughts on games well.

Guess ı'll go ahead and say that my favourites are re2, recv, re6, rerev2, outbreak file 2 and darkside chronicles. ( 2 games from classic / pre-re4 mainline era, 2 games from modern / re4 and onward mainline era and 2 games from spinoffs. )

My least favourites are re1, re7 and the worst of them all, umbrella corps. ( 1 game from classic / pre-re4 mainline era, 1 game from modern / re4 and onward mainline era and 1 game from spinoffs. )
You know now that ı think about it; ı changed my mind. I think ı can make new ratings out of 10. I'll make a more simple version though.


Re1: 7 / 10
Re2: 9 / 10
Re3: 8 / 10
Recv: 9 / 10
Survivor: 5 / 10
Survivor 2: 5 / 10
Gaiden: 5 / 10
Remake: 9 / 10
Re0: 8 / 10
Dead aim: 6 / 10
Outbreak: 8 / 10
Outbreak file 2: 9 / 10
Re4: 8 / 10
Umbrella chronicles: 7,5 / 10
Re5: 8 / 10
Darkside chronicles: 9 / 10
Rerev: 7,5 / 10
Reorc: 6 / 10
Re6: 9 / 10
Rerev2: 9 / 10
Umbrella corps: 2 / 10
Re7: 7 / 10
Re2 2019: 7,5 / 10
Re3 2020: 7,5 / 10

Cgi films ( Along with stage play. )

Degeneration: 8 / 10
Damnation: 9 / 10
Vendetta: 7,5 / 10
Biohazard the stage: 9 / 10


Prelude to the fall: 7 / 10
Marhawa desire: 9 / 10
Heavenly island: 8 / 10
You know now that ı think about it; ı changed my mind. I think ı can make new ratings out of 10. I'll make a more simple version though.


Re1: 7 / 10
Re2: 9 / 10
Re3: 8 / 10
Recv: 9 / 10
Survivor: 5 / 10
Survivor 2: 5 / 10
Gaiden: 5 / 10
Remake: 9 / 10
Re0: 8 / 10
Dead aim: 6 / 10
Outbreak: 8 / 10
Outbreak file 2: 9 / 10
Re4: 8 / 10
Umbrella chronicles: 7,5 / 10
Re5: 8 / 10
Darkside chronicles: 9 / 10
Rerev: 7,5 / 10
Reorc: 6 / 10
Re6: 9 / 10
Rerev2: 9 / 10
Umbrella corps: 2 / 10
Re7: 7 / 10
Re2 2019: 7,5 / 10
Re3 2020: 7,5 / 10

Cgi films ( Along with stage play. )

Degeneration: 8 / 10
Damnation: 9 / 10
Vendetta: 7,5 / 10
Biohazard the stage: 9 / 10


Prelude to the fall: 7 / 10
Marhawa desire: 9 / 10
Heavenly island: 8 / 10
I used to play the canon side games but have to cut them out, so I ended up watching game movies on YouTube. Outbreaks are still among my favorites and actually feel like effort was put into them. I finally read the Heavenly Island manga and it got pretty nuts towards the end. Probably my favorite of the 3.

I also rewatched the CGI movies along with The Stage for first time. When it was revealed the students turned into zombies and then some J-Pop song started playing with disco lights I LOL’d so hard. I still liked the story of The Stage but I wish it was a CGI movie instead.

Our ratings of the movies are pretty much the same. Vendetta felt like a reverse take on RE6 and just feels rushed. Props to Capcom for introducing a Bane Tyrant that can be knocked down from one incendiary grenade, I guess that’s where they got their inspirations for taking down remake Nemesis with one grenade. 🤦‍♂️
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So ı know that ı said ı wasnt planning to reply here anymore but ı need to make one last reply before not replying for a long time until something very special comes out.

I'm planning to replay most of the games in a marathon after a long while but before that; ı just need to share my thoughts on games, cgi movies ( along with biohazard the stage. ) and mangas in a more detailed way.


Imo the most dated one from pre-re4 mainline entries. The voice acting is also infamous for being terrible but the story and lore are still solid. Though ı dont like how you cant get the full canon ending for the game where everyone escape together with brad.

The gameplay is still simple and enjoyable though ı have a few nitpicks. Hunters feel cheap. Combining ammo with bazooka is a pain in the ass. The choice system with barry and rebecca can be cheap if not done right.


My favourite one from pre-re4 mainline entries and a great improvement from re1. Gameplay, story, voice acting, characters, monsters etc. are all improved. I also like the scenario system of this game more than re1's; they connect to each other along with zapping.

It also has more streamlined exploration / inventory management in favor of more combat encounters ( A lot of people say this change started with re4 but it actually started with this game. ) when compared to 1st game along with bigger environments, more ambitious story, crazier monsters etc. which therefore makes it an actionized and escalated sequel. I think is a good thing rather than bad like some people say. I cant really think of anything that really bothers me with this game.


While it improves from past re titles in many ways; ı still feel like re2 is better and more interesting game. The main reason for this is it feels shorter than re2 most likely due to the reason that it only has one scenario rather than multiple like re1 and re2. The live selection and randomization factors are also not that memorable compared to scenarios and zapping in re2.

Still the improvements are better monsters, gunpowder system which allows you to create your own ammo in creative ways, ( Though trying to create enhanced ammo for handgun and shotgun is unnecessarily difficult. ) still better voice acting and characters than re1 but not as memorable as re2, best combat system in pre-re4 mainline entries, nemesis and its mutations etc. Just like re2; re3 is also more actionized / escalated sequel when compared to that game. Storywise it's not as memorable as re2 but still do its job well by giving a good conclusion to raccoon city along with interesting epilogues.


Compared to re2 and re3; it doesnt bring as much new things to gameplay. However imo it has the best story from pre-re4 mainline entries along with some of the best portrayal of characters as well as best villains; this is the main reason why it's my favourite pre-re4 mainline entry after re2. It's also longer than re3 in terms of story mode length though it has the least replay value when compared to previous entries.

The improvements arent as memorable here. While combat is better than re2, it's still not as good as re3's. Like ı wished we could improve the shotgun like in re2 with leon when playing as chris. Sniper rifle feels too clunky to use. I dont have much other complaints when it comes to other things related to gameplay though. And it's still an actionized / escalated sequel when compared to re2.

As for story; like ı said previously it has the best story from pre-re4 mainline entries with best character interactions, voice acting etc. However steve can feel obnoxious sometimes due to his unpolished voice acting.


Not a big fan of this game as well as its 2 sequels. They are just not my thing. Camera feels disorienting, gameplay is really clunky, too short, terrible voice acting etc. Still some of the background lore is nice but the game is simply not that memorable.

Survivor 2

Gameplaywise; it's even worse than the 1st one. The previously said bad things still stand and in some cases; it's even worse. I also dont like the time limit which spawns nemesis that feels more annoying rather than threatening like in re3. It also doesnt have that much of a story and feels more like an obnoxious rush. The only things ı like are the files, especially the ones about steve's dad as well as the one where claire wakes up and is in tears.


Storywise it's interesting with creative twists but gameplaywise it's not the best. While ı like the item notification feature, combat on the other hand is a bit of a slog. Some monsters feel too bullet spongey as well.


Still one of the best if not the best remake ı've ever played. It's very faithful to re1 with improved gameplay / combat, monsters, locations as well as other things like voice acting. It also improves the story with new additions like crimson heads and lisa trevor. Still ı'm not a big fan of still not being able to get the canon ending where all characters escape with brad. I'm also not a big fan of the dumbed down choice system when it comes to barry and rebecca; re1 has more depth in this small aspect. Unlike re2, re3 and recv; this one is more survival horror oriented when compared to those games which makes sense since it's a remake of the 1st game.


It's not as memorable as remake as well as re2, re3 and recv but still an enjoyable prequel on its own. It's as survival horror oriented as re1 and remake with interesting new decisions like partner swapping on the fly as well as being able to drop items on the ground. If ı have to complain about something; it would be the hookshot item which takes 2 spaces. Why does that thing even take that much amount of space? What's worse is you're gonna need that thing later for multiple uses. Still the story is interesting and the characters are memorable.

Dead aim

This one has the best combat system when compared to previous gun survivor entries. It's also the actual 1st game to feature ots camera when moving though shooting is still in 1st person. The camera shift between moving and shooting is annoying. Combat can still feel tiresome like ıdk trying to move the crosshair to target weakspots is a pain in the ass. The issue ı have with sniper rifle in recv is worse here.

The story is one of the worst in the series with lame characters. Bruce and fong ling are poor copies of leon and ada and unlike those 2; they arent memorable. Morpheus is very generic villain and his mutations are just stupid. Why does he even change gender with female voice? I dont see how this is related to t or g viruses.


A very underrated spinoff. They are a good evolution of pre-re4 mainline entries' gameplay formula. There are a lot of characters to choose from with great abilities / variety as well as a lot of stages.

Sure it's not perfect. The virus gauge feels more like an annoying time limit though thankfully it can be temporarily disabled with some items. Leech man is completely obnoxious. Decisions, decisions scenario drags on too long. Saving mechanic is weird and you cant save in the same way as pre-re4 mainline entries' ink ribbon system. Inventory system can feel tedious.

As for story; while ı appreciate more backstory for raccoon city, at the same time, there isnt that much of a story here. Not to mention it's a bit of a mess in this aspect. Like it's still unknown who did what and how the scenarios exactly happened.

Outbreak file 2

Greatly improved from the 1st one and more memorable in many ways, extremely underrated. Characters, gameplay, stages, locations etc. are all improved. It also has a tutorial stage that's modified for all characters. You're allowed to select your partners and depending to selection, they can even like or dislike each other more which can affect gameplay. You're also allowed to move and shoot for the 1st time in a fixed camera angle game which is a great improvement over the other ones.

It still has some of the similar flaws that are previously mentioned but the improvements are very great.


The re game that saved the franchise. If it wasnt for this game; capcom would have released re3,5 which would have ended the series with leon getting infected with progenitor virus and most likely killed. Thankfully that didnt happen.

Just like re2, re3 and recv; it's also actionized and escalated sequel which really feels refreshing after a very long time. While it's action horror rather than survival horror like pre-re4 mainline entries plus outbreak games; it still feels like a mainline entry.

The combat is one of the best improvements the series ever done. Impressive shooting, melee attacks as well as the best inventory system which feel like its own game. The change to ots camera for the 1st time in a mainline entry is meant to show an evolution from survival horror to action horror.

Leon and ada are back and better than ever with great voice acting / personalities.

Plaga is very interesting along with creative monsters. Before re4; t-virus was used in many, many games. This is one of the reasons for the change to plaga and ganados which feel fresh.

As for separate ways; while that isnt as special from a gameplay standpoint when compared to main game; it's more special from a story standpoint since it reveals more special info that main game doesnt. Still it could have been more polished, especially in end sections but what's done is still impressive.

Sure it's not a perfect change.

I still wished mikami hired a writer for the main story. ( Which the devs tried to fix this problem for separate ways where they later hired one. )

I'm also not a big fan of the game keeping tank controls even though outbreak file 2 ditched tank controls by allowing moving and shooting.

Ashley can feel annoying as a character a few times though ı still dont have much problem escorting / protecting her gameplaywise; plus her unlockable special 2 armor costume makes her invincible.

Some of the bosses can feel anti-climactic if one knows when and how to use rocket launcher.

Los illuminados feel very generic compared to re2, re3 and recv's villains.

But despite some flaws / nitpicks; it's still an interesting and enjoyable change for the franchise. And ı really respect the devs for this good change.

Umbrella chronicles

I like this game more for some of the story info rather than gameplay which doesnt feel special. While ı like the extra episodes, especially wesker's, the retellings are a massive disappointment and they are too short. Umbrella's downfall is also portrayed in a very disappointing way here with generic monsters. Not to mention why dont they feature nikolai and hunk in umbrella's end episodes? Those same episodes also dont feature barry and rebecca, they only feature chris, jill and wesker. As for sergei; he's a very generic villain with a generic mutation.


While ı still like this game for what it is; compared to re4, it doesnt make as much improvements and doesnt feel that special.

1st of all, while the combat system is still improved compared to re4 and the game is still an actionized / escalated sequel, there are some annoyances.

1. The game seems to be designed around online more than singleplayer. It's extremely difficult to perform some of the moves like finishers alone without an online partner. I'm not a fan of this decision. I dont have much problem with partner aı unlike some people however.

2. The gun impacts arent as interesting as re4's. The melee has better impacts however but like ı said; to perform the finishers in a constant basis, you need an online player. The only gun that's impressive to me is hydra.

3. You cant move and shoot. I know you couldnt move and shoot in re4 too but in this game; it's worse cause it's more action oriented than re4.

4. The enemies arent as intimidating as re4's, especially plaga mutations. As for uroboros; the variety is very low and the reapers feel more like an annoyance rather than being threatening similar to re4 regenerators and iron maidens.

5. Inventory system. It feels more tedious rather than addicting like re4's. I really dont like the quick reload trick the game has; it just doesnt feel fitting to an action game that has reload upgrades.

6. Jill's dlcs arent that great. They are too short, you cant quit and save your progress; you need to complete them in one sitting. Re5 lin also has only one monster, other than wesker fight at the end. What's worse; you cant play as jill right from the start in that mode unless you play online, you need to beat it 1st before unlocking her. Desperate escape isnt that memorable even though it allows you to play as jill right from start. Another thing is the weapon upgrade system doesnt work on her episodes in favor of stars system. And the randomization factor isnt that memorable for those short episodes.

As for story; it's a big waste similar to umbrella chronicles, even more so when one realizes both are written by the same main writer.
While ı enjoy chris' and wesker's characters as well as their voice acting, the others are wasted or dont feel involved that much in the story.

I still like sheva and josh but they could have been involved more in the story. Sheva especially feels tacked on just for the sake of being chris' partner even though that role feels more fitting to be jill's. I know sheva was always involved in the story but still it could have been better.

Speaking of jill, the way she's captured by wesker to become her slave is a big disservice to her character. I just feel like valenfield could have thrown wesker from that window together with teamwork; it's just unnecessary to make her wesker's slave. She also infects a kijuju civilian with uroboros under wesker's control which later kills bsaa alpha team. And at the end; she doesnt even fire a rocket at wesker, sheva does instead of her.

As for excella and irving, they are simply not that memorable imo. Their boss fights feel tedious as well.

Last thing ı'm gonna talk is barry and rebecca. They are exclusive to mercenaries reunion. Why? According to wesker; the game is a " One big family reunion. " . Chris and jill werent the only ones in the mansion, barry and rebecca were also there. Why arent they involved in the story as well? It could have been more epic and satisfying end to wesker. The files dont mention anything about them either.

I'm so glad the series didnt end with this game. It would have been a disaster.

Darkside chronicles

A great improvement over umbrella chronicles, both from gameplay and especially story perspective. It feels less clunky and more fun to play, the retelling sections are greatly improved over umbrella chronicles' ones, characters are more interesting along with better voice acting and story etc.

Sure it has some flaws. The weapon variety is too low, the camera can be too shakey, javier is still not that memorable as a villain.

Still a very enjoyable experience and a much needed breath of fresh air from umbrella chronicles.


While being enjoyable; it's still a very weak prequel for the franchise.

My issues are as follows:

1. Jill's voice acting. She's very generic in this game. I wished they hired patricia ja lee to voice jill in this. No offense to michelle ruff but her performance isnt that memorable as much as jill in re5.

2. General voice acting. The other characters other than chris dont sound that memorable either.

3. Boring story. While ı like some of the background lore, it's a bit hard to be invested in the story thanks to previously mentioned 2 factors. Also isnt this a prequel to re5? Why does this have nothing to do with wesker? Same thing with barry and rebecca; they are also not mentioned in this game and have nothing to do with story.

4. Oozes with generic design. They also feel too bullet spongy, like the way it's required to set them into melee state ( By shooting both of their arms. ) is tedious.

5. Low melee variety. Outbreak games had more melee variety than this game. While ı like the charge mechanic; ı just wished there were more melee options with variety for characters.

6. Guns with low impact. Similar to re5; ı cant get a good impact from guns in this game.

7. Garbage inventory. It has the worst inventory system in the entire franchise. There's like no management even though the game is meant to be more survival horror oriented than re4 and re5 in favor of lame ammo bags.

8. Genesis feels tedious to use. Not to mention the absurd range it has.

9. Garbage dodging system. I understand that re3 didnt have the best dodging system but here it feels worse. This is still more action oriented than pre-re4 mainline entries, why doesnt it improve the dodging from re3? Like they could have put button prompts for allowing to dodge at anytime.

10. Non-jill's episodes. Most generic parts of the game from a gameplay standpoint. Not only you arent allowed to use weapon parts; they also involve generic combat encounters with monsters.

As for things ı like; ı like t-abyss virus as well as some of the monsters other than generic oozes like hunters, farfarello and scarmiglione. I cant think of many other things that ı like though.

Overall ı still enjoyed this game for what it is but ı usually forget about it.


While ı dont dislike this game, it still feels very unpolished, especially from a gameplay standpoint. The weapons arent fun to use at all, the melee feels tedious, the infection mechanic is stupid, bullet spongy enemies etc.

Still ı like some of the cutscenes, some story moments as well as some ideas. It's just not executed well at all.


Finally! I've been waiting to talk about my favourite re game which is a much needed breath of fresh air after re5, rerev and reorc.

Imo it has the best story, best character interactions, best voice acting / character dialogue as well as the best combat in the entire franchise. Just like re5; it's an actionized / escalated sequel set in re universe. It's much more improved from that game as well as re4 in many ways, both from gameplay and story perspective.

I will talk more detailed about this game.

Re6 story in general: I think it's good cause characters are likeable, campaigns connect to each other, good character development, underrated villains, nice backstory within the files etc. It also creates a better reunion for re2 than re5 does for re1 as well with characters being more involved in the story as well as more epic action and over the top encounters along with characters surviving against impossible odds in the best way possible. It's good old resident evil evolved in a great way.

Leon's story: While storywise it's the weakest one in the game; it's still great and very enjoyable especially when compared to some of the past re titles.

For leon; this is the best version of him. It's a nice blend of his re2 and re4 personalities similar to darkside chronicles but more mature. I like the dramatic 1st cutscene at the start where leon hesitates to shoot benford before benford tries to attack helena. Leon also noticeably is more disturbed about civilian deaths in this game when compared to past re entries; he tries to save some civilians at the start which ends in tragic failure and later on he tries to do the same in a desperate attempt when he sees some civilians getting eaten at a monitor. I also like how he brings the casualties of tall oaks to chris in a successful attempt to bring him back to his heroic self.

As for helena; while she's the weakest character in the game, she's still more interesting than some of the new characters in the past. She expresses her guilt at the start and is suffering from shock due to being forced to play a role in benford's assassination. It didnt bother me that she didnt explain everything to leon for some time until the end of chapter 2 due to previously mentioned shock reason not to mention the files explain more for this. She really shines during deborah boss fight as well as when she's discussing ada with leon in certain moments. I'm so glad she doesnt get arrested at the end as well due to them finding the evidence ada left at chopper to clear their names.

But anyway; there isnt much interesting happening in the 1st 2 chapters storywise save for a few encounters but things start to really become interesting starting with chapter 4 with characters surviving against impossible odds, teaming up with jake and sherry against ustanak, leon bringing chris back to his normal senses, amazing simmons boss fights as well as c-virus missile hitting tatchi to infect most of the people. Same thing with chapter 5, especially during amazing simmons fights. The part where leon jumps from rope to ada's side to protect her from simmons deserves a special mention. The interactions between characters is brilliantly done here. I also like the nice touch where ada touches leon's hand to thank her.

Chris' story: It's the best one storywise with most tragic deaths. Chris and piers' character development is amazing here.

For chris; this is the best version of him just like leon. I really liked how he became a sou captain in an attempt to be a better leader than wesker was back in his stars days. His personality as well as its change is shown well here. He starts the game as not remembering what happened to make players wonder what can mess him up like this but at the end of 1st chapter; he eventually remembers his past with flashback chapter explaining why. In 3rd chapter; he starts and spends most of it as being blinded by revenge with piers trying his best to bring him back to his normal senses until he receives leon's help. I also like the cutscene between chris and jake in chapter 5 where they talk about wesker.

As for piers; he's a badass comrade for chris and a much more improvement over sheva in re5. He isnt afraid to step up to chris whenever necessary and protects him when needed. His teamwork with chris is brilliant as well; especially at the last chapter against haos.

As for story; there isnt much happening in the 1st chapter other than piers protecting chris from a mutated j'avo attack but things really become interesting starting with flashback chapter with great intro, well made environment along with well placed bows, great introduction to ogroman, teaming up with jake and sherry against multiple ones, followed by tragic ending. Same thing with chapter 3 with chasing iluzija, helping jake and sherry against j'avos, great chopper boss fight, amazing iluzija encounters, amazing fight with bow followed by a creative end for the monster, carla's surprise attack as well as one of the most dramatic and well made interactions between chris and piers to end the section. There isnt much happening in the docks other than an unnecessary chopper fight but things pick up again when chris and leon cross path to each other followed by an epic car chase to end the chapter. 4th chapter starts a bit weak but eventually picks up as it goes on when chris and piers encounter ada ( Real one ) while trying to chase her followed by them encountering carla who tries to piss chris off by mocking him with death of his comrades but chris shoots her gun followed by a well delivered line before she gets gunned down by one of simmons' men followed by an epic harrier setpiece in a failed attempt to prevent missiles from launching to china. Final chapter starts better than chapter 4 but still weak however just like chapter 4; it picks up shortly, especially after chris and piers meet up with jake and sherry before haos' chrysalid hatches that starts epic running away sequences and boss fights with the monster. Piers eventually injects enhanced c-virus onto himself to save chris followed by more amazing fights before the 2 temporarily defeats the monster. After sad interactions and some running; piers throws chris to an escape pod before launching it in a tragic moment which eventually gets noticed by haos who tries to kill chris but is ultimately stopped by piers' last attack. Chris is then rescued by bsaa choppers and later on seen eating a steak just like piers in the same bar he was in the 1st chapter.

Jake's story: While it's shorter than leon's and chris'; it's the 2nd best one storywise. Jake's character development is well done, sherry's return is well executed who plays a role in jake's character change for the better.

For jake; he starts the game as a mercenary who's only concerned with money but starts to care more and more for sherry as campaign progresses. His care for sherry at the start of chapter 2 who's impaled by a rock piece is great and their interactions at the cabin where they talk about sherry's past is really heartwarming before jake pushes her to protect her. Eventually in chapter 5; jake is shown caring about getting out of the place with sherry to save the world to become better people than their parents. This is shown at the epilogue as well where he greatly decreases his money to simply 50 dollars.

As for sherry; her personality is great and claire's influence on her is very noticeable. I also like her encounters with leon who tries to protect her whenever necessary as well as chris. Not to mention; g-virus part of the c-virus is obtained from her and she's basically fighting the sins of william.

I also want to talk about ustanak. While it's not as intimidating as nemesis; it's still a badass monster in its own right. I still wished it was used more and better in chapter 2 and appeared in chapter 3 instead of the tank but the fights in other chapters are epic and very interesting. Not to mention the fights against him feel like jake and sherry are battling the sins of their parents, especially noticeable in chapter 5 when one realizes that the 1st fight against the monster is in a lava filled area ( Wesker died in lava in re5. ) followed by the next monster encounter taking place in a train platform. ( Birkin died in a train in re2. )

For story; it starts with jake's badass skills being shown followed by him escaping from j'avos with sherry. After some running; the characters express their main motivations. Not much happen until ustanak finds them followed by epic sequences and a boss fight. They eventually reunite with chris and piers to battle multiple ogromen before they are evacuated by bsaa. Ustanak catches to them to bring down the choppers but jake and sherry launch the monster away before falling down a long way. For chapter 2; there isnt much happening between the 1st cutscene where jake witnesses sherry's g powers and the 2nd cutscene in cabin. However things become very interesting starting with j'avo fights, epic setpieces as well as defeating ustanak's okos before jake and sherry are captured. Chapter 3 starts in a badass way with jake and sherry breaking free from their containment, not much interesting things happen after that other than jake and sherry reuniting and talking about the situation. Chapter 4 starts even better with an epic motorbike setpiece, fighting against j'avos with support from chris and piers, supporting chris and piers against chopper, ubistvo encounter, teaming up with leon and helena against ustanak, more ubistvo encounter with secret support from ada as well as jake and sherry temporarily reuniting with leon and helena again before they are captured. Not much happen storywise at the start of chapter 5 but things become very interesting when jake and sherry gets reunited with chris and piers. After they split up; ustanak eventually finds them with more epic encounters and fights. The finisher against monster is one of the most satisfying ones in the series and the ending is so heartwarming.

Ada's story: It's the shortest one storywise but ı like it more than leon's cause the plot twists are very interesting and creative. Ada starts the game similar to how she was in re2 and re4 but starts to lose her cool slowly as campaign progresses which becomes very noticeable in 4th and 5th chapters. She also helps more people in this when compared to her past appearances.

For ada; this is the best version of her. She's very smart, intelligent and very cool. She's more heroic in this when compared to her past appearances as well. I really like her interactions with carla in chapter 4. The final cutscene at the end where ada destroys carla's greatest creation is also great and very emotional.

I will also talk about villains here since ada's campaign reveals important plot points for them.

For simmons; ı found him a disturbing villain similar to irons and alfred due to his obsession with ada and power. I'm so glad he got infected with enhanced c-virus and continuously mutated until he died; he really deserved it.

As for carla; ı found her a tragic villain similar to alexia. She wanted to destroy the balance simmons and his family is so obsessed with as a twisted payback against him. She really succeeded some of her plans as well like causing chaos on some parts of china as well as infecting simmons; if she didnt call ada due to her conscience, the world would have been destroyed.

For story; not much interesting things happen between the 1st and last cutscenes of chapter 1. Chapter 2 is a bit better thanks to deborah boss fight but overall very similar to chapter 1. Chapter 3 is much better thanks to more interesting encounters as well as ubistvo encounters. Chapter 4 is even more better which ends with interesting carla boss fight. Chapter 5 is noticeably weaker thanks to incredibly boring chopper sequence however when ada leaves chopper; things become more interesting as usual with interesting simmons encounters followed by more interesting cutscenes as well as an emotional ending.

Files: It has some of the best files in the series. Some of them are even a great nostalgia trip to past. Though ı have to admit; making some of the parts exclusive to re.net is a bit dumb but thankfully the game connects to that site.

Combat: It has the best combat system in the entire franchise. You can move and shoot, freely dodge as well as high variety of melee attacks along with satisfying counters and much more improved shooting compared to re5. Quickshots are also very interesting. The characters' skills are very well reflected in gameplay here. Characters feel more varied as well.

The monsters are also a joy to fight, ı really like the mutations, especially j'avo ones. Their mechanic is much more better than re5's dull plaga mutations and there's a lot more variety. Same thing with zombies. Speaking of monsters; c-virus is a great virus and successfully weaponizes g-virus and t-veronica in bioterrorism. Enhanced c-virus is also another great addition; you even get to play as someone in story.

The mechanics work well in campaigns as well. A competent player can perform all attacks on enemies. There are even special tricks that allow to perform some melee moves like counters easier. While in re4 and especially re5; this is more complicated and unnecessarily difficult. Even when there isnt much happening storywise at certain points; the game is still so fun and addicting to the point where ı've spent thousands of hours on the game in 8 years.

The multiple campaigns of the game are better handled compared to re4 separate ways and re5 jill's dlcs.

The game seems to be designed around singleplayer more than online when it regards to combat which makes things less frustrating and more fun. Partner aı is better than re5's as well.

Other gameplay elements: The skill system is used much better here compared to re4 and re5's upgrade systems. There are more things to upgrade with more variety, it works in all 4 campaigns and they overall feel more effective. There is even one that makes some of the qtes easier.

The inventory system is much better than re5's. It's the most streamlined one which fits to the game cause characters are most skilled here and there is no unnecessary quick reload trick that feels tedious to perform. While ı still wished some of the weapons could have been disabled; at the same time, you get to carry all of your weapons at once with fast swapping which is a good thing. Plus huds are great and you can change their position, make them stay in one side and even completely remove them for a challenging experience.

There are more qtes in the game compared to re4 and re5 but they feel more easier to perform with better button prompts. Some of them could even be disabled.

Vehicle sections are much more epic and interesting compared to re4 and especially re5. While ı dont like ada's helicopter section; the others are still great and they can change depending to the selected character.

You can select chapter parts to skip or play any part you want and you dont need to finish a campaign to unlock the 2nd character like in re5.

Camera controls are much better than previous entries, you can even increase fov from options. Fixed camera angled moments also return at certain points to give the game a nice cinematic feel. While camera is taken away from player a few times, this still can be remedied in certain scenarios with special tricks.

The campaigns have so much content with very cheap price without any microtransactions with a lot of variety and stuff to do.

Conclusion: Overall re6 is the most underrated re game that didnt deserve most if not all of the hate at all. It's a shame this game got popular for wrong reasons along with some people making fun of this game with weird disgusting memes. The fanbase is incredibly toxic and likes to ruin people's fun.

It's directed by eiichiro sasaki who directed the underrated outbreak games and the main writer is shotaro suga who wrote darkside chronicles. It combines the underrated aspects of those 2 games in a very well way.

While it still has flaws and a few areas lack polish; it's a great improvement over past re titles as well as a great evolution for the franchise in many ways.

It's just a shame the game received so much hate. Thanks to the dumb bandwagon; capcom will most likely never make a creative game like this again. I still dream a female reunion game that has claire, jill and ada in it along with jake and sherry as well as 2 new experienced characters that are partners of claire and jill along with creative new villains like simmons and carla.


A great improvement over the 1st one in many ways. Better gameplay, characters, monsters, story, voice acting etc. Though ı still wished alyson court came back to voice claire in this, the va in this one just doesnt capture the same charm alyson court did in the past for claire. She also isnt good with natalia at certain point in the story; ı know this doesnt exist in og japanese script but still.

It feels unpolished in a few areas due to the game reusing a lot of assets from past re entries.

I'm also not a big fan of certain mechanics like food hunting in the struggle. ( The stealth part with revenants is unnecessarily difficult. ) Little miss isnt that memorable from a gameplay standpoint either since it's just a big stealth minigame.

Regardless of that; ı still really enjoyed it and it's my favourite modern mainline re title after re6.

Umbrella corps

A complete abomination. Absolute worst re game in the franchise. Trash combat system, low variety, no story and cutscenes, terrible fov, too short etc. It also hints at wesker being alive for a dumb reason. Why? He's already dead; can we get new creative villains please?


A very underwhelming sequel when compared to past re entries, especially re6. Story, combat, characters, voice acting, content, replay value etc. are all step down from that game. Not a big fan of the change to 1st person camera either. It just feels like a pointless change and makes me sick.

There are a few things ı like though. I like the part where you get to explore baker house for the 1st time with jack stalking you, ı like the shotguns as well as being able to create enhanced ammo for handgun. I like the cutscene with jack at the end. I like joe in end of zoe.

Other than these though; ı cant think of many things that ı found interesting. I think it should had been a spinoff similar to survivor games or a new mainline sub-series similar to rerev games.

Re2 2019

Despite being called " Resident evil 2 " ; this feels more like a new game and a reimagining rather than a faithful remake like the one in 2002.

It's a mixed bag when it comes to improvements.

I like claire's combat system in 1st run, sherry's stealth segment, marvin's character, the new map system as well as some of the puzzles.

On the other hand, leon's combat system is a massive downgrade from og game with less impactful weapons, most of the enemies are too bullet spongy that dont give well reactions, t-103 isnt used properly like in og game and darkside chronicles along with a terrible mutation, the movement feels too stiff despite allowing moving and shooting, trying to evade some monsters are unnecessarily difficult. Just like re0; there is a key item that takes 2 spaces which is annoying.

It also cuts more than adding compared to remake that adds more than cutting.

The scenarios dont connect to each other along with no zapping and they have less variety compared to re2 and re6.

Most of the interactions between leon and claire are cut, in og game; they contacted each other with radios at various points but here, they just leave lame notes to each other. There is also no interactions between leon and sherry at rpd like in leon b as well as none between ada and sherry.

Leon and ada's backstories are unnecessarily changed. They changed leon's " drunk due to having issues with girlfriend " backstory to " He simply wanted to investigate the rpd. " backstory. As for ada; they changed her backstory from " searching for john " to " fbi agent. " The photo from og re2 is also removed and instead replaced with annoying hacking part.

They changed ada's " death scene " to falling one rather than getting attacked by t-103 one. The kiss scene between leon and ada is also not used as properly as in og game and darkside chronicles where the scene was more interesting.

Claire doesnt even care about finding her brother, she finds chris' letter but dismisses it, she never brings her brother up at the end like in og re2 and darkside chronicles.

For sherry; they contradict her phone call files in darkside chronicles. " Why didnt you stay in the house? It was safe there. " Line from annette which contradicts darkside chronicles. Oh and she's free of g-virus even though she wasnt in og re2 and this carried over to future re titles like re6 where she had g powers.

Most of the soundtrack is absent. There is a paid dlc that brings some tracks but not all of them. Worst offender for me has to be ada's theme which came back in re6 but not here.

As for characters; while ı like some moments between claire and sherry, leon and ada on the other hand feel like planks of wood most of the time, especially ada. It's due to dull voice acting ı think.

Irons isnt as intimidating as in og game and his death scene isnt as brutal as in og game.

I think ı'm missing more things but ı'm gonna stop here to not go too overboard with my criticisms. Some of my problems might not be as annoying to some people if they are treating the game more on their own without comparing it too much to re2 and darkside chronicles. But for me; it does.

Re3 2020

Similar to re2 2019; this game also feels more like a new game / reimagining rather than a faithful remake like the one in 2002.

I know that capcom said they were going to make more dramatic changes with the game compared to re2 2019 but ı'm still not a big fan of this decision.

It has some of the similar issues re2 2019 does that ı previously mentioned. However ı feel like this game's story is better than that game's not to mention ı didnt notice as much problems in this aspect.

My main issues are as follows.

Zombies feel too much of a bullet sponge, especially pale heads who cant be killed for some reason.

Nemesis is a joke. It goes down on one grenade and drops loot which are lame and unnecessary, the og game had better loot drops. Though ı enjoyed the rooftop fight as well as the fights with 2nd form. Last form fight is boring.

Hunters feel cheap. Assault rifle doesnt affect them much for weird reason, ı got some reorc experience. Gammas look very stupid as well.

Overall it has some of the similar issues re2 2019 does but at the same time; it didnt bother me as much as that game cause ı like re2 more than re3.


I didnt play this game due to not being a big fan of re7 and its direction. From what ı've seen; it still has some of the same issues re7 does. But my issues here are more story related rather than gameplay.

Imo it has the worst story in the entire franchise and really ruins chris to the point it breaks all suspension of disbelief. Seriously why didnt he inform ethan the truth right after he shot not-mia? Why the unnecessary wait?

I also dont get why he and his men had to transport ethan and rose in the same vehicle miranda is transported. Those 2 could have stayed in the house with some of chris' men for security. While chris along with some of his other men could have transported miranda alone. That way she couldnt have captured rose so easily. It's way too dumb for chris to make a stupid mistake like this. He still didnt learn from his mistakes in the past. Cause of him; ethan dissolved into nothing.

Another thing ı'm not a big fan of is ethan getting more screentime than chris even though chris is one of the main characters. I think it should have been more similar to recv which balanced claire's and chris' screentime better.

Though there were a few things ı liked. I liked the game's inventory system better than re7's; it just looks more interesting. I liked the factory section, heisenberg, his character as well as his boss fight. Chris' gameplay section looks interesting but it's too short, even more than not a hero in re7. Miranda boss fight at the end feels like an improvement from eveline boss fight in re7. Other than these though; ı cant think of other things that ı found interesting.

Now time for cgi movies along with biohazard the stage:


It has the best story and background lore info from all cgi movies. But leon and angela arent that interesting. Claire is great but could have been used more in the story. And action feels a bit too dated.


My overall favourite cgi movie. Storywise it doesnt feel as good as degeneration and doesnt feel as important. However the characters, action and voice acting are greatly improved from that film. Leon and ada are as great as they are in re6. The other characters are also great and tragic moments as well as drama are well executed.


While some of the action scenes are interesting; overall my least favourite cgi film. Rebecca is lazily handled after a good horror section with her and leon is lazily handled as well. They just gave him chris' arc in re6 without understanding why and how it worked in that game. Leon also doesnt feel as important in the story as well; chris forces him to come with him even though he didnt need to since he already fought majinis in re5. The story is basically re4 rehash; los illuminados is back for unnecessary reason. Leon's character at some point is messed up during the motorcycle chase sequence. When those cars explode due to one of the dog corpses, he doesnt show any shock to the mess he caused which is extremely out of character for him especially when one compares this personality to how he acted in re6 where he was trying to save civilians in a desperate attempt.

Biohazard the stage

It's very interesting addition to franchise despite some dumb moments. Chris, piers and rebecca are back and the new characters are very interesting as well. The action still feels a bit too dated though.

Time for mangas:

Prelude to the fall

Too short prequel to an underwhelming game.

Marhawa desire

My favourite one from mangas. It's a great prequel to re6 along with interesting story and characters. Chris and piers return and they are just as great as they are in re6. Merah is also interesting and a tragic character.

Heavenly island

While ı like it; it's a bit lacking compared to marhawa desire. Plus ı feel like it could have been a better rerev games reunion. Really weird that parker appears but not jill. Plus raymond and jessica could have appeared too; rerev's cliffhanger.

Conclusion: So here are my thoughts on games as well as other stuff. I tried to give my honest thoughts on things as much detailed as possible. Thanks for reading.
If you feel that you should not write just because you will annoy someone like me, then I personally do not agree with your decision.

I have long accepted that people rarely agree with me in the community, so I participate there less often. You don't need to consider yourself a burden and limit yourself, because this is what I am actually.
Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which has launched the first episode today. I'm going to watch it in a jiffy.
Yeah we all need a break I think. It’s sad but I doubt the hype I felt surrounding REmake 2 will ever reach those heights ever again for me. REmake 3 came a little closer but I saw the red flags from a mile away with that game, so it didn’t piss me off as much.

It’s good to be passionate about a hobby. Even if some material is undesirable. Let’s hope Infinite Darkness knocks it put of the park.

Edit: Infinite Darkness sucked :/
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I watched the whole season today of the Netflix series, and while I was not fully unimpressed, I didn't see the point to it. The animation, however, is splendid.


It's amazing that you died so much less during the tougher classic titles. It really makes me think of all of the "cheap" one hit kills, failed QTE's, etc. the series has added over time.
It's amazing that you died so much less during the tougher classic titles. It really makes me think of all of the "cheap" one hit kills, failed QTE's, etc. the series has added over time.
They are one of my least favorite mechanics of the series besides RE4/5’s. There’s a difference when the QTE is during a cutscene vs real time gameplay. RE6 in general threw me into unreal circumstances where I would literally get knocked down and then killed by environmental hazards. It was cheap and frustrating.

That’s the difference with the classics. They are by no means easy games but I am familiar enough with them to plan accordingly and know how to work around the mechanics and enemy behavior.

There are also a lot more enemies in the newer games, so more chances to die. They are also much longer games, at least to me. Modern RE has more RNG elements and the bosses and enemies are a lot more spongy and unpredictable at times. Sometimes it works but when it doesn’t, I end up swearing at my TV in agony lol.

With that all being said though, the Outbreak games to me are the hardest due to their random nature.
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I've not did a marathon in years. I do intend to do one eventually. The thing is, a lot of older consoles like the GameCube worked with AV leads, although I do have AV to HDMI convertors. I'm actually way more keen on the retro RE games than I am the newer ones. The thing with playing RE4 in HD though, is that the controls are awful in all of these remastered versions. But quite frankly, has anyone seen the PS2 version of RE4? While there is extra content that the GameCube release never received, the colors look rather horrible and 'dirty' now.

I posted my thoughts to re modding forums as well. It's more detailed there.

But anyway; ı finished replaying re6 with all characters during my marathon. Imo the game is an extremely underrated masterpiece that's ahead of its time. Easily the best re game in the series. Best story, combat, characters, voice acting etc.

It's directed by eiichiro sasaki who directed outbreak games and the main writer is shotaro suga who is the writer of degeneration, darkside chronicles and damnation which is released in the same year as re6. It's literally the 1st and only mainline entry in the entire franchise that's BOTH directed by someone who previously directed games and written by someone who previously wrote entries.

Before re6; there wasnt any mainline entry in the franchise that's both directed by previous person who directed games and written by previous writer who previously wrote more entries. For example; remake and re4 are directed by mikami but for some weird reason; he didnt hire a writer for those games. For remake; they reused the og game's script while making some changes to it and for re4 main game portion; he basically wrote a parody script after ditching re3,5's script written by kawamura. Thankfully they hired a writer for separate ways portion but that portion is kinda short. Another example is recv. It's written by sugimura who previously wrote re2 but the director isnt hideki kamiya; it's someone else.

Re6 is the 1st and as of now; the only mainline entry, in the series to do that. They even hired 600 devs to work on the game. Oh and the entire game is one giant reference-fest / love letter to past titles. Seriously ı found new things and those aspects impressed me greatly, even more so after ı went to re engine games to compare this aspect. I would say the references in re6 feel a lot more impactful than the games released after it cause storywise, it feels like you're in re world while re7 especially feels more... disconnected in an attempt to be a " reboot " despite not being a reboot. Reimaginings are westernized due to being written by western writers in a similar fashion to dmc reboot and they dont feel like " replacements " in the same way remake is for re1.

I also dont get the action complaints. Why is having a lot of action a bad thing anyway? Plus the franchise started to become more action oriented / escalated with re2 anyways and this also continued in re3 and recv so the increase in action and escalation didnt suddenly happen with re4 which is overpraised imo. By criticising re6 for being action packed; people automatically criticise re2, re3 and recv for being more action packed compared to re1 as well.

Speaking of re4;

I finished replaying that game as well and while it's a fun sidestory game; at the same time, it's unnecessarily clunky.

The biggest issue that ı still have today is the game keeping tank controls. I replayed it after replaying outbreak file 2 and that game doesnt have tank controls since it allows moving and shooting. And yet re4 keeps tank controls despite being an action game.

Not to mention outbreak games have insane and deep mechanics; especially 2nd one which is a great improvement over the 1st one. Meanwhile re4 and re5 hold back in their action despite being action games. This is one of the reasons why re6 is better than those 2 games; it embraces its craziness more than those 2 games while having insane and very deep combat. It doesnt hold back at all and that's a good thing.

I like outbreak games and re6's mechanics more than re4 and re5's mechanics. I also like eiichiro sasaki more than shinji mikami and re5's random director.

Another thing is in re4; you can melt most bosses with rpg. And the game allows you to buy maps that spoil important treasure locations. Pesetas arent even that hard to find anyway.

It also has low melee variety for an action game. Outbreak games have better melee variety. Why cant leon and ada perform knife combos in gameplay in the same way david can in outbreak games, especially 2nd one? They just perform generic slashes.

The shooting is fine for the most part but ı wished there were more automatic weapons other than tmp and chicago typewriter. Outbreak games had both smg and assault rifle.

Like ı said; the game holds back in its action to be more survival horror oriented which doesnt make sense cause it's an action game instead of survival horror like pre-re4 mainline entries plus outbreak games. Re5 also suffers from similar issues.

As for separate ways; while that's more special from a story standpoint, the only chapters ı like are chapter 2 and 4. Chapter 1 and 3 are too short and chapter 5 is ruined thanks to boss fights. Krauser boss fight is unnecessary, he should have stayed dead in leon's story, his heart exploded. Saddler boss fight is completely pointless since after that fight; ada gets captured for 2nd time.

I would like the game to receive a " file 2 " treatment just like outbreak got with the same director. It's not gonna happen unfortunately cause creating a game like re6 requires insane amount of effort and capcom is just lazy nowadays. They will also not follow up from re6's loose ends due to shotaro suga passing away.

I also want to talk about other things related to re6.

Originally re6 was supposed to have a terrasave dlc and it would claire being in tall oaks who would most likely travel to china. It unfortunately didnt happen due to backlash and capcom decided to reuse those ideas for rerev2. Shame.


" That Bar Maid from Chris' cutscene at the beginning of his campaing, she was supposed to be Claire Redfield at some point of the game, but the idea got canned and so they re-used her model with some removed/added details in that cutscene. With this in mind, I managed to remake Claire's face and some of the original details. "

Now ı cant look at the 1st cutscene of re6's chris campaign in the same way.

About claire; it doesnt make sense that she isnt in tall oaks. I mean why wouldnt leon contact her about benford's speech? Why wouldnt she arrive there? She was in raccoon and her scenario in re2 feels more important than leon's which is more of a support scenario storywise. There could have been a file in the game where claire contacts leon about missing sherry as well. There also could have been another file where claire's worried about missing chris.

About jill; while ı dont think she could be in the game due to what she suffered in re5, there still could have been a mention of her in the files. I mean sheva got mentioned in re6's files but not jill for a weird reason.

They would also add more files to the game to explain more stuff similar to re5 lin which added extra files. ( Claire appearing, jill getting mentioned in the files etc. ) These ideas were used for rerev2 instead.

This caused me to grow disdain for rerev2 cause capcom decided to ruin re6's potential with that game made for those fans who are obsessed with horror and nothing more.

I'm so glad alex wesker isnt the villain of re6. I dont like her, she has no reason to exist. She makes albert's existence less unique since other than him, she's the only wesker children that survived. Albert wesker should have been the only survivor.

It would be cool if claire was in re6. If she was; then she would most likely be voiced by alyson court since reorc was released in the same year and she was voiced by alyson there. Roger craig smith and alyson court interactions would have been nice just like in darkside chronicles. I would have liked to know claire's thoughts on helena and jake.

Oh and lets also talk about agent. Why did they add him as a partner for ada? Separate ways in re4 was alone. Re6 originally didnt have him for ada's campaign but people were apparently complaining that ada didnt have a coop partner for some dumb reason so they forced agent to her campaign. It would be nice if agent had his own campaign as well.

I got the impression that he is a bsaa operative ( Plus ı have the idea that they wanted to utilize him in the story in an attempt to connect re6's story even more to damnation where ada disguised herself as a bsaa operative. ) or something. Especially since during the character showcase before starting a chapter, he's armed with the same assault rifle seen by most bsaa operatives in the game.

Thankfully ada's campaign can still be played solo but the game could have been better and that's less the fault of devs and more the fault of those " fans " who were complaining just for the sake of it in the most toxic way possible.

Still re6's situation isnt as bad as re5's situation, that game drops the ball as a re1 reunion so badly. The stupid " It's racist! " complaints the trailers received also killed the game's potential as well.

Like re5 drops the ball as a re1 reunion so badly. Imagine if chris and jill were partners right from start, sheva and josh were partners, sheva's backstory had more use in the story, barry and rebecca were in the story etc.

The whole story is about chris and wesker's rivalry even though they werent the only ones in the spencer mansion. The others feel as guests or forced. Also did they really had to go with p30 route for jill? She becomes wesker's slave and infects a civilian who turns into a uroboros monster and kills a bsaa team while attacking chris and sheva in the process. Why did haruo murata not learn from his mistakes in umbrella chronicles? He also repeats similar mistakes in that game. Like that intro of re3 retelling where jill acts stupid while getting her legs stuck at a zombie, turning nemesis into a joke, making umbrella's conclusion anti-climactic etc.

Jill's dlcs arent that great either. They are too short, you cant upgrade your stats or use bsaa backpack, chris and jill lose their equipment at some point in re5 lin while having to spend one section without weapons, not being able to play as jill in re5 lin before beating that mode etc. And did they really have to add alex to that mode? Idk after thinking about it, ı found her addition kinda pointless.

Why does she get a pass but not jake? She was 1st mentioned in re5 lin while coming from nowhere and her gender was unknown at that time. Instead of bothering with that; why arent those files in that dlc more about albert instead? Plus she's yet another wesker children; jake feels much more unique addition, he's pretty much a good " wesker " fighting against bioterrorism. Much more interesting than alex who's yet another wesker children.

Speaking of jake; what's wrong with him being wesker's son? If birkin can have a child, then this means wesker can too. I mean both were obsessed with their research. Plus ı got the impression that wesker was a weird pervert type of guy during his umbrella researcher / stars captain days if rebecca photo disguised as a film in re2 is anything to go by. There arent any official statements about wesker being asexual either.

I wish they didnt bother with alex in re5 lin and rerev2. I wished they made that re6 dlc about claire instead.

As for jill; I would have liked her to become a sou captain just like chris did as well but unfortunately the devs couldnt do this cause she was pretty much mishandled with that whole p30 plot point in re5. They didnt need to get her captured by wesker while getting experimented. If she wasnt handled like that; then ı'm %100 sure she would have appeared in re6. Shame.

At least in re6, the characters feel more involved in the story and the backstory for them come more into play as well. Plus re6 is directed by eiichiro sasaki who directed outbreak games. Re5 is directed by kenichi ueda who didnt direct a game before.

I also want to talk about mikami.

While ı respect him for directing re1, remake and re4; ı still dont like him as much as some fans do.

The reason for this is he doesnt seem to care much about story in re games and it really shows in the games he directed, especially the last 2 where a writer isnt hired.

He had some dumb ass pitch for re1 before capcom called him an idiot and put iwao on the team. Then mikami bullied him until he resigned so he wasnt on re2. At least mikami was nice to him later on but it still wasnt cool.

The original pitch was just " the mansion is the story " . Then when they pressed, it became cyborgs in a mansion fighting ghosts. When iwao came on board, he and oishi worked together to build the plot.

I'm also not a big fan of his opinion on rebecca, he thinks she's submissive and hates her but puts ashley into re4.

I guess that explains why she isnt in re5's story along with barry even though the game is meant to be a re1 reunion.

There's also the fact that he wanted to cut his own head off if re4 was released in other platforms. And ı dont get it, why did he make remake and re4 gamecube exclusive for some time? Not sure if ı should include re0 since that was also gamecube exclusive but it's not directed by him.

There's also an interview and he blames re5 and re6 for umbrella disappearing at those games even though umbrella got an anti-climactic conclusion in re4's intro. He also says re4 doesnt have tank controls even though it does since you cant move and shoot. He also doesnt like re3 if ı remember correctly.

It's very rude for mikami to treat iwao like that. Cause of his weird decisions; iwao even left the company.

He isnt even the creator of the franchise anyway. Iwao is.

I also still dont know why some people are so obsessed with survival horror.

It was just a made up genre to promote hype for re1. It never had an objective definition. The games has always been action / adventure games. Also the franchise is objectively about biohazards and escalation rather than survival horror, biohazard is even the name for the franchise in japan.

The reason why re6 is extremely streamlined in survival horror elements ( Exploration, inventory management etc. ) is cause this is a reward for characters surviving more horror oriented experiences. This is a good thing and it makes sense. The cast is skilled and it makes sense to up the action, qtes, setpieces as well as improve the combat and monsters. They will be able to show their skills better that way. Why should they waste time with unnecessary amount of exploration and inventory management? It was never meant to be a survival horror experience, it was meant to be a dramatic horror experience. What that means is they wanted to focus more on drama, emotions, characters etc.

Re6 is objectively the best re game and this is yet another reason.

It also feels like it deserves to be a main numbered entry unlike re4 which doesnt feel like a numbered entry. It should have been called " Re code plagas " or something. Recv deserves more to be a numbered entry than re4 does.

Re4's story is barebones, umbrella is killed in the intro in favor of los illuminados, entire story is padding, ashley annoyance etc.

Separate ways is ok but ı dont like how the story is about collecting a sample after re2 where ada's objective was also to collect a sample. The story feels repetitive due to this.

It also doesnt feature a virus. It only features plaga which is a parasite. It's not confirmed to be connected to progenitor virus either which is the most important virus in the series that's the ultimate source of many viruses. They could have made plaga connected to progenitor virus in re5, especially since you go to stairway to the sun area but they didnt.

Re4, re7 and revillage are the only mainline entries that dont feature a virus.

Re7 features mold which is a fungus rather than a virus and revillage features cadou which is a parasite form of mold. They arent confirmed to be connected to progenitor virus either.

Thankfully re5 features uroboros and progenitor viruses but the monsters caused by those viral agents are extremely rare. Most of the monsters you fight are still plaga type bows.

With re6; they wanted to go as crazy with c-virus as possible and that makes sense since they didnt make full use of those 2 viruses in re5.

I also love how ada's story in re6 isnt about collecting a sample. She's operating on her own without following any orders from her true organization like she does in re2 and re4. The story feels very unique and ı liked the plot twists. It was pretty tragic, ada even shows her emotions at the later chapters while the game references her re3 epilogue file.

I liked simmons' obsession with ada as well. I found that both disturbing and interesting. I got the impression that he's pretty much the soul of john stalking ada in a twisted love obsession after she failed to save his life. He also feels like a rival for both leon and ada. I mean both leon and simmons work in the government and both love ada. ( Meanwhile re2 2019 changes ada's backstory so that the game doesnt connect well to re6. Leon and ada dont love each other due to their backstories being changed either unlike in og re2's leon b scenario where they loved each other. )

Though people miss a detail about simmons. One of the reasons why c-virus was created is cause simmons wanted better bows and wanted his researchers to create a more improved virus. Not to mention; for the family organization the outbreaks happening in the universe were a case study and they took benefits from outbreaks. So simmons wanting a loyal ada soldier to serve for him isnt the only reason why c-virus was created.

The toxic hate bandwagon for re6 makes no absolute damn sense. Idk how people can act like fans and pretend re6 is one of the worst if not the worst even though it's easily the best that's hated by people who are blinded by nostalgia.

No proper arguments. Just dumb nitpicks and dislike without any good arguments.

Shame really. This was the 1st re game that ı played in 2013. It made me a fan of the franchise. I wouldnt be a fan if it wasnt for this game, re6 is very special to me.

I will never give up on my opinion about this game. To quote sherry:

" Never giving up. No matter the odds. "
So another reply. I'm gonna criticise remake. I dislike it more than re1 and re0 after thinking about it.

I'm gonna do this cause remake is loved by the fanbase and none talks about its flaws which are glossed over. So lets do it.

1. No writer is hired for the game. Why didnt mikami hire someone else like sugimura as the writer for the game? He also repeats the same mistake in re4 main game portion but worse there.

2. You cant get the canon ending where all 4 characters escape with brad. I'm more of a fan of re2's and re6's storytelling. I just dislike how the character you dont select gets captured by wesker and gets put to jail. Mo disc business feels padding. I wished the devs updated the scenarios instead of parallel scenarios where you repeat boss fights. I mean re2 updated the scenarios compared to re1; why cant remake do the same? It's faithful to re1 sure but in some aspects; that " faithfulness " smells more like a laziness rather than a creativity. I still dislike how chris loses his gun while running away from cerberus bow and he picks up jill's gun instead. Apparently both scenarios are canon but ı just dont like the way they are executed. When you play the game with 2nd character; you repeat the same exploration and unlocking stuff too which feels repetitive.

3. It doesnt explain how wesker got his powers that are shown in recv.

4. It doesnt connect well to re0. Again mikami should have hired sugimura as the writer. What's more weird is noboru sugimura wrote re0. I guess that explains why remake and re0 dont connect to each other, especially when it comes to rebecca.

Another thing is re2 n64 version has extra files and they reference re0. Meanwhile remake doesnt mention marcus in the files even though birkin and alexia are mentioned.

So now ı'm gonna talk about re6 again. Imo re6 handles its multiple campaigns best compared to games that are released before and after it. It feels improved from re2's scenarios. As much as ı love re2, you still repeated same exploration and unlocking stuff in a way that still didnt make sense. In re6, you repeat some boss fights and go through same areas in some sections too but it's executed in a way that made sense while feeling satisfying. Again campaigns connect to each other.

I also love some details. Like you encounter a lepotica corpse in china that got launched off from the plane by leon and helena. When you inspect it; you can see the crowbar that leon impaled to the monster. With jake and sherry; they also encounter some zombies that are killed off. They are either killed by ada or ubistvo. Another thing is you can see a opened up skill point chest in that same area during jake's campaign but when you go through the same area as ada, the chest isnt opened. I just love these small details.

The things ı mentioned about re2, remake and re6 dont seem to be talked by people nowadays. That's why ı wanted to mention it.

I just wished re6 got a redemption by the fanbase. Poor game's reputation got ruined by those toxic fans.

It's nice that it's receiving more positive reactions nowadays but the damage was done. I dont want to give up on this game.

If ı dont try to save one life, ı'll never save any.


I absolutely adore REmake in every way, but will say the character discrepancy for Rebecca irks me. Having been through Biohazard Zero seeing her in a completely helpless state in REmake simply makes zero sense. Given the two games share so much and were developed around the same time, I wish there was far more coordination between the two.
It's cause of mikami really. He isnt that good of a person. I just dont like him that much not to mention he's overpraised.

This might also be interesting:

As for remake; ı still enjoyed it and prefer it over re1 during my marathon but it's been praised as a perfect masterpiece even though storywise it feels like a mess.

In some aspects, ı prefer re1 over remake. Maybe ı should try to emulate deadly silence version through some means one day.

I guess remake getting praised a lot and re6 getting bashed a lot is the reason why capcom mishandled a lot of things in future.

Re7 has nothing to do with re6 other than an edonia reference at daughters dlc ( Which is a microtransaction. ) cause " We gotta bully re6. " .

Reimaginings dont connect well to re6 storywise cause " We gotta bully re6. " .

Re2 2019 doesnt have scenarios that connect to each other cause re6 had campaigns that connect to each other. Since that's apparently a bad thing, it makes sense for capcom to handle the scenarios like that in that reimagining.

Re3 2020 cuts epilogue files from re3 cause they got followed up on re6 and that's apparently a bad thing. So it makes sense that they are cut in that reimagining. I mean benford appeared in leon's epilogue file.

Heavenly island and vendetta have nothing to do with re6's story cause " We gotta bully re6. " .

Revillage is the same thing as re7 cause " We gotta bully re6. " .

Infinite darkness is set in the past while not following on from re6's story cause " We gotta bully re6. "
I absolutely adore REmake in every way, but will say the character discrepancy for Rebecca irks me. Having been through Biohazard Zero seeing her in a completely helpless state in REmake simply makes zero sense. Given the two games share so much and were developed around the same time, I wish there was far more coordination between the two.
This is one of my biggest grievances with this franchise. I will never understand why most of the characters are depicted differently in each game. Their voices and likeness change so drastically they might as well be completely different people.

The fact they reverted Chris’ look from 7 to 8 is proof that whoever is in charge of the consistency of this franchise is incompetent. I know that’s a whole other can of worms when it comes to the business side of things, but when you have Alyson Court for example offering to voice Claire for REmake 2 and Capcom never bother reaching out, it’s appalling.

Most actors WANT to reprise their roles.
Cause after re6; capcom decided to go non-union in terms of voice acting. What a lazy move.

I mean they put insane amount of effort into re6 by hiring 600 people for an ambitious project and since that game got its reputation ruined thanks to those toxic dense haters that make no sense, this caused capcom to go lazy for the franchise after that game. Re6 still has the best voice acting and character dialogue in the franchise to this day. It still holds up as a product for me.

I would have loved alyson court to continue voicing claire as well. But another issue ı have is capcom ditching matthew mercer and courtenay taylor who are also my favourite actors for leon and ada. I just wished they voiced leon and ada in re2 2019. Paul mercier and sally cahill came back to voice leon and ada in darkside chronicles, why cant matt and courtenay do the same? Instead they went lazy for those 2 characters not to mention re2 2019 is a giant hot mess in terms of characters and story. They did a giant disservice to re6 this way.

Whoever tries to defend this... Well, go check hunk's va. He's still voiced by keith silverstein who came back to voice hunk in re2 2019. And yet the same cant be done for other actors?

Sounding older or younger wouldnt matter that much either, at least not for capcom. Since chris in revillage sounds younger than re6 chris due to being voiced by carlos' va. I wished they brought back roger craig smith.

This is also an issue for leon in infinite darkness. They should have brought back paul mercier or matthew mercer as leon but no; they reused the one from re2 2019 to voice him. Leon sounds way too young for his age in that movie.
More than 800 people worked on Resident Evil 2 (2018), lol. Capcom also does not consider Resident Evil 6 a failure. Resident Evil 7 changed the direction because it was an artistic decision.

Your narrative is simply pathetic and does not correspond to reality. You just want to victimize the situation in order to feel like an elitist.
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