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    Re3 Remake Thoughts

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing more to say. This is the comparison between the original RE3 map and the RE3r map. This is an early part of the game. See the points of interest! See the number of meters and places to be explored. This is unbelievable! How can a 20 year old game be...
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    Future Remakes

    My order of preference: 1. Outbreak 1 and 2 2. Code Veronica 3. Resident Evil 1 4. Resident Evil 0 I don't tell Dino Crisis. I'm sure this game is being worked out. The popular appeal is huge!
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    No Mercenaries mode Project Resistance is its replacement....

    Unfortunate. If the idea is to include an online mode to RE, it would be very suggestive to take Mercenaries mode and turn it into an asymmetric multiplayer. I think playing four mercenaries (each expert in guerrilla tactics) would be much more enjoyable and satisfying than playing with generic...
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    RE:3 will be half as long as RE:2

    I care about the size of the campaign. I hope it's not as short as the original and also like RE2make's. I hope they do not miss the opportunity and take the opportunity to create new and extend already known scenarios; to write new events to deliver a truly reimagined, well-finished game...
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    Returning Features in RE3 Remake?

    All I want, besides the repetition of RE2make's quality and atmosphere, is that the game has a well written and organized plot and don't be short.
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    New RE:3 Details: Game changes, cast, new trailer, unannounced game

    I believe it is Dino Crisis, because it is plausible to slow down this RE sequence rather than saturate the franchise with annual games. Just a feeling.
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    RE2make: Is Scenario B possible? A mere sketch!

    I have faith in the Director's Cut version will be released. Not in this generation, but in the next generation. RE2 is a game that has sold too much and has a lot of room to review and improve. I believe CAPCOM will try to capitalize a lot on RE2make. Because next-generation consoles will be...
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    RE2make: Is Scenario B possible? A mere sketch!

    Mechanically and graphically the RE2R is an exceptional game. But we miss a different Scenario B than A. Also, the campaigns could be a little bigger. Maybe better in a revised version? If that happened, the RE2R could become a definite icon of video game history, just like the original game...
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    RE2make needs DLCs and new campaigns

    Its happening?
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    Capcom Producer Praises The New Direction Of Project Resistance

    CAPCOM needs to professionalize the production of screenplays, storylines and dialogues. If I'm not mistaken, the original RE2 and RE7 were storylines produced by professional writers. After Mikami has left, the ideas have been rude, silly, childish and cheesy. In RE4, we have Leon pirouetting...
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    RE2make needs DLCs and new campaigns

    I have a feeling RE2make would be grandiose and wanderful project. When we look at the artworks, there are various regions of the city, new enemies, zombie-licker evolutions, kids zombies and, especially, a large and multi-room orphanage, other places in the city such streets and alleys. In the...
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    RE2make needs DLCs and new campaigns

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm a fan of the franchise like you. So, don't you think RE2make would need new campaigns and DLCs? After Project Resistance, I was very concerned about the spirit of CAPCOM when it insists on taking RE to action games. I think the company could follow the example of...
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